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during the queen's reign, clearly none of which are shown in the exhibition, but also objects relating to horses. so, porcelain horses, an example of her riding horse burmese in bronze, and examples of her mounted. from grand gifts to personal belongings, but for the first time, one of the displays has been dedicated to princess diana, with items chosen by her sons to mark the 20th anniversary of her death. among them, her ballet shoes and a suitcase full of cassette tapes of her favourite music. john ironmonger, bbc news, at buckingham palace. a bag used by neil armstrong to bring back lunar soil from the first ever trip to the moon has been sold at an auction in new york. "that's one small step for man"... but it was a giant leap for the anonymous bidder who bought it, sealing the deal at sotheby‘s for a cool £11; million. the bag is no longerfull, but it does still contain traces of moon rocks. time for a look at the weather. here's tomasz schafernaker. iam i am starting with the woodpecker in the rain, i think that is a woodpecker. we have all sorts of
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other across the country. we have got rain, rain showers, quite heavy. and very dark clouds in the vale of glamorgan. very threatening. and thunderstorms. and we have got nice fairweather cloud in cambridgeshire. soa mix fairweather cloud in cambridgeshire. so a mix of weather brought by this low— pressure so a mix of weather brought by this low—pressure which has made some grains toa low—pressure which has made some grains to a halt for the time being. you could argue this is the british summer you could argue this is the british summerand it you could argue this is the british summer and it does change, that is normal. you can summer and it does change, that is normal. you can see summer and it does change, that is normal. you can see this cloud. the winds, pretty strong, the rain heavy. especially across south—western england and wales, and a chance of disruption. for holiday—makers across this part of the world, it is not a pretty picture. this heavy rain is quite slow—moving and it is coming with quite a punch with the heavy rain. and the winds are approaching in some spots up to 50 mph. some of that rain is moving to the irish sea later in the afternoon. eastern parts of northern ireland getting
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spots of rain and the west of scotland. the north of scotland faring much better. the rest of the country, particularly eastern areas, the weather is fine, but going downhill. this band of rain is trying to move northwards, and also eastwards at the same time, so it is calling slowly in one direction. not everybody will get rain tonight, but some will do. the showers are heading our way tomorrow and this is slow—moving. the low pressure is moving very slowly. so the weather pattern through the weekend is not going to change a lot. it is going to change locally, with sunshine and showers and sunshine and showers, but this area of disturbed weather is here to stay. the winds will not be desperately strong tomorrow, but a lot of showers around. but because they will be light, in the sunshine, it is not going to feel that bad. a mixed day, a mixed weekend for the
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open. showers around and a good risk of heavy showers at at times. this sunday's weather forecast. the of heavy showers at at times. this sunday's weatherforecast. the rain moving north into eastern scotland. to the south, have showers. temperatures up to around 22 celsius. so a mix, and settled, showers on the way, and the last bit is some sunshine, that is it. thank you very much indeed. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime: two people are killed and more than 100 injured after a powerful earthquake of the greek island of kos. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. good afternoon. now, time for a look at the day's sports news. with me, jessica creighton. it's day two of the open championship, where royal birkdale is hosting the 146th edition of the tournament. our reporter adam wild is there for us...
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plenty of players still to start their second rounds but who's had the biggest impact so far? plenty going out this afternoon, facing some testing conditions. the wind is getting up here at royal birkdale. testing for the players and spectators as well. that is reflected in the school, very few players going under par for their round today. this is the leaderboard, matt kuchar has just dropped this is the leaderboard, matt kuchar hasjust dropped a this is the leaderboard, matt kuchar has just dropped a shot, falling away from the leading pack. he had been six under. he was out on his own but has fallen behind that leading pair. neither of those are out on the course, they go out in an hour and out on the course, they go out in an hourand a out on the course, they go out in an hour and a half, facing far worse
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conditions. the biggest impact, rory mcilroy has had quite a day, he is on two under, four from the lead. making amends for those early mistakes yesterday. these are tricky conditions, the likes of paul casey, he is on six over. not enjoying today which is his 40th birthday. testing conditions. two of the overnight leaders jordan spieth and brooks koepka are yet to tee off. how much will the weather conditions affect them? that is what you get with links golf, i suppose. that is what you get with links golf, isuppose. it that is what you get with links golf, i suppose. it is very blustery on the course. the wind has picked up on the course. the wind has picked up in the last hour. we are beginning to feel a few spots of rain, that is forecast for later, right in the middle of their round.
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we will have to wait and see how much that has an effect. as with links golf at the open, it has a huge effect. if you want to see highlights, go to the website, and also tonight on bbc two at 8pm. former world number one tennis player ilie nastase has been banned by the international tennis federation from their events until 2021 for a number of offences. nastase was romania's fed cup captain when he made racially insensitive remarks about serena williams. that was ahead of a tie earlier this year against great britain. he also made abusive and threatening comments to players, match officials and journalists. nastase is then said to have made unwanted advances of a sexual nature to the gb captain anne keothavong. chris froome is closing in on a historic fourth tour de france victory. stage 19 of 21 is currently under way in the south of france, and the defending champion has
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a 23—second lead. if he can avoid mishaps on today's stage and match his rivals in tomorrow's time trial, he'll win his third tour in a row. bbc pundit rob hayles says if he can do it, it'll be his best ride yet. chris froome‘s performance has been quite phenomenal. it has shown signs of the champion he is there in mind his lead has been no more thanjust under 30 seconds at any moment, so it has not been a walk in the park. to deal with that pressure as far as the physical capabilities of the riders he is up against has been truly outstanding. that's all sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's i'll have more in the next hour chester bennington, the lead singer of the american rock group linkin park, has died in an apparent suicide.
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the coroner's office in los angeles said the 41—year—old had been found dead at his home in the city. fellow band—mate mike shinoda said he was heartbroken. peter bowes looks back on his career. # i cannot take this any more # saying everything i've said before... the powerhouse voice and huge, raspy vocals that helped define the musical sound of the new millennium. chester bennington, the larger—than—life front man. his genius catapulted linkin park to international stardom with their debut album. we want to thank our fans for supporting us throughout career. we've taken a lot of left turns, and they come along right with us. you know? and so this is also a testament to them, because we're only as great as our fans think we are. you know what i mean? hybrid theory sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. they filled stadiums, produced seven albums and won two grammy awards.
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the band managed to fuse elements of metal and rock with rap and hip—hop. the nu—metal genre evolved with songs such as crawling, in the end and numb. # i've become so numb # i can't feel you there # i've become so tired, so much more aware his onstage persona may have been angry and harsh, but chester bennington was, according to his friends, warm, articulate and funny in private. but he had a troubled personal life. he struggled for years with alcohol and drug abuse. he talked about contemplating suicide as a result of being a victim of abuse as a child. fans, celebrities and fellow musicians have flooded the internet with tributes. bandmates mike shinoda and dave farrell said they were heartbroken by the death of their close friend. rihanna said bennington was the most impressive talent she'd ever seen live and the american comedian
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jimmy kimmel said chester was one of the kindest men he'd had on his chat show. chester bennington leaves a wife and six children from two marriages. let us take you to hamburg, live pictures of the duchess of cambridge, the duke and duchess and theirfamily, the cambridge, the duke and duchess and their family, the final day of their tour of germany, meeting the crowds, as they arrive. they have been at the maritime museum for a tour. celebrating the joint uk— german year of science, focusing on the oceans. they have taken great pains to meet as many of the public on this tour, in poland and germany, throughout the past few days. royal watchers have had a glimpse of prince george and princess charlotte. we will see
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them later in the day. the royal couple will be travelling also to one of hamburg's newest landmarks, the philharmonic concert hall to join landmarks, the philharmonic concert hall tojoin the landmarks, the philharmonic concert hall to join the orchestra on stage. we will come back with more details. we will come back with more details. we see her royal highness as she meets the crowds in germany. everyone very engaged and pleased to see her. lots of posies exchange. more now on the appointment of the uk's first female head of government, head of state and head of the country's highest court. downing street has confirmed that lady hale has been appointed as president of the supreme court. our legal correspondent, clive coleman, has more details of a significant day for gender equality lady brenda hale is forthright. she is a champion of diversity, someone whose life has been
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that of a trail—breaker. —— trail—blazer. her life has been one of firsts. the daughter of two headteachers, educated in a grammar school. she went to cambridge where got the only starred—first in her year. she spent 20 years as an academic. she built a legal career in practice, and a judicial career. the first woman to be a law commissioner. the first woman appointed as a law lord. when the law lords moved over here to the supreme court. the first female justice. in 2013, the first female deputy president of this court. today, she becomes the first female president. the significance of that is diversity among the judiciary has been a stubbornly difficult issue for them to deal with. it is still a real problem. she has often spoken out against lack of diversity. lamenting so many seniorjudges were member of the all—male
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garrick club, suggesting that might be associated with male dominance on the bench. she is someone whose judgments have been memorable. she famously made a ruling in a case about mental capacity of those who are detained care homes, broadening the capacity of what detention meant, her famous phrase in that case, a gilded cage is still a cage. she has been a champion in matters of family law, in particular in one case she boarded the definition of domestic violence to notjust include physical violence. she faces challenges. she has two stewart this place, the uk supreme court, —— she has to steward this place, the uk supreme court, through brexit and post—brexit period where it will have to determine what weight to give to rulings of the ecj. we know the relationship between the uk and the ecj is one that is a matter of hot dispute during the current negotiations.
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it will be judging period. the eyes in particular of the pro—brexit press will be on her laser—like. but it is a very significant day, we have the first female president of the uk supreme court. campaigners have accused boots of refusing to cut the cost of one of its morning—after pills, despite calls from campaigners to do so. the emergency contraceptive called levonelle costs nearly £30 in boots, but tesco have recently reduced the price to £13.50. the british pregnancy advisory service has called on all pharmacies to do the same, as they explained to my colleague joanna gosling a little bit earlier. i think women need access, rapid access to emergency conception when their regular method fails, many are reliant on user dependent methods, condom is, pills, which can frequently fail or be forgotten. they need to be able to access
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emergency conceptions. they can do that through their gp. we have talked about problems with teenagers accessing this. the majority of women we see in our service, tens of thousands of women every year with unwanted pregnancy, often women in their 20s and 30s who do not have the time, who have childcare and working commitments, they don't have the time to get to theirgp and for they don't have the time to get to their gp and for whom it is not a good use of their time or the doctor. this is a very safe, effective medication that should be readily available through pharmacies and we are delighted to see superdrug, tesco and we are delighted to see superd rug, tesco have and we are delighted to see superdrug, tesco have taken the initiative to provide women with a more affordable product and we hope boots follows suit because this situation is not tenable. what are your thoughts, doctorjane dixon? one thing we do know about emergency contraceptive pill is it is
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incredibly safe. so, i very much support easier access to it. from the faculty of sexual and reproductive health care, we would support free provision of emergency contraception. it is also available widely in sexual reproductive health clinics, family planning clinics, free of charge, and also people have the anonymity so if they do not want theirgp to know anonymity so if they do not want their gp to know about it. one thingl their gp to know about it. one thing i would say, it is very safe but it isn't the most effective form of emergency culture section. is there an element of the consultation around it notjust about how safe it is but why someone is in the position of taking it? are they being responsible around contraception? are they making the right decisions in what they are doing? i don't think we should talk about responsibility but about women being
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safe and adequately protected. long acting reversible contraception, like the iud, it is actually more effective. the emergency coil is a much more effective form of emergency contraception than the pill or emergency contraceptive pill. but we would definitely support it being more widely available, at a cheaper cost, because it is an incredibly safe medication. on the point about responsibility of contraception? regardless why a woman needs to use it, they should have it free and easy. but i know from the women i have spoken to and my personal experience, it is often not a case of you being irresponsible but the condom has broken, maybe you have missed a by accident. maybe you are having side—effects from your normal conception and having a break. i
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don't think it is about being irresponsible. in a moment a summary of the business news but first the headlines on bbc news: two have died on the greek island of cost, more than 100 were injured on the island and in bodrum. a man has admitted murdering his brother and attempting to murder his brother's girlfriend by setting fire to theirfamily brother's girlfriend by setting fire to their family home brother's girlfriend by setting fire to theirfamily home near brother's girlfriend by setting fire to their family home near glasgow on new yea rs to their family home near glasgow on new years day. clashes have broken out injerusalem where israeli police are preventing muslim men under 50 from attending friday pairs at their holiest mosque. time for the business news. the country borrowed £2 billion more last month than it did injune last year. most economists reckoned the number would be pretty much the same, about £4.8 billion, but the office of national statistics said the figure was £6.9 billion.
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part of the extra borrowing is down to paying interest on the debt. these interest payments rose by one—third in june. the government was also paying higher payments to the european union budget and spending more on simple goods and services. the man in charge of goldman sachs‘ european operations has urged the uk government to agree a transition deal with the eu as soon as possible. without such a deal banks face a so—called cliff—edge, with an overnight change in regulations and condition in 2019. if there's no deal, richard gnodde, head of goldman sachs international, says the bank will soon have to start moving hundreds of staff to their other european offices. the number of homes being bought and sold has fallen for the third month in a row, according to government figures. across the country there were just over 96,000 residential transactions in june. that is a fall of 3.3% on may's number, and the lowest total since october 2016. we're going to be talking
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planes this hour. air traffic controllers are warning that uk skies are running out of room, as they prepare to handle a record number of flights in one day. 8,800 flights are scheduled to use british airports, as families begin their summer holidays jamie hutchison is the director of nats, the uk's air traffic control. people can see the road network but we can't see the sky network and the improvement it needs. our airspace is our invisible infrastructure in the sky. imagine it as an invisible root of motorways, it is just as critical as the road and rail network. it is reaching capacity. we need improvements to meet the demands of future air travel growth. what is an improvement? redesigning our airspace. we are handling 2.5 million flights a year, by2030, handling 2.5 million flights a year, by 2030, we are forecasting 3.1 million flights. if we don't do anything, that has
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been assessed as generating 50 times the level of delay we see today and involving the cancellation of 8000 flights a year. you need more money for this? or more resources? it is not, actually, this is about redesigning our airspace which needs and airspace policy. we welcome the government support for airspace modernisation. they have been consulting on a new policy. what we wa nt consulting on a new policy. what we want is certainty and stability so we can drive the improvements to meet that future growth. people have heard of air traffic control but don't know the details. can you give us an insight? there are other two centres in the uk, one in prestwick which covers the north of england, scotland and the north of england, scotland and the north of england, scotland and the north atlantic. here in swanwick
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we handle aircraft over england and wales. very busy airspace. 25% of europe's traffic but we only have 1196 europe's traffic but we only have 11% of the airspace. we are seeing year on year growth, 6% this year, 6% last year. as well as investing in technology, modernising our airspace will be critical to meeting future demand. thank you. vodafone has surprised the market with a good set of half—year results, saying revenues are up 2.2%, thanks to good sales in italy and spain. it's said its core earnings could grow this year by four to 8%, and it may be able to increase its dividend payout to shareholders. china has agreed to allow imports of rice from the us for the first time. china opened its rice market in 2001, but imports have been held up by a lack of rules on pests and diseases. the deal is almost the only positive result of trade talks between the two countries that broke
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up on thursday. there's a wave of mergers going on in payment processing industry. these are the people that make sure the money gets from your bank account to where you want it to be. two weeks ago, worldpay agreed to be bought by american giant vantiv for £9 billion. today, paysafe sharesjumped 9%, after a group of private equity firms offered to pay £2.9 billion for it. and paysafe itself said it was offering $470 million to buy the us company merchants choice. let's have a look at the markets, the ftse100 in let's have a look at the markets, the ftse 100 in the green let's have a look at the markets, the ftse100 in the green helped by those vodafone shares. that is it from me. i will be back in an hour. the canadian pop star justin bieber has been banned from performing in china. the news came in a statement from the beijing culture bureau,
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answering a question from a fan about why, with the singer about to embark on an asia—wide tour, no venues have been scheduled in mainland china. it replied it was not appropriate to allow in entertainers who have engaged in what it called, "bad behaviour." hejoins a long list of blacklisted musicians, including oasis and us band maroon five, though most have been banned for perceived political statements, rather than behaviour. i also told he has been told to his conduct to become a singer truly loved by the public. does this sound familiar at all? a public body puts the naming of one of its vehicles up for a vote, and the people doing the voting choose a name that is a little unusual. it happened here in the uk, and now it's happened again, this time in sweden, as the bbc‘s tim allman explains. do you remember boaty mcboatface, the british polar research vessel that never was?
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well, meet trainy mctrainface. apparently, anything the brits can do, the swedes can do better. the local rail operator, along with a national newspaper, put the name of the new train up for the vote, and the great swedish public, in their infinite wisdom, decided trainy mctrainface was just the ticket. it is fun, it feels like boaty mcboatface got his revenge when his cousin trainy mctrainface won this poll. thinking about the popularity poll in the uk last year, i think that had an impact on this one. some other possibilities were hakkan, miriam and poseidon but 49% of those voting went with trainy instead. it will run between stockholm and gothenberg. while boaty mcboatface never took to the seas, trainy mctrainface will soon take to the tracks. tim allman, bbc news. forensic experts who exhumed
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the body of salvador dali have revealed that the artist's trademark moustache remains intact almost three decades after his death. his remains were disinterred to collect samples to settle a long—running paternity claim from a 61—year—old woman who says her mother had an affair with the painter. if she is proved right, she could assume part of the dali estate, currently owned by the spanish state. time for a look at the weather. pretty showery across the uk today. it has been raining really heavily in some areas. we have had some atmospheric pictures, a woodpecker in the rain. some nasty clouds over the vale of glamorgan. some fair weather cloud in
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cambridge. a lot of variation. some of us are actually enjoying some fine weather. this low—pressure is affecting many western areas. this is causing some problems, those winds at times gusting up to 50 miles an hour which is quite a lot for this time of year. certainly it will cause broken branches. within this bad weather moving through south—west, wales and coastal areas of north—west england into south—western scotland. wetter weather across northern scotland. many eastern parts of the country today enjoying some fine weather. before this band of rain and wind moves through. the winds whitby the feature tonight. just confined to south—western
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areas. overnight, not especially chile, 13 degrees. the low is still with us tomorrow. it has hardly moved. here are the showers in the south—west tomorrow. some rain across northern parts of england and southern scotland. stornoway, 20 celsius, fine weather for the western isles for a change. for the golf open, hit and miss showers. very blustery today. the weekend, sunday, rain, showers across southern the weekend, sunday, rain, showers across southern areas. the weekend, sunday, rain, showers across southern areas. in between, there will be some sunshine. not all bad this weekend.
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not a wash—out. take a body if you are out. you may have two runs for cover “— are out. you may have two runs for cover —— take a brolly. some of the showers may be heavy and thundery. this is bbc news. i'm christian fraser. the headlines at 2.00. a strong earthquake between the greek island of kos and the coast of turkey kills two people and injures a hundred others. the room shook from side to side. the noise was terrible. just dived on my son and the complete sense of fear was untrue. i actually thought that was it, i really did. a significant period of transition must be guaranteed soon, says a leading banker, to stop jobs leaving the uk before a brexit deal is agreed. a man admits murdering his brother and attempting to murder his brother's girlfriend in a new year's day house fire. a palestinian man is reported to have been shot dead as palestinian worshippers and israeli police clash near the old city ofjerusalem. and coming up — a significant day for gender equality. baroness hail is appointed president of the supreme court,
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