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tv   The Papers  BBC News  July 23, 2017 11:30pm-11:46pm BST

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that summer might be trying to fight back, once we get rid of the last of the cloud and rein in eastern england on monday night. tuesday most of us will be fine. sunny spells developing, quite a cool breeze near north sea coast but elsewhere you will find those temperatures again creeping into the 20s. temperatures again creeping into the 205. i temperatures again creeping into the 20s. i hinted earlier it will not last, and this is the reason. this area of low pressure will push the weather fronts across the uk on wednesday so even if you start dry on wednesday there will be rain moving through. the wind will pick up moving through. the wind will pick up as well. temperatures will come down and beyond that the thursday and friday at it is a picture of sunshine and showers. hints that summer may sunshine and showers. hints that summer may be trying to fight back but it is not going to last this week. it is still up and down, it is still changeable, briefly dry and warmer at the start of the week, but you saw what that low pressure will do. wet and windy for wednesday, sunshine and showers for thursday and friday. if you are searching for summer and friday. if you are searching for summer it is on the bbc weather website. hello, this is bbc news with nicholas owen. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment, first the headlines at 11:30;
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the bbc‘s director general, lord hall, says he'll go further and faster to tackle the pay gap. he was responding to a letter by high—profile female personalities who have called on the corporation to "act now". a 20—year—old man has died after being apprehended by a police officer in an east london shop. he's been been named by his family as rashanjermaine charles. prince william and prince harry, have spoken candidly about their relationship with their mother, princess diana, in a documentary marking the twentieth anniversary of her death. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the author and broadcaster, natalie haynes, and rob merrick, deputy political editor at the independent. tomorrow's front pages:
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the telegraph says nhs bosses have ordered a review, after warnings that plans to cut down on a&e numbers are risking lives. jeremy corbyn's interview today with the bbc is the top story for the metro, which focuses on his denial that he promised to write off student debt. the mail has the same lead — it says the labour leader was "humiliated" into admitting he didn't know how much it would cost. the mirror's top story is the search for ben needham — it reports that new evidence has been found. the eye leads with cyber attacks on the nhs — it says britain is losing the fight against internet criminals. the ft reports two wall street bosses have seen the values of their shareholdings soar after the election of donald trump. and the times has a picture of cricketer anya shrubsole celebrating england's triumph over india in the world cup final.
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so let's begin. naturally, we start with the guardian and doctors warning of soaring alcohol deaths? almost 63,000 people in england, just england, not the uk. they will die of liver problems, including liver cancer and other liver problems related to alcohol. it is about 12,000 lives a year, those deaths have risen by 400% since 1970s so, essentially, everything that you think is covered in this story. we drink too much, cheap alcohol is
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problematic and obesity is also a huge problem. charities and medical people saying something has to be done here. it seems minimum unit pricing to be brought in and this issue has been around for years and it was pressed on david cameron and let's face said he did not do much about it and i cannot believe theresa may is not going to be any stronger on this issue. it is the price in supermarkets that is the problem and without a legal limit, people will stock up and drink far too much. things different in scotland? they talked about introducing a minimum unit price but you can't do it legally as a member of the european union but there is an old joke that if you don't drink
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you don't live any longer, itjust feels like it, but that is not true. 0n the telegraph, again about health. talking about this earlier. said case in bristol but it seems to have overturned some reform. --a sad case. front door streaming. a department under instruction from government, trying to weed out people that don't need to be on —— in the a&e. this case, maybe a terrible mistake was made because a man later dying and because of that
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there is now a review. perhaps a&e will not be able to act in this way to cut numbers. it is a bit surprising, it was gps looking... random people who wanted up off the street... sorry. they make mistakes. everybody makes mistakes and doctors aren't perfect and i ensure they would not say so. the winter is where a&e the most overfilled. the review will not report back until next year. things will have to in mind, do you really have to go to a&e and if they did they will have to stand their ground. the front page of the telegraph, you are
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saying you are not a chicken eater. iam saying you are not a chicken eater. i am not. saying you are not a chicken eater. iam not. it saying you are not a chicken eater. i am not. it is like a feathery tiny dinosaur... a debate for another time. not the most riveting of headlines. the trade secretary trying to start trade talks with the us and what it would mean. we may have to accept food of lower standards. that chicken you might wa nt to standards. that chicken you might want to eat would be washed in chlorine, and your crops may be genetically modified. will he be able to sell it to british consumers? we talked about the big but in this. michael gove and andrea leadsom do not like it. lots of
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people might think the issue whether we eat chicken said in chlorine is not the most important debate about brexit but we have to accept if we end up rushing into a trade deal with america, they will be desperate to get into our market and the issue is whether we will have to concede that american firms can take action in courts. i think we are a long way away from the trade deal with the us because we cannot do it until we leave the eu. they are arguing about chlorine soaked chicken makes a difference from running around as headless chickens. the really good
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subs on these things. the daily mail front page — corbyn student debt humiliation. the daily mail to like their big slamming headline but it is an intriguing story. as a result ofan is an intriguing story. as a result of an interview with andrew marr this morning. they would be rubbing their hands in glee. the story of their hands in glee. the story of the last few months has been endless u—turns by theresa may but here we have the labour leader doing a u—turn. he now says he will deal with the problem of the debt of students who paid the 9000 feet introduced a few years ago, without explaining now. it was embarrassing that he did not know how much it would cost, £100 million which
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nobody can afford. 0f would cost, £100 million which nobody can afford. of course, quite a lot of young people voted for corbyn because of this promise made oi'i corbyn because of this promise made on fees and he is betraying them. i wonder whether more young people voted labour because of what they thought labour stood for in terms of brexit. overwhelmingly young people are against leading to the eu. he seemed to have a softer line but in this interview he confirmed stronger than before that he fear was prime minister he would leave the single market and his policy on brexit is not that different to the government and wonder if that is not a bigger betrayal to young people. and wonder if that is not a bigger betrayal to young peoplelj and wonder if that is not a bigger betrayalto young people. i imagine the student debt thing really was the student debt thing really was the turning point to young people supporting jeremy corbyn. likely from me, i got through university before the feast kamin and i rightly
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the person they should despise and resent but i am on their side. i think the 9000 pounds is too much. interest rates at teeny tiny and 70% of stu d e nts interest rates at teeny tiny and 70% of students will not pay off their debt. it seems like an enormous waste of time and energy in order to make people miserable and stress for decades rather than minutes. the financial times that now, we mention looking earlier on, looking at war street bankers enjoying an enormous win, shares going up in value since donald trump was a late but the story i want to focus on —— elected. this is intriguing. the world is smallest violin is our plan around
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the country. —— world's. we all have anecdotal evidence that backs this up. we have watched friends of move out of london, reasonable distances, the cities that are 200 miles away, because they cannot afford to live here and it is a boring, depressing consequence, quite aside that it is breaking us paul paying our rent and mortgages, and our friends breaking us paul paying our rent and mortgages, and ourfriends are breaking us paul paying our rent and mortgages, and our friends are all leaving. i thought it would have an effect the housing market beyond london but it means demand goes up elsewhere. all these economic consequences are not always what might be foreseen. anyone who lives in london knows of people leaving
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for this reason. people in their 305 perhaps the largest group surveyed and they are found to be leaving. people used to live in their 305 because they believe the schools in london won't any good, now the schools in london a better than most and there is another reason why they have to leave. i was lucky enough to buy in london about 15 or more years ago and you feel guilty because you see people 1015 years younger than you and they have no chance and they would have to leave to own a home. enormous number of flats going up at overseas buyers seem enormous number of flats going up at overseas buyers seem to be taking them rather than people... you only have to walk past them in a winter months and you see the lights aren't on. it happens in places in canada.
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vancouver. nobody seems brave enough to grasp it. we look forward... vancouver. nobody seems brave enough to grasp it. we look forward. .. the times and everybody else, frontpage, a jubilant england woman cricketer because they did have a stunning victory against india at lord's.|j walk past laws earlier and you could hear that she is of a packed house and it is a terrific story and that isa and it is a terrific story and that is a terrific photograph by anyone's standard. anya shrubsole, absolutely great. grasping the wind from the
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jaws of defeat. 40 years of trying and we have now won it. they are probably really badly paid and so at least there's that. that's it for the papers this hour. thanks, natalie and rob.


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