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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 24, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: sensational shrubsole — anya is england's hero as they beat india to win the women's cricket world cup. jordan spieth, open champion — the american claims a third major title despite a chaotic final round at royal birkdale fabulous chris froome — crowned tour de france winner in paris once again. england completed a stunning fightback to beat india by nine runs and win the women's world cup at an ecstatic lord's. chasing 229, india looked on their way to victory but anya shrubsole caught raut lbw for 86, which sparked a collapse of seven wickets for just 28 runs. india were then bowled out for 219 with eight balls to spare. david ornstein was at lord's. this tournament had already been an
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incredible success with record ticket sales and some fantastic cricket but the final took it to an entirely new level with almost 20,000 spectators inside the ground, the biggest for a women's cricket match in english history. india checked their progress and england after 50 overs were 228th. they were going smoothly with just 30 age runs with seven wickets in hand but then england turned the screw with anya shrubsole england turned the screw with anya shru bsole completing a england turned the screw with anya shrubsole completing a six wicket hole to guide her side to glory. england win the world cup, it is not often you can say that. it is not
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only a victory for them but for women cricket as well and it may prove a seminal moment for women sport. pure elation. i was it is better winning when you are out there with your team on the field. we have not one of the prettiest at times but tournament cricket is all about winning, it is about getting over the line. after 12 long years, there has been a lot of changes in the side. it is a lot of changes in the side. it is a good experience for them. i think it was a good game. i am very happy that girls put up a fight and not just gave it is only to the english side. at every point they have given it their best. drama in abundance too at royal birkdale, where on a day of dropped shots and comebacks, jordan spieth won the open championship.
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he's only 23 years old and already has three major titles to his name — the young american is fast becoming the sport's hottest property, as ben croucher reports. jordan spieth. he started the day leading, finished it winning. the bit in the middle — if only it were that simple. jordan spieth's three—shot lead had already evacuated by the time he had reached the 13th. that is his ball in the shrubbery. miraculously he walked off with a bogey, and out of the lead. birkdale was witnessing another spieth major meltdown. as arnold palmer said, though, success depends less on strength of body, more on strength of mind. where many minds might have been muddled, spieth's unscrambled. his tee shot on the next hole nearly went in. this never looked like missing. birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie, and no catching him now. spieth turns 2a on thursday with a third major title. the only other man to do that — a certain jack nicklaus, and he won 18.
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iam going i am going to thoroughly enjoy this. i look back at 15 and thought, i enjoyed it but i never really realise the significance until you kind of hit a low, a pitfall, to appreciate the high so much and this is as much of a high as i have ever experienced in my golfing life and am going to enjoy it more than i have enjoyed anything i have accomplished in the past. so spieth's margin of victory was three shots in the end over his compatriot matt kuchar. as for rory mcilroy, he had missed the cut in three of his last four tournaments, and hasn't won a competition all year. but on sunday he finished with a 67 to share fourth with spain's rafa cabrera—bello on five—under par. a good day. played well. a step in
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the right direction compared to what has happened in the last few weeks. it feels technically got a bit better. i worked on a couple of things on my swing that felt or co mforta ble things on my swing that felt or comfortable in the last few days. so that's good. i need to keep working on those things and i do i heading in the right direction. there is another major coming up in three weeks time and i deal i am ready for that. --i weeks time and i deal i am ready for that. ——i feel. britain's chris froome has been crowned tour de france winner for a fourth time, and the third time in a row. he crossed the finish line in paris with a 5a—second lead over his closest rivals, and was unchallenged on the final stage procession. the glory of a stage win on the champs—elysees went to the dutch sprinter dylan groenewegen. from paris, here's our sports news correspondent, richard conway. this was a very closely fought tour de france but in the end chris
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froome showed his dominance in the time trial on saturday. he showed that he was the ride of his generation. this is his fourth tour de france victory and perhaps this week as giving that the french rider pushed or all the way until the penultimate stage. —— him all the way. this was a ceremonial ride. they sipped champagne as they rolled into paris, a chance to reflect on what they have achieved over the past three weeks. they can now celebrate this victory, celebrate the fact this is the fourth tour de france title for tour de france would also look at the british dominance — the fifth time team sky
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have one that tour de france. they have one that tour de france. they have come to the fore of road cycling. at the age of 32 and with four titles under his belt, questions are posed — could he come back next year? maybe even a six? that would put him as one of the best writers ever seen. we will be talking about that when he returns injuly next talking about that when he returns in july next year. talking about that when he returns in july next year. an incredible feeling to ride on to champs—elysees. even though i have done it three times previously, it does not diminish at all. all the same emotions are here. it is incredible, absolutely incredible. england made a huge step towards the quarter—finals of the women's european football championship with a 2—nil win over spain. scotland's prospects look bleak after they lost to portugal. england had a goal wrongly ruled out
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for offside in their game, and then a handball in the box looked to have awarded spain a penalty with the score at 1—0, but the referee changed her mind when england's lucy bronze complained. i think ithinki i think i hrabove had the best view of it. ——i had the best view of it. we watched numerous replays of different players. i saw it right in front of me and sort it was not a penalty. it was at deflection. two of the world's biggest club sides — manchester united & real madrid — have gone head to head in a pre—season friendly in california, with united coming out on top after a penalty shootout. karim benzema, gareth bale & luka modric all featured for madrid as zinedine zidane named a strong
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side, but they couldn't stop united taking the lead in the first half thanks tojesse lingard. madrid equalised from the penalty spot thanks to casemiro and it finished 1—1. madrid missed four penalties in the shootout — casemiro struck the crossbar with his spotkick, giving united the victory. manchester city have completed the signing of defender of the 26 year—old resilient defender. he will join them on their tour of the united states. it could also play in midfield. it is manchester city's fourth major signing of the summer. the world para—athletics championships have come to an end in london. china finished top of the medal table, the usajust behind on 59 — and then great britain in third. it's reported that london is looking to host the competition again
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in 2019, thanks to the success of this year's events. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. that was an up—and—down weekend. many of us saw rain at some stage of the weekend. for some of us, it came from big clouds, threatening skies, and some intense downpours, but i think most of us saw some sunshine at some stage of the weekend, as well. in the sunshine, it wasn't too bad. but it is still up and down as we go through this week. that means we could see changeable weather on the way. we're going to try to turn things drier and warmer in the next couple of days. not going to last, mind you. unsettled from wednesday. we'll all see some rain on wednesday, and the wind will be picking up, as well, during the second half of the week. now, the area of low pressure that produced the downpours over
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the weekend still close by for monday, affecting parts of central and eastern england. then we've got a bit of a gap, and we're looking do developments in the atlantic to bring more of that unsettled weather from midweek. but from monday, cloudy, with outbreaks of rain affecting some central and eastern parts of the uk as we go through the day, from that area of low pressure, and a cool breeze, as well. whereas the western side of the uk — going to be a lovely day across south—west england and wales. long, sunny spells to be found here. but, through much of the midlands, south—east england, east anglia, up through yorkshire into north—east england, plenty of cloud around. the further east you are, into east anglia and the far south—east, a few sunny spells among the clouds. parts of yorkshire, to begin the day some outbreaks of rain. north—east england bearing up quite well. northern ireland, a few fog patches around to begin the day. plenty of sunshine in western scotland. rather cloudy, and low cloud at that, into the far north—east of scotland, northern isles, hanging around during the day. and it is an east—west split for monday's weather. if you're underneath this cloud, it will feel quite cool, though it may brighten up.
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the odd shower in parts of east anglia and the far south—east of england. but for wales, for western england, for northern ireland, and for northern scotland, in the sunshine it will be very pleasant. 25 celsius in glasgow, though a late—day shower somewhere in western scotland can't be ruled out. as we go through monday evening, still some of those outbreaks of rain in the east of england, gradually beginning to pull away as we say goodbye to that area of low pressure. still some cloud around, though, from it, as we begin the day on tuesday. should start to break up, some sunny spells coming through again, and a gap between weather systems on tuesday. so take advantage of that, and enjoy the warmth in that sunshine, though it is still on the cool side for some along north sea coasts, with an onshore breeze. but here is that wet and windy weather system coming in for wednesday. well, it is the summer holidays. doesn't look like that, though, on the chart here, and there will be rain spreading right across the uk, strengthening wind to near—gale in the north—west. and then for thursday and friday, some cooler and fresher air, sunny spells and showers. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america
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and around the globe. i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: the israeli embassy injordan is in lockdown after two people are killed in a shooting. nine people including two children are found dead in the back of a truck in texas — police say they were victims of people trafficking. a major cleanup operation gets under way on new zealand's south after a major flood. and the world's first floating wind farm takes to the seas off the coast of scotland.
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