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the philippine star previews president rodrigo duterte's state of the nation address today. his speech is expected to focus on the government's efforts to deal with an islamist insurgency in parts of the country, and his controversial war on drugs. china and russia, meanwhile, have begun their annual joint naval exercises. china daily reports the drills are taking place in the baltic sea, the first of their kind for the chinese navy in europe. the gulf news claims israel has defied international calls to remove metal detectors at the entrance of a sensitive holy site in eastjerusalem despite the security measure triggering violent clashes with palestinians. onshore uk windfarms now lead the field in efficiency and can be built for about the same price as gas power stations, according to the guardian. the finding comes as the world's first full—scale floating wind farm takes shape off the coast of scotland. and it was a good day for british sport yesterday with england's women's team snatching the world cup in a thrilling victory over india.
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while britain's chris froome made it four tour de france victories in paris. i think it is the cricket which has been more exciting for our paper reviewer. joining us is kulveer ranger, director of digital public services for atos. lovely to see you. we will come to cricket at the end. let's start with these sanctions because it interesting, trump's reshuffled his sort of medication team but i'm not sure if donald trump supports this will not now. it's interesting because the japan times which incorporates the new york times so, you know, they are not fans of president trump, reporting about what is happening in the house of the vote 419— one around sanctions, obviously focusing on sanctions of russia and north korea but
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encompassing somewhere around russia as well and the relationship, the ongoing stench of something not quite right between the presidency, the election, and the russian president. but here, as you quite rightly point out, the news agenda. president trump is a man who wants control. this is the house and the lawmakers, again, saying you are not in control of the story. it interesting the way it is reported, robert mueller, the former director of the fbi, 72 years old, independent prosecutor who is leading this particular investigation, is not a man to be meddled with and in fact the way he has described —— he is described here as he has built a group of a dozen persecutors were tough as nails and are basically not coming to be intimidated by the presidency. the result going on in this story. it is russia back in the limelight again. and jared kushner is there too. timely as well. all eyes will
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be on obviously what may emerge from the sessions although, you know, we've heard from anthony scaramucci, the new director of communications, and he is keen to stop all the leaks coming out of the white house. top priority, he says he will take drastic measures. i think you may have something to do with stopping leaks but this is the general story around the presidency and i think the challenge for president trump is how busy bridge the gap between where he is and where the rest of the media and actually the rest of the media and actually the rest of the house is in terms of their views oi'i the house is in terms of their views on his relationships with russia. i think that is the heart of the story. he has to move towards that, i would say. let's move on to president duterte. his second state of the nation address. the last one was about 90 minutes, all eyes, a lot of attention on what he would say about drug trafficking and all of those extrajudicial killings which it is a really seem to care about, and the security situation in lindenow. the philippines has been thought of a microcosm of populism
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of extreme populism, allowing a leader, duterte harry believe he is described, the crackdown on drugs, the death penalty is, but the public still has a significant amount of support for him. i believe he is speaking at 9am our time. there will be some demonstrations against this so be some demonstrations against this so there is an underlying tone there that people may not want to accept the extreme rule that he is proposing so there could be a sort of cracking in that. he is also introducing economic reform as well. promises, promises. the main points they trying to make in the philippine star is he keeps saying that he will be honest and frank but actually, they want to see some of this follow—through. in the extreme sense. if the economic reforms they wa nt sense. if the economic reforms they want to see rather than the toughening of martial law. want to see rather than the toughening of martial lawm interesting to see the direction he
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will take in international relations, a little warmer towards china, i don't know what is going on in the south china sea. that leads nicely into the next story about re iti overs nicely into the next story about removers between the chinese and the russians actually. a lot of geopolitical news that moment, especially with the big global countries. but here, russia and china have kicked off another series of naval exercises in the baltic states. i mean, doing these quite close together since 2012. when it attention has been around that although it has dropped off the news agenda around the ukraine and crimea and everything else that has happened but here, two major superpowers really coming together especially when we see where the us is right now. an increasing alignment between russia and china. you would find the us would be quite fearful and in fact the rest of us are quite suspicious actually of what is going on. all of these exercises would be extremely closely monitored by nato forces and the baltic sea, a source of great tension at the moment, china's first
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time in this particular part of the european waters. it interesting to note the tone in the china daily and its reported in a very warm way of the relationship between the two countries. and the amount we will learn from each other. look, it's always good when countries play nice with each other but to what end, is the question. we have just had the launch of the huge chinese aircraft carrier as well. shall we move on to the guardian? the world's first floating wind farm, taking shape off the coast of scotland. this idea that uk onshore wind energy is the field leader in efficiency. wind farms tend to be a bit byte marmite, you love them or you don't. they will be a blight on the landscape or they are the future. the way we get to green energy, clean and sustainable way of living. a report today, i has to say it comes from people who have vested interest in
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having the wind farms else, suggesting the economics around wind farming is coming down but particularly the question is onshore. politically it is the most challenging obviously because of the impact it has on the landscape on people 's land. and the question is can the politicians carry this, despite the economics, potentially moving towards it being more efficient, when they try to put up against gas powered power stations, even the current issue with a nuclear power stations which we know we have to rebuild, this is part of the future. but the question is about populism and again, a difficult time for the uk. the aesthetics around it. floating islands, though, the diversification from standard energy companies as well realising that the tide is turning against them and they need to do something, maybe not aesthetically but moving into... yu said tide, tidal power is another thing that, especially for a country like britain and the uk we have so much northsea, we have one of the windiest countries in the world, we
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have the opportunity to harness wind power but i say again, this has to ta ke power but i say again, this has to take with it. it has to be the thing that generally people still comfortable about seeing happening in the country. the cost is the thing though. let's go onto the sport in the times. a big day of sport, big weekend of sport. chris froome, a magnificent achievement, the tour to france, you know, you can't summarise it enough in words the dedication this man has shown, especially in a sport that has been mired for march after his first run of success over mired for march after his first run of success over a mired for march after his first run of success over a decade ago where the uk did quite well. but this man seems to have set another benchmark. and to play second fiddle, remember, for a long time. that shows that cycling, i'm not an expert but very much a team sport. there's a focus on the winner but it is a team combination of enabling the person to come through the fantastic for him. let's move on to the cricket.
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the cricket, i have to say, a fantastic women's world cup final yesterday at lord's. for those people who haven't grasped that the women's game has come through, watch the highlights of yesterday 's match. the dedication, the skill, the tension, it was nerve racking and gripping and fantastic for the englishwomen who won, who came to write at the end. this shows the direction of traffic and how, almost ona par direction of traffic and how, almost on a par if not already on a par with men sport. five wickets and 19 balls. tremendous, it wasjust, to be honest, ifelt balls. tremendous, it wasjust, to be honest, i felt as passionate as watching any other sport regardless of which fixes playing. fantastic to see you, thank you for taking us through the papers. that is all from us. through the papers. that is all from us. plenty more on our website. we will be back with more news shortly. see you soon. hello.
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that was an up—and—down weekend. many of us saw rain at some stage of the weekend. for some of us, it came from big clouds, threatening skies, and some intense downpours, but i think most of us saw some sunshine at some stage of the weekend, as well. in the sunshine, it wasn't too bad. but it is still up and down as we go through this week. that means a week of changeable weather on the way. but going to try to turn things drier and warmer in the next couple of days. not going to last, mind you. unsettled from wednesday. we'll all see some rain on wednesday, and the wind will be picking up, as well, during the second half of the week. now, the area of low pressure that produced the downpours over the weekend still close by for monday, affecting parts of central and eastern england. then we've got a bit of a gap, and we're looking to developments in the atlantic to bring more of that unsettled weather from midweek. but from monday, cloudy, with outbreaks of rain affecting some central and eastern parts of the uk as we go through the day, from that area of low pressure, and a cool breeze, as well. whereas the western side of the uk — going to be a lovely day across south—west england, wales,
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some long, sunny spells to be found here. but, through much of the midlands, south—east england, east anglia, up through yorkshire into north—east england, plenty of cloud around. the further east you are, into east anglia and the far south—east, a few sunny spells among the clouds. parts of yorkshire, to begin the day some outbreaks of rain. north—east england, though, bearing up quite well. northern ireland, a few fog patches around to begin the day. plenty of sunshine in western scotland. rather cloudy, and low cloud at that, into the far north—east of scotland, northern isles, hanging around during the day. and it is an east—west split for monday's weather. if you're underneath this cloud, it will feel quite cool, though it may brighten up and see the odd sharp shower in parts of east anglia and the far south—east of england. but for wales, for western england, for northern ireland, and for northern scotland, where in in some sunshine it will be very pleasant. 2a—25 celsius in glasgow, though a late—day shower somewhere in western scotland can't be ruled out. as we go through monday evening, still some of those outbreaks of rain in the east of england, gradually beginning to pull away as we say goodbye to that area of low pressure.
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still some cloud around, though, from it, as we begin the day on tuesday. should start to break up, then we'll see some warm, sunny spells coming through again, and a gap between weather systems on tuesday. so take advantage of that, and enjoy the warmth in that sunshine, though it is still on the cool side for some along north sea coasts, with an onshore breeze. but here is that wetter and windier weather system coming in for wednesday. well, it is the summer holidays. doesn't look like that, though, on the chart here, and there will be rain spreading right across the uk, strengthening wind to near—gale in the north—west. and then for thursday and friday, we're into some cool and fresh air, with sunny spells and showers. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. charlie gard's parents return to the high court, as a judge prepares to decide what will happen to their son. it is the latest stage of their five—month legal fight over his future. they want him to be treated by a specialist in the united states. good morning, it is monday 24july.
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also this morning: there are to grandmothers in their lives, and so it is important they know who she was.
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