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well england will have a new addition in the side for that test at the oval. after gary ballance‘s withdrawal through injury, essex batsman tom westley comes into the side. he'll be making his test debut at the age of 28. it's probably started to sink in now, it's been quite a surreal few days. i suppose it'sjust now, it's been quite a surreal few days. i suppose it's just the build—up. come thursday i am going to be nervous, as expected but i think the challenge for me is to replicate what i have been doing for essex and hopefully do that england. i'm little bit older than most so i know my game at little bit better which hopefully will help me in the long run. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. the chessington world of adventures
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theme park has been accused of covering up the death of a number of penguins killed after a fox entered their enclosure, eight in all including three infants died last month and initially it was claimed they had been moved whilst alterations were being made. but today the park admitted epoxide killed them despite cctv and other security measures. staff are said to be shocked and saddened. we can speak to dan freedman, who's at the surrey theme park. it is zoos like this which normally spend money on trying to keep animals inside, their attention less on trying to prevent outside threats but in this occasion and urban fox managed... inaudible 0k, afew managed... inaudible 0k, a few gremlins, lost that report from chessington. pretty clear there
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isa from chessington. pretty clear there is a bit ofa from chessington. pretty clear there is a bit of a cover—up apparently involving the foxes or at least a fox getting into the penguin enclosure. can we get him back? i think we can, it's a good story. ticked asi as i was saying, 28 prenger wins, a threatened species were in penguin bay back in latejune, eight of them killed by an arben fox, five adults and three infants. the part say there was no human error, when grill up there was no human error, when grill up escaped london zoo the cause was human error but not on this occasion. they say the procedure ‘s we re occasion. they say the procedure ‘s were intact, these penguins have only recently been given a new enclosure. we tried to get them on camera and they would not speak to us camera and they would not speak to us but they did have this statement which we have uploaded to the website. penguin bay was only built
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in 2015 and had special measures put in place specifically to deter foxes so we are in place specifically to deter foxes so we are shocked and saddened. the eight penguins, five adults and three infants were part of a group of 28 year. we know they are extremely popular with guests and much loved by all of us here especially our dedicated team. the remaining penguins have been relocated to a secure area whilst we make additional measures to secure penguin bay which we hope to reopen as sooi'i as penguin bay which we hope to reopen as soon as possible. you mentioned talk of a cover—up, that is something they have been accused of, the zoo on their behalf said they did not want to make it public that this is what happened because they thought it would upset younger visitors but as it stands the penguin area is closed until the investigation into what happened and necessary changes to the enclosure ta ke necessary changes to the enclosure take place. we got there, good to
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see you, thank you. for the first time in living memory thousands of fountains are being turned off. a vatican spokesman said the move is an act of solidarity with the people of the city who face severe water shortages because of a prolonged drought. james reynolds reports now from rome. you can look up to the sky as much as you want, but right now rain isn't coming to rome. during this dry summer, the vatican is taking emergency steps. it's no good looking for water flowing here in the vatican. the pope has switched off his fountains, hoping to set a good example for the rest of the city. this is the vatican's way of living solidarity with rome, trying to help rome get through this crisis. essentially the water that comes into the vatican comes from the same place as where the water comes that goes to rome, and this is our way of trying to help out. but right next to the vatican, someone's forgotten to switch off the drinking fountain,
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to the clear relief of thirsty priests and tourists. the water shortage has affected large parts of italy. this is the beds of the river po. farmers think the lack of rain has already cost the country around 2 billion euros. lake bracciano outside rome is one of the city's major water sources. the lack of rain has stopped it from refilling. the capital now measures its worries by the inch. james reynolds, bbc news, rome. could this be the world's bestjob? this is a zookeeper in southwest china who has to dress up as a panda in order to play with cubs. it's because the animals are due to be released in protective wildlife. the cubs have to learn to live on their own and not rely on humans, so zookeepers pretend to be pandas when they interact with the young animals. you can see the zookeeper cuddling and playing with the cubs, who seem very happy to see
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what appears to be an older panda. time for a look at the weather with matt taylor. follow that! i don't think i can! it's been a nice day for much of the uk, best of the warmth across england and wales, parts of the west midlands temperatures peaking at 25, 26 but a few isolated storms, rumbling across worcestershire will gradually fade away tonight but more rain more widely across the country, wet and windy but not all day, some dry weather to be hacked, the dark clouds to the west responsible getting closer and closer, south west midlands and south west england
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only another hour or two before gradually fading away, damp in north—east scotland, cool side across eastern parts of scotland and eastern england temperatures down to single figures mostly mid—teens as we start tomorrow wet start in northern ireland western england and wales low pressure will be with us for the rest of the week the first notice of it is the weather front working its way in northern ireland, wales west of england grab yourself a lazy breakfast and wait for the afternoon, the rain will be wet and heavy pushing its way east so after a bright start in eastern areas cloudy with occasional rain long into the afternoon far north—east of scotla nd into the afternoon far north—east of scotland temperatures down a few showers around if you have taken it easyin showers around if you have taken it easy in the morning on holiday out in the western part of the country it looks brighter, temperatures high, low 20s perhaps, bit of a breeze but compare to the morning
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sunshine second—half of the day best to forget now to enjoy patchy rain wet weather shetlands into the night thursday pressure close to the north—west scotland thursday freak wrench hours heavy and thunder they some england and wales sunshine some more than others, showers breeze a cooler mid to high teens low pressure close by friday showers frequents showers for a time using then a mass of rain bringing a wet night for england and wales that clears to leave us with the story of sunshine and showers. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm. a fully—electric version of the mini is to be built at bmw's plant in oxford. the company says it's
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received no guarantees about post brexit trading, from the uk government. based on that confidence in our industrial strategy and their brilliant workforce in oxford, i'm delighted that they were able to make this landmark investment. the number of nhs vacancies in england in the first part of the year, is up to 86,000, a rise of 10% on last year. the judge in the case of charlie gard says he will make a final ruling tomorrow, on where the terminally ill boy should be allowed to die. doctors say he should be in a hospice, but his parents have want their son to return home. house—builders could be banned from selling new homes as leasehold in england, as increasing annual charges make future sales, tough for buyers.
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