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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 26, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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is theirjob, to speak out is theirjeb, to speak out how that is theirjob, to speak out how they see it. it is important as a side, we remain true to each other. we are honest in the dressing room and know we were not good enough last week. effort has never been an issue and we have a massive desire to go out this week and put in a strong performance and bounce back strong. always in the development of a test match team it is tempting to look at the near distance and the ashes, in australia, if mark wood was raring to go for england, that will be important but now, 1—1 and two matches to come. if you lose this one, either side, you do the maths, you're not winning this from there. when play gets under way between england and south africa tomorrow, the oval cricket ground will have scored a century of its own — because it'll become only the fourth venue in the world to have hosted 100 test matches. chris has been looking back at some
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of the highlights over the years. from all over london people are trying to squeeze into the oval. the crowds have been watching test match cricket at the oval since 1880 and tomorrow will do so for the 100th time as england play south africa beneath the famous gas holders. the weather will determine how much play weather will determine how much play we see as it draws a list of some jury we see as it draws a list of some jury is. melbourne, 109, sydney on hundred and five. and lords. the only venues to reach that landmark. at the oval in 1882 english cricket was said to have died in the ashes we re was said to have died in the ashes were born. len hutton‘s had a knock of 364 against the aussies and more recently the 2005 ashes clinching moments and also in 2009. the oval somehow breaks the mould. i did not
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think the atmosphere has hugely changed. looking back, you can see articles by players talking about the boisterous crowds. there is something south london at this place. you come as you are, everybody is welcome it is relaxed and everybody has a good time. former surrey and england captain alec stewart sampled those good times. what does it mean, tojoin lords and melbourne and sydney on the list of venues? it is massive. i'm pleased surrey have made a big think about it, it is something they should be proud of and shouting from the rooftops. i hope the quality of the rooftops. i hope the quality of the game matches the occasion, the 100th test match at the oval. the oval, 100 not out. england's wheelchair rugby league side have reached the world cup final in france. england were the final home nation left in the competition, after wins over wales and an earlier victory over australia.
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today, they beat the australians again in toulouse by 78 points to 36 and they'll now play hosts france or italy on friday. former postman alfie plant has spent the day back at his local golf club in kent, following his extraordinary success at the open this weekend in southport. he won the silver medal for top amateur at the prestigious tournament at royal birkdale. he's in good company, because previous winners include the likes of rory mcilroy, justin rose and tiger woods. like them, alfie's now set his sights set on turning professional, as piers hopkirk reports. at sundridge parc golf club today a hero came home. the newly crowned open amateur champion back with a silver medal that could propel him into golf‘s highest wrecks. silver medal that could propel him into golf's highest wreckslj silver medal that could propel him into golf's highest wrecks. i hat to double check to make sure the silver
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medal was there but it's great, a dream come true. to bring it back to your home club, what of the reception today? it has been brilliant. i have a lot of support from my club and a few guys here help me out and it's great. none prouder than the family members who cheered him on every step of the way. to be there was like being beamed down from out of space. every emotion. i had already cried my eyes out when he made the cut. all day and night, iwas out when he made the cut. all day and night, i was bubbling, out when he made the cut. all day and night, iwas bubbling, amazing. his brother albert was his caddie, earning him the nickname bert on the bag. how proud were you going down the 18th? i was struggling. bag. how proud were you going down the 18th? iwas struggling. i'd let
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him walk ahead. it will go down as the best day of my life. you cannot beat the open. it is the best walk in golf. i have heard a lot of great say it and i can agree with them. for fellow club members, say it and i can agree with them. forfellow club members, the say it and i can agree with them. for fellow club members, the victory meant for fellow club members, the victory m ea nt tea rs for fellow club members, the victory meant tears and cheers. every time i saw him come on screen, there was a raw and every time he holed a putt the role was bigger. it was mind blowing. he might be poised tojoin golf's high earners, but he will never have to pay for a drink here ever again. and finally, maybe a sportsman of the future here — this is two—year—old jett from texas. and his ball skills are incredible. it was felt at home.
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scholarships might flood in pretty soon. and just two years old. incredible. shall we see it again? one more to go. that is all from the and the team on the day adam peaty won a gold medal in the 50 metres breaststroke. he did not beat his personal best, but you cannot have everything. we will have more sport throughout the evening. have a great evening. good evening, it was a day of two halves for most. a weather watcher
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in wales summed it up with grey and wet conditions and sunshine coming out later. changeable skies the rest of the week and into the weekend with sunshine and showers on the menu forjust with sunshine and showers on the menu for just about all of you. low pressure will drive things the rest of the week. some showers this evening. northern ireland, scotland and northern england, gradually fading. most becoming dry during the night. one or two showers in the west. enough of a breeze to stop it getting too cold. a bright start on thursday with most getting off to a dry start, with sunny spells. showers developing in wales and western england, moving east on the breeze. the odd rumble of thunder. i do not think any length of time you will be wet before sunshine returns
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and some getting away with a predominantly bright day. when the showers come through it will feel cool showers come through it will feel cool. maybe the low 20s in the south—east, including the oval cricket ground. showers continue overnight, merging into longer spells of rain in northern ireland and scotland and perhaps northern england. a blustery night in the west of the uk. further south, the wind lighter. low pressure is with us on wind lighter. low pressure is with us on friday and the closer you are to it, the stronger the winds will be. showers in scotland, northern ireland and northern england. turning wetter in the afternoon in southern england, and that moves across england and wales through friday night into saturday and then clearing. back to sunshine and
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showers. low pressure in scotland with blustery conditions. many staying dry in the south—east on saturday and you might get away with it again on sunday but elsewhere, the showers continued. this is bbc news. i'm julian worricker. the headlines: the government drives through new plans to tackle air pollution, it means all new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the uk by 2040. we have to get rid of petrol and diesel cars off our roads. we had to deal with the health problems caused by air pollution and meet our climate change targets. while we welcome the move to cleaner vehicles, it's far too long in the future to do anything about the air quality crisis that we have now. a judge has ordered that 11—month—old charlie gard should be moved to a hospice, unless any other plans can be made before 12 o'clock tomorrow. president donald trump has said transgender people cannot serve in any capacity in the us military.
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the supreme court rules that charging to bring an employment tribunal case is unlawful — the government says it will now refund claimants' fees.


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