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later from euro air to report on laterfrom euro 2017 with england's women playing portugal. if they win they will face france and scotland need to beat spain 2—0 or at least by two goals and needing a favour at the same time from england. pilates on that later, but that is all from sports day. bye for now. you are watching bbc news. police investigating the grenfell tower fire have written to survivors, telling them that there are grounds for charging the local council and the organisation that runs social housing in the borough
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with corporate manslaughter. frankie mccamley is in west london for us now. tell us more about what's in the letter. you can hear behind me a local choir singing. we are next to a vigil taking place around six weeks on from this terrible tragedy. as people here are trying to come together and trying to move on and show the huge community spirit we have, we have seen a letter from the metropolitan police to residents, updating them on the ongoing criminal investigation. we have been warned many times this is an extremely complex investigation, but officers have said they have seized a huge amount of material and taken a huge amount of material and taken a huge amount of material and taken a huge number of witness statements and from that and the initial assessment of that, they have said the officer leading the investigation has now informed the royal borough of kensington and chelsea council and the tenant management organisation that run when full tower that they have reasonable grounds, they say, to suspect each organisation may have
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committed the offence of corporate manslaughter. they say chiefs from both organisations will in due course be formally identified, but we have heard from residents, —— be formally interviewed. we have heard from residents who believe that her manslaughter is not strong enough. they want something stronger. and they have also, there is also still they have also, there is also still the ongoing anger towards the tenant management organisation and the council. last night we had the leader of the council saying the reset button needs to be pushed on the tenant ‘s management organisation. it seems there is going to be a lot of change happening but this police investigation is still ongoing and it is important to note no one has been charged. it is just that the corporate manslaughter offence is 110w corporate manslaughter offence is now something please will be considering. just to be absolutely
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specific, corporate manslaughter means it is not about any individuals, it is those organisations themselves? yes, that is it. it is the organisations they are going to be investigating. they will be speaking to the heads of some of those organisations, but those on the whole it is not looking at specific individuals, but police have said it is an extremely complex investigation. they say they have spoken to individuals, they have spoken to individuals, they have spoken to individuals, they have spoken to different people, gathered a number of witness statements and lots of what they describe as a huge amount of evidence, and now they are saying they are going to consider corporate manslaughter. when investigating the chelsea and kensington council as well as the te na nt kensington council as well as the tenant management organisation that ran grenfell tower. thank you very much. the prime minister says the conservatives have come a long way on the issue of gay rights,
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but that there's still more to do to achieve equality. theresa may was marking today's 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in england and wales. the introduction of the sexual offences act of 1967 meant it was no longer a crime for gay men aged 21 and over to be in a relationship in private. the law changed in northern ireland and scotland later. here's sophie long. westminster lit up to mark 50 years since it enacted the law which partially decriminalised homosexuality. it may have been the beginning of legalisation but it did not stop the arrests. after 1967, pride celebrations became annual events, promoting equality and challenging prejudice. but over the decades, thousands of gay or bisexual men were convicted for behaviour which would not have been a crime if their partner had been a woman. terence stewart says he was wrongly
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found guilty of soliciting in 1981, 1a years after the act came into effect. the offence remains on his record today and has affected every aspect of his life. i was stopped from choosing particular careers. it also meant if i applied for a mortgage, i could not get a mortgage because that would come into play in an application for a mortgage. so it affected where you lived as well. it had a huge affect on my health and well—being as well. i am very happy to announce that you are now legally husbands. cheering it was not until three years ago, that people in britain were able to marry the person they loved, regardless of their sex. david cabreza and peter mcgraith were one of the first gay couples to tie the knot. david told me today marks an important anniversary, and an opportunity to look back at a long hard fight that
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people can be proud of. 50 years ago marked the beginning of a very long journey that a lot of people devoted their lives to, put themselves at personal risk and all the rest. now when we look back over the 50 years, we can see all these small but very important steps that people and the government and society have made leading up today. it is a very momentous time to look back and see the progress that we have made. but campaigners say there is still more to do to make sure young people can grow up confident that they can be whoever they want to be. sophie long, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. good evening. there is something wrong with the weather. today was a mixture of sunshine and heavy april showers, and we have more showers this evening and overnight. the
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heavy ones more recently in the south—east to tend to move away but they will keep going in the west and further north across northern ireland, scotland and northern england. those could be heavy enough to have a rumble or two of thunder. temperatures of roundabout 13 degrees. some decent sunshine before the cloud increases from the south west on friday but we will keep the scattering of showers further north. eventually rain comes across england and wales. but for most of the day, for the cricket at the oval, it may be dry. we are not expecting any interruptions until the evening session. we have showers further north. they will be on and off all day across scotland and northern ireland and in northern england for a while. and they could be heavy and blustery too. there will be some sunshine in between those before the cloud thickens from the south—west and by mid to late afternoon we have outbreaks of rain into wales, across the south—west of england and by
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evening pushing towards the south—east as well, where highs are similarto south—east as well, where highs are similar to today, we could get 20 or 21. wet weather pushes across england and wales quickly through the evening at the first bars of the night. that could be quite heavy over the western hills, doesn't clear away from the south—east corner and showers keep going in the north west close to the area of low pressure. around the base of the low pressure. around the base of the low pressure the the weather systems will bring rain. the next area of rain is still there along the south coast through the english channel, will pick up later in the day. it will pick up later in the day. it will turn very wet in the evening. otherwise sunshine and dry weather before we are back into the showers, some heavy across scotland especially in the west and northern ireland where temperatures are 16 or 17 degrees. wet weather develops through the evening, disappears overnight, but still a lot of showers around on sunday, especially towards the west. they are likely to be heavier than tree with top
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temperatures in the south—east of 21. rather cool this weekend and rather strong winds as well. some sunshine at times and showers or longer spells of rain as well. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven. police investigating the grenfell tower fire say that... the un says a catastrophe is unfolding in yemen as the country struggles with the world's worst cholera epidemic, and the looming threat of famine. a promise there'll be no cliff—edge on immigration when britain leaves the eu the home secretary says a new system will be phased in. new figures reveal an alarming increase in the number of prisoners released by mistake. the head of the us military says there'll be no change to its policy on employing transgender people until the defence secretary receives direction from president trump on the issue. in the next hour...
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day four of tackling the wildfires in the south of france. at least 6000 firefighters and troops are using all available resources to battling the fires.


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