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hopes of another cook was gone, lbw. hopes of another 100 dashed. after a long day's work yesterday, today it's a long day watching. but ben stokes was still there. swinging his way to over 2,000 test runs and whipping one away to the boundary, flying over flaying finger tips to bring up his 10th test 50. bairstow was going well too. but with the new ball, his luck turned. edged, caught. out for 36. however, after yesterday's rain the clouds are blowing away for england, prospects perhaps brightening. test tight, series tied. all those that have gone before can do is watch and wait. is the weather brightening, here is nick. not much summer warmth today or for signs of summer in north wales
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today. but as is typical with our weather at the moment it will be raining before the end of the day. two zones in our weather looking at the satellite picture, northern england, scotland, northern ireland, sunshine and showers. but the rest of england and wales turning cloudier as the system moves in from the south—west with rain and stronger winds. that rain patchy in nature through southern england but more persistent for us and edging northwards in wales. cloud increasing in eastern england where we have seen sunshine today. patchy rain working to parts of the midlands and north—west england. elsewhere in northern england we are back into sunny spells and a few showers and a few for northern ireland. more especially into scotla nd ireland. more especially into scotland and could be thundery. sunny spells in between. it's cool and breezy across the uk and a windy end to the day to the south—west as this rain becomes more extensive across england and wales for a time going into this evening. before clearing all. still a few showers overnight for scotland and northern ireland. elsewhere, turning dryer
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and clearer with overnight temperatures of around ten to 15. the big picture for the weekend, a weather front close to the south coast lingering like a bad smell before coming back saturday and low pressure to the north—west a source of showers for scotland and northern ireland on saturday and widely by sunday. this is saturday. sunshine scattered showers for scotland and northern ireland, one or two elsewhere. but elsewhere quite a lot of dry and sunny weather for a time. remember that weather front close to the south coast, it comes back to life. cloud and rain gradually edging north through the afternoon. but if you are dry and sunny for any period of time, it will feel warmer but it's not looking promising tomorrow afternoon at the oval for the cricket, there will be some outbreaks of rain edging northwards, not just through the outbreaks of rain edging northwards, notjust through the oval, but elsewhere to parts of england and wales into the evening. heavier bursts, south—east wales, parts of the midlands. still showers in scotla nd the midlands. still showers in scotland and northern ireland. part
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two of the weekend, sunday, could be a fine start. it won't last, showers and heavy will spread east across the uk but the further east you are they may not arrive until quite late on. this is the weather menu for this weekend. refunds are not available. if you do get sunshine, it may feel pleasant for a time. it's hard to feel short—changed a little bit by our weather so far in the second half of summer. the bbc understands officials believe at least 60 high rise buildings failed a fire safety test where insulation and cladding were tested together for the first time. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a good afternoon. time for some sport on bbc news. we'll start at the oval, where england are attempting to counterattack on day two of the third test
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against south africa having lost the key wicket of alastair cook in the first half hour of the morning session. former captain cook was trapped lbw by morne morkel for 88, falling 12 runs short of his first test century since stepping down as captain. but after that, ben stokes enjoyed the best of the conditions as he hit several boundaries — alongsidejonny bairstow. stokes reaching his 50 with another four. he's gone into the lunch break on 64 not out. butjust before that, he lost his partner in crime, bairstow, who was caught behind on 36. 269 for six england's score just a few minutes before the afternoon session. second practice for this weekend's hungarian grand prix is under way. with about half an hour gone, vettel is currently fastest. hamilton is fourth.
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though he's been reporting a whistling sound coming from the engine. the mercedes driver comes into the weekend just one point behind sebastian vettel in the drivers standings. the build up to this weekend's race has been dominated by drivers' comments concerning the new protective halo which is due to be introduced into cars' cockpits next season. there is no question, i am happy to implement head protection for next year, if the fia study and develop the halo, and if this is the most effective way to protect the head of the drivers, it is more than welcome in my opinion. i don't like it but you have to respect the decision of the fia. since we introduced the virtual safety car, that reduced a lot of risk when you're speeding under the yellow flag in the race, and also the wheels thethers are quite strong at the moment, so you will not lose a wheel. but parts flying around the car, it won't really protect you so i don't really understand why we should need it. so it was ferrari, mercedes,
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ferrari, mercedes. the mind games have begun ahead of england's quarterfinal against france in the women's european championship. coach mark sampson says his french counterpart olivier echouafni is "wet behind the ears" and says his record in tournaments is much better. even though france have beaten england in the last three tournaments, with echouafni claiming they wouldn't be happy to face his team in the last eight. meanwhile england men's manager gareth southgate says he's not surprised to see the women doing so well. notjust in the euros but over the la st notjust in the euros but over the last few years, mark sampson has done, we work closely at st george's park so we are supportive of what we do and have got to know the women's team and they are impressive
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characters, not only good players but they have a real good team spirit so i am not surprised to see them doing so well. more success for british swimmers at the world championships in budapest. james guy has broken the british record in the heats for the 100m butterfly. guy is the olympic champion in the 200 metres but failed to win a medal earlier in the week. world 50 metres butterfly champion ben proud also came through his 50m freestyle heat. meanwhile after south africa's chad leclos claimed 200 metres butterfly gold on wednesday, his adoring father bert has spoken to the bbc. le clos senior shot to fame when cheering his son on at the london 2012 olympics, but it's been a difficult time for the family with both bert and his wife finding out they had cancer before the rio games. it was a horrendous year for her family andi it was a horrendous year for her family and i only got through it,
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for me he is a superstar, to have got two silver is he actually got five golds in reality. and we didn't expect that. to get two silvers is like somebody else getting five golds. he has turned the corner now, thank god. that's all sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. they will be back at the oval in a few minutes. to see if ben stokes can convert. much more coming up including the latest from the cricket in the next hour. let's return to our top story now. the bbc understands cladding and insulation used in at least 60 tower blocks has failed a new fire safety test. professor edward borodzicz is professor of risk
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and management crisis at university of the west of scotland. he told my colleague ben brown, if the buildings have failed the safety tests, it's worrying news. this is concerning that it is 60 buildings, nine in local authority control, and it must be extremely concerning for those living there because they have the same set up as grenfell tower. should these buildings be evacuated or the cladding stripped immediately? it should be stripped immediately. it is a very serious fire risk as we have seen with grenfell tower, and it is an unacceptable fire risk. from a social and political point of view, i am surprised that having identified the faulty cladding there is even a discussion about who will pay for it. this is something central government should take responsibility
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for and say they will argue about the money later but the cladding must be removed immediately and in the meantime either people who live in those buildings should be offered alternative accommodation or they should do something to make the buildings safe in the interim while the cladding is removed. removing the cladding in itself may actually constitute a fire risk in itself so there is another argument for perhaps evacuating. some people in these blocks might the astonished that it has come to this, that the experts didn't know this kind of thing before and it took the grenfell tower disaster to reveal this. you raise an interesting point which raises questions about the quality of building standards in the uk. in one of your reports they were described as a complete mess by one firm of architects. there is also a question of why these were ever passed as acceptable
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for british standards. if they are then there are serious questions about the way british standards are produced, and the quality of these standards. are there questions about the people who sit on the standards committees who approve these things? it is frequently the case from my own experience of british standards that they bring in industry experts to commentate. the danger is that those industry experts may well recommend things that would save their industry money. i am not suggesting that is what happened but there is potential for that to happen. that should be looked at. the government also needs to take some culpability here because there were warnings to the government, there have been mutterings washing around in whitehall and amongst government circles and i suspect
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the government, if if they put their hands on their hearts, would not be able to say they have been completely innocent in this process either. and it raises complex questions about corporate manslaughter and culpability. is it the builders, the people who said it was ok, the government who approved those people, the people who approve the standards? it becomes a legal nightmare. fracking, the controversial process of drilling into shale rock to extract gas, could get under way within weeks, after the drill needed to start the process arrived at a site in lancashire yesterday. protesters are continuing to try to delay the start of the fracking, and are holding a carnival by the site later. our reporterjohn maguire has this report. while the party and the protests continue outside the site, inside, behind the thin yellow line, preparations for the next major step
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in uk fracking are taking place. this is a big dealfor all sides. local campaigner barbara richardson has fought this fracking site, known as preston new road, every step of the way and believes if shale gas is extracted here then other sites will follow. imagine these every two to four to five miles across this beautiful, rural place, known for agriculture and tourism. just imagine what it will be like. if you don't stop it now, you're opening the door, so you've got to stop it now. july has seen the local efforts here bolstered by protesters from the group reclaim the power. they've been trying to disrupt access, climbing on top of lorries, sitting in the road and locking themselves to vehicles. how do you justify this? we're not targeting the lorry drivers, we understand they need a job and they need to feed their children and take some money. we're not purposely targeting them, but what they have on the back of their lorries is more equipment
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for them to get into the fracking site and create the fracking, so the more we delay it, the slower the task is going to be, the more it costs the company. but despite their efforts, the drilling rig that will bore as deep as 3,500 metres beneath the lancashire soil has just been brought in. engineers will then drill horizontally, fracture the shale rock and release the gas. and this site will be the most monitored gas exploration site ever, i would say. we are monitoring air quality, water quality, noise, traffic movements, all of that being monitored 24—7 and all of that being made publicly available. of course we also have seperately the environment agency that have already visited us six times, and we only started constructing the site injanuary, doing their own monitoring and disclosure. so i can say to people that you don't need to take my word for it.
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the data will be out there to demonstrate that this is being done properly. the process remains highly controversial, from the demand for shale gas to the technology of fracking, to the way these demonstrations are policed. environmental catastrophe or energy supply game changer — the answer is locked deep beneath our feet, but not for much longer. israel has banned all men under 50 years from attending friday's muslim prayers at a sensitive holy site in jerusalem, the haram al—sharif, or temple mount. police say restrictions have been put in place due to concerns that there might be disturbances. israel has sent extra police into jerusalem. a short time ago tom bateman told us the latest. police said there would be extensive
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roadblocks and they put them in place around the old city. men under 50 were prevented from praying at the al aqsa mosque. they were forced to prey on the streets outside those roadblocks. we have seen scenes like that over the last few weeks. in the last few minutes there are reports of further clashes, isolated clashes in parts of eastern jerusalem and in the west bank, with the palestinian red crescent saying around a dozen or so people have been injured in disturbances in bethlehem in the west bank. authorities are concerned about what they said was the prospect of other disturbances. that was after yesterday when the israeli authorities finally removed the last remnants of those controversial security measures put in place which were objected to by palestinians, at a site known as temple mount tojewish people and haram al sharif to muslims. that went on for two weeks until they went yesterday.
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palestinians were euphoric. but there were clashes at the holy site itself. police said they put in place restrictions meaning men under 50 would not be able to enter the site. despite hopes the situation could have been resolved this week, tensions remain high. people who drink alcohol three to four times a week are 30% less likely to develop type two diabetes than those who never drink. more than 70,000 people took part in a large danish health study that measured drinking habits. the uk's leading diabetes charity warns this isn't a "green light" to drink excessively. katie silver explains. diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges the uk faces today. more than 3.5 million people currently live with the condition, and the numbers are only getting worse. but new findings from denmark could provide some hope.
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researchers at the national institute of public health at the university of southern denmark found that people who drink alcohol have the lowest risk of getting type 2 diabetes, beating even the tee—totallers. the best results were found for men who drink 1a drinks per week and women who drink nine. but rather than drinking it all on a saturday night, they found this weekly intake has to be spread over three or four days. the study also found that not all alcohol is equal. wine appeared to be particularly beneficial, as the chemical compounds, especially in red wine, seem to help manage blood sugar. and there was a warning to women to stay clear of gin. a daily tipple of that, or other spirits, increased their diabetes risk by 83%. diabetes uk, however, warns that the effect of alcohol on developing diabetes differs from one person to the next. where did the people who were drinking an awful lot, when was this happening? was there different times of the year that they were drinking more alcohol which had an impact?
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for example, if you are in the festive season, people drink a little bit more and eat a little bit more. those kinds of things really weren't discussed in much detail. while this study is in its early stages, it is hoped it might spur future research to help some of the 12 million britons currently at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. katie silver, bbc news. public health england have issued a statement and they say, "it is not helpful to talk about the effect of alcohol consumption on diabetes alone. consuming alcohol contributes to a vast number of other serious diseases, including some cancers, heart disease and liver disease, so people should keep this in mind when thinking about how much they drink." in a moment, a summary of the business news this hour, but first the headlines on bbc news.
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the bbc understands at least 60 buildings have failed new fire safety tests, carried out in the wake of the grenfell tower fire. the chancellor, philip hammond, says any transitional deal in the immediate period after brexit must end before the next general election in 2022. and in a major blow to president trump, the us senate fails for a third time to repeal obama's health care reforms. in the business news... more figures out in the last 15 minutes on the american economy. its pace of growth has increased dramatically over the last six months. for the first three months it was growing at a rate of 1.2% a year. in the second three months it grew at a rate of 2.6% a year. barclays has set aside an extra £700 million to meet compensation claims for mis—selling payment protection insurance. the news came as the bank said costs
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related to the sale of part of its africa unit had pushed it into a £1.2 billion loss in the first half of the year. airline group iag, which owns ba and iberia, has reported an operating profit of £975 million up from £635 million during the same six months last year — that's a rise of 37.3%. it seems to have shrugged off the it meltdown — which grounded ba flights in may. the total cost of that was £58 million. more now on barclays. and it has reported a heavy loss in the second quarter, hit by the one—off costs of a big disposal in africa and a further knock from mis—selling payment protection insurance to uk customers. but stripping out the losses from the africa sale, barclays posted a 13% rise in group pre—tax profits to £2.34 billion. i'm joined by russ mould, investment director at aj bell.
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should we be worried about the size of these one—off costs? they will be out of the way at the end of the year but they were pretty big. out of the way at the end of the year but they were pretty bigm out of the way at the end of the year but they were pretty big. it is a nice idea to think they will be one—off but barclays has been littered with them since 2011 so although the chief executive says he's trying to get the costs down quickly they keep coming back. the good news is that ppi will be buying them by 2019, we know about the africa sale, but the company is still restructuring and some of its loa n still restructuring and some of its loan losses have crept up a bit, particularly credit cards. what about the underlying business? if it is making £2.5 billion in six months then that is not bad. it is actually pretty healthy. a similar story with lloyds, making £2 billion per
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quarter. if they can keep their noses clean and keep these one—off items to a minimum then you have profitable institutions. but legacy issues are coming back to bite them and they are finding problems with trading at the same time. four executives are going to end up in court, aren't they, in 2019? about how they raised money in qatar during the financial crisis. it is not good for the reputation. intriguingly it is barclays plc rather than barclays bank which will find itself in the dark. the accusations of fraud and how the company raised money, it relates to something ten years ago and the bank looks financially sound now but it isa looks financially sound now but it is a blow to the reputation. taking the good and bad, what do you think, the good and bad, what do you think, the share price is undervalued?
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trading at less than net asset value. if the bank was to give up the ghost today, which will not, sell everything and pay off other debts, you would get about 280 hp per share. the stock market are saying they don't believe that assets on the books or they don't believe they're running it well enough but if barclays can prove them wrong then the shares look very good. in other business news... bt‘s first quarter profits plummeted by 42% to £418 million as a result of a £225 million payment to shareholders following its italian accounting scandal, in which earnings were overstated. the money will go to deutsche telekom and orange to avert legal action after bt‘s share price collapsed. uk pre—tax profits at high street lender santander were flat at £1 billion in the first six months of the year. but the firm said that it sees "greater uncertainty" and risks in the outlook for the end of this
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year and the beginning of 2018. and apple has announced plans to kill off the ipod nano and shuffle. they were the company's last two music players without the ability to run streaming service apple music and hadn't been upgraded for ages. the move is part what's been described as a "simplification" of the ipod range to leave just the itouch model. quick look at the markets. more in about one hour. and much more coming up at two
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o'clock. time for a look at the weather. keep your expectations low for the rest of today and the weekend. low pressure means somewhere rest of today and the weekend. low pressure means somewhere where rest of today and the weekend. low pressure means somewhere where at times but not all the time. it has been quite pleasant so far today along the coast of north wales. cloud has been increasing, notjust in wales, a large part of england and wales over the past few hours, but parts of northern england, scotla nd but parts of northern england, scotland and northern ireland seem sunny spells between showers. cloud is increasing, outbreaks of rain, patchy in nature, south—west england and wales. the wind picking up, patchy rain for the midlands and north west england. cloudy in east anglia after early sunshine. still some sunny anglia after early sunshine. still some sunny spells in northern ireland, northern england and scotland. but heavy showers. a cool and breezy day across the uk. windy for south—west england and wales.
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the rain moves north into northern england this evening and then clears everywhere but kent as the night goes on. still some showers in north—west scotland and the west of northern ireland. but feeling dryer after the rain. the big picture for the start of the weekend, this weather front coming back - as weather front coming back north as weather front coming back north as we go through the later stages of saturday, and low pressure in the north—west with showers. on saturday a lot of those will be in the north and west of scotland and one to p°ppin9 and west of scotland and one to p°pping up and west of scotland and one to popping up elsewhere. but quite a bit of dry weather with sunny spells for many others during saturday but then as the weather front from the south, more of southern england gets into cloud and rain as the afternoon goes on. if you are in the more dry pa rt goes on. if you are in the more dry part with sunny spells it will be better compared to recent days. not looking promising further test match at the oval. the rain in southern
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england is moving north eventually into london and south—east wales. in the northern part it will be heaviest in the wash. showers continuing in north—west scotland and northern ireland. saturday's rain clears from the south—east by sunday and then low—pressure will push showers from west to east across the uk and some of those could be heavy and thundery. the outlook for the weekend, cool and breezy, showers and wet weather but there will be some dry and sunny moments as well. take advantage of those when they appear. check the forecast online and through the app. this is bbc news. the headlines at 2:00 — at least 60 tower blocks have failed new fire safety tests, carried out in the wake of the grenfell tower fire, the bbc understands. the chancellor, philip hammond, says any transitional deal in the immediate period after brexit must end before the next general election. another blow for donald trump,
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as the us senate fails, for a third time, to overturn president obama's health care policy. rubbish piles up in the streets of birmingham, as workers step up their industrial action. collections have already been disrupted for weeks. also in the next hour — the fighter planes patrolling the black sea. four raf typhoon jet fighters have been deployed to romania as part of a nato mission to patrol the black sea region.
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