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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  July 29, 2017 3:45am-4:01am BST

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until next week, then. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases, i'm joined by james king, while mark takes a summer break. welcome, james. great to see you. what have you been watching this week? first up, it feels like ages since there has been a new, fresh, romantic comedy. well, there's one out this weekend. it is called the the big sick and i will tell you about that. from australia, hounds of love,
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this is a brutal true story, a kidnap drama. and a big hit in the states, this one, it stars queen latifah and is a comedy called girls trip. now, probably no one has missed all the publicity for the big sick. really interesting interviews everywhere with the actor, the writer. this is a really interesting take. does it work as a film? yes, there is a lot to say about it. first, you can see on the poster, kumail nanjiani is the writer and the star and it's written it with his partner, emily gordon, about their life, how they got together, the real—life romance. the big difference between them is kumail is originally from pakistan, moved to chicago with his family, quite a traditional pakistani muslim family, whereas emily is white american, from this academic and eccentric family. that is the chalk and cheese dynamic that every good romantic comedy needs.
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yes. that is at the centre of it but then people are saying, why is it called the big sick? there is also an illness which happens to one of the characters as well. there's a lot happening in the film, a lot of story. the clip is from the beginning of the movie. kumail is trying to make it as a stand—up comedian and he meets emily, played by zoe kazan, for the first time. 0k. hi. hi, hello. my name's kumail. we know. we saw you perform. now that the niceties are out of the way, i have to tell you that when you yelled at me, it really threw me off. you really should not heckle comedians, it's so rude. i didn't heckle you. i just woo—hooed you, it's supportive. that's a common misconception. yelling anything at a comedian is considered heckling. it does not have to be negative. so if i yelled out, like, "you are amazing in bed", that would be a heckle? yeah, that would be an accurate heckle. whoa!
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goodbye. i'm going. you have scared my friend off now. already, it is endearing, isn't it? i think kumail and emily, the writers, are inspired by the greats. they've said they were inspired by richard curtis, annie hall and tootsie so if you are inspired by those movies, that is a good start. tootsie is one of my favourite films! absolutely. what was really good about it, a lot of people have said, is this some statement about the politics of america and racial relations in america right now but it is not. it is a personal story, not a political story. it is a true story about two people getting together. it is a lovely personal story. is there anything new in talking about interracial couples, which doesn't get talked about a lot? absolutely.
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that is a refreshing thing about this film, it is in there but it is not trying to make a larger statement. it is just about what happened to them. this is what happened to them. it is very charming. he's in it, he wrote it, he stars in it but it is not too self—serving, it's more affectionate than that? absolutely, it is very affectionate and there's a lovely relationship between kumail and emily's parents, holly hunter and ray romano. ray romano, i know from a sitcom and one of the voices in ice age. i didn't really expect him to be as good as he is. you can see him there. in this comedy is really showing us he is a good actor as well. i think he could be possibly up for some awards for this performance. i love holly hunter. she is just going for it! she isjust nuts in this and brilliantly so. fantastic. how lovely to go into the summer after a hard year with something genuinely fun and uplifting. we have not had a new, fresh romantic comedy for a while. people seems to think we know all the tropes,
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we know how they work, all the cliches but this actually, it has a romantic comedy framework but it is doing new things. our next film from australia. i'll put it out there, i have read lots about it but i know i could not stomach it. talk us through it and explain. explain why some people like me may be rather queasy. again, loosely based on a true story, at least, about the moorhouse murders which happened in perth in western australia in the mid—‘80s, where a suburban couple were kidnapping teenage girls. i suppose what is really gripping and interesting about this film is that it is not some exploitative horror movie. it is actually a character study of this couple who do this and why they do it and what is going on in their heads. specifically, the wife, emma booth, whose character is called evelyn, who she is and what has gone on in her past and why she is in this situation and does what she does. that stops itjust being
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about cardboard cutouts, just a gory movie. it's interesting because it is actually about the characters, these three—dimensional characters, the kidnappers and one of the girls they kidnap. they all have their own stories and real depth to them. it's really well made. this is the first film from ben young and he really captures suburban australian life very well, disillusionment and a kitchen sink drama, really. it is brutal and tough to watch, of course, but very well made. ok, i hear you and that he might be a talent to watch but i am not sure i have the stomach for that. but girls trip, on the other hand, takes us back into the world of nice summer films. definitely back into the lighter territory! we've got queen latifah in this, jada pinkett smith, tiffany haddish, regina hall, four college friends who go to new orleans for the weekend and chaos ensues. have a look at the clip. terrific. i'm happy freaknik lisa is back. hey, right!
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too bad all that pent—up energy is going to waste. mmmm. 0h! what was that, sasha? what was that you were saying about pent—up energy? you texted him? idid. never doubt a boss. you get some, girl! # i slay, i slay, i slay all day #. have a good evening, ladies. you, too. yes! is itfun? is it a bit silly? it is all of those things, definitely silly and funny. it has a sort of relentless joie de vivre, a bubbliness and bawdiness about it. it was pretty difficult to find a clip we could play out. what is most interesting about it, and this is what people are picking up on, its characters are four contemporary, successful, confident black woman and you do not have enough of those movies. not nearly enough.
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it is not an oscars movie, it's not an issues movie. tt is joyfully frothy and silly which is why it is refreshing. it is a bit predicatably clunky at times but this effervescence carries it along. we will definitely see more movies like this. it has been a big hit in the states and this will change things. that is interesting because i was thinking how much i enjoyed hidden figures. then i'm thinking it's bad that i even think that because that is the last time i watched a film that focused on african american women. you think that and you think my goodness, the fact that even resonates with you shows what a paucity there is of that sort of film. absolutely, and hidden figures is great but it is the oscar—worthy serious movie.
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this is justjoyfully not like that. it is deliberately frothy and flimsy and everyone is having fun and that is the real novelty. it is there to give you a good time, as is for younger viewers, captain underpants, which mark was raving about last week. oh good, that is good to hear. this is out now. i could've chosen dunkirk but everyone has said how great dunkirk is, i do not need to add to that, although i think it is. captain underpants, not a christopher nolan movie, i think it's fair to say. it's a dreamworks animation, based on the bestselling books. a couple of best mates hypnotise the school principal into believing he is this superhero called captain underpants. it is just zany, silly and nonstop. it is a bit knowing, has that knowing wink, that self—reflexive quality that adults like. if you just want some jokes about pants, though, there's loads ofjokes about pants. whoopee cushion humour, i read. i love that phrase. yes. the main antagonist is called professor poopypants. i mean, come on! yes, that says it all, that is all we need to know. for anyone who wants to stay in this week what movie have you picked out for us?
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i'm going to choose life which is a sci—fi film about astronauts bringing back a martian life form to earth. the life form starts out as a single cell organism but then grows into something much more intimidating. immediately when you watch this, you're thinking alien and ridley scott and there's a lot of similarites. it is not as good but a lot of similarities. it's mainly set in a spaceship. i would say watch it forjake gyllenhaal, who's probably the main star, with rebecca ferguson and ryan reynolds. jake gyllenhaal always brings this melancholy to what he does. his character is really interesting, does and says some really interesting things. it is familiar as a science—fiction movie but jake gyllenhaal makes it something more than run—of—the—mill. 0k, thank you very much. i like him as well. see you next week, james, good to have you with us. thank you very much indeed. that is it for this week. whatever you're seeing, enjoy. quite a variety this week. see you next week.
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hello there. good morning. generally speaking, the weather's been unsettled in recent days. that was certainly the case yesterday with frequent showers in scotland and northern ireland. this was taken by one of our weather watchers in the highlands. this is clearing through the east in the early hours of his morning. we keep showers into western scotland and northern ireland. in between the two, dry weather. temperatures down to 15—16 degrees further south. the morning, showers around in scotland. mainly in the west of scotland. the north of northern ireland. the further south you are, largely dry. one or two showers into the morning in northern england. some good spells of sunshine. a lovely start to the day for much of wales. one or two showers here.
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for the south—west of england, thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain. through the english channel, a lot of cloud and rain will never be too far away. this weather front may drift back in. so after a decent start to the day at the oval, you may well see the odd afternoon shower. some rain is more likely at the end of the day as the weather front makes its way back into the southern counties. ahead of that, the north of wales, much of northern england, the midlands, a decent afternoon. showers continuing in scotland and northern ireland. there's the rain pushing into the london area and beyond into the afternoon. it might get into the low 20s in the south—eastern corner. maybe 20 degrees in newcastle and aberdeen. in glasgow, the upper teens at best. the rain moves eastwards. getting out into the north sea by early sunday. that is this weather front moving away from the uk. low pressure is still in charge on sunday, keeping things unsettled, particularly in the north and west.
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that's where showers will be early on. rumbles of thunder to go with that. after a bright start in eastern areas, increasing cloud. showers few and far between in the south—eastern corner. but some heavy showers elsewhere. good news for the ridelondon long leg down to surrey and back. don't rule out the odd shower. a breeze from the south and west. low pressure still in charge on monday. it's centred to the north—west of the uk. that's where we will see most of the showers on monday. a bit of rain at times. these are the temperatures. the further south and east you go, the showers are fewer and further in between. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is reged ahmed. our top stories: a shake—up at the top
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of the white house — donald trump replaces his chief of staff, reince priebus, with the current homeland security secretary, john kelly. after north korea test fires a second intercontinental ballistic missile, south korea says it will take measures of its own to tackle the threat. charlie gard, the terminally ill british baby at the centre of an international row over his treatment, has passed away. and remembering the fallen of world war i — commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the battle of passchendaele.
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