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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hour is the latest radar in the last hour or two. hugging southern portions of the uk. through the course of this evening, the rain is going to turn evening, the rain is going to turn even heavier across the south—west. and then affect south—eastern and wales, moved through the midlands and then makes its way to lincolnshire, crept up towards the north—east of england and then dry down a little bit. also quite breezy with that. tomorrow a very different story. what initially across north—east, but then after a bit of brightness in the morning comes a whole rash of showers of the atlantic. that's the latest. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines... north korea tests an intercontinental ballistic missile it says is capable of striking the entire united states. president trump describes the action as reckless and dangerous. president trump describes his new chief of staff — the retired military general john kelly — as a true star.
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he takes up the position after reince priebus stood down from the post. the family of a 20—year—old man who died after being restrained by police a week ago appeal for peace after angry clashes in east london last night where protesters threw fireworks and bottles at police. uk universities have a pension fund deficit of more than £17 billion — the largest in the uk. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm karthi gnanasegaram. the headlines this evening... rain affects play but not before roland jones has his say with england in control against south africa. hungary has been a happy hunting ground for hamilton but he struggled to fourth place — it's vettel on pole. and holders hull are through to
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the challenge cup final at wembley. it's been a rain—affected day at the oval and in the last ten minutes play has finally been abandoned for the day as england take on south africa in the third test. there has been enough play though for toby roland—jones to take five wickets on his test debut. patrick gearey has been following the day's action after the players had an interesting journey to the oval. today's london's roads were a result of psychos, look beneath them
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—— the roads were reserved for cyclists. the tube played the best way for the team together, next where south african innings terminated. he gave his side score some respectability, still it would've been an innings remembered for its end as ben stokes helpless. almost one of the great catches, almost. south africa batted on so they would not have two follow—on. eventuallyjimmy anderson got one. it was a precious one for toby rowland jones, a place on the honours board, walk off he will never forget. england led by 178 runs, mind the gap. but overhead, problems loom. alistair cooke did not make it to the rain, steward. these were pivoted moments forjennings, he had already been dropped when he was given out, lbw. once that would've been that, now the batsmen has a last resort, use the gadgets. the decision was wrong, jennings was saved. once the rain arrived, it stuck around.
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time to head undercover or perhaps underground. lewis hamilton qualified a disappointing fourth ahead of tomorrow's hungarian grand prix. pole went to his title rival sebastian vettel, in a ferrari front row lock—out. tom clarkson reports from the hungaroring. when the going gets tough, the tough get going. after the trouncing ferrara received at the hands of mercedes at silverton —— silverton, many expected from rory to make the championship their own. but that has not been the case. sebastian vettel might leave the drivers championship
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but this was a rare show of strength in qualifying. only his second pole of the season and a front—load lookout for ferrari and hungry for the first time in 13 years. it was also a special day for paul, with dizzy spells forcing felipe to drop out, they called on the reserve driver. he had only driven this kind of simulator and will start with the last row of the grid. it is after three and a half year absence, he will be pleased to be back. lewis hamilton's hopes of matching michael schumacher‘s session evaporated in the final row of qualifying. one chance to take the top spot. but he did not get close to sebastian vettel‘s new track record on was pushed further down the order. i like this track a lot. the sunshine, people around, that is what it is about. it was big fun, front row force which is incredible and i'm looking —— front row for us. i'm looking forward to tomorrow. all hope is not lost for hamilton though. he won here from fourth in 2009. well, that qualifying session
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in hungary leaves lewis hamilton still one pole short of equalling michael schumacher‘s record of 68. here's the all—time list as it stands — hamilton has won five times — that's more than any other driver since the race was added to the calendar in 1986. staying in hungary, ben proud has won a bronze at the swimming world championships in budapest. proud came third in the 50 metre freestyle final with caeleb dressel from the usa winning gold. it's his second medal of the championships, after winning gold in the 50 metre butterfly. 50 freestyle is the event to be medalling in. i thought that was a fast race, i was happy to get in first or third, it was between me and fifth, almost nothing. britain's james guy won bronze in the one hundred metre butterfly, he was tied in third withjoseph schooling. caeleb dressel from the usa
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also won that final. he came out really fast, i had to brilliant bag as fast as i could. the finish was terrible, third on the hundred fly, third is a great place to finish on. defending champions, hull fc are through to the rugby league's challenge cup final at wembley after beating leeds rhinos 15—24 in doncaster. it's hull's third final in five years. their opponents will come from tomorrow's other semi final between wigan warriors and salford. tim hague reports. when the team that listed the trophy in 2016 takes on the team that won it in the two years before, you sense this was a challenge cup semifinal that could not really live up to expectations and so it proved
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—— afinal -- a final -- —— a final —— a semifinal that could really live up to expectations. as leeds got off to the best possible start. behold the allders showed their owners star quality. look at that! bale fell for it. there is no sense of misdirection when it comes to that man hall though, more magnificence from him. 220th rhino stride. —— rhino‘s try. that was as good as it got for leeds. hull hit back twice. six points their lead at the break which they extended significantly in the second a0. it is the way hull do things. kallum watkins does his thing is the only way to come he kept the match alive with a terrific try bidder would make little difference in the end. hull had much. jamie shaul, the flaw is yours. he is on his way. jamie shaul, it is a beautiful try. a beautiful moment. wembley, here they come. they had not beaten leeds in eight attempts, today was a very
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different story for hull. 15—24 to the 2016 winners. can they now make 2017 their year as well? the domestic football season is already underway in scotland and we've had the first major upset in the scottish league cup. premiership side hearts are out. they were one of six top flight teams trying to reach the knock out stage. alex gulrajani reports. no need for pre—season friendlies because the league start early. it brings pressure. this hearts team needed to beat dunfermline to progress. don cowie e is some of the tension around tynecastle early on but it was soon a score for the other side. the championship side to
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be, moving top of the group. hearts 110w be, moving top of the group. hearts now needed to. one came with five minutes to play. stockton had the chance to be a saviour, not today. hearts are out but this conversation does not do draws. a meaningless penalty shoot out and the effort summed up the holes —— home side this afternoon, three out of four off target. the pressure continues to build. here are some selected results. this is group d. ebony and beat alloa and top their group. the four best runners—up also go through to the knock—out stage, where they'll be joined by aberdeen, celtic, rangers and stjohnstone. group c won't be decided until tomorrow's tayside derby.
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the full results can be found on the bbc sport website. it is day three of the ladies‘ scottish open at dundonald links. australian karrie webb is top of the leaderboard, six under par after 15 holes. she already has seven major titles to her name. georgia hall is the leading brit injoint ninth place, —— injoint —— in joint sixth —— injoint sixth place. she's one over par. the fourth golf major of the women's season, the british open, starts next week. dual oaks winner and race favourite enable, ridden by frankie detorri, won the prestigious king george vi and queen elizabeth stakes at ascot. the 5—4 shot, trained byjohn gosden, saw off the challenge of 9—1 ulysses in second. the horse magnificent in the final furlongs as it cruised to victory on soft ground. dettori said afterwards: "i missed the whole of royal ascot and to come back to the place i love so much, it means a lot to me."
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one of britain's wimbledon champions jordanne whiley has announced she's pregnant. what's more she's announced that she knew she was expecting throughout wimbledon when she and her playing partner won the wheelchair doubles title for the fourth year running. she has tweeted a picture of her latest scan saying "had a little help at wimbledon this year". her baby is due injanuary. that's all from sportsday. we'll be back at half past seven. next on bbc news, today's headlines. bye for now. good evening. north korea has hailed as a success its latest test of an intercontinental ballistic missile describing it as a "stern warning" for the us. the regime says the missile reached a height of 2,300 miles, before landing 47 minutes later more than 600 miles away somewhere in the sea offjapan. that was farther and higher than its previous test earlier this month. experts have said that the missile may have a range of over 6,000 miles, which is far enough to target some cities on the us mainland.
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from seoul in south korea, here's our correspondent karen allen. the moments before the missile launch. a statement of international defiance. the moment it lifted off. the moments that pyongyang from its nose at the world. the second launch ofan nose at the world. the second launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile out in less than a month. it is travelled higher and further than the missile before, eventually smashing down into the ocean off the coast of japan. then the official
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confirmation from north korea. —— japan. confirming that the whole of the us is in —— within reach. triumphant photos of the leader. president trump described the tests as reckless and dangerous. the leader of south korea's verdict was equally harsh. translation: south korea condemns the reckless acts, ashing hopes of ease the military tensions and in particular, sole‘s offer of bilateral military talks. these joint military drills a response to the launch. a message that they stand shoulder to shoulder with the us. the us already has
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battleships in the pacific ocean. it has promised to scale up assets in response to the threat. more aircraft carriers and stealth bombers could be on the way. a jubilant kim jong—un wants us recognition as a nuclear power. instead, in the wake of another missile tests, he is likely to be hit with more sanctions with china and russia under pressure not to stand in the way. president trump's chief of staff, reince priebus, has resigned after days of public infighting at the white house — and repeated failures by the administration to fulfil key election pledges. mr trump has replaced him withjohn kelly, a former general, who he praised for his work as head of homeland security. general kelly has been a star. done an incrediblejob, general kelly has been a star. done an incredible job, respected general kelly has been a star. done an incrediblejob, respected by everybody. a great american. reince priebus, respected by everybody.
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let's speak to our correspondent laura bicker in washington — why has he had to go? he never had the confidence of the president. he was an insider who knew how to work believers in washington. but donald trump often described as weak. he has turned to a political outsider, generaljohn f. kennedy. he could instil discipline in a tumultuous white house staff. but he has —— john discipline in a tumultuous white house staff. but he has ——john —— generaljohn kelly. but he has come ata generaljohn kelly. but he has come at a difficult time. the strategy to deal with career does not appear to be working. he has to get his own house in order in order to deal with bigger problems. the family of rashan charles, who died in hackney in east london after police apprehended him last
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weekend, have appealed for calm after a night of violence there. bottles and fireworks were thrown at police following a demonstration. the independent police complaints commission is investigating the death of mr charles, who was 20 years old. richard lister reports. the tension had been building all afternoon. a peaceful protest about the death of a young man in police custody in east london beginning to turn into something else. the police were out in force trying to maintain calm, but it didn't last. by ten o'clock, a fleet of police vans was facing a burning barricade and an angry crowd. fireworks and bottles were thrown. hundreds of officers trying to keep people back. move away, the dogs are coming out. police in full riot gear repeatedly tried to clear the street. mounted officers were brought in too. it took at least another hour for some kind of order to be established, debris still smouldering on the streets. the confrontation was sparked
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by death of rashan charles. he was chased into a shop by police a week ago. officers say he tried to swallow something. there was a struggle and he became ill. just over an hour later, rashan charles was declared dead. he was 20. it has stirred up long—standing grievances here. he is the third young man to die after being stopped by police in london injust over a month. we understand your anger, but taking it to the streets does not help. one of the things we did after monday night was that the independent
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police complaints commission came to listen to young people and listen to their concerns. that process happened and will continue. the ipcc says it will seek to answer the questions from ration —— rashan charles‘s family and follow the evidence wherever it leads. the main pension scheme for british universities has a deficit of more than 17 billion pounds the largest on record for any retirement fund in the uk. the financial hole in the scheme widened in the past year as investments failed to pay off. there are warnings that contributions to the scheme or student tuition fees may have to rise to close the gap. here's our business correspondent, jo lynam. the deficit went to £17 billion this
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year. this gives the scheme the dubious the skin —— distinction of being in record pension deficit for this country. but the chief executive says it is too early to talk about hiking up student fees. we are not responsible for the fees but we have agreed to manage the shortfall within the pension plan without putting a burden on their business models. we have agreed a
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framework for looking at how pension contributions and the investment risk will continue to provide quality pensions for members of the scheme. distinguished academicjoan harvey paid into the scheme for four yea rs. harvey paid into the scheme for four years. she has already been paid from that pension but she is worried that a less generous scheme might deter people from considering academia. people that go into academicjobs often go into it because they want to teach or do research or both and they want to do that with some freedom and that they wa nt to that with some freedom and that they want to explore and investigate and understand. and the pension has a lwa ys understand. and the pension has always been historically something nice that goes with the job. because academics are not as well—paid as the fat cats in the city. pension state m e nts the fat cats in the city. pension statements are just a snapshot of the health or otherwise of their schemes. they go down or up. but for on campuses throughout the uk,
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clever solutions will have to be found. much more to come without # throughout the evening. now news where you. looking pretty soggy. in lowestoft, the rain will reach you later on. a wet and breezy night. most of the rain will be across southern areas. this front is approaching from the south and going across the english channel. the rain bearing cloud is affecting south—western counties. by the time we get to seven o'clock, most of the heavy rain will be in the south—west and southern wales.
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across the south—east and east anglia, more patchy. north of the midlands, it is sunshine and showers. later on tonight, it looks like that rain in the south will push into other parts of the uk. so watch this area of heavy rain here. from plymouth and cardiff, it moves into the midlands. then around hull and yorkshire and newcastle. by the end of the night, it dries out across wales and a large chunk of the midlands and the south. and in the midlands and the south. and in the north—east, we have clear spells and showers. tomorrow, we will start off quite grey and wet in the north—east and quite breezy. as this low pulls away into the north sea, the weather will improve. initially, somewhat weather around but then improving weather conditions in newcastle. then lots of showers will
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start piling in off the atlantic. overall tomorrow, a very changeable day. from sunny spells to heavy showers back to sunny spells. there will be thunder and lightning in place. the far south—east might get away with a mostly dry day but mostly, showers galore. still the low pressure with us, so the u nsettled low pressure with us, so the unsettled weather. not just low pressure with us, so the unsettled weather. notjust on monday, but also the week ahead. summer is still on hold and it does not look that there will be any settling down until next week. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm: north korea claims its latest intercontinental ballistic missile test proves any target in the us is now within striking distance. universities may have to reduce benefits for its members, or increase tuition fees for students — as the pension fund deficit doubles in the last year.
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white house war — donald trump names generaljohn kelly as his next chief of staff after days of public in—fighting. after violence breaks out in east london — the family of a 20—year—old man who died after being restrained by police — appeal for peace. we understand your anger. the family feels your anger and frustration, too. but the family knows taking to the streets doesn't give you justice. also in the next hour — the man who attacked shoppers
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