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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 31, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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already perfected the dettori dismount. reports suggest los angeles will host the games in 2028, a survey for paris in 202a. host the games in 2028, a survey for paris in 2024. most cities have twice hosted the games before. the world athletics championships starts in london on friday and one of it's biggest stars has pulled out. the 800 metre olympic and world champion david rudisha has injured a thigh muscle. this is the kenyan winning the world title in beijing two years ago. he also holds the world record, a mark he set at the london olympics in 2012. fingers crossed then that usain bolt is wrapped in cotton wool, he is the main draw and races in the heats of the 100 metres on the opening night. there's full coverage across the bbc
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— and a special documentary tonight on bbc one looking at the biggest name athletics, bolt is arguably the biggest star in the history of the world championships which date back to 1983 — bolt is arguably the biggest star in the history of the world championships which date back to 1983 — so we'll leave you with a look back at one of his finest hours. the worlds in berlin in 2009 bolt was at his irrepressible best, celebrating with berlino the bear and breaking both his 100 and 200 metres world records.
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goodnight. hello. this is bbc news the playwright and hollywood actor sam shepard has died. he was nominated for an academy award for best supporting actor for his portrayal of pilot chuck yeagar in the right stuff and received the pulitzer prize for drama in 1979 for his play buried child.
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he was seventy—three. and one of french cinema's biggest stars, jeanne moreau, died at her home in paris at the age of 89. the actress rose to fame in a series of roles in french new wave films of the 605. with me is our entertainment correspondent, lizo mzimba. he was one of america's great storytellers. if you look back at his career the things that really pushed through with those plays, all sorts of literature, he won the pulitzer prize and was tony nominated for some of his plays. he was a great storyteller that explored the nonprofit side of american life. he specialised in looking at things disillusionment and isolation and particularly families and americans living on the fringes of society. he carried those
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kind of themes through and is that the different way. he was one of the co—writers of the screenplay for the film paris texas a bleak road movie which won at the cans festival. his versatility, he could operate in many areas as well as his writing, winning a pulitzer prize is as good as you can get. oscar—nominated as an actor in the right stuff about the beginnings of the american space programme and he did music of bob dyla n. programme and he did music of bob dylan. this was the kind of versatility and rage that he had, a great great storyteller producing in all areas of art and a shock dying at the age of 73 foot b died last thursday at home and can turkey from copulation is from fort worth neuron disease. a sad loss to the world of
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film and theatre. and jeanne moreau another great loss. one of the great french actresses. she was for many people the symbolic face of french new wave cinema. people remember working with truffaut and she had an intensity and marvellous presents. she could sing and did mostly french rolls but it occasional english line which rules —— rolls and famously turned down the role of mrs robinson in the graduate. it would've been fascinating to see what she did with that but an incredible body of work, but rather than 30 films over six decades. that is a career. thank you. now we'll leave you with some of the images from today's service in belgium marking a hundred years since the start of the passchendaele offensive —— one of the bloodiest offensives of the first world war. my
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my great—grandfather remarks, i have many times asked myself whether that can be more potent advocates of peace upon earth through the years to come than this must multitude of silent witnesses to the desolation of war. bugle plays time for a look at the weather... some of us have avoided the showers
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this evening instead they dry with decent sunshine. a moment of blue sky to be enjoyed and some for many of us this evening. still some heavy showers and thundery and parts of northern ireland and scotland. a few will continue to affect north and western parts of north—east scotland mainly dry. under clear skies to butchers dipping, laura and the ruble spots were some places down into single figures. tomorrow morning one of two showers around the northern half of scotland and northern ireland but through southern scotland and north—west england at under wales there will be plenty of downpours and the morning, some heavy winds around as well all pushing further east during the day. one or two on south—western england but for a large part of england, dry and sunnya but for a large part of england, dry and sunny a fresh fuel but showers moving in. showers moving from west
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to east, you could get caught in a heavy and thundery downpours and the sunken stone it out again afterwards that you stay dry today as much as of catching a short tomorrow but perhaps the exception of the far south coast staying mainly dry. in the sunshine and can be quite pleasant, and to the low 20s but renishaw moves through it used to grow quickly and the wind becomes quite gusty. showers continuing to tuesday evening but eventually many will die away, another chilly night on tuesday night. wednesday is a difference day, rid of the showers but rain coming in from this area of low pressure. a slow process and without the showers much of scotland and eastern england staying dry until the evening will have a better day. residents of sunshine but in northern ireland, wales and western england the rain moving in and added full spread further east to all parts as we go through later on wednesday. it is god answers to, windier on thursday with sunny
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spells and showers not too many in south—east england but one or two elsewhere and that sums up the week is whether been showery but the theory coming through on wednesday fa ct theory coming through on wednesday fact in fact often quite windy and the winds will pack up with the next with weather system wednesday into thursday. a lot going on this week, you wouldn't believe it was summer. more details online. this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines at seven: commemorations take place in belgium, marking the centenary of one of the bloodiest campaigns of the first world war, the battle of passchendaele. thousands of descendants of those who died in 1917joined dignitaries, including members of the royal family, for a service at tyne cot cemetery. the battle we know today as passchendaele, would last for over 100 days. we remember it not only for the rain that fell, the mud that weighed down the living and swallowed the dead, but also for the courage and bravery of the men who fought here. a former royal marine,
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ciaran maxwell, is jailed for 18 years, for supplying bombs to dissident irish republicans.


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