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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 7, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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runner of all fastest 200 metres runner of all time. natalie pirks, bbc news at the london stadium. let's speak to our sports editor dan roan, who's at the london stadium. desperately disappointing for laura muir. she was so close and it has been a frustrating day the team gb. it has, ever since laura muir broke kelly holmes‘ british 1500 metres record, she‘s been regarded as the best chance the country has of a medal, outside of sir mo farah. she‘s had a fantastic breakthrough season, especially indoors, the 24—year—old scottish athlete but in truth, she was always up against it a highly competitive field in the 1500 final. faith kipyegon, as you saw in the report, she won the race and caster semenya, the south african who many feel has an unfair advantage because of her naturally elevated testosterone levels are denying laura muir a bronze medal and she adds to a growing list of british athletes, the likes of holly
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bradshaw and sophie hitchon, katarina johnson—thompson, who have finished just outside the medals and it means after the fourth day of the world championships, the british tea m world championships, the british team only have one solitary gold medalfrom sir mo team only have one solitary gold medal from sir mo farah. team only have one solitary gold medalfrom sir mo farah. they will hope for a few more, perhaps in the relay and sir mo farah runs again in the 5000 metres at the weekend but when you compare it to the seven medals they won in beijing two years ago, it is going to be hard for them to match it this time around. some other news for you, wayde van niekerk, the best chance the sport has of replacing usain bolt as its biggest star, his chances of success in the 200 and 400 metres have improved because isaac makwala, botswa na, improved because isaac makwala, botswana, as pulled out with illness and it could be rated this statement from the local organising committee which says a number of cases of gastroenteritis have been reported in one of the official hotels for the world championships and those affected have been supported by medical staff and further advice and guidelines have been issued to team doctors and support staff as a result. dan roan, thank you.
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from bucket and spades at the beach to nipping across the channel to stock up on wine and cheese. brits have a long history of seeking out sun or sustenance over the summer. but our holiday habits have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades, according to new figures from the office of national statistics. the great british holiday. it has changed a lot over the last century. this is blackpool in the 1920s when huge numbers flocked to the seaside in search of sunshine and sand. by the 1970s, overseas holidays were still mostly reserved for the most affluent still mostly reserved for the most afflu e nt of still mostly reserved for the most affluent of britons, with butlins and brighton remaining popular summer and brighton remaining popular summer destinations closer to home. but the arrival of low—cost airlines in the 1990s began the boom in foreign travel. 27 million flu overseas in 1996. 20 years later, 45 million britons chose to spend their holidays abroad. over the past 20
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yea rs, holidays abroad. over the past 20 years, there‘s been a revolution in travel and that has been driven by the budget airlines. if you go back to november 1995, when easyjet started up, basically the number of people travelling has doubled and many of them are simply taking advantage of cheap fares to go right across europe. but while we are flying further afield, we are spending less time there, with a seven night stay proving three times more popular than a fortnight away for britain‘s last year. and remember the so—called booze cruises of the 90s, a chance to stock up on alcohol and cigarettes? those have all but disappeared. in their place, cruises of a different kind have soared in popularity since the 1990s with more than four times as many 110w with more than four times as many now being taken. and the top spots for brits are france and spain, still, the most popular destinations with spain topping the poll. the number of visits there are up by 87% in the last 20 years. we could do with a bit about spanish sunshine
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here! the weather is coming up soon but that is all from us. now it‘s time for the news where you. good night. good evening from bbc london news. hello and welcome to sportsday, i‘m tulsen tollett. coming up in the programme... muir misses out on a medal with a fourth—place finish in the 1500 metres. a hammer blow for hitchon... the olympic bronze medallist from rio slumps to seventh in london. and moeen ali spins england to a series win over south africa. we‘ll have more on england‘s test
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victory later, but let‘s start with athletics and day 4 of the world championships. olly foster can round—up the day‘s action at the london stadium. good evening. we arejust good evening. we are just catching her breath here, a breathtaking night all around, some top athletes we saw her in action. yet again however, the british team have fallen short of the medals in the final race of the evening on the track, the women‘s 1500 metres final, laura muir who is doubling up on the 1500m and the 5000 metres, she was in the final and she was
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going so well. she was in the place but was reeled in, look how close this was. caster semenya just catching her for bronze this was. caster semenya just catching herfor bronze by this was. caster semenya just catching her for bronze by seven hundredths of a second. caster semenya, her stronger discipline is the 800m, she will be going again in that. faith kipyegon, the olympic champion was the winner. jennifer simpson, an ecstatic american got silver. she came past this and she said can you believe what i had just done? laura muir, just falling short, here she was speaking to philipjones. short, here she was speaking to philip jones. i am getting good at coming forth! i give it everything i could. just that last 50 metres it tied up and before i knew it, they just went past me. i give it everything that i could and considering the problems i have had, i give it all i could and that is all i can do. there was a
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castlereagh is, not the fastest, they did not dip below four minutes. she goes away and hopes to do a bit better, that‘s one better in the 5000 metres, the first heat of that is on thursday. high hopes as well for sophie hitchon in the women‘s hammer. remember, she was a bronze medallist in rio but he —— she threw 72.32, a couple of metres on her personal best but even if she had broken her personal best, that would not have been good enough for a medal. anita wlodarczyk, the great polish hammer for all women, she medal. anita wlodarczyk, the great polish hammerfor all women, she won that. sophie hitchon was in tears because she wanted a follow—up that olympic medallists a world medal but it was not to be. yes, just could not quite find a rhythm that i had an qualification. i knew i was in
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bad shape and disappointed to just not produce it tonight. well, that was one of four gold medals to be won tonight and we have the 110 meter hurdles, the men, this was always going to be fascinating because we had the return of the man who won the 2012 gold medal against the reigning olympic champion 0mar mcleod and here is the jamaican coming through to win. that really lifted the jamaican crowd after usain bolt and elaine thomson were beaten at the weekend. there was a surprise bronze medal winner as well. but in second position, running under a neutral flag, well. but in second position, running under a neutralflag, sergey shubenkov, there are 13 russians but remember there is a blanket ban on russia competing. but he, among others because they operated outside of that state—sponsored doping system, they have escaped the blanket ban and i caught up with him
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after his silver medal winning run. the last year is over, i have moved on and! the last year is over, i have moved on and i are now legible. i have got my preparation and my training and i will tell you once more, i am so happy to compete and to be back and to run here, it is great fun. so, sergey shubenkov has said he cannot think again when he will be able to fly the russian flag on a podium but he is happy to be competing again. we had a lot of it is also an metres, van niekerk reece says 400m final tomorrow, he is the favourite in that, one of the favourites in the 200 as well, he is doubling up. all eyes were on him, notjust because he is supremely talented, he was in heat three, but the british runner danny talbot was alongside him and he had a race of his life. a personal best for him. let us see every we can show that to you now.
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you can see how the two of them just cruised towards the line and almost have a little bit of a chat, look at each other and they really enjoyed that. van niekerk just each other and they really enjoyed that. van niekerkjust pipping danny talbot but he was absolutely delighted to qualify as did hughes and mitchell—bla ke as delighted to qualify as did hughes and mitchell—blake as well. here is danny talbot. i got through that is what today was all about. and now i‘ve just got to go back, recover and try to do it again. i‘m not interested in times, it‘s nice knowing that i got a pb, but this isn‘t about times here, it‘s about moving on each day and i‘m glad to have done that. just before we move on to the rest of the action, isaac mark wylie from botswa na of the action, isaac mark wylie from botswana pulled out one of those 200 metres heats and he is due to go in the 400 metre final tomorrow. we have either a statement from the iws, there has been an outbreak of gastroenteritis and at one of the official team would tell us, we believe that if they tower will
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tell, because i spoke to a member of the german team earlier, eckhart, she collapsed on thursday night, one of four germans do collapse as to what the doctor thought was a virus, format, five canadians were also affected. 0f format, five canadians were also affected. of the germans are ok but we have not had any statement from the canadians but it has begin from that there is an outbreak of this virus. they are taking all possible precautions the eilidh raaf to stop any more problems. but it is obviously a concern as to whether this has affected the performances of athletes over the weekend. let us get back to the weekend, we saw the british team captain, eilidh doyle, she was going into the early rounds of the 400m hurdles. she did not win her the but did not have to, just to finish in the top three was enough, which she did, to reach the semifinals of the 400 hurdles. there she is on the outside lane and she
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was speaking to philipjones afterwards. you have just got to run your own risk hurdles is a little bit easier because you have your strength and a rhythm and you can see to that and then judge things coming into the home straight. i eased off coming into the last few metres, i should eased off coming into the last few metres, ishould not eased off coming into the last few metres, i should not have done that but i am glad to have secured that position for tomorrow. tomorrow will bring more action, just enough time to tell you that the great christian taylor, the triple jumper, to tell you that the great christian taylor, the triplejumper, he has qualified for the final and says he is going afterjonathan edwards lob—mac ——‘s world medal. fantastic night here in the fourth day of the world athletics championships but no british medals and they will struggle to get their target of between six medals and eight medals. thank you for that update. the other big story of the day is that england‘s cricketers beat south africa in the fourth test at old trafford to take the series 3—1.
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and they now move up to third in the world rankings, ahead of australia. the tourists were chasing 380 to win but were bowled out for 202. moeen ali claimed another five—wicket haul as england won by 177 runs, with a day to spare. patrick gearey reports... we got some rain at the second innings. said africa were set for 382 win. that looked unlikely and it looked more unlikely when they lost wickets before lunch. elgar, bavuma we re wickets before lunch. elgar, bavuma were all gone. we then had this period of rebuilding led by hashim amla and faf du plessis. hashim amla, one of the few players capable of batting for long periods of time and causing frustration. the key period came when he was dismissed for lbw after a review. it came to whether he had struck the ball before it struck as pad—mac. it was
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decided he had not and he was given out. south africa they knew they could not get through this. moeen ali ripped through the remaining batting order, they got five wickets and was man of the match. superb summer s0 and was man of the match. superb summerso far and was man of the match. superb summer so far for and was man of the match. superb summerso farfor him. and was man of the match. superb summer so farfor him. where does this leave the sides? south africa, plenty of doubts, especially after a poor champions trophy earlier in the summer. poor champions trophy earlier in the summer. england move above australia in the rankings ahead of the ashes this winter but there are significant doubts over their batting line—up. jennings has not convinced in this series but in this first series as captain and without the series win at all in the past year, joe root will be pretty happy this evening. that is all from sports to. coming up, the papers. —— that is all from sportsday. welcome to our look ahead at what is
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in the papers tomorrow. with me in the studio is the political editor of the sunday express and the comedian and evening standard columnist. thank you both for being with us. let her show the front papers as we have them. the michael fuchsis papers as we have them. the michael fuchs is on the story of a young girl who witnessed her father and flicked a fatal beating on her mother before killing himself in the west midlands. the independent claims that the overall cost of uk membership in the eu is millions of pounds each week. the sun talks about the screening of princess diana‘s programme.


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