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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 10, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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and anything i say is beyond their comprehension. so, here i am at last... a member of the falcons. is it a concern of yours that the theatre is failing to engage the younger audience? it's a fear, it's always a fear. if you look in the average audience, maybe because of money but they seem to be middle to late middle age. the sort of people i want in there... you can get the very young, you can catch them before they are ten but after that they are a lost tribe. i want that audience back. we've now reached the age where we are considered mature enough to be possible carriers, and therefore a danger to men. how do you keep on challenging yourself? how do you make sure, you know, after all these plays you don't find yourself repeating past ideas? i think it's a terror. that is a real problem, because i keep thinking i must have done about everything by now.
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i had a stroke a few years back, and for the first time in my life for a few months i had no ideas. and i thought, well, that's it. then a little germ arrived and i go, wow, they're still manifesting and of course now manifesting furiously. i feel very excited but a little bit nervous. it's a good feeling. i've written next year's play as well. it's a play called better off dead, i hope that doesn't predict anything! sir alan ayckbourn. , speaking to our arts editor will gompertz. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here is evan. from rubber hand to newcastle and well established pattern now of muslim—led gangs grooming and vulnerable pattern can be broken. joining me
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now on bbc two —— we stand back. now on bbc one it is time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. at the world athletics championships in london, turkey's ramil guliyev wins gold in the men's 200 metres. after heptathlon disappointment, katrina johnson—thompson progresses to the high jump final. and rory mcilroy is nicely placed nearing the end of his opening round at the uspga championship in north carolina. more on mcilroy and the year's final
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major at quail hollow shortly but day seven of the world athletics championships have come to an end in london where olly foster is. and the weather was a little more conducive to running, jumping and throwing today? welcome to the london stadium. three gold medals have been won tonight on this seventh night of the world athletics championships. the most unexpected so far, the turkish winter ramil guliyev who has just won his country's first world title. that is a race that has
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dominated this week. it has had such a controversial build—up. i is a ma kwa la a controversial build—up. i is a makwala was the fastest man this year, but perhaps the mental strain and illness had finally taken its toll. wayde van niekerk was racing his sixth race in as many days. he had won the 400. he took silver behind the turkish sprinter ramil guliyev. netheneel mitchell blake was fourth behind trinidad and tobago's jerome richards. guliyev is turkey's first world champion. he switched nationality from azerbaijan. congratulations. an incredible race, from last year when you were last in the olympic final and to this. in the olympic final and to this. in the us, i competed with usain bolt and it was a strong semifinal. in this competition, i came into the semifinal first this competition, i came into the semifinalfirst and this competition, i came into the semifinal first and i
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this competition, i came into the semifinalfirst and i had a good line and then... you looked fantastic. this 200 metres has been the story of isaac makwala getting that virus and the stomach problem. do you feel sympathy for him? he told us that having to raise two races yesterday on that time trial was very tough. of course, when he com petes was very tough. of course, when he competes alone, it is possible for him to compete alone and when he i’u ns him to compete alone and when he runs fast, i don't believe he says —— because he says that he had stomach problems, not he, but he competed and as said it was impossible that he is a fighter. he came so impossible that he is a fighter. he came so fast in line one. hopefully we will see him again in years to come in the relays. tell me, you switched nationality from azerbaijan, but what does this mean
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to give turkey its first world champion ship title? for me, it's unbelievable. it is my dream. and for the country, i hope so, too. i hope i made many people happy with my medal. i am happy, hope i made many people happy with my medal. iam happy, i hope i made many people happy with my medal. i am happy, i am so happy. well, ramil guliyev, thank you very much and congratulations. a world champion lives with us on bbc news! netheneel mitchell blake was a bit frustrated. he came fourth. but a leader oil, qualified slowest in her heat and she did come last as well. so coming last in that final.
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i think it was carter, the american who beat her compatriot. that was eilidh doyle, who came last. a great race. eilidh doyle coming last but she had qualified slowest so we weren't expecting her to get close to the podium. but we were looking forward to seeing the highjump qualification. katarina johnson thompson must have felt a few nerves ahead of her high jump qualification tonight. she fell short of her personal best, which was one point 98. the top 12 go through and if you are down to the last 12 come you go through. she cleared 1.92 with some ease. she was so cleared 1.92 with some ease. she was so disappointed in the heptathlon, it really ruled her out after she fluffed her lines in the highjump.
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morgan lake — at 1.92 also through, another heptahlete. the favourite in the final will be the russian maria lasitskenyuh. she is competing as a neutral athlete because of that blanket ban on russia. she has operated outside that doping system that corrupted so many samples. a real crowd favourite at this stadium is dina asher smith. i've told this story many times but she carried the kit forjessica ennis—hill on super saturday at the olympics. she was a very fine junior athlete at the time. and five years on, she is great britain's best sprinter and she will be in the 200 metres final. she needed to finish at least second in her heat and she did that behind marie—josee ta lou who won silver in the 100metre here. that final is tomorrow night. dafne schippers is the reigning champion and favourite but shawnee miller uibo, the olympic 400 champion who cramped up in the final last night,
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has recovered and will also be a gold medal contender. bianca williams failed to qualify. but let's hear from dina asher smith. there was something i was doing in that race that i wasn't too happy with. especially in the straight. i can work on that for tomorrow but i'm so over the moon. i didn't think i would make the final today. i am so i would make the final today. i am so happy. the first races on the track this evening were the women's 5000 metre heats, two of the three british women taking part are through to sunday's final. all eyes on laura muir in the first heat. remember she was pipped to bronze by caster semenya in the 1500 metres. it looked as though it had taken it out of her. she had to finish in the top five to be sure. she finished seventh and looked absolutely spent. almaz ayaan was in her heat the ethiopian going for the 10,000 and 5,000 double.
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—— the -- the 15,000 —— the 15,000 double. -- the 15,000 double. seventh was enough for her to progress because this is what happened in the other heat. that was mccolgan's heat. much slower. she came through to qualify automatically but because the heat was so automatically but because the heat was so slow, laura mayo goes through to that final. let's hear from mccolgan. —— laura nyo. we haven't hear from mccolgan. —— laura nyo. we haven't hearfrom —— mccolgan. —— laura nyo. we haven't hear from —— we can't hear from, but was delighted. all three british women through. this is in the 800 metres. lynsey sharp, shelayna orkney—clarke, adele tracey. sharp probably has the best chance of reaching the final. she came
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through in second. the men's1500 metres first round. three scots racing for great britain. jake wightman went through fourth quickest. he won the diamond league race in oslo this season. chris o'hare also though. josh kerr did not. we have told you about three of the four gold medals tonight, the women's hurdles and the 200 metres in the men's and the men's triple jump. was christian taylor going to get a world record? you promised us it. 17.68, a long way short of jonathan edwards mark set many years ago. christian taylorjust coming up to us soon as well. we will send that interview down later. another gold medal, his fourth world title.
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encouraging for british hopes going forwards. tomorrow, we are looking forwards. tomorrow, we are looking forward to the 200 metres women's final. from all of us for now, that's it. four—time major champion rory mcilroy is two shots off yeses five shots off the lead, approaching the end of his first round at the us pga championship. the world number four holds the course record at quail hollow and is two under par through 11 holes of his opening round. open champion jordan spieth struggled though — he's one over par after shooting 72. they're all chasing the surprise leader — thorbjorn olssen from denmark. he's four under. and these are live pictures now — a reminder you can follow all the action over the next four days. it's currently on the red button, the iplayer and the bbc sport website — and is on bbc two from 11.15 tonight. that's all from sportsday, time now for the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. slim pickings tonight. with me are martin bentham, home affairs editor for the london evening standard, and rowena mason, deputy political editor at the guardian. newlywed, congratulations. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. the daily telegraph reports on calls for courts to treat asian gangs who groom white teenage girls as racially aggravated criminals. it follows the conviction of 18 people in newcastle yesterday. the independent has a photograph released by the north korean regime its story is about the standard of rented homes — it says millions of people are living in homes that contain serious safety hazards. the independent has a photograph
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released by the north korean regime appearing to show thousands of people rallying in the daily mail focuses on the contaminated eggs scandal, saying supermarkets are ‘scrambling' to clear the shelves of products that may have been affected. the times reports that the scandal is likely to be far bigger than has been reported. the metro has the same story, and the food standards agency's estimation that 700,000 of the dutch eggs were imported. the guardian says that people living on estate in south london say they will have to leave because the buildings have been at risk of colla pse buildings have been at risk of collapse for decades. let's start with donald trump. does not feature as much as you might expect. trump's new threat to north korea. we will see the daily
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mirror's look later. he is saying that the rhetoric may be has not been strong enough. but in the same statement, says we cannot rule out negotiations. we're not sure which direction he is heading. they have been all the threats flying between north korea and the united states and it is hard to see how donald trump could wrap it up further having said he wanted to bring down fire and theory on north korea. he said today that wasn't even scary enough. so it is really quite astonishing. we were discussing earlier that it is not featured very heavily on the front pages, maybe it says something about how people view the credibility of the threats materialising into some action. apart from the mirror, they have a story saying that the us would quite like the uk to help them


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