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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 12, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm tom donkin. these are our top stories: a car ploughs into a group of people in charlottesville, virginia after clashes at a white supremacist rally. in syria, seven members of the emergency services team — the white helmets are buried after they were shot dead. we explore the mystery of what happened to the woman who disappeared after taking a ride in this private submarine? danish police question the owner. usain bolt, one of the biggest stars of track athletics, will appear for the last time at a major championships in london. but there's disappointment for britain's mo farah. hello and welcome to world news today. one person has died during clashes between white supremacists and anti—fascist groups in the city of charlottesville, virginia. several people have been injured after a car ploughed into the crowd. the two protests come after hundreds
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of white supremacists — some giving nazi salutes — held a torch—lit rally yesterday at the university of virginia to protest against a decision to remove a statue of the confederate civil war general, robert e lee. a local state of emergency has been declared in two districts. in the past hour, president trump spoke to the media about the events in cha rlottesville. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and filers on many sides. —— and filers. it has been going on for a long time. it has no place in america. what is vital now isa place in america. what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and
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order and the protection of lives. on the line is the bbc‘s joel gunter, who's been at that rally today. things had calmed but we have had news of that horrific car ploughing into people and we understand one person has lost their life. what else do we know? that is about all we know. i was down at the scene earlierjust we know. i was down at the scene earlier just after the incident happened with the car and it was chaos down there. right lease were slowly trying to push people away from the scene but you could see clearly where the driver had rammed into the back of two cars. the witnesses and people nearby were very badly shaken up and the wounded we re very badly shaken up and the wounded were still being treated on the ground around the area. we didn't know much at that point but we have sinned low that at least one person
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died. there doesn't seem to be a huge police presence or cord and, judging by the big as we are seeing now. was this in the heart of the protest? well, the protest itself began down at emancipation park and there was a low police presence there was a low police presence there to begin with as clashes started to break out. then, eventually, dryer police moved in and subsequently the national guard after a state of emergency was declared. it started to dissipate a bit afterwards and after that, we had a car crash, and obviously in the immediate aftermath of that crash, when i arrived there, there was not a big police presence but then fire truck started to roll in and then riot police. donald trump said the violence must stop right now and the mayor has called for
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people to go home. do you see signs that it people to go home. do you see signs thatitis people to go home. do you see signs that it is going to calm overnight? i've retreated just now to my hotel room to start doing some writing so iam no room to start doing some writing so i am no longer down at the scene but when i left, it did feel like it was starting to dissipate. emancipation park had been completely blocked off by the national guard. mcintyre park was whether or white nationalists moved to after being pushed out and they moved out. even the scene down by the sight of the car incident, people slowly started to move away from there as the riot police moved the line—out. so, it feels like it is starting to calm and after the amount of violence and chaos today, it would be surprisingly if the filers continued this evening, i would think. —— it would be surprising if the violence
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continued. china's president xijinping has urged donald trump and north korea to avoid "words and actions" that exacerbate the situation. chinese state media says mr xi made the plea to mr trump in a phone call. in the past week, pyongyang and washington have been exchanging increasingly angry threats. from seoul, robin brant sent this report. first, he threatened fire and fury in north korea, then last night, president trump said us forces are locked and loaded. but tonight, north korea is getting sound and music from its neighbours in the south. the message at this annual peace concert on the border a little louder after a week of increasing tension. this is south korea's capital, just a few dozen miles away, but it is hardly a city suddenly in panic. trump's policy offers me a comfortable life because he puts heavy pressure on north korea. i feel comfortable. i am worried about that because the level of tension caused by trump's government is much higher than obama's government. the people here have long
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lived with the growing threat from the north. but there are small signs they may be stepping up their preparedness. reports shoppers buying more ready meals and investors are buying more gold. injust over a week, they will have a civil defence drill in the city. the sirens will go off and people will be guided from above ground to metro stations or bomb shelters to take cover from possible aerial attack. it happens every year. last year, just a handful of districts in seoul took part but this year, everyone is taking part. this is part of the reason for that. if anything happens to guam, there is going to be big, big trouble in north korea. north korea has threatens to land missiles close to the us territory in the pacific, that is a threat america cannot tolerate. good morning, good morning! it is great to speak to you. mr trump called the governor of guam to say this.
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this is between you and i but you don't talk like they talk. you can't do that and you can't do that with people like us. guam is home to us military bases, a fleet of bombers and tens of thousands of americans who are now being given advice about what to do in the event of a nuclear explosion. meanwhile, this relationship remains key to finding a solution. china's president xijinping has a crucial role if there is to be peace. but in a phone call, he told mr trump that all relevant parties, him included, should stop exacerbating the situation. across the sea injapan, they are preparing missiles, but these are for defence. japanese military transporters have been moved to places they could intercept a north korean launch. seven members of the emergency services team — the white helmets — in syria have been buried after they were shot dead at one of their centres.
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the attack happened in the early hours in the town of sar—min, nine kilometres east of the city of idlib. their bodies were discovered when volunteers arrived to start a shift. sebastian usher reports. the white helmets have lost many of their rescue workers in bomb blast and gunfire but this is the first time so many have been killed in cold blood. they were shot in the head as they worked in the night shift. as the seven were buried, host of tribute were paid to them online. the head of the white helmets posted the group's symbol stained with blood. others uploaded a video of one of them rescuing a child and in tears. the white helmets have been seen as heroes by many and they have been nominated for a nobel peace rise but not eve ryo ne for a nobel peace rise but not everyone sees the group is whiter
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than white, they have been backed as frauds, a western pr front, and to close for comfort to western jihadist fighters. it is unclear why seven of its members were killed but that death is bring another bleak and retort twist to the syrian conflict. —— bleak and brutal twist. the kenyan human rights commission has blamed police for using excessive force on protestors after results of the presidential election were announced. they claim 2a people have died in election—related violence since tuesday. leaders of the opposition have appealed for calm, but say they still don't recognise the outcome of the election. tomi oladipo reports. after a bitterly fought election, street battles have followed. after night of violence, the ambulance brought out the thing —— the injured. some had lit wounds,
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others had head injuries, it is hard to know how many have been injured. the clashes continued throughout the day. rock throwing youths confronting tear gas police. they we re confronting tear gas police. they were dramatic images and they were intense but this was largely contained to small areas. there have been violent clashes and we have seen people who have been killed and injured but it is very much butjust backin injured but it is very much butjust back in force between local youths and these units. much of what was fired was tear gas but there is plenty of evidence that live bullets we re plenty of evidence that live bullets were used. monica lost her nephew thomas this morning. were used. monica lost her nephew thomas this morninglj were used. monica lost her nephew thomas this morning. i heard that he was shot dead by the police. the bullet wound in his body? yes, but it won't in the chest. kenya's human
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rights commission said the police we re rights commission said the police were using excessive force, despite the denial by the government. these are not peaceful protesters so you cannot say the police used live bullets on peaceful protesters, it is not true. the opposition rejected what they call this sham election but they senior leaders were absent. this is nothing like the level of anger and filers that sparked the killings ten years ago but it is a test of leadership over the angry opposition supporters and overzealous police. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. venezuelan opposition protesters are again on the streets of caracas. the government has described comments by us president donald
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trump that a military option against venezuela was possible, as a reckless threat, aiming to drag latin america and the caribbean into conflict. a hospital chief in the indian town of gor—ak—pur in uttar pradesh, has been suspended — after 60 children died there in five days, including many newborns. there are allegations that oxygen shortages caused the deaths, because supplier's bills went unpaid. authorities deny this and have ordered an investigation. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: we'll be trying to find out what happened to a woman who disappeared after taking a ride in this private submarine. as the queues got longer and longer,
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the police prepared for a hugejob of crowd control. edm mean has died. -- idi —— idi amin has died. this is bbc world news. the latest
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headlines. a car ploughs into a group of people in charlottesville, virginia after clashes at a white supremacist rally. in syria, seven members of the emergency services team — the white helmets are buried after they were shot dead. a danish inventor who designed the world's biggest privately—built submarine has been detained on suspicion of the manslaughter of a swedishjournalist who had been travelling with him on the vessel. the 46—year—old has denied the allegations. 30 year old kim vall disappeared on thursday after last being seen on the submarine, before it sank. our europe regional editor reports. idi amin and the owner looking out as they leave copenhagen. kim vall was the only passenger. that much is clear. what happened next is not. her boyfriend reported her missing
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and a huge blue sort —— search was launched. the owner was spotted aboard but soon after, it sank fast. it was located at a depth of 70 metres and efforts to recover it up and away. are you 0k? the man was rescued, reportedly as the sub went down, by a private road. he said he was fine, although a little sad seeing his submarine go down. he hit the headlines in 2008 when he managed to build the nearly 18 metre vessel using online crowdfunding. he was arrested when he came to shore. he said he dropped off kim vall before he came. he has appeared in
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court ina before he came. he has appeared in court in a closed hearing. prosecutors said it was needed to shield relatives from emerging details and to give space for the ongoing police investigation, one that could have stepped from the pages of even the most imaginative danish crime thriller. 70 years ago, britain ended its rule in india. it was marked by large—scale violence as the country was split in two — hindu majority india and muslim majority pakistan. during this time, thousands of women were abducted — prompting the two governments to set up operation recovery. 30,000 women were eventually reunited with their families, but it didn't please everyone. divya arya recounts one story of forbidden love during partition. a slim aslim girl a slim girl met a hindu boy during a family holiday in kashmir. the two quickly fell in love. but then,
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partition changed everything. desperate, the boy ran to the refugee camp for hindus. officials sent her to india with refugees. within four days of arriving in india, the girlfound within four days of arriving in india, the girl found the boy's address and sent him a message. he rushed to the camp to meet her. before officials could act, the pa rents before officials could act, the parents quickly got the couple married at the golden temple. but the girl's family wanted their daughter back and sought help from the pakistani government, saying she had been abducted. by then, india and pakistan had agreed to return
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thousands of women who had been abducted from either side of the border in the days following partition. the social worker was in charge of the operation. ismat was told she would have to go active pakistan. jidu was devastated and asked the social worker to help them but if ismat was allowed to stay, things would have beenjeopardised. so she stayed in pakistan forjust a week. but she would stay at the police, sheena's house and meet her pa rents police, sheena's house and meet her parents there. but four days later, indian officials learned that ismat‘s parents had taken her home. and when they went act to meet her,
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everything had changed. when ismat heardjidu's everything had changed. when ismat heard jidu's name, she everything had changed. when ismat heardjidu's name, she became very angry. ido heardjidu's name, she became very angry. i do not want to see the face of that infidel. jidu rushed to lahore when he heard what had happened. but macro —— ismat‘s family had disappeared. it wasn't safe forjidu to be in pakistan but he kept looking for her. five years later, this person pumped intojidu in india. skin had turned yellow and he was still alone. one of many stories from partition. we will have much coverage to mark 70 years of partition and the independence of india and pakistan. you can get more online. there is a
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dedicated partition page on our website. now, time for all the sports news. nope fairy tale —— fairy tale finish for mr mo farah. hello, mo farah's final race at the world athletics coming up... but we're starting with football and english premier league champions chelsea had a nightmare start to the new season as they lost 3—2 at home to burnley, and had two men sent off. it was a famous victory for the clarets, who took until late april to win an away game last season. sam vokes scored twice for them as they went three—nil up. gary cahill had earlier been sent off, and cesc fabregas was also dismissed for the blues who did come back into it thanks in part to a goal from new signing alvaro morata. it was the key moment because we started the game there be well with
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good intentions. we were dominating at game. then after this tuition, the game changed because they scored a goal. in this moment, i think that we have to improve because we lost oui’ we have to improve because we lost our heads. it's been a difficult week for liverpool, after their star midfielder phillipe coutinho put in a transfer request on friday. he missed the game with a back injury, and jurgen klopp's side conceded an injury time equaliser as they drew three—all at watford. everton beat stoke, and all eyes were on one man — wayne rooney, playing his first back at the club where he spent most of his teenage years, and scoring the only goal of the match. manager ronald koeman was very pleased with his new signing. huddersfield town enjoyed their return to the english top flight, where they haven't played since 1972 — manager david wagner would have been six months old when they were relegated from the old first division.
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they beat crystal palace 3—0, club record signing steve mounie scored two goals on his debut. we have played one game. the first premier league game ever in the club's history so we will not make one mistake can look too far ahead. we will try to recover as good as we can we will try to recover as good as we ca n start we will try to recover as good as we can start we can try to prepare as good as we can for the next home game. as things stand, you are top of the premier league. 0k. the other newly—promoted side, brighton, didn't have such an enjoyable return to the top flight — they held out for 70 minutes at home to manchester city... but a goal from sergio aguero and an own goalfrom brighton's lewis dunk saw pep guardiola's side win two—nil. elsewhere, southampton drew 0—0 with swansea, and egyptian defender ahmed hegazi scored on his english premier league debut as west brom beat
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bournemouth one—nil. in just over half an hour, usain bolt will aim to win his 20th global gold medal in the jamaican 4 x 100 metres relay team the world athletics championships in london — but there wasn't a golden goodbye for great britain's mo farah. the quadruple olympic champion was aiming to sign off in his last major track championships on the before he focuses on marathons, by adding the 5000 metres to the 10000 metres title that he won last week. but ethiopia's muktar edris took the lead on the final lap and out—kicked farah, who finished second just ahead of paul chelimo of the usa. he was so disappointed, but a silver medalfor mo farah. they're well into the third round at the final golf major of the year, the us pga — and kevin kisner still holds the outright lead at quail hollow, on eight under par. that's all sport for now.
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the canadian government has ordered a temporary speed limit for some ships using the gulf of st lawrence in an attempt to cut the number of endangered north atlantic right whales being killed in collisions. vessels longer than twenty metres must not now exceed ten knots in the area, or face a fine of $25,000. at least ten whales have died in the area in the past two months, with several deaths being attributed directly to impacts with ships. for some here in the uk, a cup of tea and a slice of cake is something all we need but look at this fruitcake. it was discovered in the
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antarctica's oldest building. from 1911. 30 is quite rusty but the team in the antarctic heritage trust saved the desert is in excellent condition and smells edible. quite a brave person to actually try it, i would have thought. that is all from us. would have thought. that is all from us. a reminder that one person has died in charlottesville envisioning in clashes between white supremacist and antifascist groups. the reuters news agency is reporting that at least 19 people were wounded when a car ploughed into a group. that is it from me and that team. get in touch on twitter but for now, goodbye, and see you soon. good evening. for many of us, at the
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st day. temperatures peaked at 22 celsius and many of us saw the cloud breaking up and decent spells of sunshine. those guys will continue to clear and through this evening, perfect conditions for the perseid meteor shower. with the clear skies, you should get a good opportunity to see them. temperatures are likely to fall away stop these other towns and city temperatures but in rural spots, we could see low single figures to greet you first thing on sunday morning. a bit more fair weather cloud towards the west, the best of the sunshine towards the east. we could get a scattering of
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showers in the far north and west, temperatures peaking around 17 or 18 degrees. a better day with the showers in england. one or two scattered showers across wales and south—west england but generally financed pleasant, temperatures peaking again at 21 or 22 degrees. after the two start, that is not bad. perfect conditions for the world that classic closing day. maybe clouding over in the latter stages of the day. all change as we move into monday. wet and windy weather, particularly in scotland. patchy rain in england and wales. 22 degrees the high. the front moves in to tuesday and mac could start off cloudy but the ridge of high pressure builds behind and we will
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cds and spells of sunshine coming through. once we have lost the rain on monday, tuesday looks betterfor all of us. little more rain and cloud threatens by wednesday. this is the pattern as we run through the week. not particularly settled but decent spells of sunshine for a time before rain arrives from the west. this is bbc world news. the headline police are trying to restore order in cha rlottesville, police are trying to restore order in charlottesville, virginia where car ploughed into protesters after street fighting between white supremacists and antiracism activists. at least one person has been killed. there has been sporadic violence following the announcement of the final results in kenya's presidential election. the opposition leader says he will not concede with opposition officials saying they will not go to court to overturn the result either. a danish inventor and submarine builder has been detained on suspicion of the manslaughter of a swedish journalist. he is being held while
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investigations continue into the disappearance of the woman laughing on thursday aboard a submarine. usain
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