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this is bbc news, i'm rachel schofield. the headlines at 11am. the manhunt continues. police mount a major operation to find younes abouyaaqoub, the man now believed to have driven a van into crowds in barcelona, killing 13 people. relatives of a seven—year—old boy, missing in in the city, have flown to spain to search for him. british bornjulian cadman became separated from his mother during the van attack. iam i am live in barcelona, a city still trying to come to terms with the horrific events of the last couple of days, but also one paying tribute to those who died in a terror attack. steve bannon, donald trump's former chief strategist, has vowed to go to war with the president's opponents, after being fired from his job. also in the next hour, we'll get the latest on major flooding across south asia, which has left as many as 500 dead. the situation is expected to worsen this weekend.
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and stars from stage and screen have continued to pay tribute to sir bruce forsyth who died yesterday at the age of 89. good morning, and welcome to bbc news. spanish police say they are still looking for the man believed to have driven a van into crowds in barcelona, after earlier reports said he had been killed. an international manhunt is under way after earlier reports had suggested the main suspect was one of the men shot dead by police after a second attack. so, what we do we know about the spain attacks so far? on thursday afternoon a white van hit people on las ramblas, a famous boulevard in central barcelona, packed with tourists.
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13 people were killed and more than 130 were injured as the van driver is said to have zig—zagged along the pedestrianised area. police say the driver managed to flee the scene. about eight hours later, in a second attack, a car hit pedestrians in the popular seaside resort town of cambrils, 68 miles south—west of barcelona. a woman who was critically injured later died in hospital. five other civilians and a police officer were hurt. the attackers‘ vehicle overturned and five people who got out, some of whom were wearing fake explosive belts, were then shot by police. four died at the scene and one later died of his injuries. so, who are the main suspects? moussa oukabir had been the key suspect, and said to have used documents belonging to his brother, driss oukabir, to rent vehicles used in the attacks.
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but late on friday, police changed their focus, saying they were no longer certain that moussa oukabir had been the driver. instead, they pointed to moroccan—born younes abouyaaqoub, who lived in the town of ripoll, 60 miles north of barcelona. simonjones has this report. good morning. barcelona, a city still time to come to terms with the horrific events of the past couple of days, a city that urgently... scores and scores of flowers,... spelling out onto the good... loss of sound
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apologies, we're having some trouble with our line to barcelona. in the meantime, let's get this latest report from simon jones. on the boulevard where, on thursday, bodies lay, last night a vigil. flowers and candles to mark the lives lost and those injured from 3a different countries. the disbelief and grief etched on people's faces. i was scared and nervous to come here. i didn't know what it would be like and if everybody was going to be kind of mourning and upset over what happened. it's good, though, to see everybody come together and just kind of remember what happened. through the window of a museum, new footage has emerged, appearing to show the van speeding along las ramblas. people ran for their lives. hours later, a car was driven into pedestrians in cambrils.
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five suspects were shot dead, four by a single officer. among them, moussa oukabir, the man believed to have rented the van used in the barcelona attack. police say they are still looking for the man they now believe was driving it, younes abouyaaqoub. the task of identifying the dead and injured is continuing. fears are growing forjulian cadman, who is seven, and has dual british and australian citizenship. he was separated from his mother during the attack. he is now missing, much to the concern of his great aunt. of course, i am really worried. i can't hear anything with them, i want to hear what's happening. 15 people are in a critical condition in hospital. the mourning and the police operation continue. we were trying to re—establish
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contact with my colleague on las ramblas in barcelona, where people as we saw a leading floral tributes for the victims at the sight of the attack. we haven't yet managed to do that, but he did a short while ago that, but he did a short while ago that send this update. we area we are a couple of days on since it terror attacks, and final charges like this all the way along last ramblas, from here on the city centre heading all the way down to the beach. you can see the flowers and candles led by so many people. many of the tourist who have just decided to come along and pay their respects. we know that the at least 34 respects. we know that the at least 3a nationalities who were involved in the attack, who were victims of the attack. you see little teddy bears as well, i'm pointing out that a lot of the victims were actually children. it was such a horrific night on wednesday, when the
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violence erupted here. that plan a barrelling all the way down along last ramblas, all the way up here, and mowing and two people indiscriminately. 13 people died, of course, and more than 100 were injured. at least 15 are still critically ill in hospital. the focus of the police investigation has moved to the pyrenees, where in number of the suspects involved in the attack where from, and overnight rally series of raids there, and the police family believed that the attack that happened was actually pa rt attack that happened was actually part of the bigger conspiracy, an attempt to rig a huge bomb to gas canisters, but that didn't happen, and eventually the perpetrators had to improvise and perpetrated daily echo attack here in this city. this isa echo attack here in this city. this is a city trying to get back to normal after such horrific event.
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the police made it clear that the driver of that than that, so might haveis driver of that than that, so might have is still on the run. police in finland say they are treating yesterday's stabbings in the southwestern city of turku as a terrorist attack. two people were killed and at least seven others injuredin the incident. the attacker, who was shot in the leg, is being treated in intensive care. police say he's an 18—year—old moroccan. five people were arrested overnight in connection with the attack. security has been tightened across finland. donald trump's former chief strategist, steve bannon, has vowed to go to war against the president's opponents, after being fired from his job at the white house. he's now returned to a senior role at the right—wing website, breitbart news. mr bannon is the latest in a string of departures from the white house in a turbulent few weeks. david willis has more. steve bannon, widely credited for helping steer donald trump to victory, he was one of the most powerful men in the white house. the driving force behind
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donald trump's nationalist ideology, his was the ethos of putting america first, and taking back the country. as economic conditions get better, as morejobs get better, they will continue to fight. if you think they will give your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. every day — every day, it is going to be a fight. he is not a racist, i can tell you that. he is a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. but we'll will see what happens with mr bannon. by the time that donald trump had made that less than ringing endorsement of his special advisor this week, the die was cast. steve bannon‘s clashes with more moderate forces in the west wing, chief among them the president's son—in—law, jared kushner, and his daughter, ivanka, coupled with renewed accusations following the violence at charlottesville of white nationalist sympathies, sealed his fate. this profile in time magazine
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labelled bannon the "great manipulator". he has now returned to right—wing website breitbart news, which he left to work for the trump campaigna yearago. he has said that he intends to keep fighting on the president's behalf, but in an interview with the conservative magazine the weekly standard, he has said that the troubled presidency that they fought for and won is now over. leading members of the white house inner circle shown here just seven months ago have now almost all been sacked or stepped down. all of which leaves the president and increasingly lonely and isolated figure. while steve bannon‘s departure is a victory for those who wanted to see an end to the more extreme elements in the west wing, whether it will lead to a better functioning white house remains to be seen. david willis, bbc news.
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joining me from new york now is ellis henican, a columnist for the global metro papers. how significant change if any are we going to see with steve bannon putts—mac departure? going to see with steve bannon putts-mac departure? it has bigger change as we can get hour talking about staff. proximity is power, steve bannon was right at the president's year. that will make a difference, but as long as donald trump isa difference, but as long as donald trump is a president, life will go on here. are you suggesting that really the advisers have less of an impact on their president than beating? that exactly what i am suggesting, yes. on a normal presidency, you could look at the advisers and predict very clearly what policies were going to bubble out of that administration. that is just not true this time. nothing
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bubbles out of anywhere except by the president's head. and he is extensively haemorrhaging key members of staff. is that because he is feeling that they are trying to please him one way or the other, do you think? what is behind all of this change and people? there has been a versus level of infighting. in many ways the staff members have done each other end by clicking and flattening stories, by placing political pressure points. and eventually loyalty ending trump administration seems to be like that avenue in new york— it's a one—way street. the president expected from its people, but he is a little slow to get that out. on that front, steve bannon has said that he will continue to fight for president trump backlit breitba rt continue to fight for president trump backlit breitbart news. did you expect them still do have and france, to be a significant figure, albeit not in a formal capacity?
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steve bannon are unchanged, it's an interesting thought. he is a tough quy- interesting thought. he is a tough guy. he has got a lot of faith in him. he actually believes some things, as well. he has a clear worldview, which sometimes a president doesn't. the america first notion, and a harsh immigration policy, and an anti—colonial list emigration. i suspect the guy has a lot of fight left in him. back in the oval office, edgy strategies needed. what is mr trump now looking forfrom needed. what is mr trump now looking for from the people who surround him? again, most of the idea seemed to come from the media and from the viewer. by watching television, things pop into the president's head. he bounces them around and said his own counsel, and comes up
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with his own decisions. staffers are pulling in different directions, but in the end, if you want is you by the administration is gone, look at the administration is gone, look at the man sitting in the hot seat. thank you for speaking with us. eight people have been stabbed in the russian city of surgut. officials said the attacker randomly stabbed passers—by in the centre of the west siberian city, before being shot dead by police. officials say more than 16 million people have been affected by severe flooding in parts of nepal, india and bangladesh. 500 people are thought to have been killed, with conditions expected to deteriorate further over the weekend. the red cross and red crescent say it is becoming one of the worst regional humanitarian crises in years. our correspondent sanjoy majumder is in bangladesh. i am in the worst affected region as far as the floods are concerned. the reason for that is, this is where some of the rivers that flow from neighbouring india enter bangladesh, and the last few days, because of
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heavy rains on that side of the border, the levels of the rivers have been rising alarmingly. houses have been submerged, farmland, hundreds of thousands of people have been moved into temporary relief camps. in this area alone, 3000 schools have been shut down either because they are under water or they're badly damaged. the focus of the government and the international relief agencies is to try and get supplies of food, water and medicine as quickly to these affected people as is possible. many people are complaining that supplies simply aren't getting through, and one of the reasons for that is that in much of this area, road and rail links have been affected, so the only way to get supplies across to them is by boat or from the air. the other big worry now is that even though this is the worst affected area, the focus is shifting to central bangladesh, where river levels are also rising. and the fear is, that is the place
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that could be affected next. the london palladium dimmed its lights last night in honour of sir bruce forsyth, who died yesterday at the age of 89. the former generation game host had been unwell for some time. tributes have been paid by his friends from the world of showbusiness. sir bruce's strictly come dancing co—host, tess daly, said she was "heartbroken". joining me now from our salford studio is elinor groom, curator of tv at the national science and media museum in bradford. thank you very much for being with us. i suppose, from the museum's perspective, sir bruce forsyth must hold his place as one of the tv greats? yes, he is such a touch tone of the visitor experience, i think her audiences are so many generations, people have been falling over themselves to talk
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about bruce forsythe and his impact on television. why do you think he was so iconic? i think part of it is just to do with endurance. when people have talked about his guinness world record for longest serving television personality, and it is because he and faxed acted as a nine—year—old boy, before the war even, tap dancing on television. and so he had all these generations of followers. he reinvented his career time after time. it always seemed he managed to bag that prime—time slot. definitely. he had that ability to both made with the times and yet retain as essential character, and his personality. and i think that is what people responded to. and when you look across kendo features have any museum, and he stands out, and other people that set alongside him? other comparisons one can make?m
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terms of the development of light entertainment on television, and other stars who have taking a cue from a music hall and from this days tradition. people think about morecambe and wise and the toulon is, people from the same year as bruce forsyth. actually, i think his legacy lives on. any popular presenter that has a bit of bite and a bit of nerve and asserting sense of playfulness on—screen. a bit of nerve and asserting sense of playfulness on-screen. going forward , of playfulness on-screen. going forward, i don't know what you have at the museum that make feature bruce forsyth, battaglia thinking about how to pay tribute to him? yes. if you come to the museum, you can play your cards right, you can watch classic episodes of the generation game and really step back in time and experience race at his best, really. wonder. a loving tribute to a legend. the headlines on bbc news:
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spanish police say they believe the driver of the van, which ploughed into pedestrians in barcelona, is still at large. an international manhunt is now under way for chief suspect younes abouyaaqoub. donald trump's former chief strategist, steve bannon, has vowed to fight the president's opponents, despite being fired from his job at the white house. mr bannon was seen as the architect of mr trump's right wing agenda. tributes have continued today to sir bruce forsyth today, the veteran entertainer and presenter who has died aged 89. former strictlyjudge arlene phillips said the entertainer was an indestructible titan who tap danced his way through life. the physicist professor stephen hawking has accused the health secretary, jeremy hunt, of "cherry—picking" evidence to support his policies. he has praised the nhs, but attacked the provision of private health care in england. mr hunt has described the scientist's claims as wrong.
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here's our health correspondent, jane dreaper. he is one of the world's best—known scientists. professor stephen hawking was diagnosed with motoneuron disease at the age of 21. he turned 75 at the start of this year. a milestone celebrated at a scientific conference last month. # happy birthday to you...# professor hawking says he wouldn't be alive without the large amount of high—quality nhs treatment he has received. but he is concerned about the future of the health service in england, defending it as the most efficient and cost—effective system. in a speech which describes his medical history and how he sometimes had to challenge doctors, professor hawking said: quoting quoting the use of private agency staff as an example. he also accusesjeremy hunt
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of "cherry picking" research papers to support his case for changing weekend services. professor hawking says that while he wants more weekend services, he believes there has been no due diligence done in the case of the so—called seven—day nhs. the government says it makes no apology for being the first to tackle what it describes as "unacceptable variation in care" across the week. and ministers believe patients in england should be able to access the best treatments based on the quality of care, rather than who's providing them. sport now and time for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre. the batsmen have done their bit at edgbaston and now it's the bowlers turn to shine against west indies, on day three of this day—night test. alastair cook was the star for england. his mammoth innings of 243, with some help from west indies fielders, pushed england towards 514—8 declared in theirfirst innings.
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as the natural light faded, james anderson removed opener kraig brathwaite. west indies will resume this afternoon trailing by a70 runs, with nine wickets remaining. tottenham have signed defender davinson sanchez from ajax in a reported club record £42million deal, subject to a medical and a work permit. the colombia centre—back has agreed a six—year deal, and will be the premier league club's first summer signing. in just over an hour, swansea and manchester united will kick off the weekend's premier league matches. other fixtures today include liverpool are at home to crystal palace, leicester will host brighton. the late kick off is stoke city against arsenal. chelsea play tottenham tomorrow. it'll be spurs first premier league game to be played at wembley while their new stadium is being completed. mauricio pochttino's side flopped at wembley last season after moving their champions league home games there, but the manager
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says the team only have themsleves to blame, not the stadium, if they perform badly. for me, always, in argentina and in spain, to be at wembley was a big dream. another have the facility to play every two weeks, i sometime every week, or maybe side games in one week, and it's a problem? come on, islay. iam one week, and it's a problem? come on, islay. i am so honest with you. british aerial skier lloyd wallace is conscious and comfortable after suffering a "severe" head injury in a training crash in switzerland. british ski and snowboard said the 22—year—old will be moved from intensive care to a recovery ward today. the crash reportedly happened
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when the world junior bronze medallist fell on a run—up while at a training camp. great britain's skeleton slider lizzy yarnold is preparing to start the world cup season and hopes it will end in her becoming the first british athlete to retain a winter olympic gold in the women's skeleton. yarnold is not only bidding to become the first briton trying to retain my olympic title and being the first olympian to do thatis and being the first olympian to do that is what i strive for. that is why i get out of bed in the morning. iam why i get out of bed in the morning. i am excited to have this challenge and be supported by my team, but also together find something more to support me with, and i want to take them along on thatjourney. i
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wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the lottery funding and other people who haven't supported me —— who have supported me. i'm hugely excited. before i go, let's go back to football briefly, and we're hearing a lot at the moment about the strains between clubs and players who want to leave them, and things are no different at stamford bridge. diego costa and manager antoino conte haven't been on the best of terms since the striker was told he didn't have a future at the club. the blues boss has managed to see the funny side though — he was asked about costa saying he'd been treated like a criminal. look at this. it's great, it's great. i am not interested to continue this discussion. i repeat, for me, it is the past. stop.
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that's all the sport for now. now the weather... it is the aga ‘s wetherby have been sort of getting used to. sunshine and showers once again. if anything, they showers are less in number today. the chimeras will be most frequent to scotland this afternoon, some heavy hail and thunder. a better day than yesterday with more sunshine around and substantially warmer. fewer showers around during the afternoon in england and northern ireland. avoiding a showers altogether. strong showers and temperatures into the low 20s. it eases down father through tonight. showers will keep going for a time and then the night, but most other areas will become dry. less than
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four parties, but rather tonight. if you're heading out camping, take a warm sleeping bag. temperatures in the countryside down to five or 6 degrees. a fresh start to sunday, but with a single ridge of high pressure. this is the one that contains elements of what was hurricane gert. that lobbies in later in the day. a lovely sunny start, quickly warming up, strong sunshine overhead and light winds. cloud cover was steadily increased through the afternoon. by the end of the afternoon, grey across parts of northern ireland, wales and south—west england. most around because and heavier bass of rain and render idc. temperatures not far away from today's values. outbreaks of rain at the end of the day to artist ids,. it is in this weekend, so some of i,
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be hot
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