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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 24, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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good evening, this is bbc news, the headlines tonight. net migration to the uk falls by a quarter — to 246,000 a year, the lowest level for three years. it follows a surge in eu nationals leaving the uk since the brexit vote. what we a seeing is a third quarter net reduction in the migration figures but it also highlights how we cannot and will not be complacent about working towards that long term aim and desire that we outlined to people across the country that we want to see migration fall to sustainable levels. the number of students getting top gcse grades in maths and english has fallen slightly — after the introduction of new tougher exams. a 25—year—old woman has been jailed for ten years for making a series of false accusations of rape and sexual assault. the husband of a woman who was knocked down and killed by a cyclist calls for a change to the law to tackle ‘irresponsible and reckless‘ actions. and a memorial ceremony has been held in barcelona to commemorate the 1a people who died in last week's terror attack. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look
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at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. gcse results are out — but how would you fare if you had to sit the exams? we'll be testing your knowledge with a gcse quiz. after tooting in south london was listed as one of the top ten coolest neighbourhoods in the world, we'll get an insider's view of whether it compares to florence and rio. and at 10:40 i am joined by the journalist mihir bose and the former pensions minister ros altman to discuss tomorrow's headlines in the papers. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm hugh woozencroft. the main headlines this evening: there's a tough draw for spurs and celtic as this season's champions league groups are revealed. england manager gareth southgate
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says he fully understands wayne rooney's decision to retire from international football. is and we'll be live in las vegas as floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor save the bad blood for the ring. coming up later, i'm here at the badminton world championships with the latest including the difficult day for british players. good evening — there's plenty to come this evening, we'll be hearing from joe root and sir mo farah too but we have to start with football and a day many fans across europe look forward to. the champions league draw has been made and doesn't make the best reading if you're a fan of spurs or celtic. 5live and match of the day commentator conor mcnamara joins me now. conor, let's take a look
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first at groups a to d. some teams will be happier than others. if you're a manchester united fan, you could have had trip to portugal, switzerland and russia, q to portugal, switzerland and russia, 0 would have said that sounds 0k, which avoiding the big guns, they've drawn benfica. they have drawn a swiss side and cska moscow. in world cup year, the russians will be trying to put on a show. it would be the intimidating journey as in the past. manchester united fans might let this is an easy draw but in 2011, manchester united were in the same group of benfica and basel, and they didn't qualify. for celtic, it is the group of death? from a celtic point of view,
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why not play the big they're not going to win it. why not play against huge teams, they've got bayern munich paris saint germain who we now have invested in neymar, and they could be censored again by the time the start in three weeks. and unless the make up the group but celtic have avoided all the english teams, bayern munich paris saint germain and and less. group d comey juventus in barcelona, should be a couple of big games. but look at the other teams left, how do they fare? liverpool fans were looking at flight centre, they are going to russia, spartak moscow, to spain against the deal and slovenia. again, this is not too bad, if you offer that a0 any liverpool fan and they will say yes i take that. they will fancy their chances of
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progressing. jurgen klopp also avoiding a german team. and for spurs, they didn't make it to the group stages last time, what about this time? last time they played a game at wembley and struggled at this time at all the games that wembley. they will struggle. we know historically how difficult it is to retain that championship, real madrid have done it three times. borussia dortmund. high pedigree, and the other team making up group h. imagine it, london, wembley stadium, tottenham versus real madrid, that will be a glamour tie of the group stage. for manchester city, they will be comfortable? feyenoord are back as dutch champions but shakhtar donetsk, who don't play their home games in the home stadium, city will be happy with that. in group f, you are a better chance statistically of
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winning than any other group. conor mcnamara, thank you. the england manager gareth southgate says he ‘fully understands' wayne rooney's decision to retire from international football. southgate admitted he had wanted to include the everton forward in his squad for next month's world cup qualifiers against malta and slovakia. 0ur sports reporter david 0rnstein was at st george's park earlier today. it was always going to be interesting to hear southgate's views on rooney because not only did he drop the striker from the squad for two friendlies in the summer, he planned to recall him for the world cup qualifiers. southgate phoned rooney to sell and sell only for rooney to sell and sell only for rooney to sell and sell only for rooney to relay his decision. today he paid tribute to the everton man and refused to rule out a return. he paid tribute to the everton man and refused to rule out a returnlj totally understood his reasoning. i can see him moving to everton, with the fresh opportunities he's got there, he feels a sense of loyalty to the club and what they have
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invested in. he has then someone that has served england brilliantly. and with with enormous pride. this was a difficult decision for him but i speak everyone when i say, congratulations on a fantastic career. for now, england must move on without rooney and plans for the future. this squad is big, 28 players, and mixes youth and experience. our team and give new faces, what the nathaniel chalobah are and leicester city player harry maguire. his performances for hull we re maguire. his performances for hull were good. he is a defender that is co mforta ble were good. he is a defender that is comfortable with the ball and that is important international football. he has adjusted well at leicester for a new club, places great composure, can defend the ball in the box, so a really good opportunity for us to have a look at him and for him to get a feel of
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being around the senior squad. england meet up there at the national football centre on sunday to prepare for the qualifier against malt and slovakia. they lead the qualifying group by two points with four games remaining, and seeing as only the group winners are guaranteed a place in russia, these matches are vital. well everton hope that england's loss will prove to be their gain. wayne rooney is in croatia with the rest of the squad for tonight's europa league qualifier against hajduk split. ronald koeman‘s side have a 2—0 lead from the first—leg, and have ambitions to go far in this year's competition. i'm watching european football for the last three years, and it's nice that tuesday, wednesday and thursday but you'd like to be involved. for us, now, in the thursday. of course, that makes it difficult because sunday 1:30pm we get the next
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whistle by the referee against chelsea. but we prepare for the game, we go one by one, and we do the maximum to get the best result of single game. there's good news for manchester united fans this afternoon... zlatan ibrahimovic says he's "back to finish what he started." the swede has signed a new one year deal to stay at old trafford having scored 28 times in a6 appearances in his first season with the club. he's unlikely to return until december, following the serious knee injury that saw him miss the club's europa league triumph back in may. despite being set to miss the opening months of the season his new deal has been welcomed by his united team—mates. everyone knows that uncovered knows what he can give us. here's personality of the pitch and his goals. it will be a big boost for us after this first part of the season, hopefully he can join soon, he can
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recover quickly and scandalous goals in the second part of the league. and you can see more of that interview with juan mata on football focus this saturday at midday on bbc one. now, it's going to garner plenty of attention in the coming days. conor mcgregor takes floyd mayweather in the early hours of sunday morning. however the pair refused to exchange the usual un—pleasantries this time around as they came face to face once more ahead of their money—spinning fight in las vegas this weekend. that's where we find our sports correspndent richard conway. the excitement really going now for this one. it is. there are lots of fa ns this one. it is. there are lots of fans coming to las vegas. i'm stood here and the famous las vegas strip, over the last couple of days there have been a swelling of the numbers. lots of media yesterday for the final press conference and a lot of hype there as well. both boxers refused to engage in the trash talk we have seen in previous weeks, during that five night publicity tour last month. perhaps they are
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saving those fireworks for fight night. it's set to be the richest ever contest in boxing history. fight night is fast approaching, but the sport's purists are not hailing the prospects of this match—up. despite that, in a city that is full of stars, floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor are the biggest names on the famous las vegas strip this week. after a controversial build up, there was a surprising lack of fear and loathing during the bout‘s final press conference. conor mcgregor has had a hell of a career, still got a hell of a career, he is a hell of a fighter. a hell of a fighter. he is a stand—up guy, he is a tough competitor, it's not going to be an easy fight — it's going to be blood, what happens in vegas is supposed to stay here. not with these two men. they want the world to know about this fight and the hype has been unrelenting, but there have beenthose who question the sporting legitimacy of this contest. last month's publicity tour
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which culminated in london, was a very different affair — with homophobic slurs, accusations of racism and childish antics. of course there have been slip—ups, we are only human and when you face a man you're about to fight, it is very hard to keep everything in check at times. you make mistakes, you slip up on the tongue. but i think the overall experience of it has been great for boxing, for mixed martial arts and for combat sport all over the world. few experts give conor mcgregor any chance of victory, but he insists he is ready to shock the world and one former champion shares his optimism. if indeed mcgregor boxes him and tries to be clever in there, then there is only one winner. to me, mayweather cannot lose the fight. but if he brings that celtic warrior, that spirit which is irrepressible, and brings this into a fight, if he makes a fight, an ugly fight of this, everything and anything could happen. this contest is unashamedly money—motivated, with sporting
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reasons somewhat in the shade. given that, the reputations of both men and that of boxing are all on the line. richard hughes, bbc news, las vegas. so it is a fight that has divided opinion but it is one we cannot ignore. huge amounts of money, possibly the richest bout in boxing history. this is a town full of big names, britney spears, rod stewart, all those big names performing on the las vegas strip. all eyes are on mayweather and mcgregor when they get in the ring. the talking will end and the fighter will get underway. what this means for mixed martial arts, ufc and underway. what this means for mixed martialarts, ufc and boxing, we will see. there's a lot at stake for both men and for their respective sports. it is something that will
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dominate the headlines, lots of people thinking, does it have been sporting legitimacy? is it entertainment? is it a farce, as ricky hatton and others have called it, with chris eubank defending it saying he think it will be a good night. this is the hype free zone, we will have more as fight night approaches. don't do yourself down. thanks forjoining us. full commentary on five live on sunday morning. britain's chris froome extended his lead in the vuelta a espana by one second after day six. poland's tomasz marczynski won the stage with a sprint finish, pipping two other breakaway riders at the last second. froome, meanwhile, is aiming to become just the third man to win the vuelta and the tour de france in the same year. he has an 11—second lead over his closest rival. team sky's geraint thomas will return to cycling for the tour of britain, with team—mate 0wain doull also set to compete. the welshman was second overall
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when he broke his collarbone in a fall at last month's tour de france. the tour of britain starts in edinburgh next month and finishes in the welsh riders' home city of cardiff. milos raonic is the latest high—profile player to pull out of the us open, which starts on monday. the canadian has withdrawn because of a persistent wrist injury. defending champion stan wawrinka, novak djokovic, kay nishikori and victoria azarenka will also be missing at flushing meadows. sir mo farah is getting ready for a final farewell on the track in zurich tonight where he'll run the 5,000 metres. his incredible career has seen him win ten world and olympic gold medals. but it's not the last we'll hearfrom him — he's swapping the stadium for roads, to run marathons instead. no matter who you are, you've got to fight for it. and yeah, medals that i've won doesn't take me to the line. i've got go in there fresh,
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there's going to be new guys and they run a lot faster than me. so it's about starting slowly, how i get to them, what do i need to learn from them, what does it take? saracens fly—half emily scott's been called into the england women's squad ahead of saturday's world cup final with new zealand. well that final takes place on saturday, a week before the start of the men's domestic season. the launch of the premiership campaign has taken place today, from where our rugby reporter chrisjones has sent this report. with the start of the domestic season with the start of the domestic season a week away, this was the start of the new premiership campaign. 12 clubs and their bosses discussing their season ahead. the england and northampton skipper dyla n england and northampton skipper dylan hartley along with anthony watson all among those present. after a thrilling final at twickenham in may, the defending champions and the exeter chiefs. how has the director of rugby going
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about managing expectations this time? if they react badly to win the premiership, the killing occurred thatis premiership, the killing occurred that is what they will —— that is what they will be remembered. i've mentioned this in meeting. it is easy after the success of last season, to have negative effects. they are headed by one of the youngest premiership bosses, and he is aware of the challenges were turning to the top flight. challenges were turning to the top flight. the premiership gets better every year. we are looking forward to the challenge. we are excited for the first game, it will be brilliant to be backing the elite, playing against the best players in the country, the best players, the best team. it is something we are looking forward to. the premiership season will get away next version as gloucester host exeter and newcastle
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face worcester. defending champions england face the hosts netherlands in the eurohockey semi—finals in less than half an hour. england beat the dutch on penalties in the eurohockey gold—medal match in 2015, while goalkeeper maddie hinch also starred as great britain triumphed against the same opposition in another shoot out to win gold in rio last year. we are meeting them earlier than we'd like but we get to play the .com are playing in front of thousands, this is what we excite me. “— thousands, this is what we excite me. —— what exactly. we have a good history against them but there's a new looking orange and english side, we have to put differences aside and for the 50 minutes. ireland's women clinched a 3—1win over the czech republic in pool c of the eurohockey tournament. the victory means that ireland will remain in european hockey‘s top tier tournament if they avoid defeat against spain on saturday. scotland's women on the other hand suffered a setback in their campaign to remain in the top tier of european hockey after losing 2—1 to spain. england can wrap up the series
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against west indies with victory in the second test which starts tomorrow at headingley. it's one of only two tests to be played before this winter's ashes and a number of england's batsmen are still unsure of their places. captain joe root thinks they'll come good. this is another opportunity for them. and as i said, they are desperate to stand their mark on test cricket. it's a different pressure all the time. and there are different things that we have to overcome. but i'm fully expecting they'll be able to do that throughout the series. there is one big cricket match at the moment. it's a bit different, though. (00v)a mixture of former cricketers and celebrities involved. . including it's the test match special 60th anniversary match in leeds. a mixture of former cricketers and celebrities involved including
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radio 1's greg james who dropped this at slip. he was on his phone and on air at the time. there's been some impressive batting from mcbusted drummer and former strictly champion harryjudd, clearly as at home with a cricketball as he was beneath the glitterball. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening no reminder of our top story, totte n ha m no reminder of our top story, tottenham and celtic have tough draws in the champions league. you can see more on our website. i will see you seen, thanks forjoining us.


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