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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  August 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:46pm BST

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today at five — major travel disruption expected across the uk as millions try to get away for the bank holiday weekend. engineering works are expected on some of the country's busiest rail routes. key stations in london — and services to and from wales, the north of england and scotland — will be heavily affected. we carry out 15,000 projects every year and most of them people are travelling better a rock star, jailed for depraved child abuse could have been caught years earlier if a key witness had been believed. the us state of texas is bracing itself for a "life—threatening" hurricane, which is expect to be the worst to hit the us mainland since katrina in 2005. i've got
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british actorsjohn boyega and will poulter star in detroit — a film about the city's riots in 1967. we'll get mark kermode's take on this and the rest of the week's cinema releases in the film review. and how similarare and how similar are those two songs? we'll find out. our top story. major disruption on the railways will peak this weekend as millions prepare for the bank holiday getaway
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amid engineering works on some of the country's busiest rail routes. key stations in london, and services to and from wales and the north of england and scotland will be heavily affected. road users have also been advised to expect longerjourneys as people take to the roads instead. adina campbell reports. with the queues building here at euston station, it is set to get even busier as millions of us prepare to travel over the bank holiday weekend. this station will completely close from tomorrow, affecting passengers up and down the uk, with no trains to london from the west coast mainline. there's never an ideal time to carry out these railway improvement works, but we carry out 15,000 projects every year, and most of those happen overnight. during bank holidays, fewer people are travelling and we can deliver much bigger projects for passengers. this will be the biggest ever august bank holiday engineering project by network rail, costing more than £130 million,
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involving 17,000 engineers. the work's expected to benefit millions of passengers. the work will see platforms extended to make way for longer trains as well as improvements to platforms and preparation work for hsz. i think it is absolute madness because people will struggle. it is going to cause some disruption, but they have planned for it. people know. obviously, they will take alternative routes. ijust think it is a failure of important public service for londoners and for people around the country. rail services in the midlands, wales, and across the north will also be disrupted. transport campaigners say it is well overdue. there has been historic underinvestment in the railway going back decades, and some of what is going on this weekend, not just at euston, but at waterloo, london bridge, and elsewhere on the rail network, is about putting that right and actually providing better
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and more reliable services. euston isn't the only station affected in london. work will also be happening at waterloo, london bridge, liverpool street, and paddington. roads are also expected to be busier than normal, especially on monday. traffic is going to build through the course of the weekend. it is actually going to peak on monday with around 5 million leisure journeys on our roads. that is people headed back after the school holidays ahead of the new school term starting, but also people looking to enjoy day trips. passengers on roads, railways or in airports are being advised to give themselves plenty of time to travel to avoid disruption. our correspondent dan whitworth is on the m6 near knutsford. what's expected there in the coming hours? the rac is forecasting that
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between three o'clock this afternoon and seven o'clock this evening to be one of the busiest periods of the entire weekend in terms of traffic. monday another highlight in terms of the number of vehicles on the roads. they are expecting 5 million cars to be on the roads on monday. we've been here all afternoon. there's a lot of traffic but it's moving relatively freely. good news at the moment. anybody who uses the m6 knows it's a busy road but we have not only the commuter traffic but the bank other day getaway traffic as well. the highways agency has been planning for this for months in advance. it has removed around about 450 advance. it has removed around about a50 miles of road works. they kept us a50 miles of road works. they kept us in place for safety reasons. some of those are stretches of road affected by roadworks. here on the
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m6junction16—19 affected by roadworks. here on the m6junction 16—19 from affected by roadworks. here on the m6 junction 16—19 from crewe affected by roadworks. here on the m6junction 16—19 from crewe right the way through to manchester affected by roadworks. there is a 26 mile stretch on the a ten of leeming. the m1 and the 60 and 62 are all still affected by roadworks. thanks very much for that. we'll hear more about the railway disruption in the next half—hour. a rock starjailed for child abuse could have been stopped nearly four years earlier if numerous allegations against him had been investigated properly and if a witness had been believed. the independent police complaints commission says south wales police missed a series of chances to stop the lost prophets singer ian watkins abusing children. watkins was jailed for 29 years in 2013 after admitting sexual offences, including the attempted rape of a baby. 0ur wales correspondent, sian lloyd reports. a rock star, whose music earned him fans around the world, but in private, ian watkins was a paedophile.
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his behaviour was described as having plumbed the depths of depravity. he was convicted in 2013, but according to the police watchdog, the independent police complaints commission, he could have been stopped sooner if reports about his sexual interest in children had been followed up. bias, whether unconscious or conscious has no place in 21st—century policing. it doesn't matter who someone is, what someone is. what is really important is what that person is saying. that's what was missing in this case. that is what meant that ian watkins was free to offend for years longer than he need have been, and that is what so important to put right. joanne mjadzelics had first reported ian watkins to the authorities. she had worked as an escort and had been in a relationship with the singer. she had messages on her phone in which he spoke of wanting to abuse children, but officers didn't think she was
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the right sort of complainant and she wasn't taken seriously. but she wasn't a lone voice. between december 2008 and june 2012, six people raised concerns. it led to eight reports, and three intelligence logs. but during that time, ian watkins wasn't arrested, questioned or even required to respond to the allegations. today, joanne mjadzelics's barrister said she hoped lessons have been learned. she'd time after time went to her local police station, operating them the chance to look at her laptop where she had e—mail from him attaching photographs of underage children and they didn't want to look at it. she gave them every opportunity to do theirjob to investigate. they weren't interested. south wales police didn't begin investigating ian watkins until four years after they were tipped off that he was a danger to children. he was arrested during a drugs raid at his home here in pontypridd. what they then found on his mobile phones and computers showed
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that those earlier warnings should have been acted on. south wales police accept the report's findings, and admit they failed to listen or investigate properly. they say they are truly sorry. last week, the ipcc also accused the south yorkshire force of inaction in investigating watkins. he manipulated fans to get access to his victims. the extent of his abuse may never be known. texas is preparing itself for hurricane harvey — which could be the worst storm to hit the us mainland in 12 years. the storm which has strengthened to a category two with winds of up to 110 miles per hour is expected to make landfall along the state's central coast tonight.
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there are concerns that torrential rain could bring life—threatening flooding to some parts. battening down on the texas coast. we have water, we have items. we have candles. it's worrying. everybody is talking about it. that's why i am preparing, getting some food, just in case, flashlights. her again harvey has sent others packing. it's forced the evacuation of critically ill infa nts. evacuation of critically ill infants. hours from now, for the first time in around ten years, a life threatening storm is likely to it. after 35 inches of rainfall and sustained winds of around 110 mph are expected, indicating a possible category three again. everything thatis category three again. everything that is three or stronger is considered to be a major again that is capable of structural damage and
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accompanied by a strong storm surge. rainfall is a selected to move inland and clause flooding. vulnerable is new orleans. 12 years after hurricane katrina caused havoc there and led to criticism of the government's response. this will be a test for president trump who released this video as he prepares to handle his first natural disaster, one that some fear will hit houston's homes, refineries and ports that hunker down as her again harvey gets closer. the latest from texas now. don champion from cbs is on the coast in corpus christi where we are expecting harvey to make landfall. tellers about what's happening there. good evening. within the last hour, we've started
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to see the rain and wind really begin to pick up here in corpus christi. this isn't even the start of the tropical storm force winds that we are within the next two hours. 0fficials that we are within the next two hours. officials are warning folks that conditions will only deteriorate as the day goes on. each update on the storm here in america has gotten even more ominous. excuse me. 0fficials has gotten even more ominous. excuse me. officials are using words like life—threatening and catastrophic describing harvey. the storm is churning in the gulf of mexico and gaining strength, expected to reach category three level before making la ndfall category three level before making landfall which would make this the most power. to hit the us in 12 yea rs. most power. to hit the us in 12 years. also, it will become the first again to hit the texas wolf coast in nine years. i'm going to
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leave it there. i'm worried for you and i'd like you to get indoors. don champion there in corpus christi. we can stay in corpus christi but go indoors. here is the fire chief of corpus christi. tellers —— tell others about preparations. we have evacuated many of our residents. we have evacuated them to san antonio, texas. we are making plans to do some rescues. we have assets in place to do water rescues, to boat rescue. to do building rescue. any kind of rescue event or firefighter activity, we are prepared with corpus christi firefighters and firefighters from other places in texas. we also want to let you know
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that we are in the front line. this isa that we are in the front line. this is a category two currently. we expected to be category three at landfall. we are expecting a lot of water. storm surges. up to maybe even as high as six feet two 12 feet. also looking at harry kane forced —— hurricane force winds. corpus christi is a town of 320,000 residents. the other fifth largest port in the united states where we have a lot of shipping. we also have a lot of refineries. many of them have had to shutdown because of the storm. we're heavy industry. we have
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a lot of petrochemical facilities here. we also have a large naval airbase here. naval air station corpus christi. we are a military, heavy industry and a lot of residence. we appreciate you coming on the line. the fire chief of corpus christi. this is bbc news at five — the headlines. major travel disruption is expected as millions try to get away for the bank holiday weekend while engineering works are carried out on some of the busiest rail routes. a rock star jailed for some of the busiest rail routes. a rock starjailed for child abuse could have been jailed rock starjailed for child abuse could have beenjailed earlier is a key witness had been believed. the us is bracing itself for a life—threatening harry kane, the worst expected to hit the mainland since mccain katrina. dennis stokes digs infor
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since mccain katrina. dennis stokes digs in for england's cricketers. he has just hit digs in for england's cricketers. he hasjust hit his digs in for england's cricketers. he has just hit his century. england lead the series 1—0. they are currently 25a—7. lewis hamilton hits the pace in practice for the belgian grand prix. title rival sebastian vettel was fifth cricket. and gareth bale is back in the wales squad for world cup qualifiers after suspension. a first call—up for a 16—year—old chelsea midfielder. i'll be back after 5:30pm. join us then. thank you. at least 28 people have been killed in clashes in northern india, after a court convicted a self—styled guru of rape. gurmeet ram rahim singh claims to have fifty million followers worldwide. security forces have
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used live ammunition to control angry supporters, who have attacked vehicles and buildings in several towns. sanjoy majumder reports. pitched battles as police try to regain order as followers of gurmeet ram rahim singh was convicted of rape. violence has been spreading every hour since that verdict even all the way to the capital. 200,000 of his followers had already taken up position near and around the court. india is no stranger to spiritual leaders and their cult—like following. gurmeet ram rahim singh is only the latest in line. it is
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deeply embarrassing for the government not to be prepared for the kind of backlash that this verdict has caused. he is known for his outlandish costumes and jewellery. he claims to have millions of followers. sentencing is likely to take place on monday. 0ur south asian correspondent justin rowlatt is in delhi the scene of some of the violence. he explained why singh was such a controversialfigure. this train was set on fire by an angry mob here in delhi. elsewhere buses have been torched. the guru
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has an enormous following, he claims 50 million people. the fear is that violence could spread. the epicentre of this is a town in the north indian state of haryana. tens of thousands of his supporters gathered there to offer support. after the conviction for these two rapes was handed down, they clashed with police. they responded with water cannon and bat on charges. when that did not pacify the crowd, they then used live ammunition. hence, the deaths that we've seen reported. the group is an extraordinary figure. he isa group is an extraordinary figure. he is a self styled god man, spiritual guru. he makes rock videos and has starred in a series of movies. he calls himself the messenger of god. this is not the only criminal
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offence of which he is charged. he is implicated in two murders and also ina is implicated in two murders and also in a rather extraordinary case in which it is alleged that he forced a00 of his followers to castrate themselves in order to be closer to god. this is an extraordinary and very charismatic figure but who can be very divisive and that that is why the authorities fear violence could continue. the government has announced that convoys of partially driverless lorries will be tried out on major british roads by the end of next year. the lead lorry would have a driver at the wheel and those behind would be connected by wireless technology. the aa says it is concerned the trials present a risk to other motorists as our correspondent andy gill reports. they call it platooning, trucks travelling in wi—fi connected convoy, with much less space between them than normal. this dutch project is with two vehicles.
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the trial just announced here will be with three. they'll be more efficient, take up less space on the network, improve fuel efficiency and hopefully pass on those cost savings to the consumer. each lorry has a driver, but the lead cab has control. to think about how three trucks can travel down the road in a platoon, imagine that the lead truck is a giant wi—fi hub, sending out signals on the precise distances and speed the other two need to travel at. and the wi—fi on the trailing two trucks can react much more quickly to signals than a human being can. the funding announcement was made at a lancashire truck factory. researchers say because vehicles in platoon are in each other‘s slipstream, fuel consumption and pollution fall. through trials and demonstrations, we will see perhaps up to 10% efficiencies.
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that's10% savings in fuel and that's going to translate directly to 10% reduction in co2, for example. so some real benefits to operators and society. but one road user's body is sceptical. the uk motorways are the most congested in europe, we have more entrances and exits. and if you have a platoon of driverless lorries, it's difficult to see road signs, it will be difficult to exit the motorway. but highways england, which is also funding the project, says it will examine how other drivers interact with the convoys. we will not ask anybody to be particularly changing their behaviour. the normal rules, the laws that apply today will apply in the future. this is looking at how people will behave when confronted by the situation so we can help to either eliminate the problem or manage the situation effectively. there'll be rigorous safety checks before any platoons are allowed on the road.
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then they'll compare real delivery journeys made by platoon trucks with one made in the traditional way. andy gill, bbc news, lancashire. the us pop artist taylor swift has released the first single from her sixth album. dropping it onto itunes and sharing platforms last night. it's inspired by a rather unlikely british it from the 1990s. have a listen and see if you can work out which one. well, if you thought you might have heard that tune
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before, you'd be right. in what might be a puzzling departure for some of her younger fans, taylor swift has interpolated the riff from i'm too sexy, the 1991 hit by british pop duo right said fred. let's have a look at the brothers performing their classic on top of the pops. at number12, this is right said fred. i'm too sexy for my love, for my love, my love love's going to leave me. # i'm too sexy for my shirt # my shirt, too sexy it hurts...#
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there he was then. we can speak to richard fair brass from the group from his home in windsor right now. it's like yesterday, richard. is it really? yes. i do remember. i do remember ourfirst top really? yes. i do remember. i do remember our first top of the pops. i remember that quite well. very strange. it doesn't seem that long ago. simon mayo looked very useful. it was scary at the time, i have to admit. tell me about how this collaboration has come about? well, they approach does some weeks ago telling is what they roughly wanted
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to do. because everybody is scared about people leaking ideas and storage and stuff we weren't able to say anything. we didn't know exactly what they wanted to do but we knew that they wanted access to the track. we were very relaxed about it. we said, do what do what you wa nt to it. we said, do what do what you want to do. when not exercised about being difficult. it is the song that matters. all the stuff in between shouldn't get in the way. i said, go and do it. they that knowledge due. that's good for you. we get a writing credit. it's our second writing credit. it's our second writing credit. it's our second writing credit number one in america for the same song. presumably, that's quite nice, as well. you know, well, yeah, we'd be very silly to complain. i'm very flattered. she's been great. the people have been great. it was really easy to do
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and it introduces the original song toa and it introduces the original song to a whole new audience. people who have probably never heard of us. that's pretty cool. we are on the road next year so it will be good for gigs. i'm very happy. road next year so it will be good for gigs. i'm very happylj road next year so it will be good for gigs. i'm very happy. i can tell. the specific part of your song was the rhythm in the chorus. well, actually, the weird thing is, the chorus is the thing that you can hear now. that's the chorus. the verse is the "i'm too hear now. that's the chorus. the ve ' hear now. that's the chorus. the verse is the "i'm too sexy". that's what everybody sings and what people think is the chorus. she has turned the chorus into —— the verse into a chorus. we've been talking about the word into the. this is what this is technically. yes. a sample is when
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you actually take a piece out of a song, you literally lifted out and paste it into a new song. that would be taking a sample out. that would be taking a sample out. that would bea be taking a sample out. that would be a completely different thing that would be an interpolation. that is taking an aspect of the song and reinterpreting it. any plans to rerelease title case i'm too sexy because of this? where not planning to do that. we are releasing a remix and new songs as part of an ep and we're out on the road next year. i'm still enjoying it which i should probably take medication for that. i'm still enjoying it. i can't apologise. and people still love the track. if you're still enjoying it,
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keep on doing it. it was an intergenerational thing. keep on doing it. it was an intergenerationalthing. 0ur audience is very mixed, all ages. i did an autograph last week for a kid who was probably about nine. i'm happy with that. i don't have a problem with that. richard, really good to have you. thank you very much for that. thank you very much. richard there in windsor talking about taylor swift. we're going to talk about the weather and there is a lot of talk about harry kane harvey. —— hurricane harvey edging eastwards and expected to make landfall this evening local time. bringing strong gusts of wind up to 150 miles per hour possible. it is the rain that
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is going to cause some really catastrophic impact. it will continue to reign in the same place. that is why the harry isa-- is a —— hurricane centre is warning. further south than these, some sunnier spells. into the weekend, we will see some spells of sunshine. 0ne will see some spells of sunshine. one or two showers to look out for. particularly further north. as we move into sunday, a fewer outbreaks of rain in the north—west but it will be light and drizzly. here is the satellite from earlier. 0utbreaks the satellite from earlier. outbreaks of rain pushing across into the north west of england. south and east, lots of sunshine around. his evening and overnight, that rain pushing eastwards and it. to clear up from the west. becoming drier across the north and west. a
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large dry night. starting to feel slightly muddy in the south. tomorrow, rain pushing across towards the east. a mixture of sunny spells and showers. much improved for northern ireland and scotland. further south, just the chance of one 01’ further south, just the chance of one or two showers but there will be some good spells of sunshine. temperatures are little bit of an today. a maximum of 25 celsius. some shows lingering across the east coast of scotland. into northern and north—eastern england. we will see a drier picture for wales and the south—east. a little bit more cloud but temperatures warming up with a maximum of around 25 celsius. that's your weather. this is bbc news — the headlines. travel delays are expected over the bank holiday weekend
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as engineering and roadworks take place on some of the country's busiest routes. the police watchdog has said that the paedophile ian watkins could have been arrested nearly four years earlier if south wales police had investigated numerous tip—offs. texas braces itself for hurricane harvey, the worst storm to hit the us mainland in 12 years. at least 28 people have been killed in violent clashes following the rape conviction of a controversial religious leader in north india. time for the sports news. that's when you right up to date. it's day one of the second test between england and the west indies at headingly. the tourists have been much improved on their opening performance in the series.
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they've bowled really well all day as shannon gabriel and kemar roach have both taken two wickets. gabriel getting the the prized scalp of alastair cook for just 11. and he should have had the england skipper shortly after too. joe root dropped in the slips and he made the windies pay — reaching a 12th consecutive half century in a test match. but on 59 he played an uncharacteristically poor shot and was caught out. it left ben stokes there though, and while the all rounder has also been dropped, he's now got to 76 not out. he reached a centrally but stuart broad has gone in the last few minutes. woakes broad has gone in the last few minutes. woa kes and broad has gone in the last few minutes. woakes and anderson are at the crease. f1 returned after the summer break and lewis hamilton has set the pace ahead of this weekend's belgian grand prix. after being pipped by kimi raikkonen in morning practice, the three time world champion was comfortably quickest in his mercedes this afternoon, nearly half a second ahead of championship leader sebastian vettel.
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chris coleman has named his wales squad for the world cup qualifiers next month against austria and moldova. real madrid's gareth bale returns after missing the draw with serbia injune because of a one match ban. ethan ampadu — just 16 years old — is also in the squad for the first time after the midfielder‘s move from exeter to chelsea. the draw for the group stages of the europa league have been made and arsenal face bate borisov of belarus, the german side cologne and serbia's red star belgrade in group h. everton are in group e with lyon, atalanta and apollon limasol of cyprus. tomorrow's early game in the premier league sees manchester city take another trip to the south coast — they face eddie howe's bournemouth after opening the campaign at brighton a fortnight ago. howe's side are without a win in the league, and he knows big improvements are needed. not great. the results are one thing
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but the performances have been the most disappointing factor in that. we haven't got going yet. many to make sure this weekend, with the quality of opposition were playing against, that we do fire. because if we don't, it will be another difficult afternoon. 0usmane demble hasjoined barcelona from borussia dortmund on a five—year contract. the france international has joined for 96.8 million — the second highest transfer fee of all time behind neymar, who left barca for paris st—germain earlier this month. the countdown continues to the big fight between floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor in the early hours of sunday morning in las vegas. former wba lightweight champion anthony crolla is one many boxing pros who is questioning the fight, he thinks it's a circus and will damage the reputation of boxing. i'm a big conor mcgregorfan but if conor mcgregor makes it slightly competitive, it's a black eye for boxing. ina competitive, it's a black eye for boxing. in a sense that a guy who's
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yet have a professional fight, who has made the crossover from usc, yet have a professional fight, who has made the crossoverfrom usc, and makes the it looks bad for boxing. 0ther makes the it looks bad for boxing. other than the underca rd makes the it looks bad for boxing. other than the undercard which will get great exposure, there are few positives from this. ireland's hopes of remaining in european‘s top—tier tournament have taken a knock after they lost 1—0 to spain at the eurohockey championships in amsterdam. the defeat means ireland sit second in the pool, with one game remaining. a victory over austria in their final game on sunday will secure ireland's position in european hockey‘s top tier tournament. a draw could be enough, but would depend on the result of the match between poland and spain. england face the netherlands in the semifinal later. and england head coach simon middleton has named his team and england were a9, now they all out. a good day for west indies at headingley. more for you at 6:30pm
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in sports day, thank you. let's get more now on our top story — the warnings of serious disruption to travel over the bank holiday weekend. 0ur reporter adina campbell is at a very busy euston station in london. what's the story? you just have to look behind me to see just how busy it is here at euston station tonight. hundreds of people looking at those information board is hoping to get to where they need to be, along with commuters trying to get home tonight as well. this, of course, is because of this massive engineering project which starts tomorrow, which closes euston station for two days. it's a multi—million pound projects costing more than £130 million. it involves 17,000 engineers who will be extending platforms to make way for longer trains, as well as preparation work for a test to and
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improvements to tracks and improvements. services will be disrupted. the west coast main line, services to london from those areas, there will be disruption, and no trains into london. the engineering work isn't just trains into london. the engineering work isn'tjust in london, there are others in the midlands, wales and in the north of england as well. network rail says it has to do this work because it is going to provide long—term benefits in the future but also 50% fewer passengers used the ra i lwa ys also 50% fewer passengers used the railways at this time of year. the advice? check before you travel and give yourself plenty of time. the billionaire boss of the samsung empire and south korea's third richest man — has been jailed for five years after being found guilty of bribery, embezzlement and perjury. in a scandal that has already toppled a south korean president jay y. lee was found guilty of making inappropriate donations worth around six million dollars , in exchange for government favours. there is flash photography in our report from yogita limaye. it's a week since the terror attacks in barcelona and on the costa brava
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which killed 15 people. the initial unity between the spanish government in madrid and the autonomous government in catalonia, which wants to hold a referendum on independence in a months time, has been replaced with finger—pointing — over which police force missed information about the terrorist plot. tom burridge reports from catalonia. still bustling. tourists and locals on las ramblas paying their respects. in the town where the attackers lived, a father, brahim aallaa, insisting he never saw any sign that two of his boys were planning to kill. one of his sons looking relaxed here, shopping. hours later, said aallaa and those alongside him would attack tourists in a coastal resort. the football pitch they used to play on. opposite, the family house of the ramblas van driver younes abouyaaqoub. some of those who knew the men
5:40 pm
didn't want to go on camera. this man grew up with one of the group. he was a colleague until the attacks. all of those who ended up as terrorists spent their afternoons here, he told us. they seemed like normal guys. there was nothing strange. we have spoken to a group of women who have just come out of the family home of younes abouyaaqoub. in fact, the women's own children went to the same mosque and were taught by the same preacher — abdelbaki es satty. and they say they never heard or saw anything to suggest he was the ringleader of a terror plot. but es satty was known to the authorities in belgium. in spanish and catalan newspapers this week, recriminations. spanish sources blaming catalonia's own police force for not sharing information. catalan sources suggesting the fault lies with the national security agencies in spain. if i was the mother of one of the children there, for example, i would be so,
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so cross to sit down in front of the television and watch the police fighting between each other, and doing these playground conflicts. we have to be united and not show this image of a lack of coordination and division. because the terrorists want this exactly. pro—independence catalan flags hang in barcelona. one month before the autonomous government here plans what spain says will be an illegal independence referendum. a city and a country united in grief, but political divisions have revealed cracks in policing. tom burridge, bbc news, in barcelona. it's one of the busiest motorway junctions in the country with more accidents than any other in england — but plans to improve the m25 at junction 10 could threaten a number of rare trees and plants at the historic wisley garden. highways england says
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the upgrade will make the road safer but campaigners, including alan titchmarsh, are calling for british gardeners to take a stand against the plans. tim muffett reports. traffic versus tranquillity. at the royal horticultural society garden at wisley in surrey, a row is taking root. it seems a mad proposal to be taking down some of these trees as has been suggested, because we're never going to be able to replace them. and they are wonderful, we should be really nurturing these and looking after them for the future. it's madness to be taking them down. the problem is this nearbyjunction where the m25 meets the a3. it's often congested. highways england says it has the highest accident rate of any motorwayjunction in the country and that improvements are needed. but the rhs fears one proposal being considered will see the a3 expanded and two and a half acres of its woodland destroyed along with 500 trees.
5:43 pm
it has high profile support. this is a giant redwood. you've heard of these, massive. over 100 years old. one of several down this great strip. this, along with rhododendrons, magnolias, camellias, would all go. other options, which would have less impact on these gardens, are being considered, but the road improvements are imminent. it's widely accepted by all sides that changes to thejunction need to be made. the road behind you, though, needs improvement, doesn't it? the junction needs improving. it does need improving. i use that road every day, too. i'm also a commuter, coming from london, and it's not perfect. but there is a brownfield site on the other side of the road where this extension could take place that wouldn't involve taking some 100 years of heritage. and these trees, like the redwood next to me, will go on to live for hundreds more years.
5:44 pm
it's not just about the here and the now. it's for many future generations. highways england said in a statement that it cares about the environment and protecting the special habitats around wisley is a priority. upgrading the junction will, it says, improve people'sjourneys and make both roads safer. a decision is expected in the next few weeks. concerns over these trees have stepped up a gear. tim muffett, bbc news. this is bbc news, the headlines. major travel disruption is expected across the uk as millions try to get away for the bank holiday weekend while engineering works are carried out on some of the country's busiest rail routes. a rock star, jailed for child abuse could have been caught years earlier if a key witness had been believed. the us state of texas is bracing itself for a "life—threatening" hurricane, which is expected to be the worst to hit the us mainland since katrina in 2005. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's
5:45 pm
and frankfurt ended the day. and in the the united states this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. now on bbc news, a look ahead to sportsday at 630 tonight. we'll have the best of the action from the opening day of the second test between england and the west indies at headingley with the tourists much improved after their demolition at edgbaston. it's nearly time for the way in what do conor mcgregor and floyd mayweatherjr have in store to each other as they face after the last time before the fight in that radius? we will look to the women's world cup final in by to the women's world cup final in rugby with england hoping to


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