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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 25, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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travel delays are expected over the bank holiday weekend as engineering and roadworks take place on some of the country's busiest routes. the police watchdog has said that the paedophile ian watkins could have been arrested nearly four years earlier if south wales police had investigated numerous tip—offs. at least 28 people have been killed in violent clashes following the rape conviction of a controversial religious leader in north india. texas braces itself for hurricane harvey, the worst storm to hit the us mainland in 12 years. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. as the road and rail networks face the full force of the bank holiday getaway, we'll be asking what's the best way forward for britain's transport system. texas prepares for hurricane harvey — we'll hear the latest predictions for what could be the worst storm to hit the us in 12 years. and at10.1i0pm, we'll be taking
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a look at the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers — joining me will be susie boniface, columnist for the daily mirror, and the public affairs consultant alex deane. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, will perry, the headlines this evening. a century for ben stokes but it's the west indies day at headingly, we're live there... and in las vegas, as it's nearly time for the weigh i will have the build—up to the big fight conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather. we're also take you live to belfast on the eve of the women's rugby world cup final between england and new zealand. also coming up in the programme — a new arrival at liverpool — find out whyjurgen klopp was the last to know.
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thank you for the message. congratulations. and if you thought quidditch was just the stuff of harry potter, think again, there's a premier league trophy to be won. we'll start at headingly for the opening day of the second test between england and the west indies. our reporter patrick geary is there for us, after their capitulation at edgbaston, i think it's fair to say it's much improved from the tourists. certainly. i came here today expecting, like most people, to be talking again about the decline of west indian cricket, the nature of that defeat at edgbaston raised all sorts of questions about the future
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of the sport in the caribbean, perhaps even the future of test cricket competitive sport. but this tea m cricket competitive sport. but this team have surprised a lot of people. they may not have the talent of their predecessors but they've shown their predecessors but they've shown their spirit. etched into headingley‘s memory, great west indian cricketers of the past. men of shock and awe. go being cricket burns so bright that you notice it failing more. a team of stars currently playing in other shirts on other short. and a team that i've rediscovered urdu. first alastair cook fell to gabriel. then tom westley and mark stoneman both fumbling for passports less than three months before the ashes. at least joe root escaped here. so too, ben stokes. west indian catching not up to speed with their bowling. stokes
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went up to 50 for a record equalling strolled straight test. then started and last though. joe root went for 59. having corrected one earlier sta ke 59. having corrected one earlier stake in limerick are mistaken, there was one outstanding. having been dropped, he can become and catchable. but a chance, rage understandable. then a century that might never have happened. and upon which england have relied. gabriel, the man who is catching or lack of, allow ben stokes to reach 100, bowled the ball which ended his inning. that was goodbye. england we re inning. that was goodbye. england were all out shortly a258, should do better, could have done far worse. the worry for the west indies is their batting. in a short setting for the close... they were caught by
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james anderson. they lost 19 wickets on the last day of the last test, there will be a worry they will colla pse there will be a worry they will collapse again tomorrow. but even so much improved for them. england will be pleased their key players stood up be pleased their key players stood up again,joe root be pleased their key players stood up again, joe root so consistent and ben stokes making one under. but the worry is the problem that dogged them all some are still there. they surrounded some of their batsmen, players they brought in and they keep telling us will find form before the ashes, haven't done so. and we are running out of time. there are less than three months before the first test in brisbane. that means only a maximum of three test innings for england to get those players ready. thank you, patrick geary outside at headingley. it's been called the billion dollar fight — the countdown continues to floyd mayweather‘s comeback against ufc lightweight champion conor mcgregor in the early hours of sunday morning in las vegas. mayweather — aiming for a 15th unbeaten bout — is the bookies favourite and neither are struggling for a bit of self—belief.
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they're beginning to study my methods, they'll begin to implement my methods and that's it. i will reign supreme, i continue to dominate the boxing ring antioxidant on. we all human, this is the biggest fight vegas has seen perhaps ever, how are you feeling overconfident or nervousness as you seen a overconfident or nervousness as you seen a man overconfident or nervousness as you seen a man at these? mark ilott, i am supremely confident here. —— how doi am supremely confident here. —— how do i luck. i'm going to go in and break him and updated easily. i don't worry about nothing, nobody can beat me. i'm floyd mayweather, nobody can beat me. when you look for his iq, nobody can beat me. when you look for his i0, i have the best iq and the sport of boxing. i'm one of the strongest athletes mentally to ever live. i'm not the same fighter when i was put to the macro pretty boy
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floyd or 21 years ago. but mentally, no athlete is stronger than me mentally. 0ur sports news correspondent richard conway is in las vegas for us — richard nearly time for the weigh in, what can we expect as they face off for the final time before the fight? it's been chaotic. there has been a change of time before the final press conference. there was none of the histrionics or theatrics, there was a more businesslike encounter. they came the leave face to face. now angry clashes. they don't want to expend any energy, they are focused on the task at hand. 0ne any energy, they are focused on the task at hand. one way or another, one will walk away with a bruised ego on saturday night, sunday morning uk time. but the way in ta kes pla ce morning uk time. but the way in takes place in a few hours' time, and there's a big line of fans
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queueing to get into the arena, a short distance from here. that's the anticipation that is building in las vegas for this fight. all the talking is now done, people want to see these men in the ring. thousands of fa ns see these men in the ring. thousands of fans flocking into vegas, millions walking around the world! watching around the world. the talk is done, it's time for action. you've been speaking to a couple of former champions — what do they make of this as a scontest? i caught icaught up i caught up with a couple of former championships. chris eubank senior is in town, he says this could be an intriguing matchup or says his up the spirit of the irish could see mcgregor spring a major upset. he likened it to his own site and defeat to steve collins 20 years ago 01’ so. defeat to steve collins 20 years ago or so. that one side of the coin. ricky hatton for knows about fighting mayweather, and was knocked out by him almost a decade ago. he expressed some doubts about the
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legacy of this fight for the sport of boxing. that's what floyd is all about. but to be honest, if they'd offered me, iwould have about. but to be honest, if they'd offered me, i would have taken it. not blaming either of them. you can't blame the lads but surely some, i don't know who, whether it's boxing or you feel whether the car —— or ufc or whatever, we are in the boxing game, and this is for me pure showbiz. that is the sense here in las vegas, pure showbiz. the hours are counting down. tickets are still available as of late last night for the venue itself. the promoter has been cagey about the mumbles of pay—per—view clicks. this will be an lucrative fight. for now, the talking is done, it's time for conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather to get
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in the ring and prove who is the best. get the suncream on, live for us on sports day there. a little earlier, nick marshall—mccormack spoke to former wba lightweight champion anthony crolla — who said conor mcgregor stepping into the boxing ring is like andy murray playing the best at table tennis. crolla thinks the fight will damage the reputation of the sport. i'm a big conor mcgregorfan but if conor mcgregor makes it slightly competitive, it's a black eye for boxing. in a sense that a guy who's yet have a professional fight, who has made the crossoverfrom usc, and makes the it looks bad for boxing. other than the underca rd which will get great exposure, there are few positives from this. looking back quickly and finally to the start of conor mcgregor‘s
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career, he was a boxing champ in ireland, they favoured him to go on and box really well, what if we've got this all wrong? what of conor mcgregor is actually really good and mayweather comes up against something he's never encountered before? honestly, i promise you, we won't have got this wrong. but i know what you're saying. at an intermediate level,, was —— conor mcgregor was doing well, but there's a difference between that the highest level if conor mcgregor was, in my opinion, to do the impossible on saturday night and sunday morning, i'd go to far as safe that will be the biggest sporting upset of all time. chris coleman has announced his wales squad for the world cup qualifiers next month against austria and moldova. gareth bale returns after missing the 1—1 draw with serbia injune because of a one match ban. midfielder ethan ampadu — just 16 years old — is also in the squad for the first time after his move from exeter to chelsea.
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the draw for the group stage of the europa league has been made. arsenal will face bate borisov of belarus, the german side cologne and serbia's red star belgrade in group h. everton are in group e with lyon, ata—lanta and apollon limassol of cyprus. now, jurgen klopp has admitted he doesn't keep totally up to date the the news here in the uk. but it seemed he was caught out somewhat at his press conference ahead of liverpool's match against arsenal on sunday when asked about a new arrival for gini wijinaldum. after the child is born. thank you for the message. congratulations! a little boy? so he called all of you but not me? he just textured us. that's good. so last week the thing i said was that i don't read the english press.
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now that is the problem. you should know me, i don't read. maybe it makes sense. i have instagram, facebook, twitter, very good way to inform me. i don't think he's going to be godfather is he? west brom have signed scotland winger 0liver burke from german club rb leipzig on a five—year contract. burke became the most expensive scottish player ever when he joined the bundesliga side for a fee of about 13 million pounds last year. he could make his west brom debut on sunday at home to stoke in the premier league. still to come in sportsday. formula one is back — and hamilton leads the hunt at spa. and we're joined by triathlete — and olympic bronze medallist — vicki holland, to preview this weekend's world series event in stockholm. england have madejust one change to their starting 15 ahead of the women's rugby world cup final tomorrow. the reigning champions face new zealand in belfast —
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a meeting of the best two teams in the world. 0ur reporter sara 0rchard is there for us now... thank you. welcome to a damp and rainy belfast but that hasn't in a nyway rainy belfast but that hasn't in anyway got away with the excitement thatis anyway got away with the excitement that is really building ahead of this world cup. every bartender in the city, every taxi driver you talk to, they want to know about england and new zealand tomorrow. in fact, that in the pitch, they are having a rehearsal of the trophy presentation. but the team news, the announcement was that 20—year—old meganjones, announcement was that 20—year—old megan jones, the announcement was that 20—year—old meganjones, the centre for worcester, will start alongside rachel bertha. so the regular vice captain emily scarab will move to another position. she wasn't fazed when she spoke at the press conference. that has come about after the concussion to danielle waterman who would have been playing in herfourth waterman who would have been playing in her fourth world waterman who would have been playing in herfourth world cup waterman who would have been playing in her fourth world cup final. waterman who would have been playing in herfourth world cup final. these
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we re in herfourth world cup final. these were the thoughts earlier of simon milton, at the head coach. she runs it often in training. and she's had experience at full—back. she's a natural anyway, so she's got a great game at full— back. she's a natural anyway, so she's got a great game at full—back. kicker and field the ball, entering the line. this is fine with that. one of the biggest things about this match is that there is quite a history between england and new zealand. they have met mao world cup. —— they have met now in three world cups and history favours new zealand. they have won all three of them. it's described as one of the greatest sporting rivalries in women's sport. for that very reason, although england are world champions right now, error leaves garrett knows there is a point to prove tomorrow when they go out against the black ferns and it is the reason they play rugby. it's a battle. those are the games
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you look forward to, the games were you look forward to, the games were you score four or five trys, but you play rugby for the really tough ones that you grind out, the big decisions. i hope it's going to be one of those games, it's going to be a fantastic test match as it should be for a world cup final. when it comes to the tournament itself, it has been well—received around the world. global tv figures have reached record. in and in particular, in the semifinal between france and england, they got around 3 million people tuning in. now it's the chance of the red roses here in the chance of the red roses here in the uk. tomorrow's final will be shown on terrestrial tv as well as live on radio five live, italy prime—time saturday night slot with a 7:a5pm tech. with all the success we have had, in british woman's sport, over the summer, we have had, in british woman's sport, overthe summer, it we have had, in british woman's sport, over the summer, it is the red roses' time to see if they can
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defend their title in style in front ofa defend their title in style in front of a british waiting public. formula one returns this weekend after its mid—season break — and lewis hamilton has sent an early message to title rival sebastian vettel. the mercedes driver was fastest in second practice today — before the customary belgian weather brought an early end to proceedings. tom clarkson was watching at spa. formula 1 spun back into life here at and the weather is playing its part. kimi raikkonen was fastest of eve ryo ne part. kimi raikkonen was fastest of everyone and then this happened. rain this afternoon. but there were some dry laps at the start of the second practice session during which lewis hamilton was fastest. that bodes well ahead of a weekend in which he needs to close the gap to sebastian vettel at the top of the world championship. it's rugby league's challenge cup final tomorrow at wembley,
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as hull take on wigan. hull are looking to retain the trophy they won after a thrilling victory last year, but the warriors are hoping to become the first side to win the competition 20 times. all the talk of greatness and dynasties, we haven't built it up like that. we have come here to win, all the rest will take care of itself. the names will follow. we will be going out to win and that is all. not overconfident. we have a lot of respect but we have a great training week, the players have acquitted them well. if we do what we practised, with the structure and game plan, make sure we have a clear head, we have a chance of having a massive one. it's the world triathlon series event in stockholm this weekend — jonny brownlee will be there, as willjodie stimp—son and jessica lear—month. who better to preview that for us than the olympic bronze medallist vicky holland,
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whojoins me now on the sportsday sofa. welcome. you're currently out injured — just bring us up to speed on that and when we might see you back in action. i picked up a calf injury in may, it's quite complex, i have to sideline this season. but i've met the qualification for the commonwealth games next year so that the focus. it's just over a year ago that you won 0lympic bronze in the women's triathlon in rio — you pipped your best friend, non stanford, onto the podium — what has life been like since then? what's changed for you since that day? ina lot in a lot of ways, it is exactly as it was. triathlon is still the main focus. sport is still what i love and still want to be a sports person. still training, my routine is still the same as it was. i have moved my life away from leeds, well i was based for, i have a new setup in bath. that's the biggest change. is norman still speaking to you.
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yes. contrary to popular belief. does it feel like there's a big buzz around triathlon in the uk at the moment? is that down to the brownlee brothers? it's been an evolving sport growing year—on—year. alistair and johnny have done a huge thing for the sport, when he directed 2012, the first time we won medals in triathlon, we had johnny winning bronze and alastair winning goal. they have been massive for the evolving of our sport. and next saturday the inaugural relay cup takes place. how is it going to be different to a normal triathlon? people know about the three parts but don't know about the replay. relay. it's mixed gender and each
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does a short distance triathlon before handing over to the next person. if this bill including the 0lympics person. if this bill including the olympics are we found that two months ago it's going to the olympic in tokyo. this event in great britain in nottingham injust over a week, should be a brilliant showcase. we are getting teams from around the world, canada and germany are sending teams, the japanese, australians, it should be a really good event. better be on the town this weekend? you can put yourfeet i this weekend? you can put yourfeet ou this weekend? you can put yourfeet up! you are in the commentary box tomorrow. i enjoy talking so that's great but if i could have my way any day, i'd be out there racing instead. we appreciate you coming in and best of luck with the entry and will see you back when we can. ireland's hopes of remaining in europe's top—tier hockey tournament have taken a knock after they lost 1—0 to spain at the eurohockey championships in amsterdam. the defeat means ireland sit second in the pool, with one game remaining. victory over austria in their final game on sunday would secure their position in the tournament. a draw could be enough, but would depend on the result of the match between poland and spain.
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england face the netherlands in the semifinal later. para—canoeists emma wiggs and jonny young have won great britain's first gold medals at the canoe sprint world championships in the czech republic. wiggs, the rio paralympic champion, took her fifth straight kl2 world title ahead of her compatriot nikki paterson, who took silver. young isjoined on the vl3 podium by fellow brit martin tweedie after he crossed the line third in theirfinal. i think it's absolutely incredible. this is poor will be one of the ha rd est this is poor will be one of the hardest ones in the gear after rio, it's been a tough year. my greatest british and competitors are my team—mates, so it's been a tough year. to be on the podium again and to be on the podium next mickey is an incredible feeling for us as a team. and to get the grand slam is unbelievable. quidditch. yes it's played by harry potter. but did you know that a version of it is played in real life too ?
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i certainly didn't. and now — as the sport continues to grow — teams from across the country are preparing to try and win the first premier league trophy. emma jones has more hello and welcome to halt what first british game of the season. first day, slithering versus griffin door! millions of us first read about quidditch when the harry potter books were turned into films. the first muggle version was devised by couege first muggle version was devised by college students. now there are teams and tournaments around the world. you can turn around and play and it doesn't matter. now we have lead and coaching structures, we have to do referee test, people travel abroad to play, coach and referee. it's become massive. these are the london monarchs and this weekend, this team will compete on
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final stay in the numerous domestic competition, the quidditch premier league. it's a mixed gender contact sport and just like the book, beaters, seekers, quaffles, and yes, even the golden snitch. but don't ask the players one thing. everyone says how do you fly. we don't fly, obviously. we have rooms but it is a combination of dodge ball and rugby, it's a full contact sport. we really play our hearts out at the tournament. although they can see some positive in a sport looking a little daft. one of the biggest things about quidditch as you look silly, so you don't have huge egos. everyone has a take it with a pinch of salt, have a laugh. the makes it a nice atmosphere to play in. the same time, it is a competitive sport is about physicality. people get into it. that's part of the joy as well. it has bought the continues to
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grow evolve. as magicalfiction terms into phenomenalfact. finally, we heard news of gini wijnaldum's baby a little earlier — congratulations also to olympic champions laura and jason kenny, who've announced the birth of their baby son albert louie. laura shared a picture of their new family on social media saying "welcome to the world little albert louie kenny. you kept us waiting a week but it was all worth it." absolutely no pressure albert, to become an olympic champion. a reminder of our top story, ben stokes hot his sixth test century for england but it was a much improved west indies performance that grabbed the headlines at headingly. that's all from sportsday with me will perry. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening and we will see you later. hello. a fairly quiet weekend of
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weather on the way here at home but across the other side of the atlantic, a major weather story is developing. these areas of crowd have spun into hurricane harvey were a major hurricane heading to texas. they will bring stronger winds, a strong surge with a big seas close to the code. but of greatest concern is the rainfall, sunspots could see 35 inches, which brings the risk of catastrophic flooding. there were some rain in places at home today, that was the scene across the scottish highlands, but the many more it was dry with some sunshine. lovely day berendt derbyshire. as we go through the weekend, it will mainly be fine and dry. just a few showers at times, especially in the north. some showers across northern ireland to night, then things would
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dry out, so shall remain across scotla nd dry out, so shall remain across scotland in north—east england. further south, largely dry with clear spells, maybe the odd for the patch and temperatures 12—16d. saturday looking like a decent day in many places. good spell the sunshine summer some patchy cloud here and there. some cloud across north—east england and scotland, showers could be heavy. the west end scotla nd showers could be heavy. the west end scotland and northern ireland, and in belfast, tablet is to get to 19 degrees. the odd shower across england. into wales and —— southwest, there will be showers of 21 degrees. and temperatures into the sun is both together to 2a—25d in the south—east. and on sunday, a repeat performance for many. they'd largely dry day, not as many across eastern scotland in showers, generally it's a fine looking day
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and temperatures ranging from 18 degrees in glasgow to 2a in london. a bit ofa degrees in glasgow to 2a in london. a bit of a split in fortunes as we get into monday because we will seize the cloud and rain pushing through northern ireland in north—west scotland, some rain heavy, blustery winds as well, temperatures into the teens. further south and east, into the sunshine, we could get up to 27 degrees. that's all from me for now. this is bbc news. i'm nick 0wen. the headlines at seven. a leaked report accuses royal bank of scotland of the systematic abuse of its business customers — hundreds of customers complained they were mistreated. rbs denies the accusations. it was like the gestapo walking in, the aggression, their divisiveness, the whole way in which they talked. major travel disruption is expected across the uk as millions try to get away for the bank holiday weekend while engineering works are carried out on some of the country's busiest rail routes. police in northern india say at
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least 28 people have been killed in violent clashes at after a self—styled religious leader is convicted of rape. also in the next hour — texas braces itself for hurricane harvey.
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