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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 5pm: eight people have died in a crash involving a mini bus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. counterterrorism police say a man it used deliberately driving at officers also has a four long sword. gas was used as part of the arrest. during the struggle, the individual repeatedly shouted the words ali akbar. torrential downpours as hurricane harvey hits texas — with reports of 42 centimetres of rain falling in one area. thousands of rail passengers face disruption as major train stations are affected by bank holiday engineering work. also in the next hour — lewis hamilton equals michael schumacher‘s all—time pole position record. the formula one star reached the landmark in qualifying for tomorrow's belgian grand prix. a film about detroit's 1960 riots.
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the rest a film about detroit's1960 riots. the rest of the week's releases in the film review. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. eight people have died in a crash involving two lorries and a minibus on the m1 motorway in buckinghamshire. it happened on the southbound carriageway near newport pagnell in the early hours of this morning. four people have been taken to hospital and two men have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. 0ur correspondent jenny kumah reports. the crash happened at around 3:15am on the m1 southbound between junctions 15 and 1a near newport pagnell. 0ne vehicle was a fedex uk lorry, the other from aim logistics.
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police believe the minibus was travelling from nottingham. eight people have been confirmed dead. four including a child were taken to hospital and are seriously injured. two men have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. we will be getting a press conference sometime in the next half an hour by thames valley police station, with an update on exactly what happened. we hope news on the condition of those people taken to hospital, which includes a child as well, following that crash in the early hours. as soon as that press conference begins, we will go there alive. counter—terrorism police have said a man suspected of deliberately driving a car at police officers outside buckingham palace last night — also had a four—foot long sword. they say the man repeatedly shouted the words "allahu akbar". three policemen were injured
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as they arrested the 26—year—old close to the mall roundabout. chi chi izundu reports. concerned tourists looked on after reports of a terror incident at one of the country's most high—profile destinations. the metropolitan police say at around 8:30pm a blue toyota prius was driven at a marked police car near buckingham palace. the car stopped and when officers went to investigate they were attacked by a suspect with a four foot sword. cs gas was used as part of the arrest, and during the struggle be individual repeatedly shouted the words "allah akhbar". he is a 26—year—old male from the luton area and is now in custody at a central london location. police confirmed that our search is going on at an address in the luton area. we now know three police officers
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were injured in the attack. no members of the royalfamily were present in the palace at the time and an official has confirmed it is business as usual with the summer open tours. two of the officers involved have been treated in hospital and have since been released. there is heightened security across the capital over the bank holiday, particularly for events like notting hill carnival where a ring of steel has been promised to protect people straight in milton keynes to hear from thames valley police. on arrival, we found a three vehicle collision on the southbound carriageway. the were too heavy goods vehicles had one minibus involved. six men and two women sadly died at the scene. a woman, a man and a five—year—old girl, who we re man and a five—year—old girl, who were also travelling in the minibus, taken to hospital. they all remain there in serious condition with life—threatening injuries. another
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woman was also taken to hospital with serious injuries. these are not believed to be life—threatening. the scene facing officers who attended was complex and the recovery operation was particularly challenging. tragically, eight people have lost their lives and it is our duty to establish what has happened. officers are working to inform the loved ones of those who died and specially trained family liaison officers are supporting them. some of those involved were visiting the uk from india. we are working to keep the families abroad involved. this collision was deeply distressing for members of the public who witnessed it. for emergency service workers who attended it. i'm pleased to say that officers from thames valley police are supported by the fire service and are presented and are presented as from south central ambulance service and east midlands and blood service or displayed high levels of professionalism. thames valley police is highly trained collision investigators will work over the weeks and months george turner the
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cause of this tragedy. i would like to reiterate that it is vitally important for anyone who is what happens, he hasn't spoken to officers are ready, to contact us. we call us on 101. two people have been arrested in connection with the collision. they remain in custody. as you can appreciate, i am legally limited by what i can divulge the moment. the motorway has been fully reopened. thank you. further confirmation there from thames valley police, who were very quick to the scene of that collision on the m1. that was the scene earlier. pa rt the m1. that was the scene earlier. part of the remains cold off as the best directors continue to investigate what happens. and confirming thereabouts a number of people were taken to hospital, including a child. it's people dying in that crash. between a minibus and a lorry. people remain in custody
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following that crash, and of vc he couldn't comment any further on that. just hearing that the m1 is now open in both directions, by the way. two men in a small plane have died as it crashed in dorset this morning. the plane came down close to compton abbas airfield near shaftesbury. the pilot and passenger in the tiger moth were both in their sixties. the air accident investigation branch has been informed. north korea has fired three short—range ballistic missiles, according to the american military. two of the missiles failed in flight, the third blew up almost immediately after it was launched. the latest firings come during a joint us—south korea military exercise, which has been strongly criticised by pyongyang. the us national hurricane centre says the powerful storm which brought winds of 130 miles—an—hour to the coast of texas has weakened to a category one hurricane.
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thousands of people were left without power as hurricane harvey made landfall overnight near the city of corpus christi on the texas coast. catriona renton reports. powerful, dangerous and terrifying. hurricane henry hit texas overnight, with high winds and heavy rain. when it made landfall it was a category four hurricane capable of causing catastrophic damage. this is a hurricane that will come inland, and then is going to hover for a long period of time. it could be days. harvey has been billed as the most powerful storm to hit the us mainland in more than a decade. the strongest to hit texas in over 50 years. this is harvey from above. the storm system is ten miles wide, bringing winds of up to 130 mph, and a metre of rain
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is expected to fall. corpus christi was in the eye of the storm when it hit. the streets are now deserted here after the rush to evacuate. 20 miles inland, in the city of victoria, they are preparing for the worst. what is your worst case scenario? h—a—r—v—e—y, that's about as worst—case scenario for a community the size of victoria. we've never seen a forecast for that kind of localised rain. it's the most dangerous forecast we've ever seen. president trump has signed a disaster proclamation for texas to free up federal aid. harvey is stubborn and isn't planning on leaving any time soon, bringing several days of storm force winds and rain ahead. a lot ofjournalists braved the
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storm to bring you the latest. don champion, a reporter for the cbs network in the us is in corpus christi, texas for us. can you talk us through what it was like as it hit? it was incredible. we were a good ten minutes from the coast and the harry kane force winds definitely pounded this part of corpus christi. we are staying in a brand—new hotel that just opens corpus christi. we are staying in a brand—new hotel thatjust opens on friday. when we checked in, friday, the opening day of this hotel. it is a sturdy, very strong building, four stories high. the wind is literally we re stories high. the wind is literally were shaking the building all night. as does harry kane force winds were ploughing through this area. definitely a very dangerous nights. further north of here, a very life—threatening situation overnight as hardly made landfall in the town of rockport. right now we're that search and rescue operations are
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under way in that town. in an interview that cbs news did with the mayor there in the past hour, he said that the damage their is widespread. there are numerous businesses at homes that are just destroyed. also now there is the continued problem of flooding, not only there but also areas to the north, where they are bracing further if not 30 inches of rain or more. how many people sat the storm out? a lot of people were told to get out of the area on thursday? yes, no official numbers on how many people do decide to stay behind. it certainly was a major concern yesterday in the hours ahead of the storms. —— ahead of the storm's big impact on this region. we saw the governor taking to local newscast at the national newscast basically pleading to people, telling them they were running out of time to
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safely leave this region ahead of the storm. certainly there was a big concern about that. we encountered a few folks as we were doing some live shots yesterday along the water. they said they were going to be riding out the storm here. a lot of them said they had rolled out storms of the past and they were fine with it. they said they were very confident that they lived at a higher elevation and would escape the fury of the storm, especially in terms of the flooding. i'd like you are braver than me! i hope you stay safe in the coming days. a lot more bad weather to come. much more on that harry kane on mine at the bbc news website, including the latest millions of travellers on the move this bank holiday this weekend are facing disruption because of major rail engineering works. the south east of england will be badly affected with station closures at charing cross, euston and liverpool street. there will be limited services at other stations. in the north west of england
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engineering work will affect stations in manchester, preston, blackpool and bolton. our correspondent spencer stokes is in wigan. network rail say the reason why they choose bank holidays is because there are fewer people travelling, up to 5 million less people travelling, so it makes sense for them to do the work now. although if you are trying to get away over the bank holiday, it can seem to be an extremely bad time to do this work. being summer, there are fewer commuters travelling into the main railway stations. wigan is affected today — not because of engineering work directly happening here, but 200 miles away, at the other end of the west coast mainline down in london, at euston station, where preparatory work for the new hs2, the new high speed rail line out to birmingham, is beginning to get getting underway. so that means all the west coast main line trains from the north—west travelling down to london are stopping at either rugby or milton keynes and passengers from wigan, here for example, wanting to get to london are being told to travel
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via manchester and then sheffield to st pancras station. there was one group of passengers this morning who could have been quite severely affected, and that's the fans of wigan warriors rugby league team, who are competing in the challenge cup final at wembley in one hour's time. many of them were expecting to travel by rail, but it seems the message about the disruption got through and instead, they took coaches to the capital instead. there is some engineering upgrade work happening at other stations around here, bolton station, for example, just a few miles away, is virtually all closed, with trains diverted between manchester and preston, as an upgrade takes place there. this is all putting added pressure on the east coast main line from the north—east down to london, as passengers are told to travel over to the east of the country, if they want to head down south towards london. a demonstration is being held in barcelona to denounce the terror attack last week which left 15 dead.
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king felipe willjoin the march which will take place at 6pm local time this evening. our correspondent tom burridge is in barcelona and told us there's a atmosphere of defiance following the deadly attack. look at this and think about how many people have come here, to leave a flower, light a candle, or write a message. the atmosphere here on las ramblas is heavy. there's a real sense of grief and defiance, more than a week on, now, from the attacks here and on the coastal resort nearby. on this, what is really a day of remembrance in the city. hundreds of thousands of people expected to walk down one of the main avenues near here, and the theme, the title of that march, will be i am not afraid. the king, joined by politicians from spain, catalonia, and at the front of that demonstration we're expecting real people. taxi drivers who gave people lifts amidst the chaos in this area.
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shop owners who took people into shelter them, and the police, who patrolled the streets and, in the following days, hunted the terror cell down. full coverage on bbc news of the march when it begins later. the headlines on bbc news: six men and two women killed in a lorry crash. two drivers have been arrested. counterterrorism police say a man suspected of deliberately driving at officers outside buckingham palace last night also has a four foot long sword. torrential downpours as harry kane hardly hit sectors with reports of 42 centimetres of rain, bombing in one area. the final countdown has begun in what is expected to be the most watched pay—per—view
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boxing match ever. at the pre—fight weigh—in for the much—hyped contest, irish mixed martial arts star conor mcgregor vowed to knock out the unbeaten floyd mayweather. from las vegas, here's our sports news correspondent, richard conway. the hype has been unrelenting and while the final face—off for this mega—fight was another spectacle, it's clear conor mcgregor and floyd mayweatherjr have captured the imagination, and the wallets, of many boxing fans. now, with the formalities over, mcgregor is focused on the task ahead. let's go, let's see who can take it. is he's over there twiddling his thumbs, twitching away. i see a man afraid, that's it. the buildup has been controversial and there are questions over a contest staged primarily for financial reasons. the man who describes himself as tbe, the best ever, is expecting his payday to be swift. it won't go the distance, mark my words. irish fans have flocked to las vegas in recent days and the celebrations
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will likely continue for several more nights if mcgregor can pull off a shock win. the world is going to explode if he does. it will be mad if he wins. if he does it, what's the party going to be like? insane. we'll sleep somewhere outside at the front! but mayweather‘s father, who taught him how to box, says mcgregor‘s lack of experience will see him fail. he'll throw a lot of punches, miss a lot, and if he gets tired then, whack! when conor mcgregor returns to this arena, it will be to face floyd mayweather. one of the greatest boxers of his generation. the time for talking is over. richard conway, bbc news, las vegas. whitemoor more on the boxing and a
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round—up of today's sports news at 5:30pm. president donald trump has pardoned the controversial former arizona sheriff, joe arpaio. he had been convicted of criminal contempt, because he defied a court order to stop traffic patrols targeting suspected immigrants. mr arpaio said the pardon was a great honour. he's a big supporter of law enforcement. i know it came from his heart. two years ago, i supported him, first rally, and i always said, regardless of pardon or no pardon, i'll be with him till the end, and i say that. arizona lawmakers have vowed to fight the president's decision. he made a currently at pathetic move. let me say that again, it was a cowardly and pathetic move by a currently and pathetic man, to wait a few days while we are in the midst ofa a few days while we are in the midst of a harry kane, were people's lives are in danger, to try to slip this
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pa rt are in danger, to try to slip this part as a pardon in under the radar. this is about as far under the radar as he get it. it should be under the radar because he is ashamed of it, he should be ashamed of it. security has been tightened in at least five north indian states where nearly thirty people died in the violence that erupted after the conviction for rape — of a self—proclaimed religious leader. thousands of supporters of gurmeet ram rahim singh went on the rampage in reaction to the courts verdict in the town of punchkula. police used live rounds to try to stop the violence and 2,500 people have been arrested. our correspondent justin rowlatt is there. we've been trying to get as close to the prison as possible. this major highway is completely closed. the press have been allowed into this area, but get this, it is kilometre away from the prison. you canjust make it out behind those white buildings on the horizon there. these restrictions are a measure of just how anxious the authorities are
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about crowds of the guru's follower is building up about a repeat of the terrible violence that we saw here in north india yesterday. that has been condemned from the very top downwards from narendra modi, the prime minister downwards have said that they won't come here in india. but there are still a great deal of tension and fear that clashes could again break out. the former thai prime minister ying—luck shinawat has fled to dubai, after she failed to appear at a court appearance in bangkok. local media say she escaped via cambodia and singapore, before travelling to the gulf state, where her brother, thaksin — also a former thai prime minister — lives in exile. ying—luck shinawat is facing a sentence of up to ten years in jail if she's found guilty of criminal negligence charges. a teacher at eton who circulated questions from an a level—equivalent economics exam before the test had been taken — has left the school. mo tanweer who was head of economics left following an investigation by an exam board. the college said it
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meant pupils who sat the economics exam were awarded "assessed marks" instead. eton college said it had co—operated fully and it "deeply regrets that this incident occurred", adding that pupils had done nothing wrong. extra police are on the streets of manchester this weekend as thousands of people attend the city's pride event. following the manchester arena bombing in may, security has been increased, though the police stress there's no evidence of a specific threat. andy gill reports. well before the official start of manchester pride, the party for many was in full swing. gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people from all over europe getting together to celebrate who they are. 50 years ago this would not be allowed so it is a great way to celebrate this. we can celebrate what those people have done for us and it's a great achievement and we still have a
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long way to go. everyone has different issues through the year. it is one chance to relax a bit. out of this world. it is the only one to talk about. if you want to do pride, it has to be manchester pride. the organiser is promising a four—day feast of fun. it is a fantastic celebration. we still face discrimination and pride events like this are key to show we can all stand together united as one to work towards eradicating discrimination. there is a serious side to the pride this year. police say there is no specific intelligence of a terrorist threat to the lgbt community or greater manchester, but after the attack in may and more recent atrocities in europe, they have reviewed security. we will look at a number of security measures around the site. and wider areas in terms of any threats or risks. there are events across the bank holiday weekend, ending in a candlelit vigil on monday night to remember those lost to the hiv virus. andy gill, bbc news, manchester.
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the national trust has accused some visitors to the lake district of treating the landscape like a music festival site. the organisation says the increasing popularity of wild camping, where people pitch a tent away from organised areas, is threatening the beauty of the region. dave guest reports. wild camping is about getting closer to nature and getting away from civilisation. it's about spending a night high upon the hills, away from civilisation, often away from other people. and spending that night with nature under the stars in a self—sufficient, low—key manner. responsible wild campers like these make sure they are discreet, do not cause damage, and take everything home with them when they leave. it is traditionally something done on the high hills. what is the change you've noticed? new audiences have come aware of wild camping and are treating it in a different manner.
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there seems to be a more disposable culture coming into what people perceive to be wild camping. that is now coming within 500 metres of car parks and carrying in as much as they need. and as for taking everything home, this is what national trust rangers are finding. ranger simon hill is spending more and more of his time chasing off and cleaning up after clueless campers. we have pulled out countless tents and inflatable mattresses, batteries... so, this is evidence of the remains of a fire site. it is quite often the sort of remnants that we will come across. we have had experiences where we have taken trailer loads of rubbish out. it has become commonplace for festival—goers to abandon tents and camping clutter at the end
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knowing someone would clean it up. but this is not a festival site. the national trust say they are not trying to stop all wild camping in its traditionalform. they are just trying to be responsible. if you want to find out how, go to the national trust website. alina jenkins has the weather. this august has often been unsettled but it looks like the final weekend is delivering many of us some sunshine. certainly in rutland earlier today. this theme continues through tomorrow at the bank holiday weekend. mainly dry, sunshine and feeling warm. showers across scotland, northern ireland, a few scattered showers across northern
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ireland and wales. the showers slowly losing their energy through the afternoon and into this evening. then mainly dry overnight. clear skies and light winds, leading to patchy mist and fog. not cold with temperatures ranging from 12 or 13 to the north to 15 or 16 in the south. i pressure is across much of the country tomorrow. this structure the country tomorrow. this structure the north—west will increase the cloud, strengthen the wind, patchy rain to the western isles of scotland. away from here, a lot of dry weather, good amount of sunshine once we lose any early—morning mist and fog. diving over across west of scotla nd and fog. diving over across west of scotland through the day as the front bushes across. a cooler feel here. 16 or 17 celsius converted 23 to 25 in the sunshine further south. it looks like some fine conditions will prevailfor the it looks like some fine conditions will prevail for the notting it looks like some fine conditions will prevailfor the notting hill carnival as it continues through sunday and into the back of a day monday. away from scotland it is a bank holiday monday to start the new week. from any, dry as the high
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pressure continues. this frontal system pushing into the north—west will strengthen the winds, bringing rain to northern ireland, scotland and increasing cloud across northern inward through the afternoon. further south, sunshine and feeling warm. a cool feel under the cloud, wind and rain across the north—west. temperatures not much higher than 17 or 18 celsius. in some sunshine, more clouds, 2223 celsius across western areas by 25 to 27 across the east and south—east didn't wind. very warm indeed. before i go, let me bring you up—to—date with what is happening with hardly. soon in trouble for storm. the wind is easing but it is the rainfall that is our concern easing but it is the rainfall that is our concern over easing but it is the rainfall that is our concern over the coming days. a lot of brain, perhaps up to a metre in places. that will bring some devastating flooding, some life—threatening flooding. a story which we will keep an eye on over the coming days. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines at 17:30pm:
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eight people have died in a crash involving a mini bus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. two people have been arrested in connection with the crash. three officers were injured when arresting a man brandishing a four foot sword outside buckingham palace. police say repeatedly shouted "allahu akbar". hurricane harvey weakens after battering the coast of texas with winds of 130 miles per hour. heavy flooring is expected with 42 centimetres of rain being been reported in one area. thousands of rail passengers face disruption as major train stations are affected by bank holiday engineering work. more on those stories at 6pm. let's catch up with the bank holiday weekend sport. we are previewing the
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women's rugby world cup to, and we will be in las vegas for the match between conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather. a late raheem sterling goal earns manchester city victory over bournemouth in the premier league's lunchtime kick off. that's denied the home side a precious point. the forward was sent off celebrations. the goal though prevented his side from dropping points for the second time in a week. when two teams that attack before the defence, it produces the spectacular. in red and black, charlie daniels stuck gold. one to watch again and again. that was bournemouth‘s first league goal this season, but city find a simpler response. davitt silver through to jesus, 1—1. a game it so highly poised would be settled by the
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smallest margins. joshua king this close. things still aren't ideal. his side would find a way to win. 96 minutes on the clock, the bowl with raheem sterling. three points that will feel like so much more. celebrating got him a yellow card. drama in the premier league still takes some beating. they played well. after that, we played really good. except for maybe the second half after our mistake, they created opportunities. we tried. ourfinishing was not good. that's ok. we started really well.
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very positive. charlie scored a great goal, which was lucky. joshua had his chance at the end. we created more chances today than we did before against arguably the best team in the division. we need to start getting points quicker. we understand that someone made a complaint to the stewards that raheem sterling struck him. the police have reviewed the footage and theatre is no evidence. swansea city beat crystal palace 2—0 huddersfield town's winning run came to an end with a goal—less draw against southampton. rafa benitez is a happy man after a 3—0 win over west ham. a player sent off after a terrible tackle in the goalless draw between
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watford and brighton. in the scottish premiership,, nick and hamilton drew two all. wins for motherwell and hamilton. 18 points to 14, motherwell and hamilton. 18 points to 1a, there was little to separate the sides. the goalkeeping proved the sides. the goalkeeping proved the difference. in the wembley sun, no club has won the cup water said wigan, but this is the time for a whole two shine. —— hull city to shine. within the first read its rates. john bateman with the opening score the lesson, do not let it bounce. hull were back in the game.
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kicking clearly the way forward, hull tiger like again. the luck was in. atwo hull tiger like again. the luck was in. a two point lead over all. he will leave the club at the end of the season. here he was leaving his legacy. the narrowest gap was all he needed. the gap on the scoreboard growing. wigan are a proud club with a proud wembley heritage. joe burgess' try added. rugby league's biggest stage, went together with the black—and—white that strongly brightest. in belfast tonight, the women are looking to defend their title. katie is there life after night. the england captain sarah hunter says the best is yet to come from our team. but is that there's going to be enough to be the world's best in
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new zealand? that is the big question. it is so tight to corby ‘s game here. i think what we can say is that it has all the ingredients to bea is that it has all the ingredients to be a really epic final. on the one side, you have new zealand, the number one back side of the world, and then on the other, england, the defending champions. as well as england did in winning the title backin england did in winning the title back in 2014, they didn't have to play new zealand in that tournament. if they are going to retain the trophy, they will have to did the ha rd trophy, they will have to did the hard way. history is on their side. they are pleading than three times in the world cup final and have one on every occasion. england did win a recent encounter between them in new zealand a couple of months ago and they will take a lot of confidence from that. sarah hunter is refusing to look back. the path goes out of the window.
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what happened in last three months in the build—up to this tournament cou nts in the build—up to this tournament counts for nothing. the slate is wiped clean and even more so when you get the world cup final. there will be two teams playing and the best tea m will be two teams playing and the best team on the day will come out and end up lifting that trophy, regardless of what has happened in the past. denies that you might be able to cure behind me here is because there is a third—place play—off currently taking place between the usa and france. —— the noise that you might be able to hear behind me. with such a tight turnaround between games, we will have to wait and see whether that ta kes have to wait and see whether that takes anything out of them, but they are confident. they have come into this in good form. battle hardened. we don't have to wait long before it all kicks off. that is cagey live in belfast. thank you much indeed. west indies are on top in the second cricket test
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against england after a century from kraigg brathwaite on day two at headingley. james anderson has moved even close to joining the 500 test wickets club with three scalps. but the other england bvowlers have been frustrated with some classy windies batting. brathwaite passed a hundred with a classy six. a short time ago west indies were 269 for three in theirfirst innings. leading by 11 runs. to prepare for test cricket, beer must be stopped, the mind must be white. particularly when you have lost 19 in last few days. two went in this morning.jimmy lost 19 in last few days. two went in this morning. jimmy anderson striding towards his 500. the west indies and craig braithwaite in particular showed great result. you reviewed twice, you is right twice. he had earned some escapism. next ball, far better. the west indies are the open. careful but fruitful. a half—century for him, too. england's patients dwindled with their lead. the west indies cleared their lead. the west indies cleared their heads and battled on. braithwaite finished with violence greeted by patients. the wonderful example. one hope soon followed. a
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round of applause from a ground in surprise. the west indies have the chance to take control of the match. they have every chance of doing that. they have at last lost a wicket. stuart broad bowling craig braithwaite. the first time. england will need more wickets where that came from. hopefully for them in the arab are still left to play. it has been a remarkable turnaround. —— flavour them in the last hour left play. conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather have weighed in for the fight that will take place in las vegas in the early hours of tomorrow morning. it will be, mcgregor‘s first ever pro boxing match. floyd
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mayweather is unbeaten, but is 11 yea rs mayweather is unbeaten, but is 11 years older than his opponent at 40 yea rs years older than his opponent at 40 years old. you can listen to that in the early hours of tomorrow morning from 4am. that is on bbc radio five live. and the bbc sport website. lewis hamilton secured the 68th pole position of his career for sunday's belgian grand prix, equalling michael schumacher‘s record. the british driver will be lining up his mercedes, in his 200th grand prix in spa on sunday. world championship leader sebastian vettel is also on the front row of the grid having posted the second fastest time. vettel has also just re—signed with ferrari, for another two years. finnish pair valtteri bottas and kimi raikkonen were third and fourth respectively. 20 drivers, ten teams, all aiming for pole position. invariably the seasonit for pole position. invariably the season it has been about two men. lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel. you could barely get a cigarette paper between them. luca palmyra's
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strongest weekend to date went up in smoke. with the fire is found, it cleared the way of hamilton to light up cleared the way of hamilton to light up the track. squirting his way to his fastest ever. and effort he described as a dream. only one driver could end back. championship leader sebastian vettel run all he could from his ferrari. still newly quarter the second shy from his opponents. there may only be one in belgium today, but there will be tomorrow plenty trying to wrestle that spot from lewis hamilton. there will be a briton on the front row tomorrow after he qualified third. the only ready to dip under the two minute mark. he will be aiming to go one better than his second attempt one better than his second attempt on his home track last year. christopher rumer has extended his lead on the eighth stage. the final five was where he separated his main
5:41 pm
rivals for victory. attacking in the final climb of the day. part of the day's breakaway sprinted clear. behind, he added more time to his overall lead. he now heads the field by 28 seconds. johnny brierley has claimed his maiden victory on the type of loan experience at stockholm. —— triathlon. he promptly cleared a decidedly running could be got. lear mont took silver in the women's race. that is the sport for the time being. you can keep up—to—date with the very latest over on the bbc sport website this afternoon. plenty of the action from headingley and manchester united taking on leicester in the late game in the premier league at old trafford this evening. i will be
5:42 pm
back with plenty more and a full update in sports day at 6:30pm. i will see you then. the headlines on bbc news: six men and two women have been killed in a crash involving a mini bus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. two lorry drivers have been arrested. counter—terrorism police say a man suspected of deliberately driving at officers outside buckingham palace last night — also had a four—foot long sword. torrential downpours as hurricane harvey hits texas, with reports of 42 centimetres of rain falling in one area. now on bbc news — the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news.
5:43 pm
to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? a splendidly mixed bag. we have detroit, which is the new movie by kathryn bigelow. we have logan lucky, which i keep wanting to call lucky logan because it looks like the look words should be round that way. and tom cruise is back doing what he does best in american made. i'm glad you've got a logan lucky issue because i have as well. i keep wanting to say lucky logan. detroit, i've seen many rave reviews already. i'm a big fan of kathryn bigelow who won an oscar for the hurt locker and directed zero dark thirty. the film is set in 1967 in the detroit riots, it begins with a broad canvas and the film slowly focuses in on a particular event.
5:44 pm
at the beginning, a speak easy is raided, rioting breaks out, the state troopers and national guardsmen are sent in, the rioting continues. we then follow a particular character played by a musician who is denied his moment in the spotlight because the riot is breaking mout. he takes refuge in the algiers motel. the police then discend on the motel where they believe there is a sniper. the police are led by a character called krause played by will poulter. who is described by writer mark boal as a character who is inspired by the recorded deeds of a detroit policeman, although he is a fictional character. meanwhile john boyega who is such a brilliant actor, is a security guard who finds himself in the middle of an impossible situation. he's somebody who is distrusted by both sides and attempts to make peace with both sides.
5:45 pm
here is a clip withjohn boyega. hey, fellas, melvin dismukes. i'm with united security, i'm guarding that grocery store across the street. i come bearing gifts. oh, thank you. ain't this nice, boys? hey, all things considered, this is pretty good. thank you. i don't have my usual appliances. got any sugar? don't push it, man. you can see from the clip the film is shot with that very, sort of, distinctive documentary—like style. barry ackroyd is a brilliant cinematographer. he's done what bigelow has done before. turning fact and fiction, working with mark boal, turning something into a drama based on real life but there's dramatic contrivance. the film narrows its focus down until it gets to a single corridor of the algiers motel where this terrifying interrogation and worse takes place under the auspices of this cop played by will poulter. the thing i like about this is that kathryn bigelow is extremely dextrous and the movie seems to move through different genres. it starts off as a social document then moves into something almost
5:46 pm
a musical at one point, when it is in the hotel it becomes a horror movie. some people have taken issue with this but you remember kathryn bigelow directed near dark, which is a vampire western. i think it's a brilliant horror movie. and later it becomes a courtroom drama. i think those shifts are its strength. its greatest strength, beyond the way it's put together, the brilliant editing job which leads you through it... it's like jostling through a crowd of people, different stories, different genres, until we're finally focusing on one central event. but it's the performances that carry it. john boyega is brilliant, he has a way of telegraphing really strong emotions through the tiniest of facial expressions. will poulter is fantastic. he plays a character which has a malevolence hidden under a facade of innocence. it's a tightrope that could easily fall over into caricature but it never does. the experience was thoroughly immersive. it's very, very gripping. it's often terrifying and kathryn bigelow is a fine film—maker.
5:47 pm
it's an urgent film, despite it having a period setting, it feels urgent and contemporary. that's definitely on the list. what of logan lucky? neither urgent nor contemporary. steven soderbergh is back and it's a heist movie. it's described in one moment of dialogue as ocean's 7—11. channing tatum is the mastermind behind this plan to rob the charlotte motor speedway during the coca cola 600. it's a nascar racetrack. he was going to carry out this heist with his brother adam driver. it's a heist caper movie, so it's an impossible job, it can't be done. but they have figured out a way to do it with tunnels under the track. and getting this guy, joe bang, who is an explosives expert played by daniel craig. looking for all the world like a beenyean—paul gauthier. getting him out of prison to do
5:48 pm
thejob, then getting him back into prison. it's written by rebecca blunt who nobody has heard of before, and some people have taken it to be a nom de plume for the director. but they say no, it's someone we've heard before. there is a certain amount of satire, some american flag—waving for memorial day, and there's a line in it one person says, "nascar is like america, you're making us harm america". but the fact is all that satire is very much like nascar, it goes past you and then we're back. i enjoyed it, it's fun, it's flippant and flimsy. it doesn't really stand up. i have a sense you thought about it deeply since you saw it. i have to say, after i finished smiling my way through the movie, i moved to the next thing pretty swiftly. the fact is, it's not easy to make a film that is fun and flippant. there are enough bad movies out there trying to do that. this does it rather well. take us to tom cruise and american made. the thing that tom cruise
5:49 pm
does best is flying, wearing aviator shades and smiling in a way that says, "trust me, i'm tom cruise". this is directed by doug liman. it's inspired by a real life story and some is true and not true. a twa pilot, who became a drugs and arms smuggler claimed to work for the cia. ended up providing evidence for the dea. he is recruited by a mysterious shadowy figure played by donald gleeson, who never puts a foot wrong. ever. he says i know you are smuggling cigars, and you need to work for us now. we will give you this airline. here is a clip. cia owns this? no, no. independent aviation consultants. iac. yeah. you'd run the company but after hours you can work for us. takes pictures? the work is covert. cove rt. so anyone finds out about it, family, friends, even lucy. it's lucy, right? yeah, that's right. that'll be a problem. all this is legal? if you're doing it for
5:50 pm
the good guys, yeah. just don't get caught. i'm backing tom already. but there's a lovely moment of threat there when donal gleeson says it's lucy isn't it? suddenly you see the harder edge. what then happens is, he starts off allegedly working for the cia filming the communist insurgents, then gets mixed up with pablo escobar, flying cocaine to the us, then has to run drugs. the whole thing has a chaotic momentum. meanwhile, money is piling up everywhere. so much so they don't have anywhere to put it anymore. it reminded me of a lot of films, things like air america, war dogs, catch me if you can. the latter is a much more substantial movie which bears up to much greater scrutiny.
5:51 pm
it has that accelerating pace of something like goodfellas, but none of the depth. if you think of things like the mummy and think, was i ever bored? no. did i think a character was ever properly three—dimensional? no. was it fun while it was on screen? yes, it was. it's a movie that seems to be based around an understanding of, there is a thing that tom cruise does. you can like or dislike tom cruise, but there is a thing he does which is he can do that... that big slightly crazy smile and you buy into it. again, i thought it was enjoyable fun. detroit is a movie with such substance and so much going for it, and in the case of american made and logan lucky, not lucky logan, they are fun but they won't stick in the mind like detroit will. one that will stick in the mind is the one you will pick as the best one. dunkirk, have you seen it? i haven't, and it's high on my list. you need to see it in imax if possible. it is an overwhelming experience, it's christopher nolan. he is such a great champion of film.
5:52 pm
i saw this in imax 70 millimetre. the interesting thing is, it's very complex. it is three time structures, one week, one day, one hour. all intertwined. if you have been a fan of nolan since memento, you know he's interested in travelling time. but it's a straightforward story. it's the story of dunkirk. as a piece of cinema, it's terrific. i've seen it twice now and both times, the end of the screening, everyone has been silent. people have literally been like that. that's a testament to how powerful it is. but see it on the biggest screen possible. a brief word about your dvd pick? lady macbeth. florence pugh is brilliant in this adaptation of the story. the script is by alice birch.
5:53 pm
the tale of a woman who refuses to confirm, refuses to be down—trodden, is vilified by society as a result of it. really powerful. fantastic sound design. that sounds like something only a film critic would say but believe me, it's the film you watch with your ears and it's a fine piece of work. good stuff. a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week though. thanks for watching. goodbye. this artist has often been u nsettled, this artist has often been unsettled, but it looks like the final weekend of the month is better. this fc twente continues
5:54 pm
through tomorrow and for some into the bank holiday weekend. quite a few showers across scotland, parts of northern ireland, england and wales, too. the shower is starting to lose their energy through the afternoon. mainly dry overnight. clear skies and with light winds that will lead to a patchy mist and fog. not a cold night. how pressure is across much of the country tomorrow. you will notice this front of the north west, that will increase the cloud, strength and wind, bring patchy rain to western isles of scotland. away from here, a lot of dry weather. good amount of sunshine once we lose early morning mist and fog. a cooler feel here. it looks like some fine conditions will prevailfor
5:55 pm
looks like some fine conditions will prevail for the notting looks like some fine conditions will prevailfor the notting hail carnival as it continues through sunday and into the bank holiday monday. away from scotland it is a bank holiday monday to start the new week. dry as the area of how pressure continues. this frontal system will strengthen the winds, bringing outbreaks of range in northern ireland, scotland and increasing cloud in northern england. further south, sunshine and feeling warm. feeling cooler under the cloud. wind and rain across the north—west. in sunshine, workloads. 25 to 27 degrees of years across east and south of england. very warm indeed. let's bring you up today with what is happening with hurrican harvey. it has now been downgraded and will soon become a tropical storm. the wind is easing, but it is the rainfall that is our concern over the coming days. a lot of rain.
5:56 pm
perhaps up to a metre in some places. that will bring devastating flooding, life—threatening flooding. we will keep you up—to—date with that over the coming days. this is bbc news. the headlines at 6pm: six men and two women have been killed in a crash involving a mini bus and two lorries on the m1 near milton keynes. counter—terrorism police say a man suspected of deliberately the scene facing officers was complex and the recovery operation challenging. tragically eight people have lost their lives. it's our duty to establish what has happened. counter—terrorism police say a man suspected of deliberately driving at officers outside buckingham palace last night — also had a sword. torrential downpours as hurricane harvey hits texas — with reports of 42 centimetres of rain falling in one area. warnings of disruption for thousands of rail passengers as major engineering works get underway — closing stations and limiting some services. also in the next hour —
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lewis hamilton equals michael schumacher‘s all—time pole position record.
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