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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  August 27, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm BST

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driving in connection with a collision on the m1 near milton keynes, in which eight people were killed. labour says britain should remain in the single market and customs union for a transitional period after brexit. the shift in policy would mean continuing to accept the free movement of people after 2019. the notting hill carnival is under way in west london. it began with a special ceremony as "a small act of remembrance" for the victims of grenfell tower. a minute's silence will also be held this afternoon. tropical storm harvey continues to lash texas as officials warn of "catastrophic" flooding to come. more than a0 inches of rain could fall before the storm subsides midweek. time now to get an update on the sport news. conor mcgregor lost to floyd mayweather in the tenth
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round when the referee stopped their fight. but many critics were impressed with just how far the irishman went after many said it would be a circus. they were complimentary of each other straight after the fight, with mayweather saying he'd picked the right partner to dance with for his 50th career victory. the american said he had deliberately taken his time early on, in order to take advantage of a fatigued mcgregor. but the irishman thinks he was still right in the contest when the referee stopped the bout. former world champion david haye says mcgregor was impressive in vegas. i told you guys, blood, sweat and tears and i told you it was a hell of a fight. kind of shocking but we had a game plan, and our game plan was to take our time, let him shoot all his heavy shots, walking him down. it took us a little longer than we expected, but we did what we said we were going to do.
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i told you people this fight wouldn't go the distance, i said i was through the knockout. you are going to take contact, i understand that. a huge boost for boast of their bank balances. what's next for the pair? floyd mayweather is a billionaire, he is now 50 years old, he is not going anywhere, still in the boxing business, mcgregor says he will back to mixed martial arts, the ufc, but he will probably two or three more fights in a boxing ring. when he sits down on holiday next week in ibiza and start counting the money, he is going to go to about 150 million minimum. england have finally bowled out the west indies. james anderson has moved
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within three test wickets of the 500 club after an early morning flurry at headingley. 0ur reporter patrick gearey has been watching the morning session at headingley. advantage west indies? very much so, they are in control of the test match, but it has been a remarkable morning of play. two wickets fell in the first two balls today, shea hope batted beautifully yesterday, gone first ball for 114. shane dowrich was out next, and england after the start. should have been better after that, stewart brought tempted jermaine blackwood into a shot, it went straight to moeen ali, you would put your house on moeen ali catchiness. he dropped it. —— stuart broad. after that, the west indies
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piled environs, they scored quickly, number in the advantage, by determining when had bowled them out, there were 160 runs ahead. a significant advantage, and pressure on this england batting line—up. they have not been firing over this summer, and this isjudgments time with the ashes coming up, an important afternoon i head for england. white may could see the disappointment on stuart broad's face. ben stokes on his best behaviour. he will have to be. when he swore yesterday, it was picked up bya he swore yesterday, it was picked up by a microphone and he was given a new reprimand and a demerit point. some debate about whether you should be punished for swearing in frustration in sport, but if he picks up one more of these demerit points, he will miss a test match. not good news for england, a key player with bat and ball, that he goes into the ashes, you feel that
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australia might try to wind him up. england will not want him missing any of those test matches, so here's one to watch. thanks very much. two games have just kicked off in the premier league with champions chelsea looking for their second win of the season against everton stamford bridge. fourth—placed west bromwich albion are taking on stoke city. later on, liverpool play arsenal, who have confirmed alexis sanchez will be available for selection. manager arsene wenger says the chilean has looked sharp in training. now on bbc news, it's time for the travel show. this week on the travel show... so we're going to be diving on an archaeological site? yeah, exactly. underwater? exactly. we're swimming back to the bronze age in macedonia. oh, wow. you see all walks of life coming in to get a tattoo, bankers, lawyers, doctors. we're making a lasting mark in singapore. it's art, and it's beautiful art at that. we're taking someone else's seat in first class. if someone finds me
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in an airport and says, hey, catch me if you can, yes, i will switch seats with you. you can take my first or business class seat and i'll go back to wherever you're sitting. i'm going to prepare this how it would have been in the tudor times. and we're taking a bite out of one of king henry viii's favourite treats. first this week, we're visiting this small country with a big history and sites dating all the way back to the bronze age. people there are hoping that ancient past will pull in today's tourists. we sent amanda ruggieri to lake
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0hrid in macedonia to find out more. this mostly rural country has drawn people and empires for thousands of years. the ancient persians conquered this area, so did alexander the great. so i arrived into macedonia late last night. it is a landlocked little country in the balkans, so i drove 3.5 hours through mountains and forests. it was lush, it was absolutely beautiful. but i didn't see a single body of water. until i drove over a hill and found myself here at lake 0hrid, one of the most beautiful lakes i think i've ever seen. this is the oldest lake in europe. the area around it is old as well.
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even the town of 0hrid even was a town at the time that king alexander the great was king in the fourth century bc. that ancient history is one of the main reasons visitors love to come here. most of the tourists want to experience this anient thing, to see the culture here. what about as a local, as a macedonian, what does the history here mean to you? the history, i actually love the history. in the same time, i'm feeling so proud about my history. i've got a sense of this lake's extraordinary history from its surface. hello! hi, nice to meet you. nice to meet you!
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a little diving today? yes, please. come on. but to really go in search of lake 0hrid's ancient roots, i have to get a little wet. you are ready? come on, follow me. so we're going to be diving on an archaeological site? yeah, exactly. underwater? exactly, exactly. so it's notjust your normal typical everyday dive, it's like something more on top of that. including a lot of interesting artefacts and objects which are more than 3000 years old. we don't have to go far to find traces of 0hrid's ancient history underwater. with the water so still and clear, diving here is so relaxing, that i almost swim right by without even noticing the first artefacts. jovan has to point them out to me. but when i look, i see they look like the stumps of trees. these are wooden pylons that, in a stroke of bronze age ingenuity, once held up houses built on a platform over the water.
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in fact, archaeologists have found 6,000 remains of these wooden pylons in the lake. jovan also points out some other objects and it's obvious they aren't just the normal debris that you would expect to see at a lake bottom. this artefact is probably something used to drink from, all right, so as you can see there is a really small handle right here, ergonomically made, right? sojudging by this, if you can see... can i hold it? please do, careful. wow. you can see some shells around it. still wet from our dive. that's the most perfect little handle! so, it's kind of interesting to see
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how they used to do these things. you think this would have been a cup to drink out of? most probably, yes, yes. wow. and the last one is the stone axe. this is the front part. you put the stick there or the wooden stick with the handle, and there from behind you have the part that we've seen underwater. as fascinating as it is to discover, and even touch artefacts from 0hrid's ancient past, it is still difficult to picture what life would have been like here some 3000 years ago. this is where this reconstructed bronze age settlement comes in. called the bay of the bones, the settlement has 2a houses built on a wooden platform over the lake. lake 0hrid and the area are considered so special, they even have been listed as a world heritage site by unesco. and 0hrid has another big draw
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for visitors around the world, too. the annual 0hrid summer festival has hosted musicians, actors and singers from more than 60 different countries. 0ur concerts are full and this year we have more than 350 artists playing and acting here. we have 33 concerts, ballet performances, and nine drama shows. the venues used for the 0hrid summer festival are all historic sites. that includes this ancient roman amphitheatre. we have this marvellous stage also in the amphitheatre, made 2000 years before our era. is there is something really special about performing in an amphitheatre like this or in an 11th century church? i think it is because this amphitheatre looks spectacular in the night with 3,000 visitors here. so every musician is really
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excited performing. yes, and the acoustic of saint sofia is really spectacular. i'm sure you will come for some concerts and you will have the opportunity to listen. possibly dating all the way back to the ninth century, 0hrid's church of saint sofia is one of the most important buildings in all of macedonia. today, it's interior is covered with glorious byzantine frescoes, painted between the 11th and 13th centuries. i think that 0hrid is an excellent mix between the ancient history and culture and the programme we do as a festival, and also the culinary and the restaurants and the good food and the good nightlife. i think that everything is important to have a good offer for the tourists. on a night like this,
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when a pianist is performing here for the festival, the combination of 0hrid's history, art and music is intoxicating. it is easy to see why locals are hopeful that more and more visitors will fall in love with this area and its history. next on the travel show, let's take another trip back in time, to get a taste of a dish made for one of the most notorious of kings. my name's andrew chan, i'm the head chef at thornbury castle in south gloucestershire. thornbury castle's famous for henry viii and anne boleyn. they came here for their honeymoon. today i'll be trying to replicate a dish they would have eaten at that time. i'm going to prepare a dish that could have been had in tudor times. it's south gloucestershire pork
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cheek with black pudding bonbon, some vegetables and sage. this is gloucester pork. you have the pork cheek. the only meat we're going to take out initially is the cheek. what i'm going to do now is season that. get it into the pan and get some nice caramelisation on it. in tudor times, the food was homely and very moreish. so they would have grown their potatoes, their carrots, their swedes, their parsnips. you get natural sweetness out of the vegetables. and some red wine. pour some red wine in. just plain beef stock. going to pour it so it covers the whole dish. leave it there for, like,
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two hours, give or take. i'm making the bonbon. you have your flour, your eggs, your breadcrumbs. we have our mix, so i'm going to make the mix now for you, so i'm going to show you the black pudding. put it into a mixing bowl. so from the pork stock you cook your pork cheek. we keep the sauce. that's all left over. reduce it down, so it becomes a sauce consistency. put a tiny amount in. just mix it up into a paste. so it's easy enough to mould. just put them in gently. and all we're going to do is cook these for about a minute, so we get a nice golden colour on them. bit of apple sauce, the vegetables, black pudding bonbon, south gloucestershire pork cheek and you finish off with a nice little bit of sage.
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and a pork broth. still to come here on this week's travel show... we're taking someone else's seat in first class. if someone finds me in an airport and says, hey, catch me if you can, yes, i will switch seats with you. you can take my first or business class seat and i'll go back to wherever you were sitting. and we're baring almost all in the name of body art. you are not only going to attract more people looking at you, you will also help the wearer to have a better self—confidence. so don't go away. the travel show, your essential guide to wherever you're heading. time now for trending travel, your monthly mash up of the best
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travel related stories, snaps and videos online. first—class flying is a luxury few of us can afford. but if you see this man at the airport, you could be in for a free upgrade. his name is gilbert 0tt and he's a travel blogger offering money—saving tips on air travel. he's claimed he will trade his first class or business class seat to anyone who spots him before a flight. if someone finds me at an airport maybe the check—in, the security lane, you know, duty—free, getting some food or even the boarding gate, and they say, hey, catch me if you can, you're that guy, gilbert? yes, i will switch seats with you. you can take my first or business class seat and i'll go back to wherever you're sitting. the key here is they find me before i'm on the plane. because once i'm on the plane, that seat is mine. you can keep up—to—date with gilbert's twitter feed where he'll post hints on where you're likely
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to catch him around the world. the next generation of lunar robots explored a more earthbound location last month. researchers travelled to mount etna, europe's most active volcano to test the machines for project robex, the robotic exploration of extreme environments. etna's rocky terrain is similar to the moon's. and like the moon's it's also prone to earthquakes. it is hoped the robots will monitor these lunar quakes and answer questions about the moon's core. closer to home, robots are also helping out passengers at charles de gaulle airport, where a robot valet called stan parks your car after you've dropped it off. it then monitors your flight on the way back and has your car ready for you on your return. if the prototype is a success, stan's makers claim this automated procedure will also maximise space in overcrowded car parks. and if you are struggling to find your next holiday destination, you might want to leave it to the team at srprs me. this dutch company has recently launched in the uk and for a fee,
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they claim they'll book you a mystery break with the destination kept secret until you reach the airport. faced with a choice between city break and backpacking adventure, you're given only the barest idea of what to pack for. and, of course, there's always the risk you could end up going somewhere you've been before. thanks to everyone who's sent us their pictures this month, using the hashtag travel tuesday. here are some of my favourites. karl visited norfolk in the uk when he took this photo of a beautifully lit woodland trail. and carla has snapped this sunset image of the disney springs in orlando, florida. don't forget to check out our twitter and facebook feeds for extra special travel show content. now let's look at the travel videos clocking up reviews online. 0ne country which has seen record—breaking numbers of tourists in the last year is morocco,
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with over 10 million visitors in 2016. so we've selected a couple of films which show the country at its best that you can also check out online. the film morocco was not a preconceived plan. it was the result of the month of travel across the country that my wife and i did for our travel blog. this film was made using just one camera at the absolute minimum. ifind people to be less intimidated. when you come in with a crew and large production, itjust changes the environment. although the film shows you some beautiful imagery, it's really nothing compared to experiencing it yourself. don't forget to get in touch. it's @bbctravelshow. a couple of years ago on the travel show, i had a preview of the massive new national art gallery in singapore. so, what are we looking at here?
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we are looking at a work by japanese artist who was born to an aristocratic family. it's very visceral with that tiger scowling at us. well, now we're taking a look at a very different kind of singapore art. you know, it's rare that a lot of our local tattoo community comes together, congregate in one area, in one spot. these are very talented individuals and, you know, it's art, and it's beautiful art at that. i guess i'm one of the most well—known tattooists in the world. i've been travelling for about ten years now,
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tattooing just anybody that i can. it's so intimate. tattooing is really intimate, because you're dealing with touching people and it is one—on—one for so long, it's just an intimate thing. it's overwhelming getting a lot of attention, you know what i mean? it's hard to focus because ijust want to create good art. super grateful but it's hard. what i've noticed about singapore in general, it's not very heavily tattooed. like walking around the streets, i didn't see a lot of tattoos on lower limbs where you can see it, or necks and faces and stuff. so that was really interesting, because everywhere i go everyone is really heavily tattooed. this is a very significant event for the tattooing community,
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especially in singapore. we've come up from an era of back in the day where tattoos might have had a bit of negative connotation. there are still a few barriers and the stigma is still kind of there. so doing an event like this is reallyjust trying to remove all that. the people in singapore associate tattooing with negativity like being a triad and mostly bad stuff. but now we are opening up, you see all walks of life coming in to get a tattoo, bankers, lawyers, doctors, you know. people are opening up to it quite a lot more and i think that's a good thing. category four.
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$50. we are looking for the quality of work. the points are given in each individual details. for example, for colours, we make sure they are bright and solid and the blends are smooth. for black and grey, of course we're looking at the design, the depth, the detail. the individual creation from the artist. to me, every single tattoo design is between the client and the artist. that should be the way that we are looking at it. a good tattoo on the individual body, you're not only
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going to attract more people looking at you, you will also help the wearer to have a better self—confidence. unfortunately, i have never been satisfied for the things i've done. as long as my client likes it, they are happy about it for many years, it is fine with me. the greatest part of going to conventions is i am able to draw tattoos all over the world, my name, and a piece of myself, my soul, and it lives there until the person passes, you know. and that's it for this week's
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travel show, but coming up next week: carmen begins a culinary journey through japan. tackling the flavours that locals love but visitors might find a bit of a challenge. a bit like an oyster, really salty but the consistency... bleugh! join us next week for that if you can, but if you can't wait until then, sign up to our social media feeds. the details are on the screen now. but from me, henry golding, and the rest of the travel show team here in singapore, it is goodbye. for many, a sunny sunday. we already
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have temperatures up to 25 celsius along the south coast. compared to just 15 across north—western parts of scotland, more cloud moving in here, northern ireland and parts of wales affected as well, but away from those cloudy areas, a lot of sunshine through the afternoon. some outbreaks of rain moving into western scotland later in the day. the best of the sunshine, high is between 23 and 26 celsius, a much cooler fuel further north and west. 0utbreaks cooler fuel further north and west. outbreaks of rain pushing their way across. where there has been
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sunshine today but keep clear skies overnight, temperatures are made par with last night. dry with plenty of sunshine, but fairly wet and windy across northern ireland and scotland, strengthening winds here, just creeping down into north—west england and west and wales through the afternoon. highs potentially up to 28 celsius in the best of the sunshine tomorrow. hello. this is bbc news with rachel schofield. the headlines at 2.00: two lorry drivers are charged with dangerous driving offences, after the m1 crash in which eight people were killed. a shift in brexit policy — labour says britain should stay in the single market and customs union for a period after the leaving the eu. the notting hill carnival gets under way in west london — a minute's silence will be held in a hours' time for the victims of the nearby grenfell tower. american boxer floyd mayweather confirms his victory over irish
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martial arts star conor mcgregor will be his final fight. and in half an hour, newsbeat asks if it's time for change over attitudes to the legalisation of cannabis.


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