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this is bbc news. i'm joanna gosling. the headlines at ten. thousands more people in houston are told to leave their homes as floodwaters continued to rise in the trail of tropical storm fitow the. one care home had to be evacuated after residents found themselves stuck in waist—deep water. more than 130 people have been treated in hospital and hundreds more affected by a mysterious gas cloud that drifted in off the sea in east sussex. formal brexit talks resume in brussels today — with british negotiators urging the eu to show flexibility and imagination. also in the next hour: pretty vacant. more than a year on from the final store closing, over half the shops are still sitting empty. and in half an hour, newsbeat asks if it's time for change to attitudes to the legalisation of cannabis. good morning and
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welcome to bbc news. tens of thousands of people living in the us state of texas have been ordered to leave their homes as flooding caused by tropical storm harvey continues to cause devastation. meteorologists say conditions are unprecedented, describing the storm as the biggest to have ever hit the state of texas. so far more than two and a half feet of rain has fallen in houston, with the city warned to expect to be deluged by up to a year's worth within the week. five people are reported to have died in the rising floodwaters. emergency services in the area are overstretched and 3000 soldiers have been mobilised to help people to safety. 2000 people have been rescued, some plucked from rooftops why
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helicopters. the residents of one care home, who were evacuated after images of them in waist—deep water were shared on social media. president trump is due to visit the city tomorrow, to survey the damage, facing the first big us natural disaster since he took office injanuary. richard lister reports. taking only what they can hold, the people of huston are trying to escape the deluge. three days of torrential rain after the most powerful hurricane in 50 years have left this city struggling to cope. an armada of rescue boats is patrolling the streets. more than a thousand people have been rescued so far. the emergency services say they have had at least 5000 more calls from people who are trapped. we have a two story home, and on the first floor, it's up to here, and all the furniture is just floating. everything. mattresses, all. with the roads flooded and dangerous, people have been told to stay in their homes and way to rescue there, but inevitably many have been trying
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to flee on their own, risking their lives to find higher ground. but those at the edge of the flood know they will be next as the rain keeps falling. they are getting out while they can. one lady won't come out. she is handicapped. she's over here on the left side. so we know she's there. we know a couple of houses saying they are going to ride it out, so we are not sure exactly how many people. a woman took this photo of people trapped in a nursing home. her daughter treated, asking for help. she said within ten to 15 minutes, the water went from ankle high to waist high, so it immediately they were underwater and floating. the national guard saw the photo, and eventually everyone was led to safety. but there are many others still waiting to rescue, perched on rooftops, calling for help. helicopters are patrolling the city to coordinate the rescue effort. they have been pulling people from the flood, too, but it
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isa people from the flood, too, but it is a slow and dangerous process. and houston's problems are only going to get worse. parts of those regions will continue to receive incredibly heavy rain that will lead to even more flooding and more danger the texans. these floods are turning into some of the worst in america's history, with billions of dollars in damage, and at the moment, an unknown number of casualties. richard lister, bbc news. while covering the hurricane on live television, a reporter for the us network cbs spotted a stranded trucker whose cab was filling with water in an area too deep and fast—moving to swim out of. this is the moment she flagged down a rescue crew to try to save the man. here we go. we have a boat coming. i am going to flag these guys down and see... hold on just a second. are you guys headed down to the truck right here? no.
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there's a truck driver stuck here in about ten feet of water. thank you! 0k. these guys have a boat. we've got the harris county sheriff water rescue teams, an air boat. hopefully we can get down to this guy. sir, they are putting the boat in just now. they are on their way! here we go, the airboat is now approaching this semi that has been stalled here headed westbound in the eastbound lanes. i don't have any word on how long he has been there or what kind of condition he is in. i'm sure he's very wet, very cold, very frightened. i am terrified for him. and here he comes. i feel like i can finally breathe. a sigh of relief.
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amazing. more than 130 people have been treated at a hospital in east sussex, and hundreds more have been affected by a mysterious gas cloud that drifted along the south coast of england. beaches between eastbourne and birling gap were evacuated as people complained of streaming eyes, sore throats and vomiting. police say they're investigating what caused the haze but the beaches will be open as normal today. simonjones reports. this is the moment a strange haze began rolling in off the sea as people were trying to enjoy a day at the beach. with streaming eyes and sore throats, many decided to leave before it was evacuated by emergency services wearing gas marks. the mist quickly spread further along the coast. we all had really sore eyes, and then my partner had a sore throat. i had a bit of a dry chest, and then as we came off the beach, it really kind of hit
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and we were all coughing a little bit, and my children were really upset because their eyes were really painful. and it lasted, i was coughing until ten o'clock, woke up this morning still with a dry cough, but fingers crossed, nothing lingering. more than 100 people headed to hospital in eastbourne where they went through a decontamination process. others were urged not to go to hospital unless it was an absolute emergency. the haze prompted a huge response from the ambulance service, the police, the fire service, the coastguard and the rnli. residents were told to stay in doors and keep their windows closed. what caused the chemical cloud is still unclear. it appears to have come from the coast somewhere. i know in previous incidences we have had here, it has come from an industrial unit in france and stuff like that.
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we will work with our agencies to try and find out where this has all come from. the gas now seems to have blown away, and as thousands are prepared to flock to the beach again for bank holiday monday, the police believe it is isolated and it is not expected to happen again. simon jones, bbc news. brexit secretary david davis and government officials return to brussels today for the latest round of brexit negotiations. british negotiators are urging the eu to show flexibility and imagination. this is the third round of talks since june. 0ur brussels reporter adam fleming has been following every twist and turn, and hejoined me a little earlier. the british strategy employed at the moment is to try to broaden out the talks from the three priority areas that have been identified as the eu on their side and broaden it out to start talking about the future relationship between the eu and the uk on things like trade. so that is why the government has issued a whole load of papers in the last two weeks trying to make the talks a little broader. in terms of how that goes
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down here in brussels, not amazingly well. eu officials at the end of last week were saying that you mess with the timetable at your peril. they say that if you leave big sensitive issues like northern ireland and the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland all the financial settlement, the so—called brexit bill, to the end of the talks, you risk there being no deal at the end of the process, so that is their reason for why they want to deal with those issues upfront. so will david davis get his wish about discussing things for the future instead ofjust the withdrawal issues? i guess we will find out by the end of this week. and as ever, there is always the backdrop to what is going on politically here, and the political talk here around labour shifting its stance on brexit. how much does that filter through to what is happening there? things that happen in the uk do filter through.
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people here in brussels read the british press, listen to the today programme, watch this programme to see what is happening. i think they will be slightly less interested in labour's shifted position on things like a transition deal than they will be about the hardening up of the position in the government, because after all, that is who they are negotiating with. and all the interesting stuff that labour has been talking about this weekend has been about the transition deal, the interim period after brexit day in march 2019, and that is not something that the eu side really want to talk about yet, because they are laser—focused on these three priority issues for the first phase of talks, which is the rights of eu citizens living in the uk after brexit and british people living abroad, the so—called brexit bill, the uk's financial obligations on leaving the eu and the issue of what to do with the northern ireland border. one british news story that really
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has resonated here is, due under another thing happened last week when the home office accidentally sent out letters to about 100 eu national adam fleming reporting. police and troops have been deployed in force in the north indian city of rohtak, where a controversial guru is due to be sentenced shortly for raping two women. followers of gurmeet ram rahim singh rioted after his conviction on friday. at least 38 people died in the violence. justin rowlatt is at the self—styled guru's headquarters in sirsa. we are with the head of the paramilitary police force. there are 16,000 police and army personnel deployed across punjab in
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anticipation of unrest when the sentencing comes. i troops ready to besiege the temple complex if necessary? we are fully trained, and when directions are given, we will implement it. it is very difficult to speculate what exactly is inside and how the people are going to react. as of now, we are going step—by—step, and the first step is to maintain the peace and calm so that people can go back to normal sea. so the temple complex is about two or three kilometres away down this road. this is one of a ring of road blocks surrounding it. there is military all around it now. they are letting people out but not letting anyone in. essentially what is developing here is a siege situation. local villagers have been leaving, taking their cattle with them, there is an order in place to
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seize the guru's property, the question is when they world aside to exercise that order and go in and attempt to take the temple compound. justin rowlatt reporting. police say a crash which shut the m4 for seven hours last night was caused by a driver heading the wrong way between chippenham and swindon. a black audi a3 was travelling the wrong way along the eastbound carriageway of the m4 between junction 16 and 17. it's thought to have collided with several vehicles before hitting another car head on. the driver of the car going the wrong way has died. it collided with is being treated at bristol's southmead hospital but their injuries are not thought to be life—threatening. a 17—year—old boy has died at the reading festival. emergency services were called to a tent in the campsite shortly before 2am this morning. thames valley police say the death is being treated as unexplained. the teenager has not been formally identified but his family have been informed. the headlines on bbc news: the authorities in houston have ordered tens of thousands more people to leave their homes
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as floodwaters continue to rise after trpoical storm harvey hit the area. more than 130 people have been treated in hospital and hundreds more affected — by a mysterious gas cloud that drifted in off the sea in east sussex. and the third round of brexit talks take place in brussels this afternoon — with british negotiators urging the eu to show flexibility and imagination. let's catch up with the sport with nick. good morning, joanna. the fallout from arsenal's 4—0 defeat at liverpool yesterday. arsene wenger labelled his side's performance not acceptable, and he did admit that they had been an easy opponent. but he has asked the fans to keep the faith. mesut 0zil took to instagram to post an apology to fans for his side's abject performance. he said, blame us, shout at us, criticise us,
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but i am also very disappointed. he went on to claim, i am sorry, especially for the fans who travelled all the way up to liverpool to see us fighting. the former arsenal defender martin keown had his say on match of the day to last night. he was critical not only of the team but also some of the manager's decisions. there is £130 million worth of player sitting on the bench, we are told lacazette player sitting on the bench, we are told la cazette is player sitting on the bench, we are told lacazette is the new hope but he's on the bench. gabriel is an outstanding, probably the best pound for pound defender at the football clu b for pound defender at the football club and he has been allowed to leave. mustafi on the bench, they paid £35 million for him. and not sure know of some of the decisions that are being made. west brom defenderjonny evans is a man in demand — the club has rejected a £23 million bid from leicester city for the northern irishman. manchester city are understood to be interested in signing him as well. the 29—year—old was absent from west brom's squad for yesterday's draw with stoke — and leicester's bid is below their valuation.
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the west indies will be looking to ta ke the west indies will be looking to take early wickets to give themselves a big chance of winning this match and get level in the series. joe root‘s team are playing catch up in the second innings, mark stoneman hit a maiden test half—ce ntu ry stoneman hit a maiden test half—century before being bowled 452 , half—century before being bowled 452, joe root resumes unbeaten on 45, england only leading by two runs but with seven wickets in hand. world number one dustinjohnson won the northern trust 0pen, the first of the pga tour's playoff events in the fedex cup. he beat 0pen championjordan spieth with a birdie on the first hole of a sudden—death playoff. spieth had earlier blown a 5—shot lead while the world number one carded a bogey free round. cheavon clarke could be labeled the lazarus of the boxing world. and notjust because he's able to get back up off the canvas.
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the jamaican—born 26—year—old has been impaled. poisoned. and brought back from death. twice. despite bodyshocks like that, he's now part of the great britain boxing team — who are currently at the world championships in hamburg. 0ur 0lympic sports reporter david mcdaid has more. as britain's top amateur heavyweight, cheavon clarke is used to taking blows. but this is a man it seems not even the grim reaper can keep down. people say your mail and once, i don't believe in that. cheavon clarke has already come back from the dead not once but twice. those bases with beth came aged eight and those bases with beth came aged eightand 18, those bases with beth came aged eight and 18, the first when he fell onto a metal spike, the second when his attendance burst. the doctor said my mum i was a lucky young man, during the operation i flat lying on
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the table. came back to life, there to say god did not want to be! i don't know, i look and think i have come a long way sometimes but i brush it off because that is yesterday, cannot live in yesterday. he might be keen to downplay his past but back home in gravesend and his friends feel his experiences have given him an age. if that has happened to you, you have gone through that and survived it twice and been clinically dead twice i think your outlook on life can only be more positive. this invincibility. i think it has helped him so much within boxing because that mentality he now has going forward is allowing him to knock people out. one thing he does say is that he has learned not to plan too farahead, that he has learned not to plan too far ahead, except that is when it comes the next 0lympics. far ahead, except that is when it comes the next olympics. yeah, i wa nt to comes the next olympics. yeah, i want to go there and do damage, i
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wa nt want to go there and do damage, i want the gold, make everyone else proud and inspire people. gold medal, 0lympics. proud and inspire people. gold medal, olympics. and come tokyo 2020 you get the feeling it will take more thanjust you get the feeling it will take more than just a couple of killer punches to stop them. what an inspirational story, surely the next thing is a gold medal in his timeline? we hope so, thank you! a lorry driver is due in court accused of causing the death by dangerous driving after eight people were killed in a crash on the m1 near milton keynes on saturday. ryszard masierak, who's 31 and from worcestershire, is also accused of causing serious injury to four people and being over the alcohol limit. the driver of a second lorry will appear in court next month. thousands of revellers are descending on west london for the second day of the notting hill carnival. it's the 51st time the event has been held — and organisers are expecting a million visitors over both days. yesterday a minute's silence was observed in memory
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for those killed in the fire at grenfell tower, which is on the parade route. live now to our correspondent chi chi izundu, who's in notting hill. it's looking busy and glamorous as we would expect? indeed, this is day two of carnival and as you can see behind me quite a few of the dancers getting ready to take part in the parade, floats due to go along the parade, floats due to go along the parade route, yesterday as you said there was a one—minute silence at 3pm for the grenfell tower victims, we expect the same thing to happen today as a mark of respect for those who perished in the fire and those who perished in the fire and those who were affected. so far the metropolitan police say yesterday's events were pretty calm, they had 122 arrests mainly for drug offences, london ambulance also treated 344 patients. they say because the weather is so hot they
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advise you bring plenty of water to drink, a lot of the patients yesterday had had too much to drink. we mentioned remembering the victims of g re nfell tower we mentioned remembering the victims of grenfell tower how much is that on people's minds. it's quite prevalent, they organisers have tried their best to incorporate as many as possible there was a multi—faith prayer and the releasing of some dogs, they are also encouraging people to wear a green asa encouraging people to wear a green as a mark of respect because that is what schoolchildren around the country adopted as the colour to remember those who perished in the tower. they are also asking people not to take pictures as they pass
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the tower which was also announced on the underground on london, and they are asking people to respect they are asking people to respect the tributes people have put around the tributes people have put around the tower because it's so prominent, it is only half an hour away. thank you very much, fascinating to watch them getting ready behind you, we will see you later. it was one of the most familiar names on the high street, but today marks a year since the last bhs stores closed, after the retailer went into administration. it brought to an end nearly 90 years of trading for the famous chain. so what's happened to all those shops? our business correspondent, emma simpson has been finding out. bhs, one of the best—known names on the high street. it had its heyday, but last year, nearly 90 years of trading came to an end. and the question, who
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would fill this gap? at this shopping centre, a shiny new department store. newjobs for these two former bhs staff. we couldn't get anyone in to fix anything for bhs, but now we've got brand—new everything. it is like moving out, having it refurbished and moving straight back in. for us, it's's like a home from home. whatever was going on in in this building, we would be interested. the fact that we both work here is amazing. it is a good outcome, but what has happened to the other 159 bhs stores around the uk? more than half are empty. 35 properties have deals or plans in place. four are being demolished. only 25 of the former bhs stores have so far been reoccupied. that is about one in six shops. i am not surprised that a vast majority are unoccupied, many of them are very large and costly to reoccu py,
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and they are in marginal towns where there is a lot of competition from other locations. those retailers who would normally have been there in the past have moved elsewhere. i have lived in stockport all my life, i remember being dragged around on a saturday morning with my mum. it would never be a complete visit without coming to bhs. there is a gaping hole now. the council is spending millions on improving the town centre. it's leader is convinced a solution can be found. it is a shame, because it is actually a successful shopping centre. 95% of units are let. we feel there is a lot of potential interest in this building. i think there is an incredible opportunity. i think it can be easy let. but they may need to come up with something creative than just another shop.
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the same goes for many of the other former bhs stores sitting empty as well. a british family have been rescued from their stranded catamaran after it ran aground on a reef in the south pacific during heavy seas. the rescue coordination centre of new zealand received their distress call and coordinated with a nearby yacht to retrieve the couple and their two children. officials said the family were very lucky that a nearby yacht — the only vessel in the area — was monitoring the emergency channel and able to rescue them from the reef. it could well be the hottest late august bank holiday we've recorded, temperatures potentially up to 29, 30 in the south east, whilst it will
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be warm if not hot, it will get cooler as we go to the next few days, but higher pressure returning by the weekend so things will settle down and become dry and settled. this morning much of england and wales looking at lots of sunshine, scotla nd wales looking at lots of sunshine, scotland and northern ireland with rain south and east but during this afternoon find dry sunny weather continues, and the midlands where temperatures will get to around roundabout the midst to the high 20s. cooler for other north and west and cloud spelling but temperatures in manchester about 23 degrees, you can see where the rain is, towards the north and north—east of scotland things improving and in the north—east temperatures could still get up to about 21 degrees but it will be a hot day, 28 to 30. through tonight this area of cloud and rain
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moves its way south and east, it will break up as it does, introducing cooler conditions, a chilly night, across england and wales still fairly warm with temperatures no more low than 15—17. during tuesday this area of cloud and rain will break up as it moves down towards the south east it remains dry and sunny, temperatures up remains dry and sunny, temperatures up to 26 degrees but much pressure conditions coming into northern and western areas with highs of 15—17. low pressure moving in on wednesday that will introduce more cloud and outbreaks of rain as well for england and wales while for scotland and northern ireland on wednesday it should be largely dry with sunshine, pretty wet at times for england and wales, temperatures down to 18 celsius, much cooler and fresher. from thursday into friday things
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improving, showers around at times, temperatures about 16 to 20, going into the weekend it looks fairly settled for many of us, that's it from me, goodbye. hello. this is bbc news with joanna gosling. the headlines: 3000 soldiers are being sent to houston to help residents affected by severe flooding in the wake of tropical storm harvey. more than 130 people have been treated in hospital and hundreds more affected by a mysterious gas cloud that drifted in off the sea in east sussex. the third round of brexit talks take place in brussels this afternoon — with british negotiators urging the eu to show flexibility and imagination. police and troops have been deployed in the north indian city of rohtak, where a controversial guru is due to be sentenced shortly for raping two women. now on bbc news, newsbeat take a look at the arguments
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for and against the legalisation of cannabis. cannabis, weed, skunk: call it what you will, for many people, it's a common sight at music festivals, house parties, and, frankly, your local town centre. it's the most commonly used illegal drug in britain, and last year in england and wales alone, over 2 million people admitted taking it, even though being caught could land you in prison. but all over the world, attitudes to cannabis are changing. these countries have decriminalised the drug, meaning if you're caught with a small amount of weed, you're not going to jail. some have gone further, and legalised it. and if you want to see things changing at pace, look at north america. in the us, 21 states have decriminalised small amounts of cannabis for personal consumption, and eight have gone further, legalising recreational use. but a place that many are watching is canada, with the country set to legalise
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the drug next year. so with all this happening around the world, some in the uk are asking, "cannabis — time for a change?" i'm in brighton to meet rob. hi, how are you doing? he's the chair of the brighton cannabis club, and thinks the answer to that question is "yes". so basically, we're visiting a venue where they offer


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