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hello. this is bbc news. i'm duncan golestani. our top stories: president trump arrives in the flood—hit state of louisiana to see the damage caused by hurricane harvey. earlier, he met survivors in houston, texas and helped volunteers distribute aid. in south asia, catastrophic flooding has affected more than 45 million people and left 1,400 dead. we report from bihar, one of india's worst hit provinces. the water just the waterjust came crashing in here, sweeping away half the village, devastating their homes, devastating their lives. prosecutors in france step up the search for a nine—year—old girl who disappeared from a family wedding last week. two men detained for questioning have been released without charge. and — thousands set foot across scotland's new forth bridge, ahead of monday's official opening. donald trump has praised
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the recovery effort in texas during a visit to houston, where he's been meeting people who've been affected by storm harvey. the president and the first lady have now travelled to neighbouring louisiana, which was also badly hit by the storm. james cook reports from houston. americans look to their president. he is expected, required, to show empathy, leadership and unity. today, donald trump did deliver hugs and handshakes, and over the past week, the commander—in—chief‘s response to this hurricane has been praised as rapid and effective. nice to see you. go ahead, take a picture. it's been really nice,
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it's been a wonderful thing. as tough as this was, it's been a wonderful thing, i think, even for the country to watch, and for the world to watch. it's been beautiful. so far, the storm has claimed more than 45 lives. it has damaged or destroyed 100,000 homes, and left more than a million people displaced. and yet president trump spent the eve of this visit talking about scrapping a policy that protects young, undocumented immigrants. the devastation wreaked by hurricane harvey is plain to see here. texas is barely beginning to count the cost, and many people here are astonished that the president would choose this moment even to mention immigration. and we have a lot of distilled waterfor the babies... jessica's home was flooded, and now she is helping others. brought here illegally at the age of four, she is among 200,000 texans who face being fired and deported if president trump keeps his promise. it's a complete slap in the face.
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i mean, you see people who are struggling, your initial reaction is to help them, and his is the complete opposite. he knows what he's doing. he knows what the effects of this would be in the community. the white house says the president will announce his decision on tuesday. even as he lends a helping hand, unity may be out of reach. but, amid the suffering here, there is beauty. this video has inspired millions. for the victims and the survivors of hurricane harvey, it is both lament and anthem. jay bonafede is with the american red cross and hejoins us now from houston. thank you for speaking to us. he met with president trump today. what did he say to you? he didn't seem much to me. later, outside, with one of
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my red cross colleagues, he had a long conversation where he thanked the red cross were being one of the many organisations that volunteered. he had a wonderful meeting with our ceo earlier this week and really just complimented the response in general and the red cross's role. what did that mean to the people staying there with you, taking shelter with you? he didn't get a art is at the shelter. —— he didn't visit us at the shelter. the part i saw was at a distribution centre. the volunteers that were putting them together were giving a very loud round of applause. i'm not sure if donald trump actually handed the kids out to the residence himself
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but i think they would have appreciated that. we are looking at pictures of the president and the first lady handing out aid. give us an idea of how big the operation is. it isa an idea of how big the operation is. it is a little over a week since it started. -- there are are a couple of thousand in the state of louisiana. i think that alone will give you a feel for the size. 0ur primary focus is shelter and we are starting to move into recovery and that will be a long process. the american red cross is not a rebuilding agency. but we will be here making sure they have what they need, giving them assistance as best we can for the next several weeks and months. thank you for taking the
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time to speak with us. and — you can head to our website for more on, donald trump's visit to flood—hit parts of texas and louisiana — as well as the latest rescue and relief efforts, following storm harvey — just go to later in the programme, we will be talking to the man who was playing the piano. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the fbi and usjustice department have confirmed they've found no evidence to support donald trump's claim his predecessor wiretapped trump tower during last year's election campaign. the investigation followed a tweet by the president in march of this year. mexico's president, enrique pena nieto, has warned he won't accept any border deal with the united states that goes against mexico's dignity as a nation. his comments were made during his first state of the union
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address since president trump came to power with promises of building a wall along the border, and making mexico pay for it. new claims are coming out of north korea about its weapons programme, along with the release of these pictures. the official news agency says the country has developed a more advanced nuclear weapon. it says kimjong—un has inspected a hydrogen bomb that is more powerful and can be loaded on an intercontinental ballistic missile. no photographs of the weapon has been released and there has been no independent verification. 14 people, 12 of them british, have been arrested by spanish police over an alleged drug—dealing ring targeting the holiday resort of magaluf. the suspects were detained in a series of raids by heavily—armed officers in barcelona and on the spanish island of majorca. three kilos of cocaine were seized, as well as ecstasy and cannabis. the united nations says as many as 41 million people have been affected, by heavy monsoon rains across south asia,
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leading to the worst flooding in the region for several years. across india, bangladesh and nepal, at least 1,400 people have lost their lives. 0ur correspondent, justin rowlatt reports from one of the worst affected regions, bihar state, in north—east india, where hundreds have died. where we are going can only be reached by boat. the only dry place for miles around is on top of this great embankment. but the embankment that now protects the villagers is the reason the floods had such a catastrophic impact. the torrential rains transformed the normally placid river. the pressure grew and grew. so what happened is that embankment holding back the river breached, and the waterjust came crashing in here, sweeping away half the village, devastating their homes, devastating their lives. translation: it felt like we were hit by an ocean of water.
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ijust ran for my life, taking my children with me. i didn't have time to save anything. everything i own has gone. this man showed me what the floods had done to his home. oh, look at this. so he said the whole place was flooded with water. water was above his head, and came washing through here. and you can see — i mean, it has just left absolutely terrible mud behind. so he says for three days they had no food at all, and then helicopters came in, bringing food, bringing some relief for them. and he said there wasn't enough room to stay out on the embankment, so he has had to bring his family down here, including his three—year—old child, to live amongst this filth. it is eid today, one of the great festivals of islam.
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like most of the village, this family is muslim. for the first time since the catastrophe, they are having meat, but there is little appetite for celebration. tens of thousands of communities across south asia have similar stories of horror and destruction to tell. the only good news here is that everyone in this village survived. justin rowlatt, bbc news, bihar. thousands of members of myanmar‘s rohinga muslim minority are continuing to flee across the border into neighbouring bangladesh. nearly 60,000 rohingyas have fled since myanmar‘s army began a campaign against suspected militants in rakhine state just over a week ago. sanjoy majumder has been to a refugee camp on the bangladesh—myanmar border and sent us this report. exhausted and traumatised after escaping death, many of these rohingyas
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have walked for hours, across hills and through paddy fields, to avoid being shot before making it here. these are fresh arrivals, rohingyas who have just arrived after crossing the border. and, with every passing hour, there are more and more of them coming. there is absolutely no space left anymore, so they are just living on any piece of open ground that they can find, and many of them have the most disturbing testimony to share. i meet a man who is nursing a bullet wound in his foot. he tells me that his village, just across the border, was allegedly attacked by the myanmar military and armed civilian mobs. translation: so many people were killed. they just set fire to everything. ijust ran. there were people whose throats were slashed with knives. they were shooting at us, and i got hit. and, from inside myanmar‘s rakhine state, the scars of violence, entire villages burned down.
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there is not a house left standing. this is where the myanmar military have been carrying out a massive crackdown, following an attack last week by a rohingya militant group on dozens of police posts. rights campaigners say the use of force has been massive and indiscriminate. the situation seems to be one where it is rapidly sliding toward the precipice. you have a situation where many people are on the move. significant areas of rakhine state are on fire. as for those who have managed to flee the fighting, they are building temporary shelters, and trying to make a home for themselves. bangladesh, after initially trying to stop them coming, is now letting them in. for the survivors, this represents freedom. it has come at a cost, and they are still uncertain about what lies ahead.
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sanjoy majumder, bbc news, at the bangladesh—myanmar border. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: playing through the pain. one man's response to the trauma of hurricane harvey. we will speak to him live. she received the nobel peace prize for her work with the poor and the dying in india's slums. the head of the catholic church said mother teresa was a wonderful example of how to help people in need. we have to identify the bodies, then arrange the coffins and take them back home. parents are waiting and wives are waiting. hostages appeared, some carried, some running, trying to escape the nightmare behind them.
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britain lost a princess today, described by all to whom she reached out as irreplaceable. an early—morning car crash in a paris underpass ended a life with more than its share of pain and courage, warmth and compassion. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: president trump has arrived in the flood—hit state of louisiana to see the damage caused by hurricane harvey. earlier he met survivors in houston, texas and helped volunteers distribute aid. catastrophic flooding in south asia has affected more than 45 million people and left 11100 dead. amid the destruction and despair
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caused by hurricane harvey, a touching moment. a man who returned to his flooded home in houston stopped to play the piano. the clip has since gone viral on social media. let's have a listen. well, aric harding is the man you see playing in that video and hejoins me now from his home in houston. take us through this. you went home to see the damage. what made you stop and play the piano?|j
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to see the damage. what made you stop and play the piano? i had gone back to my house, we waited through the water, my friend and i, to get back to the house. we had been out of the house for a few days already andi of the house for a few days already and i was returning to get some favourite stuffed animals for my children. and so while i was there my child, who is 13, he plays the piano better than i do, he was upset about the piano so ijust piano better than i do, he was upset about the piano so i just asked piano better than i do, he was upset about the piano so ijust asked my friend to take a video, i. for a second and play piano for a moment so second and play piano for a moment so that he can see that the piano whiz 0k. try to make him feel better and, kind of in the middle of that, there was this quiet for a second andi there was this quiet for a second and i realised it was the first time i had sat down since we had been rescued from our home. it is a
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lovely moment and it does seem to have captured the imagination of people around the world. how surprised at you by that? 100% would surprised at you by that? 10096 would be the amount. it is the craziest thing. it was, literally, something that our father does. you take care of your children, you comfort them. that is what i was doing. the reason i posted it was because the very next day our church pastor had done a facebook live thing because he was trapped in idaho. he was talking about how we will all go through suffering that there will be good that comes from it. i posted a message along with, you know, the video it's self and good has come from it. he is right. there have been many people who have felt comforted and felt a sense of hope
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in the middle of what has been quite challenging for many people. the musician, vanessa carlton, and a yamaha have said they will help you replace the piano, if it needs replacing. how did that come about? i have done some interviews with cnn and many of the news networks here in the united states and the video was just being seen all over the place. vanessa saw the video and, um, she felt connected to it. she began to reach out, asking how to get hold of me. and the producer from cnn sora, it and gave her my phone number. she then gave me a call and said that she would love to get involved with yamaha to try and replace your piano. 0rson, to think that she would do that. she was connected to the fact that in the middle of a tragedy like this, and
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musicians lose the thing that they are most connected to and so it is not just are most connected to and so it is notjust me. there is a far—reaching thing here that is going on with musicians as well. behind you i can see the furniture stacked up. how have you been affected by these floods? well, we have taken, since wednesday, as soon as we could return to our property, we have been doing this. is used to be my living room, behind me. it is ripped down oui’ room, behind me. it is ripped down our to the studs. this is where the piano sat, write their. now there is an empty spot because all of those things had to be moved out of the house. i don't know if you can see behind me but all of that is my furniture and the house... that is everything. you have to remove everything. you have to remove everything but the water touched. we spent the last few days with the help of a lot of our church friends... there have been no less
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than 60 people from our church helping to rip out all of the downstairs. eight homes on our street and be they church members or not, our church has been here making it happen. it has been called. there has been joy it happen. it has been called. there has beenjoy in it happen. it has been called. there has been joy in the it happen. it has been called. there has beenjoy in the midst it happen. it has been called. there has been joy in the midst of this trial. it has been incredible and we feel very lucky and very blessed to be where we are now. fantastic to hear you being so up the. it has been a pleasure to talk to you. all the best for you, yourfamily been a pleasure to talk to you. all the best for you, your family and the best for you, your family and the piano. thank you very much. seven militants have died in an attack on a power station near the iraqi city of samarra. the assault began in the early hours when armed men wearing explosives entered the plant and took workers captive. several civilians also died. so—called islamic state is believed to have been behind the attack. cambodia's opposition leader has been arrested and accused of treason. kem sokha was taken into custody following a raid on his house. his daughter said he and his bodyguards had been taken away by up
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to 200 police officers. the international pressure group, human rights watch, described the arrest as a disastrous setback for the country. at least 27 people have been arrested in buenos aires, after clashes broke out during a protest over the disappearance of a human rights activist. the demonstrators were demanding action to find santiago maldonado, who travelled to the far south to defend the rights of the mapuche indigenous people. 17 people were injured. several hundred volunteers have joined the search for a nine—year—old girl who vanished during a wedding in the alps a week ago. two magistrates have opened a case into the suspected kidnapping of a child in south—eastern france. prosecutors say the priority remains finding the girl, named as maelys de araujo. sarah corker reports. police divers search a pond in the
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french alps looking for any clues about what happened to be missing nine—year—old, maelys de araujo. she was last seen at three a.m. 0n sunday august 27. at a family wedding in this hall. village 50 kilometres north of grenoble. 0n saturday, hundreds of volunteers combed nearby woodland. this citizens search was organised via social media and co—ordinated by the police. translation: social media and co—ordinated by the police. translationzlj social media and co—ordinated by the police. translation: i am a father of three children. my eldest daughter is nine years old so it resonates with me. i live 60 kilometres away but i had to do it. if it was important for me. the authorities describe the community response as staggering.
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investigators suspect that the little girl, who was at the wedding with her parents, was kidnapped and taken away by car. two suspects, both 34—year—old man, were detained for questioning that have been released without charge. translation: important work has already been carried out by the gendarmes. i remind you that over 200 people were interviewed in a very short period in the few days following the disappearance and around 110 searchers have already been carried out. police are also examining photos and videos taken on the day of the wedding as the search for the young girl, who has been missing for a week now, is stepped up. the first pedestrians have walked across scotland's queensferry crossing, the new road bridge over the firth of forth. by the end of the weekend 50,000 people are expected to have made the journey taking in magnificent views. but crossing by foot is just for two days, with the road officially opening
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to traffic next week. catrina renton reports. this is something we won't see again. for two days only, 50,000 people are getting the chance to walk over the new queensferry crossing, chosen in a ballot from almost a quarter of a million people who put their names forward for this moment in history. this bridge could be operational for 120 years. this is something isaac can tell all his family about. i know, we've taken lots of photos, so he'll have the memories and the photos if he doesn't remember it himself. it sits alongside the forth bridge, the railway crossing, built in the 19th century. and the forth road bridge, opened in 1964. a new crossing for the 21st century. it's a chance to sample this feat of engineering, 1.7 miles long and the tallest in the uk. these are the people who have been lucky enough to be chosen to walk over the bridge, they are taking every opportunity to relish this. this road will soon become a motorway so this is a once—in—a—lifetime opportunity for these people to experience the bridge up close and personal.
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nine—year—old woody's family watched the bridge being built as they drove over the old one. i thought it's done. i was so excited, my heart was pounding. the first ministerjoined walkers, taking pictures and soaking up the atmosphere. there's such a feeling of pride on the part of everyone i have spoken to, a real sense this is a scottish icon and it will become one of the most recognisable bridges anywhere in the world. today's memories will be passed down the generations. catriona renton, bbc news, on the queensferry crossing. much more on our website and i am an twitter. i'm @duncangolestani stay with us here on bbc world news. hello.
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most of us enjoyed some picture perfect weather to start the weekend on saturday. these are the pictures to prove it. broken cloud, lot of sunshine, pleasantly warm in the sunshine. there were just one or two sharp showers in parts of east anglia, the vast majority were dry. but if this was saturday's weather, this is sunday's weather, quite a change. cloudier for many, wetter for some. and as we go on through into the first part of sunday you can see where the rain has arrived. across northern ireland into western scotland, wales and much of south—west england, and it's notjust wet, it is windy too with some gales through the irish sea. some of the rain during the first part of the day will be on the heavy side as well, so really will be a grey and wet start to the day, whereas further east in complete contrast there will be some sunny spells around although turning increasingly hazy quite quickly as we go through the morning, and the breeze will start to pick up as well.
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so an east—west split to begin the day. some of the heaviest rain will have moved through northern ireland at this stage although still in eastern counties, a bit more patchy in the west, and that rain edging into south—west scotland where it will be dry with some early sunshine in the east. now, this will try to move east through the day, but a very slow process, eventually it will encroach more to north—west england, the midlands and south—east england during the afternoon, but the further east you are, although the cloud increases, the breeze picks up, you could well stay dry until the evening and maybe a few hours beyond. could see 20 celsius with anywhere seeing the sunshine lasting longest, quite cool with the cloud and rain, only around 15 in places. could be worse. could be better but could be worse for the first stage of the tour of britain in edinburgh as that gets under way. looking at things on sunday evening, again some of the increasingly light and patchy rain feeds further east, some spots will stay dry during the day with a lot of low cloud, coastal and hill fog down to the south and west of the uk. the weather system for monday has ground to a halt. it has left a lot of cloud across us on monday,
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really quite misty and murky to begin with with extensive coastal and hillfog, damp and drizzly in places. we'll see another weather system bringing more rain to parts of scotland and northern ireland during the day but brightening up in england and wales, quite muggy and given any sunny spells, it will feel quite warm. once we clear the rain away south—eastwards on tuesday, on tuesday and wednesday we're back into a brighter, showery weather picture where it's quite wet and windy for the end of the week. this is bbc news, the headlines. donald trump is visiting areas worst hit by hurricane harvey. he's arrived in the flood—hit state of louisiana — to see the damage first hand. earlier he met survivors in houston, texas — and helped volunteers distribute aid. he's promised to seek nearly eight billion dollars in federal aid to help flood victims. flooding in south asia has left more than 45 million displaced. more than 1,400 people have died across india, bangladesh and nepal
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after torrential monsoon rains. the red cross says its one of the worst regional humanitarian crises in years. several hundred volunteers have joined the search for a nine—year—old girl who vanished during a wedding in the alps a week ago. two magistrates have opened a case into the suspected kidnapping in south—eastern france. prosecutors say the priority remains finding the girl, named as maelys de araujo. the metropolitan police has confirmed, it's paid compensation, to the former british, chief of the defence staff, field marshal lord bramall, and the family of the late former
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