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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 4, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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bridge, which sits just to the east. concerns over the cables on that one leg to the decision to build the new one, which the queen today describe asa one, which the queen today describe as a feat of engineering. it joins its iconic neighbours to create a breathtaking sight over the firth of forth and to provide an important link for sir many in this community and the surrounding areas. those who live nearby were excited to be part of this special day. it was amazing seeing the queen come and everything. it's absolutely amazing that she was here to open it today. for us as locals to be allowed to be so for us as locals to be allowed to be so close to her, i think it's absolutely fantastic. celebrating this occasion, a flotilla of boats, while above, the red arrows. now there are three bridges standing side—by—side, an unmistakable
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scottish feast. racially driven campaign in south africa. here on bbc good evening, you're watching bbc news. i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight... it's another nervy night for england, but rashford gets the wembley winner to take them ever closer to the world cup. that's the result scotland needed as they target second in the group. they beat malta at hampden park. and high fives for northern ireland, five wins in a row secures second and almost certainly a play—off spot.
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hello there, we've had a home nations hatrick tonight, details coming up of the wins at hampden park and windsor park in a moment. it was no walk in the park for england at wembley but another victory means that they now need just two points from their last two world cup qualifying matches next month to be sure that they are in russia next summer. let's speak to our sports correspondent natalie pirks who is at wembley. evening, natalie. it was another one of those matches, wasn't it? gareth southgate said they are a work in progress and there is plenty still needed but this was an improvement on the malta game last week. it was a huge improvement on malta
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last week, specifically the second half. in the first half there were still some of those jitters and mistakes. we saw that very early on. gareth southgate asked for a performance that would get wembley off its feet, and they certainly have that in the first three minutes. it just wasn't have that in the first three minutes. itjust wasn't quite what he wanted. remember, marcus rashford was trying to get away, but he ended up was trying to get away, but he ended up losing the ball, in a costly area, and it was lobotka, as you can see, that really capitalised early on. that shook wembley to its core. it seemed to jolt england. quite a panicky performance. then england equalised, as you can hear. and eric dier goal. that was quite cheeky, from a corner. not sure if he meant it. but he did. joe hart made a very important save and 1—1. he has been much maligned because of the ten goals he has conceded injust ten games at west ham. but it was marcus
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rashford that came on to win the game for england, to score the wembley winner, after having that moment in the first half. he really came back and showed true character. i think was the character he showed and that the team showed in the second half that really gave the fa ns second half that really gave the fans something to cheer. they have been thinking i was not enough pride in that shirt. they have been talking about that a lot. gareth southgate said was outrageous to suggest they didn't have enough pride. the second half performance and the character shown by marcus rashford gave them something to cheer. in their penultimate match against slovenia they will qualify for russia with a win. that is something definitely for england fa ns to something definitely for england fans to cheer. let's hope so. it was a great night for scotland because they needed that england win to give them the chance to make up some ground on slovakia in second. they took that chance with a 2—0 win at hampden park against malta. alastair lamont was at the match. scotla nd
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scotland made it four games unbeaten to continue the resurrection of their world cup dream. they did so with an ultimately comfortable, if not emphatic victory over bottom of the group malta. having won so well in lithuania on friday, gordon strachan named the same starting line—up. that looked to be paying off when christophe berra headed into an early lead. the home side dominated the rest of the first half, but they couldn't add to their advantage. it didn't take too long to put that right after the break, leigh griffiths handily placed to tap in the second goal of the evening. there was to be no deluge of goals, and no repeat of the 5—1 thumping in malta exactly one year ago. nevertheless, scotland did exactly what was required of them this evening. just as crucially, down at wembley, england took care of slovakia, who are also vying for second spot in group effort. for the scots, they have to beat slovakia
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here and then go to slovenia and win. easier said than done, but certainly not be on scotland. pleased about loads of things. they had the belief, whenever going well, to pick themselves up and go again. they showed no matter what the belief would be elsewhere that they had belief in themselves. that was good. we've put ourselves in a position that we go into the final couple of games still with a chance of going to the play—offs. this is how group f looks, england five clear of slovakia and that means a win or two draws will be enough to win the group and qualify for the world cup. slovenia at wembley and lithuania away to come. a runners up spot is in scotland's hands, they face slovakia and slovenia in their last two matches. so scotland are chasing that runner—up spot but northern ireland sealed theirs in group c tonight
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after beating tyhe czech republic 2—0 at windsor park. it was their 5th qualifying win in a row. alex gulrajani reports. after reaching their first major tournament in 30 years last summer, northern ireland don't fancy waiting as long for the next. martin 0'neill house highs on russia, as did the czech republic. too many on the world cup finals, and non—enjonny eva ns, world cup finals, and non—enjonny evans, left alone in the box to give northern ireland a valuable lead. the celebrations started early in belfast and they had no reason to stop. a second from chris brunt, the man that mr european championships through injury, helping his side edge closer to russia. if they do make it, the defence will take their fairshare of make it, the defence will take their fair share of credit. germany, the only team to score against them and the czech republic were not troubling them tonight. nothing for him to worry about, or them. second place guaranteed, and a play—off spot almost theirs. we had to find a way to win, that is
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the important thing. when you have that in your squad, you have half a chance. again, the performances at the back, evans connor hughes, brunt, mclauchlan, they were phenomenal. right through the team, davis, corry evans, there is not a player that didn't give us everything. we had to cover big distances, little distances, sometimes with little reward. so northern ireland now on 19 points and should be sure of a play—off place. the eight best runners up in the nine european groups get a play—off match. their next game though is in germany who thrashed norway 6—0 tonight. arsenal's mesut ozil among the scorers. michael 0'neill‘s side finish off their campaign with a visit to 0slo. it has been a brilliant international break for the home nations, seven matches
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played, seven matches won. we'll see if wales can make it a clean sweep tomorrow. after that win against austria in aardiff they are in kishinau for their qualifier against moldova. top seed rafa nadal is into the quarter—finals at the us open at flushing meadows after a straightforward fourth round win over alexander dolgopolov of ukraine. nadal, the world number one, lostjust seven games on his way to victory as he reached the quarters for the first time since 2013. he now faces russian teenager andrei rublev in the last eight. rublev beat ninth seed david goffin of belgium in straight sets to book his match against nadal. the russian 19—year—old is the first teenager since andy roddick in 2001 to reach this stage. he says nadal is one of his childhood idols. the world number one karolina pliskova flew into the last eight after thrashing the american jennifer brady. the match seemed at times little
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more than a training workout for the czech and she took the first set 6—1. the second set was even easier with the american offering scant resistance and pliskova didn't lose a game. the match was over in 46 minutes and pliskova next faces american coco vanderweghe. i was just saying, my first good match, actually. ithink i was just saying, my first good match, actually. i think one of the best, even this year. the opponent was not the best today, definitely she can play better than she was playing today. i think she was kind of nervous. with the shadow, i think she didn't feel well. but nothing changed in my game today. i was feeling great. no major surprises in the england squad to face the west indies. surrey‘s tom curran the only new face in the 50—over squad.
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one notable absentee is durham fast bowler mark wood who is still trying to regain fitness after missing much of the summer with a heel injury. there's a one—off t20 match before a five match 50—over series. something to look forward to. that's all from sportsday. a great day for england, northern ireland and scotland. let's see if wales can win tomorrow evening. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are deborah haynes, defence editor at the times and jack blanchard, editor of politico's new playbook morning briefing.
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let's give you a preview of the front pages. the metro has split its front page, with kate and kim sharing the headlines. express the daily express doesn't muddy the waters in any way and goes all in with baby number three for kate and wills. the main story in the times focuses on cyber attacks on british universities, with medical and scientific research apparently targeted. the guardian has an investigation into azerbaijan's elite operating a secret scheme to pay the europeans and launder money. the sun has a twist on that story, claiming that the baby was conceived on their trip to poland. and the daily mail highlighting fears of
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home—grown terrorism in isolated communities. let's kick off. welcome to you both, the korean crisis and the story that has... welcome it has been a crisis for so many years, but this one seems to be more dangerous than ever before? absolutely, almost every day it brings a new escalation of tensions. today, we have had the us ambassador to the united nations coming out and using quite blunt language, accusing kim jong—un coming out and using quite blunt language, accusing kimjong—un of begging for war. strong quotes on the front of the guardian, war is never something the united states wa nts, never something the united states wants, we don't want it now but our patients is limited, we will defend oui’ patients is limited, we will defend our allies and territory. i was
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meeting with academics who are over the, planning war games, they are going to be doing it at kings couege going to be doing it at kings college london yesterday. they have done lots of war games about the north korea scenario. it comes to an end where all parties involved realise they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. while the headlines are terrifying, you wonder if it might eventually be resolved without things going horribly wrong. the only problem is that i bet none of theirwargames only problem is that i bet none of their war games involve donald trump being president of the united states. funny you should say that, the new one does. how does it end? was interesting, and added dimension. the times, saying that they are set to launch more missile tests. that will be the task for
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donald trump, if kimjong—un keeps upping the ante? i think he will, what stops them from doing it? people say he is crazy, maybe he is, but he has a clear focus, develop nuclear weapons to the point where he feels his regime cannot be touched. so far, people are shouting and screaming each time he does it, but nothing happens. really, what can people do to stop him? i would


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