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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 9, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm BST

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this is the scene beach in miami. this is the scene right now. clearly, you can see there, the waves are picking up, the winds are picking up as well. that is hurricane irma making her way in, expected to make landfall in the early hours of sunday, currently a category three as it crosses the northern coast of cuba, expected to pick up strength as it travels gci’oss pick up strength as it travels across one waters to florida. we are watching this closely. more on this at the top of the hour. in the meantime, we stick with the weather theme. something a little bit quieterfor us something a little bit quieterfor us in the british isles but it was a mixed bag. and in any one location because when you caught the showers
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you knew all about it. the ridge of high pressure is beginning to move in from the western side killing of some showers and underneath the clearing skies we end up with a quite cool night, especially in east anglia. after an early dip temperatures pick up underneath the cloud. eventually the trailing front brings rain and cloud into central england and wales and falling on behind the blustery day with lots of showers and the odd rumble of thunder. the rate taking its time to really get them to east anglia and hanging on to the brightness there. more for you in and about half an hour. see you then. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: hurricane irma
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is battering cuba with heavy rain and winds of more than 150 miles per hour — hitting the north of the country after already devastating several caribbean islands and killing at least 20 people. meanwhile officials in southern florida have told 6.3 million people — a quarter of the state's population — to evacuate their homes before the storm arrives tomorrow. if you have been ordered to evacuate you need to leave now. do not wait. evacuate. not tonight, not in an hour, you need to go right now. the united nations is warning of an unprecedented refugee crisis in myanmar. it says more than a quarter of a million rohingya muslims have crossed the border into bangladesh. the manchester arena is re—opening this evening — for the first time since the suicide bombing in may, which killed 22 people.
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extra security measures are in place for the show. it is time now to cross to the bbc sports centre for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me olly foster and jessica creighton. hello there, these are our headlines this evening. a magnificent seven from anderson helps england win the series against the west indies. it's high—fives for manchester city, they are top of the premier league for now after thrashing 10 man liverpool. and froome is on top in spain and will complete a rare grand tour double tomorrow. good evening, we'll have a close look at all the premier league
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results later in the programme, but england's test team have signed off for the summer by winning the series against the west indies. they finished off the tourists inside three days at lord's. james anderson was england's man of the series, he took his 500th test wicket yesterday and a career best 7—42 left england needing to chase a very meagre 107 in theirfinal innings, which they did with some ease. let's cross to lord's now and speak to our sports correspondentjoe wilson. some players have really shone over the past few days, jimmy anderson in particular. good evening. we are hoping you can make out the beginnings of the next sunset behind me and our friend the floodlights
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silhouetted. this has been the summer silhouetted. this has been the summer of the floodlit test match, the official day night game at edgbaston and this almost felt like one, they have been on so often. and in these bowling friendly conditions, james anderson proved he can still excel at the age of 35. let's show you some the best bets of the decisive at the's action. by now, it's almost automatic. another morning, he's off again. james anderson's first over of the day. first wicket of the day, roston chase gone. this cork flew before 11:30am. it was not the last. anderson struck again before lunch. jermaine blackwood out and the match accelerated. but hope bats on the different level. he went past 50, as west indies tried to build a meaningful lead. hope gone for 62. and anderson ended with seven wickets in the innings. west indies were all out for 177.
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job done. well, hisjob done. england still had to score 107 to win. a precious opportunity for tom westley to impress in the middle. and for henry blofeld in the commentary box. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of it. you say you will miss me, i tell you what, i will miss you all something dreadful. at the end of his last test match special stint, an audience beyond even the radio acknowledged his career. winning runs came from mark stoneman, another aspiring batsman. the winter ashes may well expose any england weaknesses, butjoe root has already won his first two series as england captain, and many of his predecessors had to wait a long time to do that. it was a fantastic week with the lads at the back end showing great
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composure to get across the line and played with great temple. it is a great sign leading to the winter. i still cannot quite get my head around it. a lot of emotions throughout the week, some relief just getting it out of the way and concentrating on the game. i am sure i will step down over the next few weeks with some time off before going to australia and everything will start sinking in and what it actually means. there is that beautiful autumnal glow over lords behind you. we have a flight—mac coming up but i guess they will now take stock of the summer they will now take stock of the summerand they will now take stock of the summer and work out how to put together the best bets for what they hope will be a decent defence of that ashes. the summer as a whole, they will be able to see it has been successful,
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if you think back to the victory over south africa, but it is the established stars who have really shown such as anderson, alistair cooke, looking pretty at times, ali has produced some match—winning spells but in terms of new players to fill those batting and rolls it has not quite happened so still lots of uncertainty is going ahead to november. in terms of what is left of the summer, still got to get the t20 in against the west indies. 0f course the west indies are very good at white ball cricket and the art world t20 champions. i think back to dutch —— that match last year in paul when it was sweltering at midnight. —— that match in calcutta. we've had sevne results so far in the premier league,
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with just one draw. but the biggest of the day came in the lunchtime kick—off at the etihad stadium. manchester city thrashed 10 man liverpool 5—0. it was their best result against liverpool for 80 years and jurgen klopp's worst result since hejoined the club. adam wild was watching the match. the season may only be a few weeks old, but already a match with plenty of promise. two teams quick to catch the eye, so far attractive and entertaining. that was the promise. the reality was a little more complex. liverpool beginning the brighter, but it was city who got things started. given an opportunity, few are as reliable as sergio aguero. that was important but it is what happened next that made all the difference. liverpool forced to chase things. they did so with rather too much gusto. sadio mane shown a red card for this challenge, wreckless, and ultimately damaging. city unforgiving. with an extra man, one goal became two before half—time, gabrieljesus headed his first. his second after the break
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was little more than a gift. the only real mystery left was just how many were coming. leroy sane provided the answers. this made it four. before he and city finished with the best of the lot. liverpool's frailties ruthlessly exposed, manchester city living up to their promise. adam wild, bbc news. some greater goals in there. note a round—up of all the action. we will dwell on that match a bit longer. i went to the jurgen dwell on that match a bit longer. i went to thejurgen klopp news conference yesterday and seemed —— he said he was looking forward to it after the break and the transfer window and he thought it would be quite tight. but it turned on that sending off. and you and i differ on this. you can make your own decisions about whether you think he should have
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been sent off but it turned the game. city 1—0 up at that point and then the floodgates opened. jurgen klopp said it would be a mistake for city to get carried away by this result and a mistake for liverpool to get too downbeat by it. what can i say? it was a game changer. i thought at 2— seeded to city, i'm sorry, but i couldn't believe we have more chances, i thought there was still something to come and sort the second half was not the biggestjoint come and sort the second half was not the biggest joint for liverpool fans andi not the biggest joint for liverpool fans and i am sorry for this but this is a big lesson today and we must take it. some pundits might reassess their title challenge credentials now of liverpool. another team really at the top of everybody‘s three for the title was manchester united.
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manchester united dropped their first points of the season and considered theirfirst first points of the season and considered their first goals and it finished 2—2 at stoke. at this point of this season many look for a sign to what might come spring. many look at manchester united's only form in wonder and much of expected of them. united had not considered for nearly 3.5 games, then stalked stock. a moment for dancing. but only a moment and with their next attack manchester united equalised, the school, rashford, by happy accident. the brink of have to worst time to conceive according to football wisdom but don't leave the kaku who are regarded as a more important one. stalk head only briefly dropped. 0nce one. stalk head only briefly dropped. once again united forgot about him. to all with half an hour
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left, whatever next? in stoppage timejack left, whatever next? in stoppage time jack butlin left, whatever next? in stoppage timejack butlin reacted. a split second to an manchester united's 100% record. iam not 100% record. i am not satisfied with the point because i think we tried to win and work closer to winning and we try in the last 20 minutes to win the match but i have to say that is a result i accept. 0ne team tried to win, one tea m accept. 0ne team tried to win, one team tried to get the point. he accepts the result. that will breathe some hope into the other clu bs breathe some hope into the other clubs chasing them. let's catch up on the champions. they were at leicester. and the manager was almost criticised by jose mourinho this week saying last
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yea r‘s jose mourinho this week saying last year's winners won the league defensively but that they were quite attacking today. jamie vardy pulled one back for leicester, the reigning champions against their predecessors. but it was chelsea who came out on top. we had chances to improve the scoreline but i think a good result and performance after the international break, that is not easy because lots of players come back very late and to prepare for the game in the few days is not simple but i am delighted for the performance. do you remember the headlines before the international break all about arsenal after being bitten by a liverpool and the alexis sanchez thing. so how did they respond? arsene wenger left alexis sanchez on the bench and brought him on in the second half but he relied on his other two strikers. danny welbeck
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scored two and their record signing scored two and their record signing scored the other. you have to take this with a pinch of salt because the board must have been dreadful this season with four defeats out of four. but i think arsene wenger played a bit of a blinder after leaving sanchez on the bench and introducing him late on along with giroud. i wasn't sure if the fans we re giroud. i wasn't sure if the fans were doing or girouding let's hear from arsene wenger. we had a good performance defensively and offensively and that was what we needed after a bad performance last time and the real testis performance last time and the real test is how you respond and we did well. alexis sanchez only came back on thursday. how has his mood been? he is very focused, he works hard and
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he told me he is focused on the premier league and are ready to go. let's catch up with tottenham now. there 100th goalfor let's catch up with tottenham now. there 100th goal for harry kane. an outrageous fluke as they beat everton 3—0. brilliant results. it was a cross that went into the top corner. erickson got there are other goal. for us it is to build performance and ourgame and for us it is to build performance and our game and feel confidence. it is so important. that will help us a lot to go to wembley on wednesday to play against dortmund 's. i think though all is clear. the transfer window is finished and now we start to work and to build on the positive
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dynamic. really happy there. he has two prepare for the champions league next week. watford, fantastic. he is getting things just right. next week. watford, fantastic. he is getting thingsjust right. marco silva is working wonders. a 2—0 win away at southampton. these two guys scored. watford looking very good, into the top five in the league, unbeaten. but plastic also fought brighton because they started the season coming up with two defeats and people thought they would struggle but they got their first win. —— fantastic four brighton. their first win in the premier league, first win in the premier league, first in the top flight for 3h years and it will give the manager and the tea m and it will give the manager and the team more hope. let's hear from him.
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no, we want to hear from team more hope. let's hear from him. no, we want to hearfrom him but he was delighted, i can assure you. let's look at today's seven results. mostly one—sided results. that will give other teams hope, manchester united, where does that do all we have them? let's look at the table. just ahead of manchester city who got that win against liverpool. pep guardiola and jose mourinho used to do this in spain with real madrid and barcelona. toward the bottom, west ham will see if they can get their first win on a monday night, i think? and crystal palace also yet to play. but no excuses for bournemouth, they have played this weekend. west ham against huddersfield. swa nsea west ham against huddersfield. swansea against newcastle. you are
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up swansea against newcastle. you are up to date with the premier league. let's bring you up to date in the scottish premiership, and aberdeen couldn't regain their lead at the top of the table after a nil—nil draw at hearts, so celtic are still top. motherwell beat kilmarnock for their third league win in a row. rangers were comfortable winners over dundee. and ross county drew with partick thistle. third placed stjohnstone held on for a 1—all draw with hibernian. sheffield wednesday 13—0 against nottingham forest. it was one each at half—time but wednesday scored two goals in the second half and they moved above nottingham forest now in the table. earlier today, cardiff lost their 100% record after a draw at fulham — they do remain at the top of the table though. leeds have moved up into second place after thrashing burton albion 5—0. and just the one goal for wolves against 10—man millwall. you can find all today's results, as ever, on the bbc sport website. still to come, rafa nadal into
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the us open final, aiming for a 16th grand slam title. and johnny peacock sails through his final race before swapping spikes for sequins and the strictly dance floor. just have a bit of fun. you live your life to athletics for seven or eight years, i just want one year for me for a little bit. we've had two huge games in rugby union's premiership this afternoon — as bath beat double european champions saracens 31—21 at the rec. it was the perfect send off for departing head coach tabai matson, but there was less good news for leicester tigers who were beaten by northampton saints in the east midlands derby. tim hague rounds up both matches. there are a few more scenic sites in rugby than bath's ground. and few more intimidating opponents than saracens.
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bath produced a memorable victory last week and continued that form and totally dominated and 14—0 up at half—time. saracens had some serious talent on the bench and their three lions came on to help change the game. down to 1a men and don't bite four points with four minutes left, they scored twice to set up a sensational game. the east midlands derby had quite a lot to live up to but northampton did their best against leicester. the home side began the best. that try was followed by another with england captain dylan hartley scored in the second. this
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all goods ahead of the autumn internationals and all good for sense as they conceded 5a point in their season opener at their best player in that game got his reward now. the perfect cocktailfor northampton but that leaves a bitter taste in the taste of leicester. in the pro 1a, glasgow warriors made it two wins from two as they beat 0spreys 31—10 at scotstoun. scotland centre alex dunbar ran in this superb solo try to put glasgow ahead and added another in the final minutes. leonardo sarto and adam ashe scored the warriors' other tries. you can find all today's rugby union result on the bbc sport website. hull kingston rovers will be back in rugby league's super league next season after they sealed promotion with a 12—6 victory over widnes. this long—range try from winger ryan shaw was enough to secure their return to the top division after a one year absence. earlier warrington narrowly beat leigh centurions whilst salford comfortably defeated huddersfield. in the super league there was a
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convincing victory for salford over huddersfield. chris froome will be crowned champion of the vuelta a espana tomorrow after a supreme display of climbing on the penultimate stage of the race this afternoon. as spain's alberto contador won the stage, froome extended his lead and with tomorrow's stage into madrid being largely ceremonial, he'll become the first rider in history to win the tour and vuelta in the same year since the vuelta moved to a late summer start. ben croucher has more. it is over 2000 miles long, and it came down to these eight steep miles. it is the stuff of legend, the climb so severe that some call it inhumane. but chris froome and his team have something superhuman about them. 0ur bells toll on the door raced
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clear on his final and chris frome recorded gaelic mac controlled the race behind him. with the gradient increasing chris froome gave a devastating demonstration of why he is the best, extending his lead to over two minutes as alberto contador got a sentimental stage when, chris frome finished alongside a team mate and after three weeks of toil allowed himself a smile. he will become only the third rider to win the tour and vuelta a espa na the third rider to win the tour and vuelta a espana in the same year. on one of sport's most iconic stages, one of sport's most iconic stages, one of sport's icons confirmed his status. we're looking forward to the first all—american women's final at the us open for 15 years. sloane stephens and madison keys will be on court at around 9 o'clock uk time — and whoever wins, it'll be their first grand slam title.
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earlier i spoke to our tennis correspondent russell fuller in new york — he told me that stephens and keys were great friends and it was difficult for the crowd to choose a favourite. i think whoever wins tonight there will be lots of excitement in the usa in tennis circles because these are two players with the potential to perhaps not dominate in the way serena williams has but certainly win more than one grand slam. sloan stevens is 2a, the last couple of years have not gone quite so well after a fast start, partially due to injury after missing one year due to foot surgery. madison keys is 22, she has immense power. she will be the attacker and stevens the defender so you have this fascinating contrast of style. and the men's final, with what happened in the semifinal overnight, it's rafa nadal for the taking, isn't it? he is definitely be favourite. anderson has done brilliantly
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to come through from this very open bottom half of the draw and he is playing well but he will have be at the very top of his game and cope with extra pressure of appearing in his first grand slam final. in a year that has been very much about the renaissance of roger federer, should rafa nadal win it will be his 16th grand slam title, his third us open title, he is still hot on the heels of roger. if rafa nadal wins itjust keeps this story running nicely. he is injury prone and we do not know what the future holds but the way he has played make you think he absolutely has the power to add to his grand slam tally on pretty much all services. the top—seeded pair of jamie murray and
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martina hingis have won the mixed doubles title. some of the world's top athletes took on britain's best at the great city games in newcastle—upon—tyne this afternoon. the event climaxes with the great north run tomorrow, with mo farah on the roads for the first time since his retirement from track racing. this is a sign off for the 2017 season for many athletes. including jonnie peacock — the two—time paralympic champion is taking a break from athletics, to compete in strictly come dancing. he signed off with a comfortable win in the t1111 100 metres, and explained why he's taking time out. we had three big years and this was the one i look back to try and take a mental break and have a bit of fun. you give your life to athletics for seven or eight years, ijust want one year to myself for a bit and then i will come back next year and do it again.
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that is about it for others. a great day for england's cricketers and also a great one for manchester city. now the weather. it was a mixed bag to say the least, not just it was a mixed bag to say the least, notjust on it was a mixed bag to say the least, not just on the it was a mixed bag to say the least, notjust on the sporting front. gold is one moment and 20 minutes later and that was exactly the same scene but with a shower. those showers still to be had but with this ridge of high pressure in from the west is doing its best to kill the showers off and will succeed later on. then we bring in cloud and rain to the north and west but away from that temperatures dip away in the towns and cities stilljust about holding onto double figures but into the single figures in the countryside. the cloud and rain moves in with
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this westerly wind and pushing the weather front eastwards, following on behind if lots of showers, some quite heavy and prolonged. in the best of the brightness 19 celsius but much cooler in northern areas. for the great north run you will need quite a few layers. this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 8.00pm: hurricane irma pounds cuba with winds of more than 150mph. the cu ban authorities the cuban authorities did try to move large numbers of people out of harm's way, but still many have been left, particularly in the central province. we understand there are many thousands of people there about power.
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as the casualty toll mounts, it's confirmed five people have been killed in the british virgin islands. another person died in anguilla. as the storm approaches florida, governor rick scott gave a stark warning to residents that they must seek shelter. millions of people from florida will see major impacts with deadly, deadly, deadly storm surge and life—threatening wins. deadly, deadly storm surge and life—threatening wins. in other news:


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