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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  September 14, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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violence which has forced hundreds of thousands of rohingya muslims to flee. antonio guterres said the situation in the refugee camps in bangladesh was a humanitarian catastrophe, with women and children arriving hungry and malnourished. police in florida are investigating the deaths of eight residents at a care home in florida, which lost power when it was hit by hurricane irma. 115 other residents were evacuated, a number in critical condition. china's richest man, jack ma has gone viral. he was impressing his staff by performing a series of michael jackson dance moves only revealing his identity at the end. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: the prime minister says there will be greater flexibility on public sector pay, following yesterday's above 1 per cent rise for police and prison staff.
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now on bbc news all the latest business news live from singapore. japan's prime minister visits india to launch a $70 billion balde trade project. fast food fight after mcdonald's officially terminates its franchise agreement putting thousands of jobs franchise agreement putting thousands ofjobs at stake. good morning, asia, hello, world. glad you could join us. we start off with the japanese prime minister visiting india and the home state of prime
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minister modi. he will be laying the foundations for india pars mac first bullet train system. it uses japanese technology to connect more bite, the country ‘s financial hub, with industrial city. japan is providing 80% of the funding for the 17 billion dollar project. during his visit, shinzo abe is expecting a decision over a decision on aircraft. i spoke to an expert to see what kind of diplomacy shinzo abe is using. it is a colonial or a legacy and it is very old and recently there have been a spate of accidents so it is a whole new kind
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of technology. it is a change in mindset as well. the japanese are also happy to see their technology in india because there is a lot of competition taking place with the chinese and koreans spreading their wings around the region. for the japanese, it is a big thing to get away from japan because it lost out toa away from japan because it lost out to a chinese consortium in india when they are were being the high—speed corridor. it is a kind of a first step to introduce the technology to other countries in the world. it is a massive project but it will take many years to develop the bullet train project but will it help economic prosperity in india
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going forward? there is a lot to ta ke going forward? there is a lot to take away from it. it will create a lot of newjobs for india and moreton bay is the financial capital and it goes to a big industrial city. there are otherjapanese projects, a dedicated corridor, for example, also in the western part of india. it is part of a package from japan for the development of western india. us president donald trump has blocked the sale of the us chipmaker toa blocked the sale of the us chipmaker to a chinese backed fund. a white house statement said the sale was rejected because it could risk national security due to the potential transfer of international property. an intervention by the white house in business deals it is
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rare. electric cars may be the future at what kind? at a motor show in frankfurt, manufacturers have been competing with one another to announce ambitious plans. japan has been moving in this direction the yea rs. been moving in this direction the years. recently investing heavily in hydrogen technology. but the problem is we need charging point and hydrogen fuel. was the wrong option chosen? we put the question to the company ‘s boss. chosen? we put the question to the company 's boss. i think toyota 20 yea rs company 's boss. i think toyota 20 years ago was ready investing in electrification of cards. we have a hybrid vehicle not required to be plugged in. but the architecture means we can plug—in, we can go back
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three, electric and, of course, we have the hydrogen vehicles so out of you is that the application will require specific technology and customer needs will determine that. we first see it plug—in hybrid vehicles, battery and hydrogen vehicles, battery and hydrogen vehicles in the long—term. vehicles, battery and hydrogen vehicles in the long—termm everybody else is building battery ca i’s everybody else is building battery cars and you are building hydrogen, there is a lot of infrastructure needed. the big driver will be customer choice and infrastructure. hydrogen society needs to be created and that will take longer than creating an electric infrastructure but hydrogen, in the long—term, is really a very good solution in terms ofan really a very good solution in terms of an alternative form of energy. you can store energy, it is an energy carrier. if you want to
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convert renewable energy, you need to put it in a big massive batteries so to put it in a big massive batteries soido to put it in a big massive batteries so i do not know whether it is a really practical to do it that way. in the long—term, we still see hydrogen is the energy for creating a society based on hydrogen. there has been a lot of hype about the end of the petrol and diesel car. some manufacturers are making it a pr opportunity, as do governments. 0ther opportunity, as do governments. other days are numbered ?|j opportunity, as do governments. other days are numbered? i cannot say that in 2050 we will not see a petrol car or a diesel car any more but i do know that we will see a different landscape. we will see vehicles with hybrid, electric vehicles, fuel electric vehicles, battery vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. up to that point, we will
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see some internal combustion engine combined with some form of new fuel. mcdonald's puttmac in india said it will forcibly shut down more than 100 outlets. we were told legal action will be pursued after a long—running dispute with the us food chain stop with thousands of jobs at stake, what is the future for mcdonald's in such a promising market. serving the indian palate for more than two decades, and us food chain mcdonald's has been trained to expand here the years but it has been held back by a legal dispute with its indian partner. and now, 169 outlets have had their licence to use those famous golden arches or revoked. this man runs at the outlet
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in question. mcdonald's says he has violated the franchise agreement, including defaulting on royalty payments. charges he denies. the latest act of desperation is going to bring so much mystery, human misery, they are not even thinking about it right now. what happens to the 6500 people directly working for us as the 6500 people directly working for us as mac 5000 people indirectly working for us? what happens to all the supplies. the company runs more than half of mcdonald's, 400 outlets in india. most remain open the now. mcdonald's is among the first big food places here. but it has been
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falling behind in recent years and the market sees other foreign brand gaining popularity. 30% for the dominoes. subway and kfc are also doing well. the market is growing fast. it is expected to more than double in the next five years. the treads have encouraged us burger chain, wendy is to expand fast. india is huge and we are at the mezzanine level and mcdonald's is at the end. we are brothers and sisters in the sector and we will be hoping they resolve this. as a businessman, on the other hand, it creates opportunities. donald has said it will take time to bring the current situation to a final resolution. we are already looking at the necessary
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steps to rebuild the brand. this country's appetite for fast food is not going away any time soon and so the company will want to do everything it can to make sure its indian customers keep coming back for more. before we go, a quick look at the asian financial markets in early trade. while would wall street stocks finishing at a record high overnight. thank you forjoining us. the top stories this hour: the un secretary general has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe, as more rohingya muslims flee the violence in myanmar. it's emerged that eight residents of a nursing home in miami died when power supplies were cut by storm system irma. a 37 million pound fund has been established for victims
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of the breast surgeon ian paterson, who duped his patients into unnecessary operations, including mastectomies. he was convicted of twenty offences in april. the bulk of the fund will come from spire healthcare, which runs the private hospitals in which many of the operations took place. it's thought that more than seven hundred women might have a claim. sima kotecha has the story. ian pattison and jailed for 20 years after carrying out a necessary operations. now more than 700 will get compensation from pot amounting to £37 million. 0ne get compensation from pot amounting to £37 million. one of the country ‘s leading breast surgeons was asked to review hundreds of cases. patients were being misled about radiology reports, about pathology results and he must have thought that nobody would ever read his
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notes. i think he could be very well be called a rogue or a conman. the compensations will go to patients treated at two hospitals in the midlands. they are where he carried out hundreds of botched and unnecessary operations on private patients. spire have said... i think it is not about money but being heard and listened to. spire accepting of their part in what has happened and raising awareness that u nless
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happened and raising awareness that unless proper procedures are put in place things like this can happen on these scale. we have obtained copies of cds used by paterson. questions we re of cds used by paterson. questions were raised about how he was able to get senior positions in the private sector. this man ruined lives, today some of those he operated on saint money will never cancel out the damage he has caused to their mind and body. security has been increased at the school attended to by prince george. time now for all the sports news in sport today. us what was hello, i'm sarah mulkerrins and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up —
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ronaldo scores twice as title holders real madrid get off to a winning start in the european champions league. in the asian champions league there's been another five goals. another red card. in another dramatic quarter final. and we'll be in las vegas as golovkin and alvarez prepare for a middleweight showdown that's got boxing purists very excited! defending champions real madrid have got off to a winning start in the european champions league after a 3—0 win at home, against apoel nicosia. there were big wins too for the premier league sides manchester city and tottenham. so with all the details on that ronaldo performance for real — here's our football reporterjohn bennett.


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