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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 14, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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live from the bbc sport centre. coming up — ronaldo scores twice as title holders real madrid get off to a winning start in the european champions league. in the asian champions league there's been another five goals. another red card. in another dramatic quarter final. and we'll be in las vegas as golovkin and alvarez prepare for a middleweight showdown that's got boxing purists very excited! defending champions real madrid have got off to a winning start in the european champions league after a 3—0 win at home, against apoel nicosia. there were big wins too for the premier league sides manchester city and tottenham. so with all the details on that ronaldo performance for real — here's our football reporterjohn bennett. ronaldo should have had his 49th
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career hat—trick in his great career, but he did score goal number 106 and 107 in his champions league career. was training match, really, for real madrid. a comfortable victory and they did not need to leave first year. in the same group, totte n ha m leave first year. in the same group, tottenham picked up a brilliant victory against oresteia dortmund. all the talk had been about how they struggle at wembley, their home this season, but they were fantastic. harry kane scored two goals. manchester city, another english premier league side had a wonderful victory. 4—0. the defender scoring twice. that will not happen too many times in his career. jesus on the scoresheet as well. liverpool were frustrated on their group. they went one goal down. they got back to 2—1.
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they missed a penalty, and philip continuo made his comeback for liverpool. he came off the bench. there he is talking to the manager. remember here wanted to go to barcelona a few weeks ago but he made his comeback for liverpool. last not least, a champion league ‘s debut in picking up a point. one against monaco. remember, eight yea rs against monaco. remember, eight years ago, leipzig were playing local league football in germany. an incredible rise through the leagues. here is the full list of results. now the match between spartak moscow and maribor was marred by crowd violence after a flare was shot in the direction of the match official. the russian champions travelled to slovenia for their group e tie and during the first half a section
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of spartak supporters lit flares, before firing a projectile onto the pitch. it travelled more than half the length of the pitch and narrowly while they're just starting out in the champions league in europe, the asian champions league is at the quarterfinal stage. and there's another extraordinary game to tell you about. on tuesday a dramatic penalty shoot out and all manner of incidents in shanghai sipg's win over chinese rivals guangzhou evergrande. and now on wednesday, the all—japanese tie between urawa reds and kawasaki frontale was equally as thrilling. austin halewood reports. after a 3—1 defeat away from home, the 2007 champions, the urawa reds, had it all to do in the second leg. early goals were the target but they came at the wrong end. kawasaki
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fro ntale came at the wrong end. kawasaki frontale extending their lead within 20 minutes. but then came the key period of the match. first, a brilliant team goal from period of the match. first, a brilliant team goalfrom urawa reds. minutes later, things went from bad to worse for kawasaki frontale. a player sent off for a dangerous challenge. against ten men, urawa reds were now on the front foot. this was the time to strike, and they did. cutting the deficit to one with only 20 minutes love to play. in the final ten, the match was levelled. then just in in the final ten, the match was levelled. thenjust in nine minutes before the finest final whistle, the faintest of touches completed the biggest of comebacks as their place was booked in the final four. the international olympic committee has chosen the french capital, paris to host the 2024 summer games,
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and awarded 2028 to the us city of los angeles. last month it was decided that the two summer olympics will be awarded at the same time, after a number of cities cancelled their bids over concerns about the size, cost, and complexity of organising one of the world's biggest sporting events. our sports correspondent alex capstick is in peru for us where the announcements were made. i have been to a few of these contests i have been to a few of these co ntests a nd i have been to a few of these contests and this has been by far the most relaxed. no tension, no nerves normally associated with these occasions and that is because when paris and los angeles arrived here, they knew that 2020 for in 2028 had been divvied up between them. paris would go first and los angeles agreed to wait. but still, but said it had to make presentations to show their plans for the olympics to the ioc members and to the watching around the
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world. there were hardly any questions from the floor and in a simple shorthand there was unanimous and, finally, confirmation that both cities will be olympic hosts. the ioc president has hailed this as a win—win victory. it buys the ioc time to come up with a plan to encourage other potential ioc host cities because that has been a problem. as for the members, they can now concentrate their attention on more pressing issues. what to do about russia at next year's winter olympic picks following the doping scandal. and also the question the damage being inflicted on the olympic brand because of the growing number of allegations against olympic officials. but for now, in paris and los angeles, it is time for a party. to las vegas now ahead of the middleweight boxing bout that purists have been waiting for.
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gennady golovkin puts his undefeated record on the line against mexico's highly rated saul canelo alvarez. our reporter ade adedoyin is in las vegas for us. this fight has drawn a huge amount of attention. many boxing dignitaries have come here to witness this. we speak to one of them now. can you explain the significance of this much up? very significant because of the middleweight history. it is a beautiful thing when fighters fight on this magnitude, they have a lot to lose a lot to gain. this is where i commend them for putting this fight together. how different is this one, too meriwether and mcgregor in terms of what it means for the sport? in a dictionary, the
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definition of spectacle as they showed. this is a show. i think that they are a lot of opinions but there isa they are a lot of opinions but there is a market for shows and a market for five. rarely you is a market for shows and a market forfive. rarely you get is a market for shows and a market for five. rarely you get if none of those minds together enjoying the same thing. it was shed light on us and even more after saturday when a fight is one, a special historic event being displayed. it will be a clear separation between two or three weeks ago and now. and it is cheaper. talking about a historic event. i have changed my mind a few times about who i think would win. i have spoken to manyjournalists here, we are all split. which we are you going? i'm going with canal are.
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here's younger, stronger and he can taste it. i watched him about 1.5 weeks and he looks even better than he did when i visited him in camp. i'm excited because this is not merely my division but as a promotion and a person who understands boxing, especially this middleweight division, i am glad it it is happening. they had to make an happen. both fighters need to want to fight to make a fight. that is important. if they do not want to fight, it is not going to happen. as you can see, a huge excitement ahead of this fight. and with the great
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guests, thank you very much. a really intriguing match and i will be back in the next an hour with more sport. hi there. the weather's going to stay unsettled and showery for the next few days. certainly cooler for the weekend, as well. the area of low pressure with the first named storm of the autumn season working across to europe. that's aileen. bring some very strong winds to north poland, lithuania, and estonia, with gusts reaching 70 kilometres per hour early in the morning. a blustery start to the day for us, with showers around. if you are heading out early, temperatures will be about 9—10 degrees celsius. across the far south of england, especially towards the south
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coast, sunshine for a time. but there's a strip of cloud coming down across the midlands, east anglia, and across wales, too, that will have heavy showers in it, and that's going to be pushing southwards as the morning goes by. so the sunshine in the south will not last long. to the north, for scotland and northern ireland, there will be some sunshine to start the day. still, though, with that blustery wind making it feel cool around the coast. stornoway 9 degrees, but factoring in the strength of wind, it will feel a little chilly. as we go through the rest of the day, that band of cloud and showers pushes south across england before clearing. then the sunshine comes out across england and wales, that sunshine triggering one or two heavy showers. some of the showers will turn thundery. when the showers come along, they'll really drop the temperatures for a time. it'll be quite a cool day, in any case, across the north—west, with temperatures of 13 degrees or so in glasgow. showers in the north of scotland could merge to form a lengthy spell of rain for a time. through the night—time,
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the band of showers will push south and across northern england and across wales, as well, still tied in with this week when a front that is pushing its way southwards. going through friday, this will push the showers southwards across the midlands, east anglia, and into southern counties of england. along that line, there'll a lot of cloud, and some heavier showers. the sunshine comes out across the north across scotland, northern england and northern ireland. another cold day, though, across northern parts for this time of year. just 12 celsius. factoring in the wind, it will feel that bit cooler. that low is sending northerly winds across the uk. this area of low pressure will continue to feed in showers. the majority of the showers will be across central and eastern parts of england. elsewhere, particularly through the weekend, the weather could become drier and brighter across the north—west of the uk. the winds continue to ease. we will have some cool weather, perhaps some overnight frost across sheltered parts of scotland this weekend. and that's your weather. hello, i'm tom donkin. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america
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and around the globe. here's our top stories: florida police launch a criminal investigation into the deaths of eight residents, at a nursing home, hit by hurricane irma. the crisis of the rohingya muslims reaches catastrophic levels. the un warns the exodus, is destabilising the entire region. another case of the brexit blues — european commission president jean—claude juncker says britain, will soon regret its decision to leave the eu. back from the dead — this tortoise thought to be extinct for a hundred and fifty years, creeps back out of its shell.
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