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tv   World News Today  BBC News  September 16, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm alpa patel. our top stories. police raid a house west of london in connection with the underground train attack. it follows the arrest of a man in the port of dover who police suspect may have planted the bomb. at this stage we are keeping an open mind over whether more than one person was responsible for the attack and we are still pursuing several lines of inquiry and a great pace. bangladesh imposes sweeping new restrictions on 400,000 rohingya muslim refugees, stopping them from travelling once they enter the country. also in the programme. a passenger backlash after europe's biggest airline ryanair cancels up to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks. hello and welcome to world news today.
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we begin here in the uk — where police have described the arrest of a teenager in connection with the london underground bomb attack as "very significa nt". they also say they are keeping an open mind on whether more than one person was involved. the 18—year—old was arrested at the port of dover — which is one of the main crossings into france. it all follows friday's attack which injured 30 people. meanwhile a house in sunbury—on—thames is being searched and people living nearby have been evacuated from their homes. police are examining the remains of the homemade device, which failed to detonate fully — they will be looking forfingerprints, dna and other possible clues. this is the latest update from the metropolitan police. the public‘s health remains crucial, andi the public‘s health remains crucial, and i urge anyone who has information, no matter how significant they think it is, to
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continue getting us no. —— letting us continue getting us no. —— letting us know. well, our correspondentjohn mcmanus is in sunbury—on—thames for us where that police operation is taking place. what can you tell us? the investigation is in full swing, police are anxious to know who might be behind the explains in on the underground train on thursday morning, and thankfully, no one died, but the police want to know who was behind it and to make sure the residents and the people of london remain safe and the focus shifted here to sunbury—on—thames, south—west of london, when armed police arrived here and executed an operation which involves residents being evacuated as my colleague reports. sealed off and evacuated in case of an explosion. streets on an estate in sunbury—on—thames in the south—west of london.
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streets surrounding the house of a man arrested today. police say the evacuation was a precaution while they searched the property. there could be a bomb down there and they were telling me i could go into my house even though there could be a bomb. i'm really scared. the 18—year—old man was arrested in dover this morning. police say it was a significant arrest related to yesterday's tube bombing, which they say was an act of islamist extremism. we're making considerable progress. you will assume the announcement of an arrest earlier in relation to this, and we will continue to work as hard as we can to make sure that we reduce the threat in this country, and that we know exactly who it was who did this, whether there is anybody else involved. it seems that the improvised explosive device, a bomb in a bucket, failed to go off properly, but it produced a sheet of flame in the carriage. 30 people ended up in casualty and three were still in hospital this morning.
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despite this morning's arrest, the terrorism threat level is still at its highest possible level, with armed officers patrolling stations and anywhere large numbers of people may gather, like football matches. the threat level remains at critical, and there will be further investigations and part of the operation later today. we urge the public to remain vigilant but not alarmed and we hope to come back with more news in due course. this investigation has clearly gone well today. counterterrorism detectives have a suspect in custody and an address in sunbury linked to him. but these are early stages, and clearly it is considered too early to be sure there is not still an outstanding threat to be neutralised. residents were told to leave suddenly this afternoon when the police arrived, it must have been fairly scary for them, many were
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evacuated to a nearby rugby club. some have started to come back, surrey police, responsible for this pa rt surrey police, responsible for this part of london, they say residents are being allowed back into their homes but a couple of police have told me that is not true, for residents, some who were very close to the property being searched, they are not being allowed back in yet, so are not being allowed back in yet, so there is confusion around who can and can't go home at the moment but for those who can return to their homes they are very happy to be back safe and sound now. the terror threat level remains a critical, how long is that going to be in place? we are not sure at the moment, this isa high we are not sure at the moment, this is a high profile unfairly intelligence led operation —— and fairly. police only give details if they feel they need. amber rudd said
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they feel they need. amber rudd said the terror level remains a critical, the terror level remains a critical, the highest possible level in the uk, and certainly that is set to remain overnight possibly into tomorrow, we are waiting for more updates from the home secretary and the government. they will give the say so the government. they will give the say so as the government. they will give the say so as to when the terror level can be reduced. john, from sunbury—on—thames, thanks for joining us. let's go to bangladesh now — where the government is planning to build a giant camp for the 400,000 ethnic rohingyas — who have fled from neighbouring myanmar. the government says it will also impose restrictions on the movement of the rohingyas, in order to prevent them from settling in other parts of the country. 0ur se asia correspondent jonathan head has the latest from cox's bazar. when they first started crossing the border three weeks ago, bangladesh said it would send the fleeing rohingyas back. with 400,000 already hear
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from previous outbreaks of violence, the government believed it could not take any more. but the unprecedented surge in numbers of rohingyas has forced bangladesh to reconsider. it now wants to build a vast camp adjoining an existing one, in which it hopes to accommodate all 400,000 of the new arrivals. the police said they will also enforce restrictions, barring the rohingyas from moving elsewhere. there are questions, though, over how fast this can happen. the displaced rohingyas are in desperate need of the most basic aid. they are, in many cases, sleeping in the open with no sanitation or water supplies. until now, the un refugee agency has been restricted to the relatively small numbers, around 70,000, living in official camps. un officials hope the government will now consider a wider role for various un agencies so that a full—scale relief
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effort can be organised. jonathan head, bbc news, cox's bazaar. to tell us more about the restrictions i've been speaking to the bbc‘s bengalis service reporter. police, theyjust issued a statement a few hours ago and the statement said there were some directives for homeowners and transport workers. so the home owners were told not to rent any houses to rohingyas and also the transport workers were told they should not help rohingyas get around. now, the idea is that there are too many rohingyas arriving in a very little time and the bangladesh government wants to restrict their movements.
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they want to monitor them and they want them to be in certain areas, the coastal areas of cox's bazaar. so the reason why they have released this statement. can you explain what the justification is? according to the government, it is becoming harderfor them to monitor the rohingyas. so they want them to stay in cox's bazaar so that they know where they are, so they know what sort of activities they are involved in. so they cannot blend in with the bangladeshi community. the general idea is theyjust want to monitor their movement. and aid, i understand is coming in from other countries. how is it being distributed and is it enough? aid agencies were saying they are only allowed to work within registered camps with rohingyas who are already registered with the government.
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so what happens to those who arrived in this short amount of time and living outside the camps? they weren't receiving any aid, or they were receiving very little and how the government has recently changed their policy, they recently issued this policy saying agencies like the uncr and other un agencies will be allowed to work outside the camp and they will be allowed to distribute aid. and the un told us they are trying to help the government in this situation. here is our europe regional editor
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on the situation in barcelona. we will vote, the chanting from 700 mayors and their supporters gathered inside the gothic courtyard of catalonia's palace of government. they had come to the administrative heart of old barcelona, they were met by crowds waving the pro—independence flag and were received by the city's bowmer and the region's president. those in madrid's sites hammered home m essa 9 es madrid's sites hammered home m essa g es of madrid's sites hammered home messages of defiance. translation: we are sure we won't be cowed and we won't remain still, we will do everything necessary so that our people, the people we see every day, can exercise democracy and can vote, long live catalonia. the spanish government's dilemma, how to stop a referendum that polls suggest a clear majority of catalans want,
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even as they indicate that the odds are against independence. the prime minister has vowed to thwart what he has called an intolerable act of disobedience. but come down to heavily and it risks playing into the hands of the succession lists. the dilemma for the catalan authorities, how to stage such a referendum in the face of madrid's implacable opposition. this goes beyond legal threats and efforts to seize election materials, madrid looks set to take control of the region's finances next week. the referendum is planned for october the ist, two weeks away. so far neither side is backing down. still to come, the fight of the decade, why tonight's boxing match isa
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decade, why tonight's boxing match is a bigger dealfor decade, why tonight's boxing match is a bigger deal for fans than the recent floyd mayweather mcgregor clash. rescue teams still have no idea how many people have died. there are people alive and people not alive. we will help and give whatever we've got. it looked as though they had come to fight a it looked as though they had come to fighta war it looked as though they had come to fight a war but their mission is to bring peace to east timor and nowhere on earth needs it more badly. the government's case is being presented here by thejustice minister, he has campaigned vigorously for abolition, having once witnessed one of his clients being executed. elizabeth spent much of her time being executed. elizabeth spent much of hertime in being executed. elizabeth spent much of her time in his grotto and every year hundreds of pilgrimages are
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made here, now that she has become a st it is expected that this will be inundated with tourists and they regard this boom as yet another blessing of st elizabeth. police have arrested an 18—year—old man on suspicion of a terror offence following friday's bombing on a london underground train. bangladesh is imposing restrictions on the movement of more than 400,000 rohingya refugees who have fled my name all in recent weeks —— myanmar in recent weeks. ryanair is facing a wave of complaints, after announcing it is cancelling up to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks. the move could affect hundreds of thousands of people.
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and some passengers who've already flown abroad with ryanair, have been informed by text that their flight back to the uk has been cancelled. our business correspondent joe lynam reports. it's europe's busiest airline, but it's grounding hundreds of its own planes. in doing so it is ruining holidays for thousands of its own customers, some of whom found themselves stranded overseas having been notified by text or e—mail by ryanair. the next flight to newcastle is next thursday. we cannot get through to anybody on ryanair, we can't get through to a manager, live chat doesn't work, the app does not work. if you phone ryanair all you get is "we are having a large volume of calls." you betcha! ryanair says air traffic control issues and the weather as well as a surge in pilots and cabin crew taking holidays is forcing them to ground up to 50 flights a day until the end of october.
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that means passengers set to fly in the coming weeks simply do not know whether their flight will take off. it could be cancelled right up to the moment they arrive at the airport. the spin that ryanair is putting on this is saying "we want to make our timekeeping better, so we're putting more planes on the ground in case something goes wrong". from a passenger's perspective, someone like me who has a booking in the next few weeks, that looks like total tosh. basically it's a massive administrative foul up. all their cabin crew and pilots are taking holiday before the end of the year. so what could you get back? eu rules say you're entitled to a new flight orfull compensation, if your flight is cancelled. the airline also has to cover food and accommodation if you're stranded and it should offer to pay for a flight with a rival airline if it cannot get you on a flight to your destination. this means that these cancellations could cost the enigmatic boss of ryanair, michael o'leary, up to £100 million. passengers potentially booking elsewhere?
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priceless. security forces in the democratic republic of congo are reported to have shot dead more than 30 burundian refugees. scores of others were wounded. the refugees are said to have overrun a jail where four fellow burundians were being held. the united nations has called for an investigation. one soldier is also said to have been killed in the incident which began with a protest by refugees against expulsions from the drc. tens of thousands of burundians are in the country having fled there following political violence at home. a jury in the us state of wisconsin — has decided a 15 —year—old girl who admitted stabbing a classmate to "please a fictional a jury in the us state of wisconsin
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— has decided a 15 —year—old girl who admitted stabbing a classmate to "please a fictional character" was mentally ill. anissa weier told investigators she believed she had to kill her victim — in dedication to slender—man, a fictional horror character. she will now be sent to a psychiatric hospital. with his thoughts — here's a local reporter milwaukee nick bohr. she was 12 years old when this occurred and the attorney argued she was so caught up in her internet world that she came to believe that these character posed a real threat to her and her family these character posed a real threat to her and herfamily —— these character posed a real threat to herand herfamily —— is character. that she needed to kill a friend of theirs in order to save herself and save her family from being attacked by this character online. and some of the other online, boogie men, if you will, that she was afraid of and they carried out this plot nearly three years ago. tell us more about the actual plot and the girl who was targeted and what happened to her? right, these two girls had together plotted for
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several months to invite their third friend over for a sleepover, for a birthday party. when the next morning came around, they lured her to the park and then to some woods, held her down and stabbed her 19 times, severely injuring her. she quite nearly died. many of her vital organs were seriously damaged by it. but she did recover, was able to crawl out of the woods. the two girls ran away, but didn't get very far, they were captured within half an hour. they told police they were trying to get to this slenderman's mansion. the slender mansion, they called it, a few hundred miles away where they believed he would take them in and protect them, in a way and make them one of his proxies, as it was described in their minds and the stories they read online. but this is a fictional character, slenderman isn't it? it is, of course, but one of the girls was diagnosed shortly after this happened with schizophrenia, early—onset schizophrenia. the belief here, they diagnosed her with a shared disorder saying she had
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co—opted some of the mental illness, the delusions herfriend morgan had, legitimately, and the two of them sort of spiralled down into this shared delusion in which they came to play—off each other. sport now and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. manchester city underlined their title credentials with an impressive 6—0 win over watford to leapfrog rivals manchester united and top the premier league table this evening. striker sergio aguero scored a hat trick, two of them coming in the first half, his third ten minutes from full time. gabrieljesus, nicolas otamendi and raheem sterling with a late penalty putting the gloss on the day — that's 15 unanswered goals in three matches, to follow victories over feyernoord and liverpool. it is complex, after the champions league game away, and then a game away again,
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to make this performance, i did not expect to win in this way. just, i'm so happy for the players. for their commitment, for all of them, and three more points, and especially for the way we played. city are strong enough and to cause problems for us, we made some mistakes with the first goals we conceded, but the first goal, everyone said was offside, the second goal, we made a big mistake. at half—time we wanted reaction, but the first and third goals are offside, it is not our game. philippe coutinho returned to the liverpool side but could not see his
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side to victory, which finished in a 1-1 side to victory, which finished in a 1—1 draw with burnley. side to victory, which finished in a 1-1 draw with burnley. i'm not happy about the result, as you can imagine, but i'm happy with parts of the performance. a few of you saw the performance. a few of you saw the other two away games of burnley, when they won the last away game 1-0, when they won the last away game i—0, and today, until the last two corners, again, one shot on target, but we could have lost the game in these situations. in the bundesliga bayern munich moved up to second with a emphatic 4-0 moved up to second with a emphatic 4—0 victory. in spain atletico
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madrid are buying their first game in their new stadium, taking on malaga. —— are playing. griezmann has opened the scoring for the home side, who else? elsewhere there were victories for barcelona and real betis. sebastian vettel will be hoping to regain the formula i champ gigg lane from lewis hamilton after claiming pole position for the singapore grand prix —— championship. he was quicker than max verstappen around the street circuit. daniel ricciardo was third fastest, hamilton was more than half a second off the pace and will start from fifth place on the grid. england and the west indies are playing 2020 playing a 2020 match
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ahead of their five playing 2020 playing a 2020 match ahead of theirfive match playing 2020 playing a 2020 match ahead of their five match odi serious. —— series. the west indies got off to a flying start before losing wickets in quick succession. england are 68—4 after seven overs and that looks like it could go to the wire. that is all the sport for now. in australia, a koala has been released back into the wild after enduring a i6—kilometre nightmare clinging onto the axle of a four—wheel drive. it's believed the marsupial crawled into the wheelwell when the car was parked in the adelaide hills last weekend. it then found itself being driven through winding, hilly terrain. it was not until the driver stopped that he heard crying under the car and called the koala rescue hotline. incredibly, the koala was unharmed.
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she was crying a little bit, she was a little bit shaken. she was certainly in shock, but i rushed her straight to the vet. i've never seen anything like that and it was absolutely incredible. thank goodness the animal was ok. don't forget, you can get in touch with me. goodbye for now. this is bbc news. police are investigating whether one more person was involved in the parsons green bomb attack after an 18—year—old man was arrested in the departure area at the port of dover. at this stage we are keeping an open mind if more than one person is responsible for the attack. we are still pursuing lines of enquiry at great pace. detectives have been searching house in sunbury on thames in connection with the attack. police have told residents of surrounding properties who were evacuated they may return
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home. four people have died in a crash on the m5 motorway in south gloucestershire. a lorry went through the central reservation hitting at least two other vehicles. a woman hitting at least two other vehicles. awoman and hitting at least two other vehicles. a woman and two children are in a life—threatening condition in hospital. ryanair life—threatening condition in hospital. rya nair passengers life—threatening condition in hospital. ryanair passengers have reacted angrily to the airline's announcement that it is cancelling up announcement that it is cancelling up to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks. the airline said the move would help improve punctuality. saturday was a mixed day. this was the senior royal leamington in warwickshire. we've got those clear spells and still a few heavy showers, certainly over the next few hours. but our weather is really dominated by the fact low pressure is sitting
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out to the east at the moment. high pressure in the south—west. that leaves us with this northerly flow of air. so fairly cool conditions developing tonight. not particularly windy. and as the showers fade we will see them continuing in the south and south—west. clear spells across many parts of the country but light winds and clear skies, that means quite chilly conditions. during the early hours of sunday in our towns and cities, temperatures still around eight to 11 degrees. but it will be colder than that in the countryside, a touch of frost across parts of scotland, northern england and northern ireland. after that, a fresh start to tomorrow with a bit of mist around and it will be an improved day. fewer showers than we saw on saturday and more in the way of sunshine. so you could wake up to quite a chill in the air first thing with mist patches. still showers during sunday morning, particularly around the south coast, the channel islands, the south east. they should ease away but then more widely across england and wales, seeing the odd rogue shower popping up through the afternoon. but many avoiding them, particularly in scotland and northern ireland, mostly dry here. we could see temperatures up to 18, possibly i9 degrees in sheltered spots. not a bad day.
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many of those isolated showers tend to fade away into the evening hours so we end sunday on mostly dry note. but we've still got the low pressure sitting out towards the east and higher pressure further west, so northerly flow to the air as we move through into monday. and that means particularly round the east coast where we draw in the breeze, there will be one or two showers. but most places having a largely dry day and monday with some long spells of sunshine. and in the relatively pleasant with light winds away from the east coast, it should feel relatively generally around 15 to 17 degrees. a touch cooler for the likes of newcastle, up towards aberdeen as well. tuesday, mostly dry, bit of a breeze in the east. just one or two showers but most of staying dry with those
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