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tv   The Papers  BBC News  September 17, 2017 9:30am-10:01am BST

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines... police investigating the london tube bombing have arrested a second man — he's 21 and was detained in west london last night. it's understood borisjohnson will keep hisjob as foreign secretary, despite a newspaper article viewed by many as a challenge to the prime minister. the un secretary—general says aung san suu kyi must end the military action which has caused rohingya people to flee to bangladesh. and gennady golovkin‘s world middleweight title fight with saul alvarez ends in a controversial draw. coming up in a few minutes our sunday morning edition of the papers. this morning's reviewers are caroline crampton of the new statesman and the broadcasterjohn stapleton.
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before the papers, sport, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre here's jessica creighton. some labelled it the fight of the decade, but gennardy golovkin‘s bout with canelo alvarez ended in a controversial draw. it means golovkin retains his three major middleweight titles, and remains unbeaten in 38 fights. one judge scored it 118—110 for alvarez, another 115—113 for golovkin and the third a draw. there were boos when the decision was announced at the t—mobile arena, and both boxers shook their heads. golovkin landed more punches and had the better of the middle rounds. former world champion boxer turned promoter bernard hopkins, says a rematch could be on the cards. this makes good debate for a second fight, possibly, right? what about the score? are you telling me that the judges‘ score affected how you feel about who won? i can't fix that.
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that is the job of the commission. ourjob as promoters is to do due process. it was frustrating night for nicola adams. she was due to be on the undercard of the golovkin alvarez fight. it would have been the double olympic champion‘s most high profile bout as a professional, but it was called off after a problem with her opponent's pre—fight blood test. adams put this message on social media... i'm devastated that i'm not boxing tonight, due to a problem with my opponent, thank you everyone for your support and kind messages. better news for billyjoe saunders, who successfully defended his wbo middleweight title against willie monroe jr at the copper box arena in london. he won on points and stretches his unbeaten record, to 25 fights. manchester city manager pep guardiola described striker sergio aguero as a "legend". he scored a hat trick as city hit six past watford taking them top of the premier league. elsewhere newcastle won their third successive league game
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but there was frustration for spurs at wembley. alex gulrajani rounds up the action. when you are in form, everyone wants a piece of you, and sergio aguero is more accustomed to that than most. the manchester city striker could not be stopped at vicarage road, even raising a smile from mr watford himself. by the end, city were the only team still standing, aguero with three of their six, his manager in awe. this kind of play depends on the quality the players. all the managers have good ideas, but without this quality of our players, it's impossible. newcastle also have a touch of quality right now. the newly promoted side find themselves up in fourth, after a 2—1win over stoke, rafa benitez‘s side now unbeaten in their last three. quite the opposite forjurgen klopp, burnley the latest side to rattle liverpool, scott arfield putting them ahead,
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before anfield got excited. lovely first touch from salah. second one is brilliant. the home side could have taken all three points. not a happy manager. despite the early welcomes at selhurst park, roy hodgson‘s start as crystal palace manager did not go to plan. danger here. it's a tap—in, and southampton are in front. davis scores. a 1—0 win for the saints, and a fifth straight defeat for palace. the criticisms will mount up. it's another game where we haven't won. and it's going to be a long, a long road, a long haul. and there will be more pain, perhaps, along the way, before we can actually start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. hodgson‘s old stadium is tottenham's temporary home, not that they are overly settled in just yet. it wasn't this goalkeeper‘s day against swansea. his side dominated, but after a goalless draw,
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they are still waiting for their first league win. elsewhere huddersfield and leicester drew 1—1, west brom and west ham played out a 0—0 draw. today manchester united host everton and arsenal travel to london rivals chelsea. arsenal have beaten chelsea in the last two meetings of the sides but have a poor recent record at stamford bridge. the gunners manager arsene wenger was in confident mood ahead of the match. in recent years, chelsea had great teams always and it was always difficult to win there but our record against chelsea recently has been good. we won last year here, we won in the fa cup final, we won on penalties in the charity shield, so let's just continue to just focus on the quality of our game. for sure, arsenal is our big rival
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for the title. if you see the squad, you can understand there are a lot of top lawyers. —— players. i don't understand why they cannot fight for the title. in the scottish premiership, celtic bounced back from their midweek thrashing by paris st—germain with a 4—0 win over ross county. they're now unbeaten domestically in 55 games. elsewhere second placed aberdeen remain unbeaten in the league. there were three penalties awarded in seven minutes in the game between dundee and stjohnstone, dundee ran out 3—2 winners. hearts beat hamilton 2—1. motherwell drew with hibs. sebastian vettel will start today's singapore grand prix expecting to regain the lead of the formula one championship from britain's lewis hamilton. the ferrari driver claimed pole at the marina bay street circuit by three tenths of a second, from red bull's max verstappen. hamilton was more than half a second off the pace and will start from fifth.
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it wasn't a good day for england's cricketers — their batsmen collapsed as they lost to west indies in the one—off twenty20 international. england won the toss and chose to field first, but the windies got off to a flying start. their star man chris gayle hit a quick—fire a0 as the visitors set england 177 to win. despite alex hales top—scoring with 43, england fell short by 21 runs, all out for 155 with three balls remaining. the five—match one—day series starts on tuesday at old trafford. rugby union's premiership match between newcastle and saracens was played in an unusual setting last night — in philadelphia in the united states. but i'm not convinced americans have taken to the sport, lots of empty seats... it's only the second premiership game to be played in america. saracens won 29 points to seven. in the day's other game, leicester beat gloucester.
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meanwhile munster maintained their unbeaten start to the pro14 season after a 21—16 win over ospreys at the liberty stadium. the hosts took an early lead, but two first half tries gave the irish side an eight point advantage. and while several second half penalties put ospreys back into contention. a late penalty sealed the victory. in rugby league, disappointment for london broncos. they won't be playing in super league next year after losing 38—16 to widnes vikings in the super 85 qualifiers. widnes ran in a total of seven tries including this one from danny craven that keeps them in the hunt for promotion. the 3—1 favourite capri, ridden by ryan moore, has won the world's oldest classic, the st leger. the grey battled down the straight ahead of crystal ocean and stradivarius to give trainer aiden o'brien his fifth
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triumph in the race. the victory means jockey moore has now won all five of the british classics. jonny brownlee finished fifth in the final world series triathlon race of the season in rotterdam, after a tough race. he's won just once this year, and in his last race of the season he had to to swim without his goggles. brownlee finished sixth in the standings, overall. spaniard mario mola successfully defended the men's title, while bermuda's flora duffy took her second title in the women's competition. that's all the sport. now on bbc news, the papers. hello and welcome to our look at today's papers. with me are caroline crampton, of the new statesman, and the broadcasterjohn stapleton. let's have a look at the front pages then.
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just before we talk about that, some breaking news. writers aren't reporting that passengers have been evacuated from a british airways aeroplane at charles de gaulle airport in paris for security reasons, quoting an airport official. flight ba 303 was due to ta ke official. flight ba 303 was due to take off and fly to heathrow when it was evacuated. we will bring you more on that as soon as we get it. the evacuation of flight ba 303 at charles de gaulle airport before it took off this morning. the sun talks about security. amber
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rudd the home secretary wrote an article talking about the future after the eu security wise and there is the need for a new security treaty with europe after the exit. she spoke about the importance of europol despite theresa may occasion having reservations. she said it is important to be a member, and also talking about the european arrest warrant. we extradited about 60 people per year prior to but afterwards it was closer to a thousand. she talks about the importance of cooperation with europe post brexit. from a security point of view. whether europe is hasn't as yet stick about us being a pa rt hasn't as yet stick about us being a part of all this... i think mr
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yunker has said too bad. in one sense you have talked to tory mps who would be vexed about the european arrest warrant, cases where they had constituents dragged to countries where they were worried that police and judicial standards weren't as good as here, but on the other side, because security is front and centre because of the attacks this year and on the other side of the english channel, it is ha rd to side of the english channel, it is hard to see how they can pull apart. the same principle applies to lots of things in brexit, something is better than nothing. amber rudd is quite right to say that some kind of treaty is much better than complete
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withdrawal and trying to handle these things on our own. she also has a paragraph talking about cyber security which is something i know she has had a few grumbles about. crime has a cyber element to it and if you are not cooperating with internet service providers are in other territories and so on are people can be doing things online, you're not really solving things. the sunday mirror talks about how easily on the dark web you can make a bomb. they prove it is simple to get the ingredients. i spoke to a seniorjournalist on friday night who works for one of your rival organisations who said they did a similar exercise with a much vigour and legal platform and they found a few went to a certain site you could buy ball bearings and then it says,
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you may want to buy... and another ingredient. the brexit supporters will say it is global, and not to rely on a small group of countries, because we know the problems go beyond europe. all well and good what amber rudd says about the need for cooperation, it is a great idea, but other people would say the real a nswer but other people would say the real answer is more police on the beat. the police have been cut in the last few years by 20,000, and the mayor of london is not alone in thinking that cuts to the metropolitan force are potentially dangerous. we could see a way around this with the question of police mergers back on the agenda. devon and cornwall
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merging with dorsett, whether the city of london should be separate from the met police. 43 police forces in england. let's look at the front of the observer. the front page is dominated by events on friday and saturday. the observer is bringing their readers the latest as of la st bringing their readers the latest as of last night. there have been a few developments which have been covered this morning. this story gets more detail particularly about this couple whose house was raided. some of the other papers have photographs of the other papers have photographs of penelope jones and ronald jones getting their ops from the queen. —— will... it brings out the contrast of this compassionate couple, long—time foster parents, and this awful thing that has happened.
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striking image is well on the front of the observer of the army and police, armed police and army, together on the street. yes, which is what happens at this level of threat. i live not too far away from this house, actually, and it brings it home to you. it is a regular house in a lovely area, nice community, and those people who live nearby must be shocked. community, and those people who live nearby must be shockedlj community, and those people who live nearby must be shocked. i wonder if we should be shocked at the front of the daily mail. this is a boris outlining his view of britain after the exit from the eu. he says that we shouldn't be paying a divorce bill, which we have indicated we
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might for bill, which we have indicated we mightfora bill, which we have indicated we might for a few years. what he says is irrelevant, really. he is at it again. he lobs a hand grenade into the tory party a couple of weeks before the conference, a few days before the conference, a few days before the conference, a few days before the prime minister is about to make an important speech about her view about what happens post brexit. it has led to calls of treachery. boris apparently making a bid for the leadership again. a unnamed sources say she should have the courage to sack him. i'm surprised the foreign secretary finds the time to write this article! how is it being regarded? i was speaking to fraser nelson from the spec data, an old colleague of borisjohnson, who said of course he
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is going to have a view on this thing and you could see it as a helpful warm up act for theresa may. i think that is a valid view. if it was done around the cabinet table. but doing it on first page of the daily telegraph... it is not part of a collegiate conversation. this is a hand grenade to say here i am. according to a piece in the mail this morning... he is well connected. boris didn't let number ten now until minutes before it was published. why has he raised again this issue of the £350 million? the famous poster... that put more criticism on him then he has ever had in his life. it was questionable then whether it was accurate, and it is not accurate now. the implication
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was why not give it to the nhs? why raise it again now? it is not even a fa ct raise it again now? it is not even a fact but why even start that debate ain? fact but why even start that debate again? he is not saying we will give 359, he is saying wouldn't it be nice if? collectively from all the papers today what you get is the tory party has not moved on from 2016, they're still rehashing the referendum, arguing about it, and theresa may the week prime ministers trapped in the middle. ithink theresa may the week prime ministers trapped in the middle. i think it gets more likely every day, i don't think it is happening next week, but postconference who knows? she says she is staying but the rivals seem to think it is likely hence why they are behaving as they are. could it
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bea are behaving as they are. could it be a case of holding on for fear of something worse? there could be those in the party that have that view. the telegraph, wonderful picture. it is typical boris. sartorially questionable. the hair is never combed. the headline along side it. i gasped for breath when i see headlines like that. michael gove sabotaged borisjohnson‘s chances of becoming leader and now both he and patel are happy to back boris on his view of britain post brexit? apparently michael gove and boris have buried their differences. if that is true, you can only infer
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they have buried their differences and cause of a larger aim, removing theresa may, if indeed that is true. this is what i mean about it being like last summer over again when the cabinet split over who was going to campaign to remain or leave. does it help negotiations in brussels?” don't see how it can. if you're not presenting a united front as a government, the eu 27 might start to wonder who to negotiate with. also davies has been criticised for not having a coherent position. davies has been criticised for not having a coherent positionm perhaps explains why he hasn't been able to if he is trying to balance and receiving these contradictory pressures . and receiving these contradictory pressures. the reason she called the election was to give her more elbow room and power in these
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negotiations. she didn't get the results she wanted and now her own party apparently are divided on this very issue. for those watching and thinking this is froth and nonsense and obsessions of the westminster bubble, let's get to a proper news story. the sunday times. this is quite a striking headline. the chancellor said 2/jewish quite a striking headline. the chancellor said 2/ jewish and quite a striking headline. the chancellor said 2/jewish and these by £5,000, outrage as universities set on cashman then. the story makes it clear —— cash mountain. the story makes it clear it is the chancellor looking at the election result and thinking a whole lot of students don't like them so they have borrowed what is effectively a labour pledge to cut tuition fees. universities would be able to charge
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up universities would be able to charge up to £7,500 a year and no more. according to this piece in the sunday times, a lot of universities are making a lot of money. you wondered if some of the vice chancellors and walked into their trap by the government when they started trying to offend quite significant salaries. those wouldn't pay on their own for students. some of these people are on about half £1 million per year, when parents up and down the country are struggling to help the kids get into university, their kids are inheriting terrible bets, and although they are stuck with these debts, maybe as many as half never actually pay it. they live abroad, the don't get caught, the government has to sell the debt. what is the point? and there is a debate about
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generational fairness, point? and there is a debate about generationalfairness, which has become a bit of a topic of concern. all three of the big political parties of the uk have kind of faced both ways on the subject in a matter of years. labour was against it and then for it and now against it. the lib dems to the famous u—turn and paid a terrible price. now it seems the tories might also be questioning the tories might also be questioning the logic. there are a couple of things at work. one is that the marketisation of higher education has not produced the effect people wanted. part of the story focuses on science courses versus arts course and how they have varied. and incentivising universities to offer
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assigns places because the economy needs it and those students at the greater chance of employment afterwards, which is fine but has some worrying questions about how we collectively agree the arts are a good thing and we would like to have them but there is the issue of who it actually benefits. one thing labourdid it actually benefits. one thing labour did not articulate in their campaign is that cutting jewish and is -- campaign is that cutting jewish and is —— cutting tuition fees benefits and middle—class, not necessarily the working class. that's it for the papers. just a reminder we take a look at tomorrows front pages every evening at 10.40 here on bbc news. i think weather wise it is looking
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better today than yesterday. fewer showers, more sunshine. because the winds will be light, more sunshine, it should be a little warmer. some showers across central and eastern parts and this is where we will see most of the showers in the afternoon, maybe the odd heavy on in the south—east but further north and west has a better picture. northern ireland, west of scotland, wales and the south—west of england have lost heavy showers, so a vast improvement. it could be fairly cloudy at times for the football matches this afternoon. glimmers of sunshine breaking through. i couldn't roll—out the odd shower, particularly across the south—east. this evening and overnight, the showers never die away from the eastern side of the country. further west, with light winds and clear skies, turning chilly like last night. a touch of mist and fog in places. in the countryside,
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significantly colder than double figures, particularly in the north and west. on monday, low—pressure close to the east of the uk, weak area of high pressure means things should be, across the west. almost an east—west split with western areas seen the best of the dry and brighter weather. eastern areas, more of a breeze down the east coast and more showers. this feature will move and more showers. this feature will m ove a cross and more showers. this feature will move across the northern isles into north—east scotland bringing thicker cloud and more persistent rain. a few showers popping up here and there, most of them across the eastern side of england. breezy danny east course towards east anglia, lighter winds further west. tuesday, the ridge of high pressure influences the weather further and
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eastern areas. less showers, more brightness. gradually it will turn a little bit warmer on wednesday and thursday. this is bbc news. the headlines at 10am: police investigating the london tube bombing have arrested a second man — he's 21 and was detained in west london last night. a second day of police activity in surrey as police continue researched property. the home secretary, and the rest, since she's not surprised or asjohnson said at his own vision of britain after brexit. i'm very clear that the cabinet and the
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government supports theresa may. the un secretary—general says myanmar‘s leader, aung san suu kyi, has a "last chance" to end the military offensive that's forced 400,000 rohingya muslims to flee to neighbouring bangladesh. also in the next hour — anger and controversy in las vegas the hotly anticipated fight between as saul alvarez
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