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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  September 26, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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this is sport today live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme. the king backs the nfl in the war of words with the president. the coaches, the players, the owners, the bands, anybody who had any association with the nfl yesterday, was unbelievable. two goals for lacazette gives arsenal victory over west brom in the premier league. and us open champion sloane stephens — plus a host of big names, crash out of the wuhan open. first — teams from the nba have thrown their weight behind the protest movement in the nfl. players have been taking action against racial inequality in the us by demonstrating during the national anthem before their games. the action was sparked after president donald trump said those who make a stand should be fired. basketball star lebronjames has praised nfl team owners and players.
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the nfl, the coaches, the players, the owners, the fans, everyone who had anything any association with nfl yesterday was unbelievable. it was solidarity and there was no divide. it's so amazing, what sports can do to everyone in matter the shape or size or race or ethnicity or religion or whatever, people find teams, people find players, people find colours because of sport and they just gravitate towards that and it makes them so happy. it brings people together like none other. we are not going to let, i am not going to let, while i have this platform, to let, while i have this platform, to let, while i have this platform, to let one individual, no matter the power, no matter the impact that he
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should have or she should have, ever use sport as a platform to divide us. well trump has recently gone on social media to claim the players were being disrespectful by not standing for the anthem. former nfl linebacker rocky boiman who was also a superbowl winner with the indianapolis colts says the movement is becoming more anti—trump than anything else. this was not started by donald trump, this started last year when nothing was done about this. a lot of bands in the nfl and people, people think they are crazy or whatever but a lot of bands did not like that and they wanted people to show one small amounts of respect. the amp takes roughly one minute and 20 seconds, they wanted one moment of selflessness and a lot of fans didn't get that and that was blown up didn't get that and that was blown up and completely blown over into this absolute monster of an issue so it will be interesting to see what happens. maybe moving forward,
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people that say they are going to boycott, they don't in the ratings go boycott, they don't in the ratings 9° up boycott, they don't in the ratings go up and everybody is happy but the other side is, maybe these people who claim they are turning the dial and not watching the nfl and not consuming the product, maybe that wins out so again, we will kind of see. i'm interested to see myself. in the english premier league arsenal maintain their 100% record at home with a 2—0 win over west bromwich albion. they had french striker alexandre lacazette to thank. he scored both goals — one in each half and the result means arsenal move up to 7th on 10 points while west brom are 2 points behind in 8th. arsenal have now scored in all 23 of their premier league meetings with west brom and manager arsene wenger thinks there's more goals to come from lacazette. what is impressive with him, you get a strong game and a good deal when we dominate the game, he is always dangerous, good first touch, good movement and great finish. 50 we
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movement and great finish. so we haven't seen the best of him yet?|j don't haven't seen the best of him yet?” don't think so, here's a young boy, he is 25, just arrived in england and the demands are very high and he gets better and better. despite his side's loss — the night belonged to midfielder gareth barry. he now holds the record for premier league appearances — with his 633rd game. he beats the record previously held by wales and manchester united legend ryan giggs. the midfielder started over 19 years ago at aston villa, and has played for manchester city and everton beforejoining west brom just before the start of this season. afterwards, he spoke to the bbc‘s rob nothman. what has the occasion been like for you because you've been a centre of attention, cameras following, it is not the sort of style you are used to enjoy? it's something different this week. the media attention, not something i craved that it would be nice to put this milestone to bed
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and concentrate on the game. he had gone past the record of ryan giggs. as he been in touch? yes, he did. it was a nice touch to say congratulations. how likely do you think that anybody is ever going to go past your record? i'm not really giving it too much thought, who is behind the anything, i'm just concentrating on myself and i will look back at these things when i finish. gareth has been a wonderful professional but he still lives. we're hoping that he will keep performing way has been performing. from me and my team—mates, we want to congratulate him. playing in a position in the premier league, that is phenomenal. congratulations again. gareth barry is in good company when you compare his achievements with other players across europe. karl—heinz korbel holds the record for the most appearances in the bundesliga with 602. in france's league un, mickael landreau leads the way with 618 appearances. andoni zubizarreta holds
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the record in spain's la liga with 622 appearances. and over in italy, paolo maldini has the most serie a outings — an incredible 647 appearances in 25 seasons with just one club, milan. one match in spain to tell you about. real betis hammered levante 4—0, to go 5th in la liga. their 3rd straight win moves them above real madrid. antonio sanabria continued his good form, scoring twice for the home side. fabian and sergio leon were also on target — as betis ran riot. all the goals in that one coming in the second half. tennis now, and us open champion sloane stephens has been knocked out of the wuhan open in the first round. she lost to china's wang qiang in straight sets. with that, and some more shocks from the first round, here's austin halewood. 2017 has been a fairy tale to sloane
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stephens but the script was not followed. she lost the first set. and into the second, the fight that —— the fightback never came. qiang wang winning in her sixth attempt, stevens out of the first hurdle. in her first match since losing to stevens, madison keys also struggled. the american lost the first set. and into a second set tiebreak, it was lepchenko who continued to dominate, winning in just two hours. and the shocks didn't stop there, as the opening round continued in wuhan. former world number one angelique kerber, powerful and precise in taking the
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opening set from garcia of france. but one of seven straight games put garcia out of sight and into the second round. one player already there that no further british number onejohanna there that no further british number one johanna konta. there that no further british number onejohanna konta. she lost her first set to ashleigh barty of australia. the number five first set to ashleigh barty of australia. the numberfive seed it back, taking its 6—4 but ashleigh ba rty‘s back, taking its 6—4 but ashleigh barty‘s touch was too good as johanna konta, low on confidence, fell to fourth straight defeat. ireland france and south africa have submitted their things —— their bids to host the 2020 world cup. all the teams made the trip to london, to make their presentations. the french contingent was led by former international sebastian cha bal alongside the children of the late new zealand wing jonah lomu — who spent a season in france.
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the winner of the bid will be decided on november the 15th. afterjapan, we are going to have the world cup on a very world cup orientated established market so france or ireland could be a good place to host the world cup. the fa ns place to host the world cup. the fans are there, it is a central place, you can enjoy rugby so looking forward to any one of them winning. now — when it comes to surfing competitions, it's the killer waves that people remember. but during a tournament in norway at the weekend — it was the killer whales that stole the headlines. this is the lofoten masters surf event and if you look closely, you'll see two orcas swimming through the line—up. both surfers managed to escape unharmed but they did make a pretty hasty exit. these animals are generally not considered to be a threat to humans, but personally, i wouldn't chance it. getting in the water with killer whales, no chance. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's hello.
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the week started on a fairly quiet note across many parts of the british isles. we had a weak weather front close by which really pepped up the cloud at cross central and eastern areas. out west, different story. sunshine to be had but first thing on monday and again late on in the day, some areas were quite badly affected by fog. there is the weather front gradually fizzling all the while as the pressure builds in from the continent. but there will still be a legacy of cloud first up and i think you will really notice it in the first part of the day. leaden skies but look at the temperatures, 13— 15 for many. just a bit cooler when the skies today clear for a time overnight. there could be some fog patches around. leaden skies for many of us for the first part of the day but you get a sense from the big picture that as the day goes on,
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there is greater hope of seeing sunshine. one of the spots may be scotland. a little bit cloudy along the eastern shores. just the chance of one or two isolated showers across the northern half of britain. northern ireland, faring quite nicely away from the noticeable breeze. there is the chance, come mid—afternoon, of seeing a few showers across the north and east midlands, maybe to east anglia as well. many of those will tend to fade if you see them at all come evening. temperatures top 20 degrees or so. a little bit more in a way of breeze on wednesday across the north—east quarter of scotland. the freshening wind and the cloud filling in all the while across northern ireland, and into the far south—west of england and wales.
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the weather front works its way in from the atlantic. generally speaking, the further east you are, the drier and finer your day will stay. top temperature, again, not bad for this time of year. cooler in the breeze in the far north—east. thankfully, the fourth one—day international between england and the west indies is going to be at the oval in the south—east corner of central london. that should not be interrupted by the rain until perhaps very late on in the day because the front does make progress later on on wednesday. in the first part of thursday, it will still be producing quite a wet start to the day across eastern parts of the british isles. once that is away, a decent day for many. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories:
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the white house condemns a claim by north korea that it has the right to shoot down american warplanes outside its air space. angela merkel says she wants to win back the one million voters she lost to the anti—immigrant afd — but she won't lurch to the right. ballots are being counted in the iraqi kurdish referendum — the result is expected to be a massive vote for independence. and — if at first you don't succeed — try — try — and try again. meet 13—year—old lily rice who's just made history — upside down.
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