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this is bbc news. the headlines at 103m. tensions rise after spain begins to impose direct rule over catalonia — after politicians there declare independence. as crowds celebrate, spain's prime minister calls snap elections after dissolving the regional parliament in barcelona ‘warped and degrading' — jeremy corbyn says a culture which tolerates the abuse of women is thriving in westminster. the humanitarian crisis affecting almost 400,000 syrians in an eastern suburb of damascus is described as an ‘outrage‘ by the united nations. also in the next hour, the zip wiring and clubbing glasgow pensioners. the new scheme aiming to tackle loneliness and improve health among older people. england's future stars will meet spain this afternoon in the under—seventeen world cup final. and coming up in the travel show, the swedish lapland city that's quite literally on the move, that's in half an hour. good morning and
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welcome to bbc news. spain has begun to assert direct rule over catalonia. the spanish prime minister, mariano rajoy, announced last night that madrid was taking control, after the catalonian parliament voted to establish an independent republic. the region's leaders have been sacked, its parliament has been dissolved and regional elections have been called for december. andrew plant reports. the streets of barcelona, catalonia's capital, where crowds have been celebrating through the night after the regional government here declared its independence from spain. translation: every citizen is clear about the goal. the price we will pay perhaps is expensive.
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but here we do things well, we work well here, and we respect everybody. si, si, si! this was the moment the catalonia's government voted to declare itself an independent state. 300 miles away in madrid, spain's national government was also voting to take away catalonia's regional powers and sack its leader after refusing to recognise catalonia's independence. translation: normality starts with law. in order to return institutional legitimacy and to give a voice to all catalans, i have now dissolved the catalan parliament to hold regional elections on the 21st of december. it is a confusing picture, even within catalonia itself, many people don't want to be separate from spain.
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the spanish government says it will now take back control. but how will that work? and what about the tens of thousands of catalonian people today who believe they're already living in a separate state, one they would argue spain no longer has any power to control. andrew plant, bbc news. speaking on newsnight, the former conservative foreign secretary sir malcolm rifkind said he feared the current crisis in catalonia could end in armed conflict. the allusions, this is the worst crisis in western europe has faced since the end of the second world war. over the next month, the spanish government having dismissed the catalan government has imposed authority on catalonia. he can't wait in the election with no government to wait for catalonia to recognise. if it will wait, which i
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think you will, the catalan separatists are in minority in catalonia and some of them will fight back. the risk is, some form of spanish civil war. that is not an exaggeration, i'm not saying it will happen, but it is a serious risk that it probably will happen in some form. joining me now from salford is dr andrew dowling from cardiff university. he's written a book called "the rise of catalan independence: spain's territorial crisis" and he's a specialist in catalan history. if this is a crisis, it is a long time coming, isn't it? it is a slow fuse burning over a time coming, isn't it? it is a slow fuse burning overa number of decades. what really transform the situation is the arrival of the economic crisis. it hit catalonia hard, as it did other areas of spain. but when i think is
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significant about it heating catalonia is that it is a rich region with a strong sense of identity. the economic crisis transforms the situation and brings us transforms the situation and brings us to where we are today. the relationship between central government and the regional government and the regional government has been fractious for some time, particularly in the sense that mariano rajoy has form on this, not looking for autonomy a few years back. is it a case that the people in charge in barcelona were bruising for a fight and wanted this confrontation and seize this opportunity? no, actually i would say that the country, the leaders of catalan independence have declared independence because they have been left with no alternative. for example, in 2012, they asked for a new financial arrangement, prior to that they had asked for more powers.
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the constant reaction of the government in madrid has been no. what is the list of new measures that have been given to catalonia by madrid since 2005 or 2010, you are left with an empty sheet of paper. madrid has offered nothing. as the situation has deteriorated, the catalans have felt they have no alternative other than independence. in reality, independence is about exercising your authority and your power over the different institutions, over borders, over policing and the rest of it. absolutely. they don't have those powers, those powers have not been given any more, they haven't taken any more of them, they haven't taken away. in sense it is independence and the name? absolutely it is only in name. anyone can declare independence, but to be real, you have to take what is called effective control of the territory as you rightly say, this includes borders, ports, rail and
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as you rightly say, this includes borders, ports, railand transport infrastructure, your policing. all the mechanisms that exist that make something a state. and then entity. in that sense madrid holds more of the cards on catalonia does. have you seen this panning out over the next few weeks and months? there isn't an obvious quick resolution, but is it something that the two sides can gradually moved toward solving on? mac perhaps, relations have deteriorated. but this isn't the middle east, orformerly the northern ireland conflict or anything like that. it is always possible if you have the political will to find negotiation. the problem is, if you have half of cata la ns problem is, if you have half of catalans believing problem is, if you have half of catala ns believing they problem is, if you have half of catalans believing they are now in an independent state and they will have rule imposed from madrid, what oui’ have rule imposed from madrid, what our tens of thousands catalan civil serva nts our tens of thousands catalan civil servants going to do? will they obey their new overlords are masters? the police have just had the leader
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removed. will they obey the new leader? all these uncertainties mean that we are in a period of strong instability before we will see some meaningful resolution to the problem. he was mentioning the head of police that was formally dismissed this morning. after the political dismissals of yesterday, they have now moved on to some of the officials that actually carry out the policies, the regional chief police is the first one to have been fired. there has now been a call for cata la n fired. there has now been a call for catalan police officers to remain neutral in this growing conflict between barcelona and madrid. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn will use a speech today to warn that what he calls a ‘warped and degrading culture,‘ which tolerates abuse of women is thriving at westminster. his comments — at a conference of the unite union at aviemore in scotland — follow newspaper allegations of inappropriate
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conduct by unnamed mps. downing street has described the allegations of sexual harassment in politics as "deeply concerning". 0ur political correspondent ellie price is in westminster. this is not a new problem, why is it do you think that this particular focus has developed now at christmas to? i think that is the point that jeremy colburn wants to make this morning, is that misogyny, he will say, and sexism is widespread across society. but he will say that it is been thriving here in westminster and now they need to be a turning point, mps you need to be held to account. more broadly, women need to feel that they can come forward more easily to report this sort of thing in the wider workplace. all of this comes amid those reports in the sun newspaper yesterday that parliamentary aides and researchers
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with using whatsapp to discuss and share inappropriate behaviour by some mps. there have been further allegations in some newspapers today. i think it is worth noting at this stage that there has been no formal complaint made and no mps have been named. but certainly as you say, downing street yesterday said they would take any allegations very seriously and that anyone who has been involved needs to come forward. how difficult is it to pursue this at westminster given that effectively mps are self—employed? that effectively mps are self—employed ? they don't that effectively mps are self—employed? they don't formally a nswer to self—employed? they don't formally answer to anyone, they don't have an employer. the employer is the people that elect them, they don't have an employer at westminster. if a researcher or employer at westminster. if a researcher oi’ an employer at westminster. if a researcher or an aide has a complaint can get very far with the commons authorities? lie the commons authorities were keen to stress that they take any allegations of bullying or harassment very seriously. employment rolls are
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taken up by mps themselves, but clearly politically at the moment it is very unpalatable and unacceptable. we havejeremy colburn making his beach later on. an interesting development this morning is that we have had the environment secretary making a joke on the radio 4 today programme, he was asked about... he was celebrating the radio 4 about... he was celebrating the radio a programme 60th birthday. he said, going into the studio with like going into harvey weinstein's bedroom, you just pray you merge with your dignity in tact. that is not gone down well on twitter as you can imagine, there are responses from labour mps that it was a seriously inappropriate joke and crass. michael gove this morning has apologised this morning for a clumsy attempt at humour and he apologises unreservedly. this gives you a sense of how seriously displease being
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taken on westminster and not a laughing matter. having listened back to what he said it is followed by neil kinnock making a joking remark about grading winner in relation to the programme presenter. the interesting thing in town is that people have said this is unacceptable and michael gove has apologised. the audience of that programme seem to apologised. the audience of that programme seem to laugh, not everybody, it is hard to tell, but a lot. the context of these things can affect how people perceive them? absolutely right, and that is why you need to take things written on twitter with a pinch of salt. as you say, the reaction in the studio, or rather the audience that was listening, did sound like it was taken in the way it was meant as humour. but i think probably do need is to be a very caretaking shall we
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say on a difficult and serious issue with all the news that we have heard about harvey weinstein over the last few weeks and clearly an acknowledgement from jeremy corbyn at least that he thinks it is an issue see it in westminster. but as i say, i should stress that no formal complaint has yet been made and no mps have as yet been named. thank you. the humanitarian crisis affecting almost 400,000 people in an eastern suburb of damascus has been described by the united nations as an outrage. the area of eastern ghouta is the last part of the syrian capital under siege by the government. there's been an increase in military attacks, and earlier this week unicef said almost 1,200 children were suffering from malnutrition. 0ur middle east correspondent, lina sinjab, reports from beirut. the main meal of the day. a few spoons of yoga and two rolls of bread. feeding a family of seven is a daily struggle. the mother who was
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covering her face for safety says thatis covering her face for safety says that is all she can afford for the day. the kids keep saying they are hungry, she says. my heart is broken. there is nothing i can do. this is seven—year—old son, and he is most in need of food in the family. weighing only ten kilograms, he, like hundreds of children in the region of ghouta, a seriously malnourished. his elder sister can't even go to school. cancellation mac iam ten even go to school. cancellation mac i am ten years old and in year one, i should be in yearfour. translation: i can't eat or drink and we tell our mother day and night that we are hungry. our situation is
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very bad, my father doesn't have the money. my brother was well and had chubby hands and now he is very thin. nightand chubby hands and now he is very thin. night and day we say we are hungry. my mother says god helps us, we don't have the money to bring you fig. —— food. we don't have the money to bring you fig. -- food. there are at least 350,000 civilians still fig. -- food. there are at least 350 , 000 civilians still trapped fig. -- food. there are at least 350,000 civilians still trapped and in need of food. the area has been under siege forfour in need of food. the area has been under siege for four years. this was the last aid convoy to enter the area last month. it is hard to tell when the next one will come. these children are not in hospital because they are injured, but because they are malnourished. the un says there
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are malnourished. the un says there are over 1200 children suffering, and the numbers are rising. translation: many children are thinking, headaches, blurred vision, depression. all because of a lack of essential food. we can only help so many, we don't have the medicines. the children are trying to live a normal life, with the siege continuing he is unlikely to recover soon. kurdish officials in northern syria say a 21 year—old man from oxford has been charged with membership of the so—called islamic state group. jack letts, who travelled to syria in 2014, was captured by the kurdish militia, the ypg. mr letts has previously said he is opposed to is. the prime minister, theresa may, called on all companies to reveal the difference between what they pay male and female staff saying "sustained action" was needed to tackle the issue. companies with more than 250 employees have to publish pay data
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from april next year. now, mrs may is urging smaller firms to do the same. the latest figures show on average men are paid almost a fifth more than women. england face spain in the final of the under 17's world cup this afternoon. the side made it to the final after a hat—trick from liverpool's rhian brewster against brazil earlier in the week. he's on course to become the tournament's top goal scorer. rhian's dad — ian — has been speaking to the bbc. he says the whole family are just trying to keep their feet on the ground, ahead of this afternoon's final. you just can't wait. he wants to get it on. even after the last game, he phoned us from his hotel room and he seems so phoned us from his hotel room and he seems so relaxed. he would not believe that two hours ago he was playing in front of thousands of people scoring a hat—trick. he is surrounded by a lot of level—headed
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people and family friends, we keep him in check. i am living the dream at the moment, seeing your son in a sport that you love and a team that you adore, iron living the dream. but, at the same time, so long as he is happy, i am happy. the match is being played in the indian city of kolkata. rahul tandon is there. what are the expectations of this match? to foreign teams from thousands of miles away, playing in that magnificent stadium behind you, is there much interest? is there much interest?! there are people who've been outside looking for tickets for the past few hours and we are still five hours away from kick—off. the england and brazil match that took place in the semifinal where there was that hat—trick, half a million people applied for tickets. why is there so
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much interest in 18 like england? the simple answer is the premier league. in a few hours' time eve ryo ne league. in a few hours' time everyone walking into the stadium will have eight manchester united or chelsea top on. this is the under 17 tea m chelsea top on. this is the under 17 team that is the biggest football match that india has ever hosted and they want to show the world forget cricket, people love football in this country as well. in terms of that passion, are people already spotting the talent of tomorrow in the england team? because they have come so the england team? because they have come so far, they have done so much better than the adult team has done for england in a very, very long time! question of fancy, who are not english fans, if england are so good at the development level, why is it not as leading to the senior level? wigan fans hope and pray that they will win on the pitch but highly later on this evening, but even if they don't they have shown that they
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are as good as anyone in the world. the key point that many people are asking is that will these players make it into premiership teams? there are a lot of chelsea players and chester city players in this team, will they get into the first tea m team, will they get into the first team football that they need and can get into stadiums in a few years' time and we will be talking about the main world cup rather than the under 17 is the main world cup rather than the under17 is an the main world cup rather than the under 17 is an under 20s. you're teasing is! but let's look at this game, what are the prospects? as gaining good form? spain are, they met in may where spain 100 penalties, let's hope it doesn't go to that again. the way they dismantled the brazilian side on wednesday night was probably the most impressive performance by any england team developmental or senior, for many years. they will be full of confidence. i think they
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will have the crowd behind them, it looks like it could possibly be england's day. we hope so, thank you. mike will have more prospects on the match in our sports round—up which is coming up later in this hour. you can see the match on bbc two this afternoon is at 3:20pm. let's look at the headlines, spain imposes direct rule over catalonia. snap elections have been called ford december. michael gove has apologised for an on—air joke december. michael gove has apologised for an on—airjoke about disgraced harvey weinstein. jeremy corbyn has warned that a culture that tolerates the abuse of women is thriving in westminster. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre,
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here's mike bushell. is there more to tell us about the under 17 is? is there more to tell us about the under17 is? there is, you heard about what happens in qatar 2022, when it comes to youth football, england can claim to be the best in the world, they are already the under 19 and under 20 champions and todayit under 19 and under 20 champions and today it is the turn of the under 17 tea m today it is the turn of the under 17 team to try and complete the set. the match will be the biggest of their young lives, more than six to 6000 and will be in stadium. we have seen 6000 and will be in stadium. we have seen against brazil that they can handle the pressure, rhian has been a star, scoring seven goals so far, including that hat—trick against brazil. we believe in ourselves, it is more like adrenaline. i wouldn't class it as nerves because we are a
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confident team we believe in the england style and know how far it is god is in the tournament. we are very confident. you can see the final on bbc two this afternoon at 3:20pm. before that at lunchtime, manchester united take on tottenham who at behind in the premier league only on goal difference. spurs have won four in a row in the league but will be missing harry kane who has scored 17 times this season for club and country. he has a minor hamstring injury so isn't being risked. there are two big lunchtime games today, because in scotland rangers played their first game since then manager was sacked. this is sheffield and united you can see, scoring last night to beat leeds 2-1. scoring last night to beat leeds 2—1. they have gone to the top of the champion ship. there was david brooks, is only 20. wolves play qpr this lunchtime. lewis hamilton is aiming to become world champion for
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the fourth time in the grand prix this weekend. if he finishes fifth or better on sunday the title is his name at what happens to his closest rivals. daniel went closer in a second practice last night. it will ta ke second practice last night. it will take a major calamity for him to surrender the crown now. the world heavyweight champion anthony joshua says he feels like the challenger as he prepares to take on his opponents alike takam after a previous opponent withdrew with injury. he has a record 19 knockouts from 19 fights and will be looking to extend that record in front of a crowd of 70,000 in cardiff. i am still
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developing, that is why people jump at the opportunity so much. to develop as a fighter. if i spoke more, or trash talk more, i develop as a fighter. if i spoke more, ortrash talk more, i might develop as a fighter. if i spoke more, or trash talk more, i might be more, or trash talk more, i might be more feared, myjob is to break them down the ring, strip them of confidence and desire, stripping them of winning. that is what i do inside the ring, not outside the ring. wales' rugby league side had suffered record rugby league cup defeat at the hands of public any. they scored ten tries in the 56 point win. a consolation try at the end could not live spectacular welsh spirits. i didn't think we performed well in any aspect of rugby league today. i think it has been a very harsh lesson, the southern hemisphere fellas carry the ball aggressively, and if you don't stand up aggressively, and if you don't stand up to that, you end up getting
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rolled and lose field position. we can getany rolled and lose field position. we can get any attack. i have a consummate our opponents. that is all the sport for now. you can see the latest on our website. i will have more later in the next hour. british overseas territories damaged by hurricanes could get access to official foreign aid in the future, under plans being considered by the world's richest nations. there was controversy last month when it emerged that some caribbean islands hit by hurricane irma were considered too rich to receive overseas help, as our diplomatic correspondent james landale reports. when british overseas territories like anguilla, turks and cacos, and the british virgin islands were hit last month, none of the assistance they got was from the £13 million aid budget from the uk. that's because they were
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considered too rich under international rules to qualify for development assistance. these rules are laid down by the oecd nations. they are meeting in paris on monday. i have been told they will consider a proposal to allow countries to requalify for aid if they suffer long—term economic shock. at the moment, there is no procedure for countries to get back on the list of eligible aid recipients. a second option to allow countries hit by hurricanes a short—term waiverfrom the rules is not expected to win support. james landale, bbc news. nine service personnel on a nuclear submarine have been thrown off a nuclear submarine after testing positive for drugs. the ministry of defence confirmed the dismissals from hms vigilant, one of four submarines that carry the trident nuclear deterrent. according to the daily mail, the men are alleged to have taken cocaine. a royal navy spokesperson said it does not tolerate drugs misuse. the first charges have been filed in the investigation into alleged meddling by russia in last year's
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american presidential election. a former head of the fbi, robert mueller, is leading the inquiry. it hasn't been revealed who has been charged, but us media claim at least one person will be taken in to custody on monday. the winner of the royal institute of british architects‘ most prestigious award — the stirling prize — will be announced next tuesday. the nominations to become britain‘s best new building 2017 include a rejuvenated seaside pier on the south coast of england, a london housing development and an extension to the british museum. today, we look at the city of glasgow college by reiach & hall architects and michael laird architects. this is a world—class learning facility and what you see here is
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actually technical and professional education on an immense scale. the couege education on an immense scale. the college want a building that included quality and ambition and aspiration for their students, we have put a building of scale, of character, of quality. they walked in and say wow, this is a place i wa nt to in and say wow, this is a place i want to be part. the building special, it is located at a high point in the city, that vocational training is raised to the same level as any institution within the city. the new building is a new once—in—a—lifetime opportunity for the college to transform the way we teach and the way the students learn. we previously operated out of 11 quite dated buildings across the city. these new campus buildings and this billing in particular brought together a hugely diverse curriculum, hugely diverse communities into two
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state—of—the—art campus sites. a really believe transformation. and students. and you can see all the nominated buildings on the bbc arts website and find out who is the winner of the riba stirling prize for architecture live on the bbc news channel next tuesday between 8.30 and 9pm. zip wiring in a scottish forest and dancing at a glasgow nightclub are not necessarily activities you‘d associate with pensioners. but a scheme based in the city is encouraging older people to join in and meet new people. catriona renton has been to find out more. this not is what you would maybe expect of a pensioner‘s the eight.


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