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this is bbc news. the news at 4.00pm. catalonia's deposed leader, carles puigdemont, has urged democratic opposition to madrid's direct rule, a day after the region's parliament declared independence. it comes as thousands take part in rallies in spain's capital madrid in favour of unity with catalonia. the environment secretary michael gove apologises ‘unreservedly‘ for an on—airjoke about disgraced movie mogul, harvey weinstein. ‘warped and degrading' — jeremy corbyn says a culture which tolerates the abuse of women is thriving in westminster. the humanitarian crisis affecting almost 400,000 syrians in an eastern suburb of damascus — is described as an ‘outrage‘, by the united nations. also in the next hour, the zip—wiring and clubbing glasgow pensioners. the new scheme aiming to tackle
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loneliness and improve health among older people. england's teenagers are hoping to become the world champions against spain. they currently trail 2—0. coming up in the dateline london, after a full extremely few days in spain, what's next for catalonia? that is at liz30pm. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. the spanish government has begun implementing direct rule over catalonia, a day after it's parliament declared independence. madrid has stripped the region of its autonomy , and the interior ministry
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of the national government has taken control of the regional police force. in the last hour, catalonia's regional president, carlos puigdemont has called for "democratic opposition" to madrid's move. 0ur correspondent, gavin lee, reports from barcelona, in catalonia. squashing the insurrection, the spread of headlines across spanish newspapers this morning in the same. the spanish government has opted for the so—called nuclear option, after the so—called nuclear option, after the proclamation of independence yesterday. the region's parliament has been dissolved, separate separatist leaders have been removed, and an election will be held before christmas. in barcelona, that did not stop thousands of separatists claiming victory, partying into the night and singing songs of liberation. tense moments
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too, with confrontations between those on both sides. it is come here now, but many are asking the same question, how does the government in madrid assert its authority here, and separatist talk about protecting and separatist talk about protecting and defending the concentration, if the government tried to force be removed from commons. —— carles puigdemont. yes there was a very important day. side to throw out the governments that the people elected and install themselves, this is an attack. they want war. and install themselves, this is an attack. they want warli and install themselves, this is an attack. they want war. i have lived in catalonia for 11 years, but i am from a jet. i am spanish, and in catalonia for 11 years, but i am from ajet. lam spanish, and i'm not good to stop being spanish. i don't want to stop being spanish. i also believe you cannot silence and many people. we are supposed to be
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living in a democracy, and you have to listen to the people. it is now known that the deputy minister has been placed in charge of catalonia. the fate of the catalan leader, is unclear. it is understood that they might be cat facing charges of rebellion, which carries a 30 year sentence, for action against the state. my colleague tim willcox is in the catalan capital barcelona and spoke to me a little earlier. he said that more catalan politicians could be arrested over the next few days. carles puigdemont gave a pre—recorded address from gerona, a town where he was mayor. clearly, we are in a parallel universe, because he doesn't consider himself sacked from the position as catalan president, because, he says the referendum was legal, 90% of respondents voted for him, on a turnout of 43%. so, he carries on as normal. but, the key thing you were saying to the catalan people, of
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course many millions of whom don't support him, they want to stay with madrid, but, his message was, one of a pacifist, response to anything that was happening now. he said, we have our own laws, we have our own system, so, basically, i am still in charge, but, when madrid takes over he is calling for peaceful resistance. no mass demonstrations called at the moment. i think what will be interesting, is to see what happens on monday morning when the civil servants, and the police begin their working week. they have been taken over by madrid, and all the advice they'd been given is to stay neutral in this crisis. but, it will be interesting to see whether they follow the orders of those put in place by madrid, or whether some of them will carry on listening to carles puigdemont.
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carles puigdemont seems very relaxed, actually, and friends, so he seems very calm about the situation, and i think, there's relief after the last night, because i spoke to some of the people close to him, there's relief that madrid did not come in hard immediately, and try and arrest them. but, that could still happen over the next few days. thousands of people have gathered in the centre of madrid for a demonstration in support of a unified spain. 0ur correspondent sarah rainsford is there: here in central madrid, the mood moves from party to anger. there have been people who came out onto the streets, to call
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for a united spain. they say that they are supporting those in catalonia who do not want independence, and they say they don't want their country to be divided. they made passionate speeches from the stage, people saying that the government is not doing enough, to return catalonia to legality as madrid once. some passionate people here as well, some people want the catalan leader to be put in prison. the government, of course has made key moves already, in order to impose direct role in catalonia. he has dismissed the parliament and the ministers there, and madrid is now running things in the region. as far as this crowd is concerned, that is precisely what they should be doing. they are people who say that they are here for their country, for democracy, and for the future of spain. iam here i am here to support mike country.
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they have power, why do they want to break up spain? there is no sense. it isa break up spain? there is no sense. it is a problem, but it is not only affecting the whole spain, but it is affecting the whole spain, but it is affecting the whole of europe. we cannotjust affecting the whole of europe. we cannot just stay and see what happens, we have got to act. all sides involved in this crisis, once the process to take place peacefully, but the risk is that passions are running extremely high, and nobody quite knows how things could develop. let's talk now via webcam to the president at the british chamber of commerce in spain. just to begin with, we have not heard much about the economic effect now, since these latest developments, but i am reading in the daily telegraph, that the new state, the catala ns the daily telegraph, that the new state, the catalans are scrambling
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around it's been described, tried to put into place the economic machinery of a new sovereign state. there is speak of a new currency, building and economic photos, is that really going on? the local regional governor destroyed but that in place. the big question for businesses is whether they... whether the deprivation of dependence is symbolic, or whether it is political. —— decoration. busy, if catalonia does become independent, it would need to leave the european union, so would need a new currency. the question is, it is that all going to happen. a lot of companies have moved their registered office from barcelona to elsewhere in spain. what sort of economic damage is this doing? with
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this level of uncertainty and confusion? business does hate uncertainty, but it is very much depends on what the final solution is. it is not for companies to decide what one society it should take, but there are real risks here, in the short time, companies are mainly concerned about those moves, particularly because of the catalan government, to raise capital. there have been general strike in catalonia, and... as you quite rightly mentioned, investment is one of the concerns, and with the decisions to have regional elections within two months, that means that when companies are planning their investment decisions for 2008 in, then they will be concerned about their stability within the region. we are moving into an area where there could be sustained investment
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in catalonia, if there is no —— sustained instability in catalonia if there is no whose solution soon. you talked about democratic opposition, you made me think of civil disobedience. giving that housing to manifest? we will see more strikes? more action on the street? what is business saying about this, and how likely is it to be that far? i think it was very unlikely that we meet dark reach the current point, so i would say that it is unlikely that you reach further disruption, but it is one of the things about business. business is very respectful of the rights of people in society, and politicians to make their own decisions. we do. these businesses are concerned, and oui’ these businesses are concerned, and our study to look at those investments, so far financial, our study to look at those investments, so farfinancial, but it could be injobs, could be in
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local government itself, which needs funds. if it carries on, it is going to bea funds. if it carries on, it is going to be a concern. companies are not saying that people should strike, we respect everyone's right to make their own decisions. it will be damaging to the generation of wealth, jobs, salaries and regional government funds if that does take place, and does look a lot quite likely at the moment. you work for a closely with british businesses in spain. what sort of disney's sectors are we talking about here? that is a good question. —— business. there is a lot of uk investment in catalonia. it is about five and 50 million euros in the last three years, said the british investment is greeted —— created. it is a very industrial age, and the service industry...
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it's quite widespread. a lot of british tourists invest their money in catalonia, as well. so, it could be quite wide reaching, if we don't buy them stability. thank you. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, will use a speech today, to warn that what he calls, a ‘warped and degrading culture,‘ which tolerates the abuse of women, is thriving at westminster. downing street has described the allegations of sexual harassment in politics, as "deeply concerning". this morning, the environment secretary, michael gove, apologised, for making what he said, was a ‘clumsyjoke' about the disgraced hollywood producer, harvey weinstein, while being interviewed on radio 4's today programme. let's have a listen to what was said. sometimes i think that coming into this studio with you, john, is a bit like going into harvey weinstein‘s bedroom. laughter. applause. i tell you what...
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may have got something else to say there, michael. john goes way past groping! you pray that you emerge with your dignity in tact. 0ur political correspondent ellie price spoke to me earlier from westminster. she said the labour leader's speech on harassment came after newspaper reports that mps had behaved improperly at the house of commons. of course the timing is particularly interesting because all of this comes up just a day after those reports in the sun newspaper yesterday which said that a number of female parliamentary researchers and aides here in westminster had been using a messaging service to talk about inappropriate behaviour, some of the stories of mps they may have had over the last few years.
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so, it feels very sort of precient at the moment, if you like, that's what everyone is talking about. it seems as if he knows this has been taking place, it's been allowed to thrive at westminster, many will say why is he only speaking about it now, what's caused him to speak up? would this have anything to do with jared 0'mara and he has to show direction? of course there were criticisms of of the labour party during the week when one of its labour mps was suspended from the party for comments he made online a few years ago before he was nominated as a candidate in the last general election. jared 0'mara was elected in the last general election unexpectedly, so there was criticism that he was chosen as a candidate, he perhaps wasn't vetted properly. of course the labour party strenuously deny all of that.
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they say they have robust systems for choosing candidates and he has been suspended pending an investigation and that investigation will go forward and consider everything and comments that he made. of course, this is unpleasa ntry across the political spectrum, those comments from michael gove, which he apologised for straightaway, clearly this is a difficult issue across the divide and all parties here in westminster are keen to show they have a handle on it. thank you. this is reported to exposure to take place in the somali capital. this was a major hotel popular with officials and army officers. gunshots reported around the hotel
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itself. some saying that they could have taken place inside the building. 0ne have taken place inside the building. one report also saying that the hotel had been rammed by a car bomb, and the second report in a nearby area. got no word on casualties as it stands. these come only two weeks after a huge bomb that took place in mogadishu, killing more than 350 people. more on that attack in mogadishu in somalia as and when we get it here. in the meantime, the catalonian leader has urged peaceful opposition to direct rule. environment secretary michael gove has apologised unreservedly about a joke you made about harvey weinstein. it
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comes on the way that the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has warned that a culture that tolerates the abuse of women is thriving at westminster. and, in sport, manchester united beat spurs with a late martial strike. they are now two points behind the leaders who are too— one up against west brom. england are currently trailing 2—1 against spain in the teenage world cup. and, lewis hamilton can be crowned champion on sunday if he finishes fifth or better. the first charges have been filed in the investigation into alleged meddling by russia in last year's american presidential election. former head of the fbi, robert mueller, is leading the inquiry. it hasn't been revealed
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who has been charged, but us media claim at least one person will be taken in to custody on monday. 0ur washington correspondent laura bicker has been giving us the latest. well, first of all, a note of caution, these reports have come from us media. we have had nothing confirmed from the investigation and when it comes to these charges, as you mentioned there, we don't know who has been charged or what they've been charged with, i suspect we will find out monday. remember, after the us presidential election, several intelligence agencies concluded that russia tried to meddle in the us election and they were trying to do so on behalf of the trump campaign. since then there have been several investigations ongoing, including one by the fbi. however, then donald trump fired the director of the fbi, james comey. so there were many, many calls for an independent inquiry.
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a special counsel has been appointed to look at all this alleged collusion. he has been slowly and methodically working away, looking at information and doing that for several months now. this would be a significant development. these would be the first charges so we will wait and find out and see exactly what comes from this. has there been any response from the trump administration? well, donald trump tweeted on friday that there had been no collusion between his campaign and russia during the presidential election. also this morning his spokesman has been on fox and friends saying the real focus should be corruption by the clinton administration and not the trump administration. so, when it comes to claim and counterclaim, certainly donald trump's administration is saying this time it should be the democrats and hillary clinton that should be the
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focus of the investigation and not donald trump. thank you very much. the humanitarian crisis affecting almost 400,000 people in an eastern suburb of damascus, has been described by the united nations, as an outrage. the area of eastern ghouta is the last part of the syrian capital under siege by the government. there's been an increase in military attacks, and earlier this week, unicef said almost 1,200 children were suffering from malnutrition. 0ur middle east correspondent, lina sinjab, reports from beirut. the main meal of the day. a few spoons of yogurt and two rolls of bread. feeding a family of seven is a daily struggle. the mother who was covering her face for safety says that is all she can afford for the day. the kids keep saying they are hungry, she says. my heart is broken. there is nothing i can do.
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this is seven—year—old mustafa, and he is most in need of food in the family. weighing only ten kilograms, he, like hundreds of children in the region of ghouta, are seriously malnourished. his elder sister can't even go to school. translation: i am ten years old and in year one, i should be in yearfour. i can't eat or drink and we tell our mother day and night that we are hungry. 0ur situation is very bad, my father doesn't have the money. my brother was well and had chubby hands and now he is very thin. night and day we say we are hungry. my mother says god helps us,
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we don't have the money to bring you food. this is the main reason behind their suffering. the war continues. government will place continue to target the area. —— warplanes. there are at least 350,000 civilians still trapped and in need of food. the area has been under siege forfour years. this was the last aid convoy to enter the area last month. it is hard to tell when the next one will come. these children are not in hospital because they are injured, but because they are malnourished. the un says there are over 1200 children suffering, and the numbers are rising. translation: many children are , headaches, blurred vision, depression.
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all because of a lack of essential food. we can only help so many, we don't have the medicines. the children are trying to live a normal life, with the siege continuing mustafa is unlikely to recover soon. kurdish officials in northern syria say a 2i——year—old man from oxford, has been charged with membership of the so—called islamic state group. jack letts , who travelled to syria in 2014 , was captured by the kurdish militia, the ypg. mr letts has previously said he is opposed to is. nine sailors from a nuclear missile submarine have been dismissed from the royal navy after failing drug tests. the ministry of defence confirmed the dismissals from hms vigilant, one of four submarines that carry
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the trident nuclear deterrent. according to the daily mail, the men are alleged to have taken cocaine. a royal navy spokesperson said it does not tolerate drugs misuse. 0ur correspondent laura trant is outside the ministry of defence. the defence secretary said to have given the head of the royal navy a roasting after hearing that nine navy officers tested positive for drugs. they have ordered compulsory drugs. they have ordered compulsory drugs testing for everybody. now, the daily mail has said that the nine crew members tested positive for cocaine which they allegedly texturing a party in the united states while the submarine was docked while it was waiting to pick up docked while it was waiting to pick up litter will have. a royal navy spokesman person said they do not tolerate drugs misuse, they have fallen short of our high standards
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and face being discharged from service. these latest revelations come after claims that the captain and the second—in—command were both removed over allegations of having inappropriate relationships with female groom on board. —— crew on board. a royal navy spokesperson has said that the investigation is under lip -- said that the investigation is under lip —— underway, and any allegations are taken seriously. british 0verseas territories damaged by hurricanes could get access to official foreign aid in the future, under plans being considered by the world's richest nations. there was controversy last month when it emerged that some caribbean islands hit by hurricane irma were considered too rich when british 0verseas territories
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like these were hit by hurricanes last month, none of the assistants they got was from the britain's aids budget. that is because the islands are considered too rich and international will to qualify for that assistance. these rules are laid down by a special committee. that committee is meeting in paris on monday, and i have been told that they will continue a proposal to allow countries to requalify for overseas aid if they suffer a long time economic shock. at the moment, there is no procedure for crutches to get back onto the list of eligible recipients. a second option to allow hurricanes a short—term waiver from the rules is to allow hurricanes a short—term waiverfrom the rules is not expected to win support. now for a look at the weather. the weather has been pretty daddy. a
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cold blast is coming our way and dropping the temperatures for some. as we go through the night, a lot of cloud first of all. some light rain and drizzle and it might be quite murky. but signs of a change in scotland, as clear as a work in and northerly winds arrive, really dropping litter bridges it on in the night. it could get quite close to losing chartered rural areas of scotland. after a cloudy start to tomorrow, that leveljust melt away, and look how much sun we are expecting. the air will get aggressively colder. there will be a few showers across the north—east of scotland. let's —— eight or nine. it will feel quite chilly. with the wind. hello. this is bbc news with me, lukwesa burak. the headlines at 16.30. the spanish government has taken
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charge of catalonia's administration, a day after the region's parliament declared independence. the deposed catalan leader, carles puigdemont, has called on people in the region to democratically resist direct rule from madrid. the environment secretary michael gove has apologised "unreservedly" for an on—airjoke he made on bbc radio 4's today programme about disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn will say later that mps who sexually harass women must be held to account. in a speech, mr corbyn is expected to condemn a culture "where the abuse of women has often been accepted and normalised". now on bbc news, it's time for dateline london. with jane hill.
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hello and welcome to dateline london. i'm jane hill. this week, we discuss an extraordinary few days in spain, what next for catalonia?


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