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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at six. catalonia's deposed leader calls for "democratic opposition" to madrid's direct rule a day after independence was declared. it comes as thousands take part in rallies in spain's capital madrid in favour of unity with catalonia. jeremy corbyn says mps who engage in abuse and sexual harassment must be held accountable for their actions. he appealed for victims to come forward. this needs to be the turning point. any members of parliament who have engaged in this sort of behaviour must be held to account. the environment secretary michael gove apologises "unreservedly" for an on—airjoke about disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. compulsory drug testing on board royal navy submarines is ordered after nine crew members on the nuclear vessel, hms vigilant, were dismissed, reportedly for illegally using cocaine. also in the next hour:
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the humanitarian crisis affecting almost 400,000 people in syria is described as an outrage by the un. many are children at risk of severe malnutrition after a four—year long siege. england are at the under 17 world cup champions, beating spain 5—2 in india. they came from behind. good evening and welcome to bbc news. that is opposed separatist leader of catalonia has called for
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peaceful opposition to direct rule by the spanish government. colours puigdemont promised to work to build a free country while yesterday spain's prime minister dissolved the cata la n spain's prime minister dissolved the catalan parliament after it declared independence. in madrid today, several thousand people joined a rally calling for unity in spain. 0ur correspondentjames rally calling for unity in spain. 0ur correspondent james reynolds is in barcelona. this is the first full day of direct rule from madrid and no one's yet sure quite what to make of it. cata la n sure quite what to make of it. catalan organisations have told people here to carry on as normal. right here, it's hard to tell that anything has changed one way or another. local catalan police officers are still guard this, the cata la n officers are still guard this, the catalan political headquarters, and separatist leaders who have technically been sacked by madrid are now trying to work out their next move. the catalan leader, colours puigdemont features on
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today's front page is refusing to accept that he has been fired. translation: we do not deviate, we continue persevering in the only way that can make as winners dash without winners, without insults, in an inclusive way, respecting people, symbols and opinions. many here are worried about what may come next. editorial and pilar during the lottery diggers want a fresh start. translation: elections, elections, elections, he tells me. andover in madrid, televisions have —— demonstrations of came out supporting direct rule. translation: by supporting direct rule. translation: by me, this is great. they should have done it earlier, but they did the right thing. today, i give a ten. i am catalan,
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the right thing. today, i give a ten. iam catalan, i am the right thing. today, i give a ten. i am catalan, i am spanish, and it isa ten. i am catalan, i am spanish, and it is a moment when we need to be more united, be more brave and to do something definitive. here in catalonia, the arguments run deeply, but right now, a single view appears to unite all sides. no wonder should resort to violence. earlier i spoke to sarah raynsford who said there is still a lot of uncertainty over whether the sacked cata la n uncertainty over whether the sacked catalan leader mr puigdemont would be arrested or not. the thinking generally so far and the language so far has been to refer to mr puigdemont here in madrid as a man at the head of an illegal referendum. the prime minister yesterday referred to what has happened in catalonia as not only illegal but criminal and that kind of language suggest that the government, whilst it doesn't influence the courts, would expect
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the courts to take action, so lots of question marks are still going forward about that puigdemont‘s eight. the spokesman i was talking to also pointed to the fact that mr puigdemont has been making his latest speech himself not from his office but from a neutral location, is all suggesting perhaps that he realised that if he were to speak from office, he could be prosecuted for another crime which would be usurping public office because as far as madrid is concerned, the constitution is now being enforced and mr puigdemont is no longer in office. mr puigdemont obviously saying that he wants to encourage democratic opposition. i'm thinking civil disobedience. is there fear then that the regional police will resist governance from madrid? well, i think there is a very strong hope that they will not and certainly the message that we've had so certainly the message that we've had so far all the reports we are
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getting so far is that the regional police in catalonia are being urged to follow orders. those orders of course would, from madrid or certainly madrid appointees. it is a big questions are whether that would be the case and whether in specific incidents, if they were to arise, howell the police would respond in everyone, of course, remembers what happened during the referendum itself. i do not think the government you want to see a repetition of those scenes but when i asked this party spokesman what might happen, he was very found that the whole point is enforcing the law. he said there will not be acts of aggression as far as the spanish police are concerned, but they would respond to any provocations from within catalonia. so the general understanding is, ithink within catalonia. so the general understanding is, i think the picture is, that these are extremely complex and sensitive times. at the moment, we are in holding pattern ahead of monday when all the civil service return to work, the ministries are back in operation, theoretical normal practice and to see exactly what direct rule will
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then look like so i think monday will be a really cute date for that. —— key data. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn is delivering a speech where he's said that mps who engage in abuse and sexual harassment must be held accountable for their actions. he said a "warped and degrading culture" where the abuse of women is accepted and normalised is thriving in the corridors of power. 0ur political correspondent alex forsyth reports. jeremy corbyn went to scotland with a clear message, to address head—on claims of aggressive makeover by politicians. —— abusive behaviour. the labour leader offered evidence 01’ the labour leader offered evidence or specific examples but discredit culture were abuse of women had been accepted and normalised. culture were abuse of women had been accepted and normalisedm culture were abuse of women had been accepted and normalised. it extends toa accepted and normalised. it extends to a culture that has tolerated abuse were far too long, it has worked and degrading culture at that also exists and thrives in the corridors of power including in
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westminster. those comments about these corridors follow newspaper reports of an unnamed mps acting inappropriately. no one has been directly accused. so far, no complaint is made. but some who know this place well say it is a problem that must be addressed. in westminster, there has been a long—standing issue and we are quite right now to see women coming forward if they've have faced that kind of difficulty in the workplace. i think it's totally unacceptable. downing street has stressed any claims of abuse will be taken seriously. so, and attempted joke by michael gove this morning wasn't necessarily welcomed. the today programme. he was talking to presenterjohn humphrys and the former labour leader drunkenly joined in. sometimes i think that's coming into the studio with you, john, is a bit like going into
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harvey weinstein‘s bedroom. john, is a bit like going into harvey weinstein's bedroomlj john, is a bit like going into harvey weinstein's bedroom. i tell you what. .. harvey weinstein's bedroom. i tell you what... have you got something else to sailor, michael? john goes way past grouping! way past groping! just pray that you emerge with your dignity intact. mr gove later apologised on twitter for his clumsy attempt at humour saying it wasn't appropriate. with an specific allegations about impropriety swirling in westminster, politicians of all parties want to make clear they don't see this as a joking matter. islamist militants have said they were behind two deadly explosions in the somali capital mogadishu. at least seven people have been killed. —— at least ten people have been killed. one of the blasts was caused by a suicide car bomb driven into the gates of a hotel popular with politicians and army officers. a fortnight ago a huge bomb attack in mogadishu killed more than 350 people.
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the ministry of defence has ordered the royal navy to carry out compulsory drug testing on board all of its submarines after nine crew members on hms vigilant were sacked for illegal drug use. the vessel is one of four british submarines which carry nuclear—armed trident missiles. laura trant is outside the mod. the defence secretary is said to have given the head of the royal navy a roasting after learning that nine members of hms vigilant tested positive for illegal drugs. sir michael fallon has now ordered compulsory testing of all crew aboard royal navy submarines. the ministry of defence says the nine servicemen have been dismissed from hms vigilant. the daily mail has said that the nine crew members tested positive for cocaine which they allegedly took during parties in the united states when the submarine was docked while it was waiting to pick up nuclear warheads. an mod spokesperson has said, we do not tolerate drugs misuse. those found to have fallen short of our high standards face being
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discharged from service. the submarine isn't new to controversy because of these latest revelations, after claims that the captain and the second in command were both removed over allegations of having inappropriate relationships with female crew on board. 0n the alleged affairs, a royal navy spokesperson has said that an investigation is underway and any allegations of wrongdoing are taken seriously. kurdish officials in northern syria say a 21—year—old man from oxford has been charged with membership of the so—called islamic state group. jack letts, who travelled to syria in 2014, was captured by the kurdish militia, the ypg. mr letts has previously said he is opposed to is. the humanitarian crisis affecting almost 400,000 people in an eastern suburb of damascus
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has been described by the united nations as an outrage. the area of eastern ghouta is the last part of the syrian capital under siege by the government. there's been an increase in military attacks, and earlier this week unicef said almost 1,200 children were suffering from malnutrition. 0ur middle east correspondent, lina sinjab, reports from beirut and a warning her report contains some distressing images. the main meal of the day. a few spoons of yogurt and two rolls of bread. feeding a family of seven is a daily struggle. the mother who was covering her face for safety says that is all she can afford for the day. "the kids keep saying they are hungry," she says. "my heart is broken. "there is nothing i can do."
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this is seven—year—old mustafa, and he is most in need of food in the family. weighing only ten kilograms, he, like hundreds of children in the region of ghouta, are seriously malnourished. his elder sister can't even go to school. translation: i am ten years old and in year one, i should be in yearfour. i can't eat or drink and we tell our mother day and night that we are hungry. 0ur situation is very bad, my father doesn't have the money. my brother was well and had chubby hands and now he is very thin. night and day we say we are hungry. my mother says god helps us, we don't have the money to bring you food. this is the main reason behind their
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suffering. the war grinds on. government warplanes continue to target the suburb. there are at least 350,000 civilians still trapped and in need of food. the area has been under siege forfour years. this was the last aid convoy to enter the area last month. it is hard to tell when the next one will come. these children are not in hospital because they are injured, but because they are malnourished. the un says there are over 1200 children suffering, and the numbers are rising. translation: many children are fainting, suffering
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headaches, blurred vision, depression. all because of a lack of essential food. we can only help so many, we don't have the medicines. the children are trying to live a normal life, but with the siege continuing, mustafa is unlikely to recover soon. us media has reported that the first charges have been filed in the investigation into alleged meddling by russia in last year's election. the former head of the fbi, robert miller, is leading the inquiry. it hasn't been revealed who has been charged, but us media claim at least one person will be taken into custody on monday. it is 6:15pm. the headlines. catalonia's deposed leader has urged before opposition to madrid's direct rule the day after the region's
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palance declared independence. labour leaderjeremy corbyn has said that mps who engage in abuse and sexual harassment of women must be held accountable for their actions. earlier, the environment secretary michael gove had to apologise unreservedly for an on—air joke about disgraced a movie mogul harvey wine scene. and in a moment, the young at heart glasgow pensioners who i zip wiring and clothing. —— clubbing. england have won a dramatic world cup final to become the new under 17 football world champions. they came back from 2—0 down to beat spain 5—2 to become the under 17 world cup champions. manchester city's phil foden scored two calls sparking wild celebrations. it is the first time the under 17 to have won the world cup and follows england's's victory in the under 20s world cup in june.
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british 0verseas territories damaged by hurricanes could get access to official foreign aid in the future, under plans being considered by the world's richest nations. there was controversy last month when it emerged that some caribbean islands hit by hurricane irma were considered too rich to receive overseas help, as our diplomatic correspondent james landale reports. when british 0verseas territories such as anguilla and the british virgin islands were hit by hurricanes last month, none of the assistance they got was from britain's £13 billion aid budget. that's because the islands are considered to pitch under international rules to qualify for official development assistance. these rules are laid down by a special committee, the 0ecd group of rich nations. that committee is meeting in paris on monday and i have been told it will continue the state may consider a proposal to allow countries to requalify for
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overseas aid if they suffer long—term economic shock. at the moment, there is no procedure for countries to get back onto the list of eligible aid recipients. the second option, to allow hurricane hit countries is short—term waiver from the rules is not accepted to win support. —— not expected to win support. people in large parts of the libyan capital have now been without running water for more than a week. a southern rebel group has cut off supplies to try to force a rival faction, based in the city, to release their imprisoned leader. as a result many people have been forced to drill their own wells to survive. bill hayton reports. the tabs have run dry in the centre of tripoli, a city of 3 million, its numbers swelled by displaced people and already plagued by power cuts is now going thirsty. this is how residents with enough money are now getting their water. it costs at
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least $3000 to sink a well deep enough to supply a few apartment blocks. but the alternative is first. translation: the terrors can spray first. translation: the terrors can spray without washing, the camcorder battery, they can't do anything, not even drink. the problem is that the government does nothing so now we are digging for water as a temporary solution but one day we could be drilling and the next day there won't be any electricity. the crisis is the result of political stalemate. talks between the country's rival armed groups have got nowhere. instead, some factions have taken over facilities as bargaining chips. these now include the great man—made river, the giant water supply project built by the previous regime of colonel gaddafi. it's just the latest in a long list of problems. translation: in the absence of a budget, lack of
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stability and security, chaos, people do not comply with the law. all this has affected the performance of the system. it's a potent symbol of decline for a country that was once one of the wealthiest in africa and there is little sign of progress. i do in negotiations or on the streets. the family of a young man with learning disabilities say they've been denied justice after what they describe as multiple failings with the care system that was designed to protect their son. ben, who's 26 and has severe autism, was punched in the face by a nurse at his care home, but a tribunal found the nurse acted in self defence. jayne mccubbin went to meet his family. her report contains some details you mind find upsetting. every mother holds their baby and says, i won't let anything happen to you. every mother. i can't protect
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my son, i can't protect my son in this society. claire tells me ben's autism was manageable when he was very little but when his behaviour became increasingly challenging and he had to receive specialist care, it was first in winterbourne view and then an atlas qera home. both names are now synonymous with brutal ca re resumes. names are now synonymous with brutal care resumes. the x—ray shows the damage inflicted by a nurse at winterbourne view. dental reviews showed that ben's job is fractured and two teeth knocked out. as a hearing last week, the nurse categorically denied punching ben. the panel ruled that he had but that he had acted in self defence after ben had bitten him. there was no misconduct. and injury that was described to us as something that would normally be seen in a car accident. why doesn't it matter? because it doesn't seem to matter. and it's all one sided, you know?
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there is only one voice here. ben does not have the voice he needs. after winterbourne, ben moved into what looks like an idyllic home in devon for a fresh start. inside, he and others spent hours locked in seclusion rooms, no furniture, no toilet, no food, no heat, punishment for minor infringements. a number of staff and managers will convicted earlier this year. on thursday, paul hewitt, the man thejury earlier this year. on thursday, paul hewitt, the man the jury accepted as being at the top of the company went to the court of appeal. he had been convicted on health and safety breaches. their very first time in manager was convicted of running a business that was constitutionally abusive, but his barrister argues that thejudge had abusive, but his barrister argues that the judge had failed to properly direct thejury that the judge had failed to properly direct the jury and prove that not only he was in charge but knew what was happening. his conviction was overturned on a point of law. it makes you feel like the whole thing was a joke. people like my son are deemed worthless in society. i feel that they are all
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being betrayed. to reading disability charities have complained to the professional standards committee the solicitor general. to the professional standards committee the solicitor generalm feels as though people with learning difficulties are severely let down by the system in a whole range of ways so they are let down in terms of the support and care of that we provide for them. when that goes wrong, it still feels as though there is nojustice. do wrong, it still feels as though there is no justice. do you have anything to say to day two families involved? he anything to say to day two families involved ? he may anything to say to day two families involved? he may now face a retrial but police officers told me they we re but police officers told me they were heartbroken. how was he doing now, how is ben doing? he has a dog, he has his own house .my today, ben is living happily with supporting the community, a significant piece of information that was not allowed to be shared as the trials. he proves every single day that it's possible. it should have been
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possible. it should have been possible from the start. theresa may has called on all companies to reveal the difference between what they pay male and female staff saying sustained action was needed to tackle the issue. companies with more than 250 employees have to publish gender pay gap data from april next year. now mrs may is urging smaller firms to do the same. the latest figures show an average that men are paid almost an average that men are paid almost a fifth more than women. an italian man who is hiv—positive has been jailed for 2h years after being found guilty of intentionally infecting 30 women through unprotected sex. valentino talluto was accused of seducing young women he'd met on internet dating sites for ten years — knowing he was infected with the virus. russell trott reports. wearing glasses and looking like the
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other shimmering accountant he claims to be, valentino talluto wait impassively for the verdict. and then the sentence he had feared most, 2a years injail. earlier, the court had heard he had infected 30 women with the hiv virus which damages the immune system and causes aids. although it fell short of a lifetime prosecutors had sought, some of his victims who were in court wept as the sentence was read out. translation: my life changed both physically and mentally. physically, because you have to take medications and you continually undergo physical examinations and mental because you feel a gap inside. you no longer know who you are and you have to start living again. it was a case that had gripped italy. he was diagnosed with hiv in 2006. under the pseudonym hearty style, he went on dating site and seduced the women before having unprotected sex with them. talluto
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often found an excuse not to wear a condom, telling his partners that he was allergic to them. investigators say that male companions of three of the women also became infected as well as the baby of the fourth. talluto denied that he had wanted to infect as many people as possible, saying he had had relationships with his victims. prosecutors said he had provoked an hiv epidemic. zip wiring in a scottish forest and dancing at a glasgow nightclub are not necessarily activities you'd associate with pensioners. but a scheme based in the city is encouraging older people to join in and meet new people. catriona renton has been to find out more. hi! not for the faint—hearted. and this is maybe not what you would expect as a typical pensioner‘s day out. but it's all about getting active and experiencing new adventures. it is 70—year—old helen's first time on a zip wire.
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it was fabulous! i am doing this exciting thing today on this zip wire and i am going to get all the information and experience home and tell my grandkids and i am going to have a great—grandkid so more to tell them. they'll hardly believe i am doing this. very nervous. but i am willing to give it a go. i want to challenge myself. hold on like that. irene wants to conquer her fears. i have made it! lam glad i did it, though. 0ccupational therapist palmas sallas came up with the idea of what she calls weekday wow factors. there are holistic benefits, to physical health, mental health and social health as well, they're meeting other people and it's feeding everybody‘s souls from the people doing it
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and for the people watching and it's also reducing ageism in our society. what are we going to request from the dj? a man, tom jones! if zip wiring is not your thing, then how about this? it's a monday morning and cathie is getting ready to go dancing. cathie has dementia and her family say it can make her feel very lonely. it's a change from the house and the same routine, day in, and day out. you need to get a break. this is a disco with a difference. held during the day in a real nightclub. instead of cocktails, there is tea, sandwiches and great company. do you come here often? yes, i come here to enjoy the fun with the girls. are you enjoying yourself? i always enjoy it. everyone's having fun on the dance floor but the serious reasons behind these days out are making a real difference for those involved.
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chris, if there is now the official end of our indian it will certainly be called over the next few days. cloudy today, reasonable temperatures. strong winds caused these rippling weaving clouts to form new to the highlands of scotla nd clouts to form new to the highlands of scotland but to the east of the high ground in aberdeenshire, temperature is got up to 17 degrees, but an temperature is got up to 17 degrees, butan8 temperature is got up to 17 degrees, but an 8 degrees drop on the way tomorrow. cold air will be coming in. brisk winds for the first part of the night and staying quite cloudy across northern ireland and england but further north, the colder air arriving in scotland and thatis colder air arriving in scotland and that is a sign of things to come for tomorrow because the air is getting significantly colder thanks to these northerly winds coming out of the arctic, moving across scotland and northern england in particular. at a cloudy start to the day, for some
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mcleod melts away and we are looking ata mcleod melts away and we are looking at a glorious day in terms of sunshine but it is going to feel cold out there. but scotland and northern england, temperature is around eight or nine celsius but feeling cold because and towards the london areas, the colder it arrives late in the day. remember, the clocks go back tonight and that means we get an extra hour in bed. this is bbc news. the headlines. the deposed leader of catalonia has declared independence. jeremy corbyn calls for politicians who engage in sexual harassment and abuse of women to


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