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tv   World News Today  BBC News  October 29, 2017 9:00pm-9:29pm GMT

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barzani this is bbc world news today. i'm karin giannone. our top stories. prosecutors in spain say they're preparing to file criminal charges against catalonia's deposed president, carlos puigdemont. the president of iraqi kurdistan steps down, saying nobody stood up for the kurds after their vote on independence last month. the british prime minister calls for new measures to deal with sexual harassment in parliament after a minister admits asking his secretary to buy sex toys. welcome to bbc world news today. prosecutors in spain are preparing to file charges against the sacked catalan leader carles puigdemont. he's refused to recognise the order from madrid that removed him from power on friday. hundreds of thousands of people have been demonstrating in barcelona in support of spanish unity. local police say 300,000
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people attended. the organisers say it was around a million. this comes after madrid's decision to take direct control. mr puigdemont has called o, his supporters to show "democratic defiance". the bbc‘s james reynolds has this report from barcelona. catalonia's pro—spain movement is emerging from its recent quiet. these are the people who want to stay inside spain. they make up around half of the population of this region, and they insist that they are both catalan and spanish. and you are catalan? i am catalan from my grandparents, my parents are catalan, and i am catalan and spanish and european. so you don't want to leave? i don't want to leave at all. "catalonia is spain", these kids write. catalans are divided at this moment. this is very sad. can you get back together? yes, i would like it very much. because i love catalonia, i love spain, and i love europe. i want to be in europe.
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for years, these people have felt overshadowed and overridden by pro—independence campaigners. they now see this as their chance to change the balance of power in catalonia. this crowd celebrates the government's sacking of catalonia's pro—independence authorities. for the first time in four decades, this region is being ruled directly by madrid. what do you think about the measures the spanish government has taken? i think we have to take these measures, and we don't i am catalan, 100% catalan. i live in madrid. i came to demonstrate and to please keep together with spain. "jail to carles puigdemont", the sacked catalan
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leader, the crowd chant. "put him in prison", this woman says. "put away all the pro—independence politicians". he has to go to prison. he's like a dictator. "we will vote", chant the crowd. local catalan elections will take place in december, an opportunity for this side to pick leaders who want to stay with spain. james reynolds reporting. a short time ago, he told me what the day has been like in barcelona. like ir been elona. like ir been peaceful here, certainly the demonstration i saw earlier was good—natured good—natu red and this good—natured and this may incredibly good—natured and this may be spain's most profound crisis in decades but there appears to be a
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certain order to it. each side takes turns to demonstrate and the pro—independence movement had its turn on friday and now the anti—independence movement took over the street and made it clear they wa nt to the street and made it clear they want to remain a part of spain. politically speaking, james, where is this likely to go next? very difficult to tell. i think no one has been able to predict in the course of the last month, no one will be able to predict the course of the next month but we have to look at what might happen politically but also legally. politically, the sat catalan leaders have lost their jobs politically, the sat catalan leaders have lost theirjobs so we need to see whether they will try to turn up to level more workplaces or if anyone will try to stop them and we need to keep an eye on what might happen legally because there have been reports that madrid prosecutors may be preparing potential criminal charges against the sack leaders, particularly deposed president ca rles particularly deposed president carles puigdemont. how much anger has there been among the people you have seen on the streets today at the sack leader carles puigdemont? there were plenty of repeated
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chancing, calling on him to be jailed, one young woman i spoke to said he should be jailed as long as possible. and other leaders jailed as well and this was the first chance for the anti—independence movement do have their say. of course, there's another sector of cata la n course, there's another sector of catalan society, the pro—independence movement, who feels ca rles pro—independence movement, who feels carles puigdemont has simply been wronged and may try to be loyal to him but whether or not he is able to govern oi’ him but whether or not he is able to govern or give any kind of instructions, we will have to see when working week begins. is anything detectable in fact there is effectively direct rule in place from madrid now? anything changed? it's been the weekend so the change has not been noticeable. my collea g u es has not been noticeable. my colleagues and i have been in the centre of barcelona and it is very difficult to tell anything is changed and particularly on saturday, we spend time outside the headquarters of the catalan regional government and it looked like a normal day. bear in mind lots of cata la n normal day. bear in mind lots of catalan organisations have told people to stay calm and enjoy the
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weekend and carry on with your normal lives. a greater test will come when working week begins. james reynolds. earlier, the catalan club will plug ina earlier, the catalan club will plug in a defeated champions real madrid. girona fans have been celebrating a shock victory, some waving catalan flags because the city is known as a pro—independence stronghold. it was the first time real madrid had visited catalonia since the current crisis began. the veteran president of iraqi kurdistan, masoud barzani, has made a defiant speech after his request to step down was accepted by the regional parliament. in a live television address, mr barzani said that nobody had stood up for the kurds after their vote on independence last month and he accused his rivals of treason. translation: our rivals who handed over the oil city of kirkuk to iraqi forces without a fight have committed high treason. no one stood alongside us and gave support other oui’ alongside us and gave support other our mounties. 0ur arab affairs editor sebastian usher has more details. he told me the referendum was mr
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barzani's biggest gamble. he said before the referendum, in the run—up to it, that he would not stand again and his mandate runs out this wednesday but i think the sense is that he would not have been stepping down now in the way that he has if it were not for the fact that the referendum which was his biggest gamble, i mean, the great dream of the kurds has been for 100 years, he felt he might be the man to achieve this. he felt the kurds were in a strong enough position that perhaps this would be the time. he miscalculated, baghdad reacted very strongly and the kurds have been pushed into a much weaker position. i think it is the result of the referendum but there are other issues around him as well, which make him somebody who maybe is not as universally popular as he might once have been. we heard him express a lot of anger today. who we see aiming his ire at? pretty much
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everyone. the international community for not backing the kurds. he said as you said in the introduction that nobody backed them, except the mountains around them, except the mountains around them, he said. he said baghdad essentially used the central iraqi government used the issue of a referendum for their own way of getting at kurdistan, that it was essentially something that they, rather than being so upset and so concerned about the referendum, it was a means for them to achieve what they wanted in kurdistan in terms of putting the kurds in their place. and as you were saying, he had very strong words for his political rivals, saying, as we have seen in the past few days, the big card that kurds had outside kurdistan was the control of kirkuk, the oil—rich province which they have held for the past three years. that was handed over to avoid a major confrontation, to iraqi forces, a few days ago. he accused those who did that of committing high treason. sebastien usher. somalia's government has sacked the country's police and intelligence chiefs, a day after two bomb
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attacks and a siege took place in the capital, mogadishu. at least 27 people were killed in the attack by al—shabaab militants. it came just two weeks after another attack where over 350 people died, one of the deadliest ever to hit mogadishu. joining me now via skype from washington is bronwyn bruton, an expert on somalia. welcome to you. first, what do you believe these appalling attacks in the space ofjust a couple of weeks we re the space ofjust a couple of weeks were intended to achieve? what message do they send? well, basically they send the message that even though the international community is declaring there has been tremendous progress in somalia, the reality is that there is great chaos and instability on the ground and al—shabab can continue to kill and al—shabab can continue to kill and disrupt at will. do you believe it was also behind that attack that killed over 350 people two weeks ago? we have not had a claim of
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responsibility from them. yes, i think there's a broad consensus that al—shabab behind the attack. we understand the attack went wrong. it was intended to target the airport. the bomb was detonated early and it blew up a fuel tanker which resulted ina lot blew up a fuel tanker which resulted in a lot more civilians being killed than they intended and because they made such a mess of it, they probably have not wanted to claim responsibility for it. so that would explain the apparent difference in target, one killing a huge amount of civilians, the other choice of target link to the authorities and the government? that's right. how are you viewing this spate of is it are you viewing this spate of is it a sign of al—shabab's strength or weakness? well, in the first place, al—shabab is weakness? well, in the first place, al—sha bab is certainly weakness? well, in the first place, al—shabab is certainly weaker than they have been for the last five or six or seven years. since 2007, they have controlled large parts of the country and their power is definitely weakening. the problem is that because they are playing the role of spoilers, they don't have to
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be very strong in order to do a lot of damage. we have heard a lot of claims about improvements in the security situation in somalia but the reality is there are very few police officers, the peacekeepers who are there are not there to provide law and order, they are there to be fighting al—shabab. so at the ground level, you are still getting security being provided by cla n getting security being provided by clan militias and individual members of neighbourhoods. that is very easy to get around. essentially, al—shabab is able to operate with com plete al—shabab is able to operate with complete impunity and ease throughout most of somalia and certainly throughout most of mogadishu. what do you think needs to change in the way security is handled in somalia, then? you know, i think you are not talking about something that can be accomplished ina yearortwo something that can be accomplished in a year or two or three. i think that what needs to happen is there has to be a political agreement between al—sha bab, maybe
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has to be a political agreement between al—shabab, maybe between the government but certainly between al—shabab and members of the international community. i personally don't think somalia is able to have a government at this stage and so the international community's effort to empower it and to train soldiers for it is not going to work. it is really an excuse for al—sha bab to going to work. it is really an excuse for al—shabab to perpetrate these attacks and i just feel that people are caught in the middle of it which is very heartbreaking and u nfortu nate. it which is very heartbreaking and unfortunate. thank you forjoining us. the deputy director of the africa centre at the atlantic council, joining us from washington. here in the uk, complaints of inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment by members of parliament have now led to a government minister being placed under investigation. the international trade minister mark garnier has admitted asking his secretary to buy sex toys, describing the incident as "good humoured hijinks". here's our political correspondent alex forsyth. in recent days, westminster‘s been braced for fresh claims of impropriety. today, the trade minister mark garnier was the subject
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of a newspaper report. it said seven years ago, he used derogatory language to a former secretary and once asked her to buy sex toys. mr garnier said this was taken out of context, calling it "good humoured hijinks" that did not constitute harassment. nonetheless, the government was quick to act. these stories, if they are true, are obviously totally unacceptable and the cabinet office will be conducting an investigation as to whether there has been a breach of the ministerial code in this particular case but as you know, the facts are disputed. but what i would say is that there are mums and dads who have daughters who are politics students, hoping to get a job in westminster and they must be able to be confident if they get that job, their daughter will not be subject to some of these behaviours that we have been seeing. last week, the labour mp jared 0'mara was suspended after apologising for sexist and homophobic comments. here, it's accepted this is not a party political issue but there is a problem.
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the prime minister says current disciplinary procedures don't have enough teeth and she has written to the house of commons speaker, calling for a new system for grievances. labour and conservative mps have said a clear system to report concerns might help, but there is recognition that a change in culture is needed and that is harder to achieve. some hope renewed debate about sexual harassment may mark a turning point, so what people once felt they had to put up with will no longer be accepted. long serving mps say while more must be done, things have changed compared to the way they once were. it was partly to do with the fact it was a very male environment, 650 mps when i went there, just 20—odd women. it's partly to do with the idea that all these men are away from home. it's partly to do with the fact there were eight bars and very long hours and the bars were open for as long as we were sitting. and partly the notion
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of what happens in westminster stays in westminster. it was worse. it's a little bit better now but there's a long way to go. claims of sexism, even scandal, may have dogged this place for decades but now parliament is having to examine and change its practices. public scrutiny perhaps forcing higher standards from politicians. alex forsyth, bbc news, westminster. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. kenya's opposition leader raila 0dinga says kenyans won't be ruled by the gun. he addressed supporters on sunday at a church in nairobi. violent clashes broke out following a re—run of the presidential election, boycotted by mr 0dinga. election authorities postponed the vote in four volatile western counties. the un says more than 3 million people are at risk of starvation in the troubled kasai province in the democratic republic of congo. the world food programme has told the bbc many children have already died of hunger and aid is needed urgently to prevent several hundred
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thousand more from dying in the coming months. officials at london's heathrow airport have begun an investigation, after details of security procedures were found on a memory stick in the street. it was discovered by a homeless man, who was able to view the material, which wasn't encrypted. the files are said to include details of the route to the airport used by the queen. stay with us on bbc world news. still to come. lewis hamilton secures his fourth world championship at the mexican grand prix. the world's largest democracy died today. 0nly yesterday, she spoke of dying ina today. 0nly yesterday, she spoke of dying in a service of their country and said, "i would be proud of it, every drop of my blood would contribute to the growth of the nation". after 46 years of happiness
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—— unhappiness, these two countries have concluded a chapter of history. no more suspicion, no more fear, no more what each they more uncertainty of what each they might bring. booster ignition and lived off of discovery with a might bring. booster ignition and lived astronaut >very with a might bring. booster ignition and lived astronaut heroesth a might bring. booster ignition and lived astronaut heroes and one of six astronaut heroes and one american legend. radio: this is beautiful. a milestone in human history, born today, this girl in india is the 7,000,000,000th person on the planet. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. prosecutors in spain say they're preparing to file criminal charges against catalonia's deposed president carles puigdemont. the president of iraqi kurdistan
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is stepping down, saying nobody stood up for the kurds after their vote on independence last month. the head of puerto rico's energy power authority has announced he is seeking to scrap controversial $300 million contract with a tiny energy company that would restore the island's power grid after maria. he was responding to a request from the island's governor after questions we re island's governor after questions were raised as to why the little—known and inexperienced whitefish energy holdings was awarded the deal and without a public bidding process. more than 70% of people on the island are still without power, more than five weeks after the hurricane hit. the bbc‘s paul blakejoins us now from washington. what has happened with this contract? this goes back five weeks to when store maria struck puerto
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rico as a powerful hurricane and in the aftermath of the storm, poetry can authorities stuck —— puerto rico and authority struck a deal with whitefish energy holdings, and in the last few weeks, it's come to light that become his only two years old and has no real experience with work on the scale of rebuilding puerto rico's, basically the entire power grid and crucially, it is headquartered in the hometown of us for interior secretary ryan zinke. for his part, he has said this week interior secretary ryan zinke. for his part, he has 5 no this week interior secretary ryan zinke. for his part, he has 5 no part week interior secretary ryan zinke. for his part, he has 5 no part in ek interior secretary ryan zinke. for his part, he has 5 no part in the twice that he had no part in the deal—making process and that he has done nothing wrong but his assurances have not prevented the white house from coming out and distancing itself from the deal and other federal agencies from distancing itself from the deal and otherfederal agencies from doing distancing itself from the deal and other federal agencies from doing so and it also has not stopped democrats on capitol hill from calling for investigations into how this deal was struck. explain what the puerto rico authorities are saying about the matter and what they want to happen now? this morning, the governor ricardo rossello gave a news conference
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where he said the contract needed to be cancelled. a few hours later, the head of the puerto rico power authority, a public—private company, said he accepted the recommendation and that he was now going through the hoops to have the contract cancelled. now the other thing the puerto rico governor said which is crucial here is that he wants to see rebuilding teams, reconstruction teams brought in from florida and new york and he had talked to the governors of those states about getting those teams down to puerto rico in the coming days and weeks. thank you forjoining us. paul blake joining us from washington. time for all the sport. lewis hamilton has won his fourth formula one world championship title but it didn't come in the style he might have imagined at the mexico grand prix. after starting from the second row of the grid, both hamilton in his mercedes and title rival sebastain vettel of ferrari, who started from pole position, collided on the opening lap forcing both into the pits. it was red bull's max verstappen
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who took the victory as those two struggled through the field, for his third win of the season. but it was the 32—year—old hamilton who despite his ninth place finish becomes the most successful british driver ever, claiming the title with two races remaining this year. in spain's primera division, real madrid have fallen eight points behind leaders barcelona after losing 2—1 to girona in catalonia. the match went ahead despite the political turmoil in the region and with only ten games played this season, the reigning champions of spain and europe will start to feel the pressure. home fans rightly celebrated the victory over zinedine zidane's side, as the wins moves them up to 13th ,in what was real‘s first deposed catalan president carles puigdemont is from girona province and supports the club, although he wasn't present at the game. in the english premier league, it was a fine start for leicester city's new manager claude puel as they beat everton 2—0. it was the frenchman's first game in charge of the club since his appointment earlier this week, and it was this man,
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jamie vardy with the first of those goals — finishing a sweeping counterattack while demarai gray benefited from a jonjoe kenny slice to put the foxes into 11th place while everton, under caretaker david unsworth, remain in the bottom three while in the early game, brighton and southampton drew 1—1. caroline wozniacki beat venus williams in straight sets to take the wta finals title in singapore for the biggest win of her career. the dane went into the final having lost all seven of her previous meetings against williams she broke in the eighth game of the first set and went on to take it 6—4. from there, woznaicki won the opening five games of the second set and seemed to be firmly in control and cruising to victory. venus then came back, winning four in a row. but it was the 27—year—old wozniacki's day and a backhand winner saw her break serve once more to win her second title of the season and the biggest of her career to date.
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i feel amazing, it was a great day and a great week and i'm pleased and proud and yeah, i started off the season with six finals and six losses in finals which was obviously amazing but at the same time disappointing and then i won in tokyo which was great for me and then finishing off here with a win was amazing. to cricket and india have beaten new zealand in kanpur to win the all—important third one —day international by six runs — and claim a 2—1 series victory. set a target of 338 to win, the black caps failed to make the target finishing their 50 overs on 331—7. rohit sharma and virat kohli both scored centuries for the home side while colin munro made 75 for the tourists. and it's been an historic day in lahore as pakistan hosted sri lanka in the first major international game played in the country for eight years. man of the match and player of the series shoaib malik top—scored for the hosts with a half century as his side set sri lanka a target of 181 for victory. series — a 36—run victory was sealed with mohammad amir, the pick
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of the bowlers, claiming figures of 4—13. and game five of the mlb world series gets underway in houston as the la dodgers travel there, the series is currently 2—2. best of seven. let's bring you a story with a happy ending. italian firefighters have rushed to the rescue of a dog stuck at the bottom of a 25 metre deep forest pit in the north of italy. the setter was out for a walk with his owner in the woods near venice when he suddenly lost his footing. two firefighters were lowered into the pit to rescue him. the whole operation took about two hours. when they brought him up, he was unharmed and is said to be recovering from his fall. time to remind you of the top story.
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prosecutors in spain say time to remind you of the top story. prosecutc to in spain say time to remind you of the top story. prosecutc to file jain say time to remind you of the top story. prosecutc to file criminal charges preparing to file criminal charges against catalonia's deposed president, carles puigdemont. the chief prosecutor's office said the charges against him could be filed as early as monday. he has refused to recognise the order from as early as monday. he has refused to recognise the orderfrom madrid removing him from power. as both sides harden their positions, madrid has written to police officers in catalonia, asking that their loyalty in what it calls a new era in the region. these are the scenes from a few hours ago in barcelona. hundreds of thousands of people marched there in favour of spanish unity and against catalan separatism. the police there put the estimated number of people at 300,000, and the organisers of the rally said it was more like1 million. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter. i'm @karinbbc. thanks for watching. hello, there. it's been a relatively
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mild month so far but tonight sees the first widespread cold night of the first widespread cold night of the season the first widespread cold night of the seas! that we had today across sunshine that we had today across most of the country, the cold air having pushed down from the north on that northerly wind which is still strong enough to blow in a few showers off the north sea on to some of those eastern coast overnight. 0therwise, though, high pressure building in across the uk, light winds, hardly a breath of wind, clear skies and we're going to find the blue on the charts so fast developing, the numbers in towns and cities but in rural areas, we will have a widespread grass frost at the very least and perhaps an air frost in places as well. a cold start certainly more widely on monday morning, sunny foremost. showers in the morning fading away from the coast of lincolnshire, norfolk and suffolk. instead, pretty weak weather fronts increasing the cloud in the north—west, into northern ireland and scotland, where there may well be a bit of rain towards
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the north and north—west. temperatures still only eight through the central belt and into aberdeen. not much warmer for northern england and the midlands, cloud coming in slowly through the afternoon after the cold start, limiting the rising temperatures to around nine or so. limiting the rising temperatures to around nine orso. sunny limiting the rising temperatures to around nine or so. sunny skies if you are towards the south and if you are lucky, temperatures 12 degrees in the south—east of england but here we have got the risk of a frost continuing into the early part of monday night, the milder air taking some time to reach this part of the uk. heading into tuesday, west south—westerly winds picking up a bit more, blowing in more cloud, a bit more, blowing in more cloud, a bit more, blowing in more cloud, a bit more rain around, particularly across the western side of scotland, much further south, probably drive. temperatures 12—14, that is more like it for this time of year. even on wednesday, still some rain across scotland. again, western scotland but away from here, not much rain at all over the coming few days, sunnier skies and temperatures a bit higher towards the south—east once again. as we move into thursday, the
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weather front bringing the rain again. as we move into thursday, the weatherfront bringing the rain in the north, moving southwards, weakening as it does so and introducing some slightly cooler air and perhaps the risk of a touch of grass frost by early thursday morning. the coldest weather will be right at the beginning of the week ahead. things turn a bit milder on tuesday and wednesday with increasing cloud but as we have seen, little rain away from the north—west. hello. this is bbc news.
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