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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  October 31, 2017 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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our top story. the official us investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's presidential election has produced its first criminal charges. former trump campaign manager paul manafort has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges, including concealing earnings from his dealings with ukraine before he joined the trump team. his lawyer has denied any suggestion of collusion. a former foreign policy advisor to the trump campaign has admitted lying to the fbi about his contacts with russian officials. the white house has distanced itself from the arrests. and this video is trending on the white house has been hosting trick or treating children a as part of a halloween event. president trump and his wife melania gave out high fives and the usual sweets to costumed kids and their parents. that's all from me for now. and the top story here in the uk. a man and several of his children remain unaccounted for after fire gutted their remote farmhouse
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in powys in mid—wales. now on bbc news all the latest business news live from singapore. samsung electronics is bringing in the profits due to demand fred ‘s smartphones in india and rising sales of its semiconductors. singapore opens a new airport terminal which is highly motor —— highly automated. we take you there are on its opening day. good morning, asia. hello, world. it's tuesday. welcome to this edition of asia business report. i am rico hizon in singapore. we start off with samsung and its memory chip sales are responsible for booking
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record quarterly numbers which came in at record quarterly numbers which came inata record quarterly numbers which came in at a whopping $10 billion for the three months until september. smartphones that —— sales driving profitability higher, particularly indian demand which has overtaken america as the second—largest market for smartphones after china. samsung cell phone shipments to india are up 30% from the same last year. but chinese rivals are hot on their heels. earlier, we explained their latest success. escape was launched in march and note eight was launched a few months ago, nobody has even remembered what the note 7 was. samsung is in a runfor remembered what the note 7 was. samsung is in a run for highly confident prizes. they even supply panels to apple. they are making
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money from all sorts. but you know what? samsung electronics also has its leadership problems. it seems not to have an impact on their bottom line. the current results is a combination of years of samsung's commitment into components, especially in memory and storage chips. as we know, all good runs come to an end. ceo kwon‘s resignation came at a point where samsung could turn a corner. as a result, ceo will not remain there forever with same vision. apple saw its shares hit a record high after
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positive reviews of the iphone ten. stocks had headed south last week over concerns regarding production issues. they rebounded after the company confirmed pre— orders for the 10th anniversary phone were off the 10th anniversary phone were off the charts. the phone is expected to hit retail stores on november three. shares in nintendo have surged 6% after they swung back with quarterly profit. for more, i am joined after they swung back with quarterly profit. for more, iam joined by after they swung back with quarterly profit. for more, i am joined by my colleague. what led to this turnaround? two words, the nintendo switch which can be used at home, on the go and has done well after being released that there was a shortage and suppliers had to scramble for parts. especially now as we are getting towards the holiday season where there is a big bulk of holiday sales. this led to positive board guidance. it doubled its full year
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operating forecast ending in march. the stock has tracked this success, almost doubling in value, adding about $28 billion to nintendo's market value. the popularity of the switch shows it has a very good success switch shows it has a very good success in the wii console. microsoft is going to release its latest xbox console. why do we still have to get into the smartphone business and compete with other makers? they were criticised for being slow to the smartphone game. everyone was playing angry birds then pokemon go. they released quite
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a few games. but it is too early to gauge the success of the smartphone's strategy. thank you very much. 0ur smartphone's strategy. thank you very much. our very own business report. now to travel. those who do it for work, the administrative backlog could be a chore. sap kerr ta ke backlog could be a chore. sap kerr take care of travel and they could see asia as a popular travel destination. there is more to technology than just convenience. not only is technology being applied to companies of employees travel but it's also a circumstantial have to be able to provide something. what about for major companies who basically process a lot of travelling among their executives and personnel? how much money could be saved by going digital? there is
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money to be saved in a number of areas by going digital. travel expenses are about 10— 15% of operating expenses. apart from cost savings, can they actually help their employees take care of people? the duty of care is an important piece. there is a legal obligation with respect to duty of care. can you give us an example? recently, with our company, an employee had travelled to las vegas on their points and they went to the concert where the tragedy occurred. it was a circumstance within an hour of the shooting occurring. we contacted her throughout automated systems and she said she was in trouble and we got help and had our head of support —— security talking to her within an hour had had safely with friends.
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that was nick everett from concur. singapore's chiang international airport launches a new terminal today. a key feature of this is automation. passengers can go from check—in to boarding without dealing with any staff and it's a big plus to the airport but added passengers find out. power asia business correspondencejoins us find out. power asia business correspondence joins us live. it looks like a really nice terminal. i will be visiting this on the weekend to check it out. when you do get here, machines for the most part will take place at people. to go from check—in all the way to boarding. we've been here from you all more —— we have been here all morning. it's a bit more empty. a
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few glitches here and there. some of the technology that is on display. for the most part, pretty smooth and sea mless for the most part, pretty smooth and seamless and with regards to the automation, it really is a key feature for changi airport's new terminal. it's also about beating regional competition with big airports being planned in china and other parts of the region. they have fully automated terminal 4 but i also notice, they are trying to update their technology in all the other three terminals as well. you are absolutely right. the officials at changi airport and said to us if this is successful, this kind of automation, you should expect it and other terminals. you are seeing this
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trend of digitalisation across the region. this region is massively prepared in terms of the boom in air travel that is expected to come from asia, i should say. we are looking at passenger numbers doubling from the region in the next 20 years. how a country is going to prepare for that kind of growth? digitalisation technology, automation, all of that are major themes in the industry and singapore wants to make sure it is at the cutting edge. this is one small step towards heading in that direction. indeed, cutting-edge -- cutting—edge technology. changi airport is one of the best airports in the world. thank you for updating us on in the world. thank you for updating us on the opening of changi terminal 1l us on the opening of changi terminal 4. our very own asia business correspondence. before we go, a quick look at the markets. asia in
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mid—morning trade —— trade is currently moving sideways. the all 0rdinaries index up byjust six. this is after us stocks pulled back. you also have major earnings rollouts, a fed policy meeting and the all—importa nt rollouts, a fed policy meeting and the all—important 0ctober employment report which will be lee —— released later this week. and the dowjones into the nasdaq fall in negative territory. bank approved —— thank you for investing your time with us. sport todayis investing your time with us. sport today is coming up. a long—awaited review into deaths in police custody has called for sweeping changes to the way the cases are investigated. the report notes that prosecutions of police officers over the past 15 years haven't resulted in a single conviction
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as our correspondent elaine dunkley reports. no peace, nojustice! they are the families whose loved ones have died in police custody. many say they are caught in a system where the truth is hard to find. in 2008 sean rigg, who had mental health problems, died in police custody. cctv shows him lying unresponsive on the floor of brixton police station. as yet, no—one has been prosecuted for his death. his sister marcia says there has been nojustice for her family and many others. it is one thing having to deal with the death, it is the battlefield afterwards that you just can't find out actually what happens to them. why have they got these injuries? where did these injuries come from? and they always seem to blame the person that died. when i first saw my brother, ifainted. all i can say is it is one of the most painful things i have ever had to do. 0thers share that pain.
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injune 2010, james herbert also died in police custody. he too had a history of mental illness. the police forces will get at taxpayers' expense, the legal representation they require. you've lost somebody that you love very much, and you are then put into a situation where you have to beg, in effect, and grovel, to get funding to actually get a fair hearing at the inquest. today's review acknowledges that people suffering from a mental health crisis, particularly those from a black, asian and ethnic minority background, are more likely to die in police custody, due to the prolonged use of restraint. more than 100 recommendations have been made, which include holding police to account at an individual and corporate level if restraint is unnecessary, excessive or disproportionate. no conferring among initial accounts from police officers involved in a death in custody and free legal advice forfamilies.
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i think this report is a story of system failure over many years, and that is why the prime minister theresa may commissioned it, after she had met the families. and having met families myself with the home secretary, i share the view that this has got to lead to profound change. my brother was killed during a mental health crisis... these families have fought for answers and campaigned for change. hello there. i am tulsen tollett and this is sport today, live from the bbc sports centre. coming up today: mo farah splits with coach alberto salazar saying he's moving home to london as he prepares for a future in the marathon. inter remain undefeated and move back to second in serie a as they chase a first title since 2010.
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and tiger woods announces his return to competitive golf after nine months out due to a back problem. hello there, and welcome to the programme. all that to come, but we will start with the news that four—time olympic champion mo farah has split with coach alberto salazar and will return to britain. salazar, who's based at the oregon project in the united states, is being investigated by the us anti—doping agency after allegations were made about drugs use at his training base in portland. farah, who won 5,000m and 10,000m gold at london 2012 and rio 2016, has finished competing on the track and turned his attention to road racing. this was when he secured victory in the great north run half marathon in england last month as he preapares for a new career ultimately in the marathon. he says the decision to change coach is based on a desire to return to living in london. iam


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