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tv   Our World  BBC News  November 5, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm GMT

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this is bbc world news, the headlines. reports from texas say at least 27 people have been killed by a gunman at a church in the town of sutherland springs. about 25 people are reported to have been injured in the incident, about 50 kilometres south—east of the city of san antonio. a local sheriff said the gunman had been, as he put it, taken down. there's a heavy police presence in the small town, which is home to about four—hundred people. in other news, a huge new leak of financial documents — known as the paradise papers — has revealed how the powerful and wealthy secretly invest vast amounts of money in offshore tax havens. among the findings, the bbc panorama programme has discovered that millions of pounds of queen elizabeth's private money is invested in offshore funds based in the cayman islands and bermuda by her private estate, the duchy of lancaster. at ten o'clock, reeta chakrabarti will be here with a full round up of the day's news. first it's time for our world — escaping isis. street by street, so—called
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islamic state is losing its last footholds in iraq and syria. the caliphate is almost finished on the battlefield but what of the children whose minds it moulded? the families who became part of islamic state? i have come to northern iraq to find those now trying to rebuild their lives after isis, to meet its child soldiers... if you didn't say the right thing, how did they punish you? ..its former slaves. ..and to search for some of the families of foreigners who chose to join isis. many of them have now disappeared without trace. children singing. in a classroom in northern iraq, they are singing
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to overcome their memories. these nine and ten year olds were all captives of so—called islamic state, where music was forbidden. chldren singing. from their smiles, you might not guess the violence they have seen but they are all scarred by it. isis enslaved this brother and sister three years ago. in the time of isis, what did you... what was it like then? what did they tell you about the guns? the children at this rehabilitation centre
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are yazidis, a part of the non— muslim minority singled out for particular cruelty by isis. in 2014, their villages were seized and thousands of men murdered on the spot. the women were sold into slavery and children taken for re—education, to serve the so—called caliphate. what did they say about your family? when first they talk about their experience, it was not actually easy and good but now they can express it in a different way. at first they were just too scared to talk about it? yeah. now they can talk about it but...
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freely. in a better way. like they do not express it with so much — i wouldn't say anger but they feel comfortable and relaxed now. now, every day brings more yazidi children to camps like this one, as they return from captivity. and many not only witnessed atrocities, they became instruments in the isis project themselves. the terror group trained thousands of boys like these. they called them lion cubs of the caliphate. they were fighters, informers, suicide bombers. more than 50 boys blew themselves up defending the biggest isis—held city, mosul, before it fell injuly. some were children of foreign fighters, others recruited or kidnapped from localfamilies. boys chanting.
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this 14—year—old yazidi boy reunited with his fatherjust three weeks ago but his three years away have left a gulf between them. he has lost his native language, kurdish, and was forcibly converted to the isis version of islam. you spent all of that time, and they were teaching you guns, they were teaching you about the koran. what were they telling you about the koran? if you did not say the right things, how did they punish you? he nearly was killed as he was launched into an attack just five months ago, over the syrian border. how is your leg now?
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who did they say the enemy was? the infidels, the non—muslims. according to isis, his own father is an infidel and, after three years, not surprisingly, part of the boys‘s mind may still belong to the group he was forced to fight for. what do they show, the videos?
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the two children, returning from their music class, are taking me to meet their mother. mother and daughter were separated from the boy, rayan, when isis captured them. the family later paid a $28,000 ransom for his release. he never had to fight for isis but his mother says that, while he was in captivity, he became attracted to weapons. as for the mother,
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she suffered the fate of all capturer yazidi women. she was forced to be a domestic servant and sex slave. her capturers‘s wives, she says, were as cruel as the men themselves. and other localfamilies did nothing did nothing to help her or the yazidis. she says many relatives are still in that living hell. now, there are still some family members missing, yes? that's a lot!
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because they say now that daesh is almost defeated, that everywhere is almost liberated. where do you think they are, where could they be? her sister—in—law says there is another problem, isis families may now be passing off captive yazidis as their own children. this four—year—old yazidi boy was filmed in mosul, earlier this year, with his isis fosterfather. he is dressed already as though for battle and there is a kalashnikov against the back wall. the boy is obviously totally dependent on the man, he can have only the vaguest memories of his realfamily. here he is again, looking queasy in the back of a car,
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as his guardian films him on a drive through mosul. where they're going, noone can tell. the boy has now been rescued by this man, khalil al—dakhi. he is a lawyer, and now devotes himself full—time searching for lost yazidi children and reuniting them with theirfamilies, despite the efforts of isis to hang on to them. that kid is only four years old. it'll be years before — however young they start — before he can become an isis soldier oi’ even a slave oi’ anything like that. from the looks in the video, it almost looks as though the man
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is being kind to him. khalil has rescued more than 200 children and women slaves, over the past two years. he has a network across iraq and syria that constantly searches for lost and trapped yazidis. he says that some isis families are living undetected, among other displaced people in camps, and have taken the captives with them.
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even now, though, the slaves are still too scared to try to escape. millions of people displaced by war now live in camps across iraq and syria. how could you hope to find all the remaining yezidi slaves amid this chaos? but there are other women and children also lost in the aftermath of islamic state's collapse. families of foreigners who chose to join the group. in the dying days of the caliphate, they have been desperate to escape its clutches.
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this is a russian muslim mother of three. i will call her zainab, although it isn't her real name. she and her sister were both married to isis fighters. they say their husbands kidnapped their children and took them to isis territory. zainab and her sister came to try to retrieve them but got trapped. zainab sent me frantic messages as isis collapsed around her. then there was this, to another contact, before her account was silenced. relatives of other lost isis families, particularly from muslim parts of the former soviet union, have also contacted me as i've been researching this story. one of them is malika.
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she spoke to me from chechnya about her daughter, seda, and two small granddaughters who were with isis in mosul, and are now lost. here is a family video of other russians living under isis in raqqa, in syria. isis wanted children like this to belong to the islamic state if theirfathers died. now, their fathers are mostly dead, but isis has fallen, and desperate grandparents back in russia have no idea what has happened to the women and children. grandmothers like her have asked me
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to find out anything i can. and finally, i do get a clue. i've just heard that a kidnapped yezidi girl has been reunited with her relatives. she was rescued from one of hundreds of foreign isis families detained by the iraqi authorities after the group's defeat. were some of the lost russian muslim children there with her? were there a lot of other children in the prison? i showed madiya the photos i'd been sent by russian grandmothers.
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were any of these children with her in the detention camp, where there were so many foreign families? oh, really? madiya has said she didn't know the girl's name but i recognise her too — she's the daughter of one of the women who sent desperate messages as they tried to flee isis. later i discover that her family has survived and will soon be sent back to russia. but what of the other lost children i'm searching for? that child looks familiar. but i don't know. are they all — are they all from the same family?
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yes. 0k. they — there was 1,400 who arrived at one of our emergency sites. it wasn't something we were expecting. i don't think any of the children ever smiled at us, any of us. aid worker melanie markham saw the same foreign families that madiya was with in this camp for displaced people, before they were taken to the detention centre. no names of those there have been released by the authorities. some of the mothers may now be prosecuted for complicity in isis crimes. but melanie believes that the children should be returned to other relatives. two thirds of this group were children, so they would never be charged with a crime. and i saw tiny babies — what were they guilty of? so those children need to be with theirfamilies, and with people who care for them. and whatever way that can happen, the authorities and humanitarian
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organisations need to work together to ensure that. but the suffering of isis wives and children means little to yezidi families like madiya's. they've lost far more. gathering to welcome her back, they also lament her murdered father and her mother, sister, and brother, all kidnapped and still missing. hefa is a 19—year—old yezidi who has returned. herfather was murdered when isis took over their village three years ago. she was taken prisoner, along with her two sisters, and they all suffered more than three years of sexual slavery, passed from one isis rapist to another. but today, she is going
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for a ceremony that is meant to help cleanse women like her. hefa has come to the yezidi's holiest place, lalish. it's a complex of shrines where her people have celebrated their unique religion for hundreds of years — a religion isis regarded as devil worship. yezidi children have always come here for a form of baptism but now, that ceremony is repeated for those like hefa, returning from isis captivity. before leaving lalish, there are other prescribed rituals that hefa, her sisters and her brother should also perform. reconnecting with their faith comforts them, they say, but they're not planning to stay here in their historic homeland. now, what do you think
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your future will be? so you would you would leave all of these places behind? you'd leave lalish? you'd leave everywhere, forever? 0ne ceremony involves throwing a cloth over a pillar. if it lands, it's good luck, and that's something hefa and that all of the other victims of isis desperately deserve now. but what this family is wishing
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for is asylum in australia, and many of the yezidis want to leave too. isis may be defeated but they know that escaping the black shadow it's cast over this region will take much, much longer. you may have to concentrate over the next three and a half minutes because there is an awful lot going on with our weather for the next seven to ten days, plenty of twists and turns and changes on the way. as we start the new working week, a chilly start to many areas, particularly central and eastern under this ridge of high pressure. frontal systems tried to muscle in from the north—west by taking a time work east. really only north—west scotla nd work east. really only north—west scotland that sees some heavy rain during monday, extra cloud and some patchy rain into other western areas. after a frosty start, any
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early fog clearing quickly, then sunshine further east. just 9 degrees in norwich, temperatures creeping up a bit there in belfast. through monday night, the frontal system will make some progress. heavy rain through northern ireland, scotland, some rain turning to snow over the high ground in scotland. a significantly milder night, a milder start to tuesday morning. here is oui’ start to tuesday morning. here is our frontal system, drifting east. ahead, strong winds, behind some cold air, tucking back in. some of the rain across the high ground of scotla nd the rain across the high ground of scotland will turn to snow, this band of wet weather working erratically east through the day on tuesday, windy ahead of it, lighter winds behind, with some sunshine returning, some showers into the west, hefty showers. in western areas it will cool down, 9 degrees belfast, that's getting up to 12 in london. through the middle part of the week, this area of high pressure tries to have more of an influence
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on our weather. wednesday is a window of wet weather. at this time of year, quite often means frosty mornings. that is what we will see on wednesday morning, some fog patches to, then a decent day was false and sunshine before our next change fishes in from the west, another frontal system drifting in, bringing outbreaks of rain. there is some uncertainty about the timing but it looks like this will be out of the way for most places by the start of thursday morning. it will hang around in the south—east we suspect for while, then clears and back to sunny skies, though windy in the north and there will be a cool feel but averages of 9013 degrees and some showers into the north—west. into friday, in a lot of uncertainty. i pressure still not too far away, frontal systems again pushing in from the atlantic, could see at brixton rain just about anywhere on friday. that's turning a bit milder down to the south. 13, 14. on the cool side across northern
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ireland and england and scotland. that particular front drifts away, we get the ridge of high pressure coming back, and other quiet interlude, then atlantic weather systems tried to drifting again from the north—west. that's the pattern that takes us through the coming weekend and beyond, areas of high pressure get closer then drift further away. as the highjust pressure get closer then drift further away. as the high just the way it allows low—pressure systems to move on from the north. when u nsettled to move on from the north. when unsettled weather comes from the north—west, it will always be more northern and western parts of the country that see heaviest and persistent rain. further south and east, a bit of shelter, so some rain but not especially heavy for much of the time. a chance that at times our area of high pressure will settle close to the british isles for a bit longer, if that happens, we will get some slightly longer, dry interludes. we will also see some frost and fog if that happens. in lot going on through the week ahead.
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