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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm julian worricker. the headlines at 11:11: at least 20 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire at a baptist church in texas. the attack happened in the small town of sutherland springs, in wilson county, around 50 people were thought to be at the service at the time. a huge new leak of financial documents — known as the paradise papers — has revealed how the powerful and wealthy secretly invest vast amounts of money in offshore tax havens. the bbc panorama programme has discovered that millions of pounds of the queen's private money is invested in offshore funds based in the cayman islands and bermuda by her private estate, the duchy of lancaster. cabinet minister, damian green, describes claims that police found pornography on his computer in 2008 as "political smears". good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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at least 20 people have been killed and dozens injured in a shooting in texas, according to the authorities there. a gunman opened fire at a church in sutherland springs, near san antonio. he's believed to have been killed. 0ur north america correspondent james cook has the latest. mid—morning on a sunday, and like millions of americans, the people of sutherland springs were at worship. in the first baptist church, the serenity was shattered when a man opened fire at a service normally attended by around 50 people. the church pastor's 14—year—old daughter is reportedly among the dead. 0ne witness described how she took shelter when the shooting began. i'm about 50 yards away. there's a row of houses. we went running outside when we heard the shots, and we looked at each other and said,
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i'm not going to be outside for bullets to fly, because we had ricochets. so we went back into the store, where we had a couple customers. and then the owner decided to go ahead and close the store. a short time after the shooting, the local sheriff said the gunmen was down, reportedly after a search or pursuit. as the news spread, the united states embraced the familiar ritual, with public figures focusing on the need for prayer. donald trump, on a tour of asia, tweeted, "may god be with the people of sutherland springs, texas. the fbi and law enforcement are on the scene." this latest mass shooting comes a month after a gunmen opened fire in las vegas, killing 58 people, and two years after a white supremacist shot dead nine in a church in south carolina. now the tiny community of sutherland springs adds its name to the roll call of mass shootings.
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earlier, a local reporter sue calberg, gave this update from the scene. we know that the row multiple people dead and that the gunmen is also deceased. they have established a perimeter at the first baptist church in sutherland springs and they are beginning the long hard you as task of beginning to investigate as task of beginning to investigate a horrible scene. the pastor said that when they were in church, that is when they got the word that their friends had been attacked. there was a deputy, nurses and otherfirst responders. the church down the street immediately stopped what they we re street immediately stopped what they were doing and friends and neighbours ran to assist and found a
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scene of real carnage. that is when the ambulances started coming. from many communities in the wilson cou nty many communities in the wilson county and other counties because the need is so great. the pastor said the big them is and families are gathering here. —— bit them is. everybody in this small community is going to know the names of every single person who was killed. there are said to be numerous small children among the dead. the texas church shooting comes just days after the las vegas mass shooting and new york truck attack. 0ur correspondent nick bryant is in new york and he says the latest attack is not likely to change the gun debate in the united states. these killings are happening with terrible regularity. a multiple
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shooting is when four or more a killed. in october, 28th. there was one almost every day. and the month began with the las vegas shooting. the national conversation about las vegas lasted about a week and thereafter people unconnected with thereafter people unconnected with the killing really stopped talking about it. tonight, a familiar response. democrats calling for tighter gun rules and the republicans praying for the victims and their families. the terror attack behind me in new york, almost immediately afterwards, donald trump called from tighter immigration laws but no mention tonight about tighter gun laws. will this alter the gun
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debate in america? almost certainly not, these mass gun shooting is never do. we are waiting for a press conference in stockdale, close to sutherland springs where the shooting happened. there has been a slight delay, maybe at technical problem with the sound equipment. police will give updates on events. as soon as the press conference begins we will head over and bring it to you. a huge leak of secret offshore investments has revealed the tax affairs of rich and powerful people around the world. the details are contained in millions of documents from a law firm which specialises in offshore arrangements for individuals and companies, in tax havens worldwide. they've been dubbed ‘the paradise papers' — they were obtained by the german newspaper sudeutsche zeitung and shared with the international consortium of investigative journalists — including the bbc‘s panorama programme. among the names revealed is the duchy of lancaster
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which manages the queen's private estate and which invested 10 million pounds offshore. bbc panorama's richard bilton reports. it is an island paradise but there is a lot more to bermuda than just beaches and the sun. it is a tax haven, secrecy and 0% tax rates. one of the world's biggest offshore companies, appleby, is based here. seven million documents have been leaked. for months, we had to carry out secret research. that's the head office. we have to be very careful at this stage of the investigation. appleby don't know that we have their data. but now we can report what goes on here. the leak is known as the paradise papers. it contains some of the biggest names in britain.
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like the queen's private estate. the queen's investments are handled by the duchy of lancaster. now, because of the files, we can see where some of the money was going. £10 million was invested in tax havens, with $7.5 million in one fund in the cayman islands. it is perfectly legal and there is no suggestion tax was being avoided but should the monarch's cash be going offshore? if the money has been invested in a tax haven, i would have thought it would be extremely embarrassing for the queen and the royal family. we expect higher standards of the queen in terms of where the investments are located. the duchy told us: the paradise papers also expose a new link
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between president trump's government and the russians. you know who that is, right? it's wilbur ross, president trump's commerce secretary. this is in gennady timchenko, the sanctioned friend of president putin. we have found that these two men have a business link. wilbur ross said that he cut ties with companies that could compromise his new role in the us government. your service has resulted in your divesting yourself of literally hundreds of millions of dollars. you did it to avoid any conflict of interest, correct? that is correct. we don't think that is correct. we have discovered mr ross has a stake in a shipping company called navigator holdings. one of its major clients is sibur, a russian energy company. gennady timchenko is a shareholder who was sanctioned by the us
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government in 2014. you don't want to get known as somebody who plays footsy or walks up to the line with sanctioned individuals. if you know anything about the russians it's that under the current system, it's easy to get dirty. don't go there, man, don't go there. mr ross told us that none of the funds he managed ever owned a majority of navigator's shares and he never met timchenko. there are revelations closer to home. i, michael, lord ashcroft, do swear by almighty god. lord ashcroft was the tory deputy chairman and gave millions to the party but what we found in the files could leave him facing a tax bill of tens of millions. a series of payments totalling around $200 million were made to him from a trust in bermuda. to avoid tax on those payments,
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the trust, called punta gorda, must act independently, if lord ashcroft avoided the rules, he could face a big bill from the taxman. e—mails seen by us suggest a rising sense of frustration from the trustees that lord ashcroft was not playing by the rules. it looks like lord ashcroft was controlling the trust and expecting trustees to rubber—stamp his decisions. i'm richard bilton, i work for panorama. he didn't answer written questions, so i caught up with him at the tory conference. did you have tens of millions in an offshore trust that you secretly controlled? did that mean you could avoid millions in tax? why don't you talk to me,
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it would be great to hear your view. it was the punta gorda trust. his lawyers made said that i had started shouting something at him by which time lord ashcroft had walked away and heard nothing of what i said. we've done about a mile and a half, we could have been sponsored. despite the questions, lord ashcroft wouldn't give us his side. i'm not going to follow you in there, sir. about the leak, appleby said it does not specialise in tax, that these are commercial and sensitive documents relating to appleby and its clients. these are the first names from the paradise papers but there are more to come from this extraordinary leak. 0ur royal correspondent nicholas witchell says the revelations are embarassing for the queen. the palace is being tightlipped, i
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think that would be characterisation. like contrasts a republican pressure group has been quick to say there should be greater transparency about the queen abbas finances. this has been embarrassing for her. an area of investment activity many people regard as doubt will and many people would feel this particular investor should have never been taken into by her financial advisers not least because of reputation has been based on a lwa ys of reputation has been based on always setting the best of examples. it is important to say that the reason no question of tax avoidance in this instance. the duchy of lancaster is exempt from uk tax. the queen pays voluntarily takes on her income which last year amounted to £90 million. but it is
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unquestionably embarrassing for her. as revealed in the paradise papers, the operation of tax havens around the world is complex and shrouded in secrecy. they offer low tax rates and methods of regulation which are attractive to wealthy individuals and companies. 0ur economics editor kamal ahmed takes a closer look now at the system and the part the uk plays in it. for centuries, britain has been a centre for global finance, focused here on the city of london. and that's seen by many as good for our economy and the development of global trade. to support that, we allowed companies to set up in the uk and not be taxed here. 0ur imperial past is also important. across the world, the what are called crown dependencies, or 0verseas territories, places like jersey and guernsey and the isle of man, which have an arm's length relationship with us, and have based their economy on low tax offers to companies and individuals to hold some of their wealth there.
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others are more far—flung — places like gibraltar, as well as bermuda, the british virgin islands, the cayman islands, and turks and caicos. such places insist they are good for growth if they allow firms and individuals to avoid being taxed multiple times by different countries. there have been a lot of new rules on transparency as well, but they are criticised for being too secret, too weak on regulation, and too open to corruption. critics say the laws have also failed to keep up with global companies, which can move vast amounts of money around the world at a touch of a computer key. we are not the only ones who've used tax competition and light—touch regulation to lure companies to our shores. other countries that have been criticised include switzerland, singapore and america, which has low tax systems
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in many of its states. there is also an important distinction to remember when speaking about tax havens. tax evasion is illegal, while tax avoidance is using legal structures to reduce tax levels. how much could tax avoidance be worth to national exchequers like the treasury? well, globally, anything between £75 billion and £180 billion. many now believe that avoidance has become so controversial there needs to be a complete change to global tax laws so that taxes are paid in the country where the firm or the individual is based. that would mean the total tax take would go up, which some might disagree with, but public controversy would probably die down. kamal ahmed there on tax havens. there's more analysis and detail
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from the paradise papers on the bbc news website, if you search and there'll be fresh revelations tomorrow night on bbc panorama, on bbc one at 9pm. the coming of belgium from the broadcaster vrts, saying a belgian judge is releasing carles puigedemont and fall of his ministers under certain conditions. that is the wording that is being used. he and those for ministers surrendered to police in brussels earlier today. that is after they fled to belgium when the spanish government took direct control of catalonia and warrants for their arrest came on friday. they were charged with rebellion and sedition,
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but now this belgian judge charged with rebellion and sedition, but now this belgianjudge is releasing the five men under certain conditions. reuters is reporting that. no information about what will happen to them or what those conditions are, or indeed where they will go as a result of that. we will keep our eyes on that for you. the headlines on bbc news: at least 20 people have been killed after a gunman opened fire at a baptist church in texas. a huge new leak of financial documents, known as the paradise papers, has revealed how the powerful and wealthy secretly invest vast amounts of money in offshore tax havens. the bbc panorama programme has discovered that millions of pounds of the queen's private money is invested in offshore funds based in the cayman islands and bermuda by her private estate, the duchy of lancaster. sport, now. for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's james pierce. good evening.
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manchester city manager pep guardiola praised what he described as his side's "amazing" run of results, after they beat arsenal 3—1 to lead the premier league by eight points. city have now won nine league matches in a row — that's a club record for a single season. and there you are, opening the scoring, kevin de bruyne. they rested all the big name players and we suffered together in bad moment, fighting together. so i am very pleased again for the victory and the way we played. a sergio aguero penalty made it 2-0. arsenal pulled one back but gabrieljesus rounded off the victory for the hosts. city's lead at the top of the premier league is now eight points because second place
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mancheser united lost 1—0 at chelsea. alvaro morata scored his first goal since september to seal all three points for the defending champions. it was morata's eighth goal for the club as the blues recorded a third consecutive league win. they are now only a point behind united. everton are out of the relegation zone after coming from two goals down to beat watford. leighton baines' late penalty put them 3—2 up. there were 12 minutes of injury time and watford had a penalty of their own and a chance to equalise, but tom cleverley missed it. it was a first win in charge for everton's caretaker manager david unsworth. tottenham are still third after beating crystal palace at wembley but they rode their luck against the bottom club. roy hodgson's side created a number of chances and wilfried zaha had the best of them after rounding spurs stand in keeper. son heung—min was the matchwinner with one of tottenham's very few shots on target. a very different tottenham performance to the one in midweek against real madrid, but an important three points. there were nine more ties in the fa cup first round today. no major shocks today but woking from the national league have taken league one bury to a replay.
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it wasn't looking good for the surrey side after they went a goal down inside the first minute. but this header from jamie philpot means they will be in the hat for the second round. 1—1 the score. elsewhere, national league guiesley held accrington stanley to a goalless draw. kilmarnock have chalked up a much needed victory in the scottish premiership. it was their first win under manager steve clarke. adam frizzell was on hand to seal a 2—1victory at hearts. it was hearts third defeat in a row, while kilmarnock move out of the relegation zone. england'sjustin rose has won back—to back tournaments on the european tour. a winner in china last week, he clinched the turkish 0pen by a single stroke with a biride putt on the last. he finished on 18 under par, one clear of belgium's nicholas colsaerts and south african dylan fratelli. rose is now closing in on tommy fleetwood at the top of the european rankings with two tournaments left to play this season.
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i guess, i think this is the first time i've gone back to back in my career, week on week. to roll straight into another tournament immediately is wonderful. even i am not playing, it is an important me. i will catch up with my coaches and make physio, and do some work and get the body feeling good. i will give myself the best possible chance. even i am technically not play, i will be doing a lot of work. mark selby has successfully retained his international championship title after beating mark allen in the final in china. the world champion survived a late comeback from northern ireland's allen, but selby held on to win by 10 frames to seven and take his 13th career ranking title, as well as collecting a cheque for £150,000. that shake and mark selby has defended! finally shalane flanagan became the first american woman for a0 years to win the new york marathon. flanagan was a popular winner of her first major marathon as she comfortably beat the defending champion mary keitany. geoffrey kamworor from kenya won the men's race, holding off
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compatriot wilson kipsang in a close finish. more than 50,000 people took part in the marathon which had heightened security following last week's terror attacks in new york. that's all the sport for now. thank you very a much indeed for that, james. let's get more on the texas church shooting. we are speaking to the pastor of river oaks church, which is close. we are hearing what his congregation fell when they heard about the shooting. i don't know narrative. i am going to say it must have been as i was preaching at our church down the road. it was probably about 11, 1115 or so when some people in our church space as we have a deputy and some other people in our church, when we got that call that there was an active shooting going on down at
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first baptist church. those first responders immediately left our church and went down there, and we immediately sat praying for everyone involved in it, the people of this church. that is about the only time and again tell you. we knew some in was going on earlier, i believe that had something to do with the shooter, but i do wonder to make any state m e nts shooter, but i do wonder to make any statements and that is confirmed. do you know anyone affected? yes, everybody. everybody imagined. yes, i know everybody in there. our churches were together. you know, we go to lunch with the pastor, and the pastor, frank pomeroy is a friend. i have not heard anything about the shooter. how is it right holding up? we are holding up as well as we can. we are holding up as well as we can. we are holding up as well as we can. we area we are holding up as well as we can. we are a strong community. we are strong in ourface. that
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we are a strong community. we are strong in our face. that may come as everybody holding up. we are strong in believing that everyone who was killed in a church, there, is present with our lord. that is what we stand on and we believe. to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. they are in the arms ofjesus right now. present with the lord. they are in the arms of jesus right now. that was a pastor at a church close by to be one where the shooting took place in texas. the cabinet minister damian green is to face a whitehall inquiry tomorrow into his conduct, but has denied new claims that police found pornography on a computer in his office nine years ago. mr green remains at loggerheads with the former police chief bob quick who made the allegations, saying they were "completely untrue" and a "political smear". mr quick said he stood by his claims, and that he would take part in the inquiry. 0ur political correspondent iain watson reports. he is one of theresa may's most senior and most trusted ministers, but damian green's reputation is under threat. he's already being investigated by whitehall officials over
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allegations he acted improperly towards a young journalist, claims he denies. and now, an allegation that pornography was found on a computer in his house of commons office nearly ten years ago. this claim dates from 2008, when his office was raided by police, investigating leaks from the home office. these two have never seen eye to eye since then. bob quick was the man in charge of that investigation, and the main, though not the only source, alleging that pornographic material was found. there's no suggestion that any of the material was illegal. damian green is a staunch ally of the prime minister, and her close friend, her deputy in all but name. and he's hugely influential behind—the—scenes here in downing street, during important cabinet committees, not least on brexit. he is notjust fighting for his reputation, he is battling hard for his political life.
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so, in a robust statement, damian green said: and bob quick‘s successor at the metropolitan police has told the bbc he had no knowledge of the pornography allegations. but bob quick says he stands by his story and will present evidence to the whitehall enquiry into damian green tomorrow. this conservative mp believes that's the correct process, and allegations from a confidential police investigation should never have been made public. what we're having in relation to damian, who i said should have been suspended, so there was a proper enquiry, this would have formed part of that enquiry. instead, we are pretty much having trial by the newspapers, and this is not acceptable. and now the conservative mp chris pincher has stepped aside as a government whip and has referred himself to his party's complaints procedure and to the police.
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this follows allegations of improper behaviour 16 years ago. party leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss more effective ways of dealing with harassment. but this won't be enough to stop the flow of further allegations. iain watson, bbc news, westminster. ijust i just looking at various ijust looking at various lines of communication from reuters from texasin communication from reuters from texas in light of the shooting at the baptist church. several lines are being reported that are emerging from the police that a lone gunmen there has killed 25 people and has wounded 20. this out of a congregation of an estimated 50 or so people. that means almost nobody escaped that church uninjured in anyway. that is one line coming out of reuters. according to the police
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as well, the shooter entered the church with a rifle and then fled in a vehicle and was later found deceased. they go on to try and offer an expedition for that last point. the exact circumstances of the gunmen's death are still under investigation, the police say. there we re investigation, the police say. there were suggestions earlier on that he either killed himself or was killed by the police who were pursuing him, presumably some sort of short car chase might have taken place, because he was found dead a distance away from the church. not a great distance, but far enough away to suggest that might have any circumstances. but we are now seeing 25 dead as a result of that shooting. 20 injured. police are beginning to give a bit more information about invents their in that baptist church. now, it is time to big up with the weather prospects. thank you. yes. it is
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turning very cold out there now under clear skies, away from the far west. and as a away from the far west. and as a away from the far west because we have a weather system moving into northern ireland and into western parts of scotland, bringing in more cloud. you can see where this blue hue is. that is generally across much of scotland and eastern england. the temperatures he will dip to freezing. larger urban towns and cities will get down as far as even — six. cycle such a monday morning. but wright was some sunshine. this can and fold. —— mist and fog. this rain will move in to parts of north was in britain. it remains cold in eastern areas


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