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ibor. i thought to myself, why not make the entry. nikita's journey was long. 10,000 flying mouse, periods of quarantine at either end. two members of stable staff with him every step of the way. ian jardine has trained them for the final preparations. these training gallops over the solway firth is where nikita has put in the biggest work head of the potentially two mile biggest run of his life. there is no point going all the way to the other side of the world thinking this is a chance. we will go over there with a positive attitude, hopeful more than being covered. we think he has a nice chance. fingers crossed for a british winner. just about out of time on sportsday. seven o'clock for the fa cup second round draw. before we go, only day andrea pirlo announced his retirement from football, we will leave you with some of the former ac milan and juventus midfielder ‘s finest
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moments from equity during career which saw him winning 116 moments from equity during career which saw him winning116 caps for italy and saw him winning the 2006 world cup. goodbye. pearl overshoots. 0h, world cup. goodbye. pearl overshoots. oh, it is a pearl. —— pirlo shoots. you cannot teach this, this is genius. it is pirlo, the clueless play on the pitch has stayed that way. quite incredible. it is pirlo, over the walk into the net. quite, quite brilliant. pirlo still peerless. you are watching bbc news. let's get
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more on the paradise papers. apple is the world's most valuable company. a stash of profits up billions of pounds. the leaked documents shows how hard the giant works to keep tax bills as low as possible. after ireland banned an arrangement meaning it pays little tax, apple has moved billions to jersey. robert hall is injersey. what has been happening to do. let me give you a sense of geography. i'm outside thejersey offices of appleby, the firm linkedin today's revelations with apple's tax activities. we will hear a lot about this firm and activities during the course of the evening. early days. a lot of information out there, particularly in the last hour or so. with news bulletins and on the internet. jersey for the politicians
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and the finance industry are not say anything specific. the finance industry that is so important to the island. the office of the chief minister released a statement. the minister is out of the island, at meetings in the middle east. i want to redo some —— really use some of that statement, we continue to be clear, the government ofjersey has no need to be linked or associated with tax avoidance and planning schemes are the kind recently highlighted in the media. we have taken active steps to discourage such use of jersey. taken active steps to discourage such use ofjersey. we require strict controls. that is all we have heard from thejersey govern. we expect to hear more in the next 12 hours or so. 0ne expect to hear more in the next 12 hours or so. one other development. e—mailfrom jersey‘s hours or so. one other development. e—mail from jersey‘s police force to the local media. relating to contact they have had with apple. we have been contacted by the jersey
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they have had with apple. we have been contacted by thejersey —based appleby office, in accordance with this data breach and fair. assess m e nt this data breach and fair. assessment is ongoing to whether any locally related offences have been committed. two very brief statements. there will be more detail, but people on both sides of the debate as to what tax avoidance schemes are appropriate or epochal, thatis schemes are appropriate or epochal, that is continuing. people are still digesting. we will hear more from the jersey authorities and the finance industry in the coming hours. political party leaders have agreed to launch a new grievance procedure for party star. it comes as there are allegations about mps and their behaviour. i'm joined now by leila nathoo who is in the central lobby of parliament. what do we know about the meeting? then meeting seems to have just
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broken up. it went on for about an hour or so. all party leaders across westminster got together to discuss theissue westminster got together to discuss the issue dominating westminster for recent weeks. there seems to have been agreement reached among the party leaders. there will be a new grievance procedure introduced in westminster. independent political parties, that has been the key point party leaders wanted to get across. there needs to be another channel away from the political parties that would encourage people to come forward. they believe the political parties complaints systems have been discouraging people from coming forward. they don't match report is the red parties to the leadership of those parties. we have had the meeting, a working group agreed. they will work out the details of the procedure, and that will be reporting, and that will set the details of this new office. i caught
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up details of this new office. i caught up with the snp's leader at westminster, ian blackford, after the meeting. we recognise we have to ta ke the meeting. we recognise we have to take action as parliament. not a cce pta ble take action as parliament. not acceptable to the public. we have had a situation where staff members, journalists, people with legitimate accusations against members of parliament have not have the mechanisms to do that. it has to be absolutely clear they will be on tolerance for bad sexual behaviour, zero tolerance oi'i tolerance for bad sexual behaviour, zero tolerance on bullying. we have to discuss how luke davison a cross—party basis. we would do this ina timely cross—party basis. we would do this in a timely manner, and recognise we have to get this right. there is a feeling that something has to be done quickly at westminster, on the back of the allegations. for some the idea of a working group, it will sound like it is being kicked down the road. the promise of the working group will publish the detail can bring forward some of the details by the beginning of december, will be welcomed by some quarters, certainly
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the premise theresa may has said tonight's meeting has been an important step forward. it remains to be seen, what sanctions any new body will be a introduce. when we hear some of the detail from the working group, that is when the new complaints procedure will be able to bejudged. time for a look at the weather, let'sjoin phil avery. there is a weather front working its way in from the atlantic, making a big difference to the temperatures tonight. that was the scene last night, widespread frost, not the case tonight. some of you have already benefited, from the cloudy wind and rain. north—western scotland, increasing through the night. the main player across the greater part of scotland, through northern ireland, flirting with the west cornwall and the west wales. ahead, this guy staying fairly
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clear, temperatures will dip, not so near the front, behind it, eventually the skies were clear against maybe brightness north of the great glens, certainly into northern ireland. the front creeping further eastwards through the day. later in the afternoon before part of east anglia and the south we see any of that rain. much of a confined to the main diagonal. the weather fronts are still lurking in the south—east. brighter skies behind. a lovely prospect until we get to a weather fronts, lovely prospect until we get to a weatherfronts, bringing cloud and rain back to scotland and northern ireland. you're watching beyond 100 days — more revelations from the paradise papers on how the rich and famous avoid taxes. actors, multinationals sports stars, all manner of people mentioned in the leaked papers, which show how they invest their money offshore. british formula one driver lewis hamilton saved millions in vat when he bought this privatejet using the isle of man tax haven. in an interview with the bbc,
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president trump's commerce secretary denies misleading congress after the leaked documents exposed his involvement in a company with links to the kremlin. did a row with his mother in law lead a shooter in texas to kill 26 people in a small town church. the youngest was just a baby.
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