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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 8, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news with carole walker. the headlines now. we're awaiting news on the international development secretary, priti patel‘s future. she is now in downing street to meet with the prime minister. ms patel‘s cabinet position hangs in the balance following unauthorised meetings with israeli politicians. the head of the nhs in england has challenged the government to find more cash for the health service following the promise of an extra 350 million pounds a week during the eu referendum campaign. simon stevens told the nhs providers‘ conference that health funding must rise to avoid escalating waiting lists. hollywood actor and theatre director kevin spacey faces fresh allegations of sexual misconduct tonight. the us journalist heather unruh has told reporters that her son was sexually assaulted by mr spacey last year. and tributes have been paid to chef, restaurateur and cookery writer antonio carluccio,
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who has died at the age of 80. dubbed the godfather of italian gastronomy, he was known for his popular television programmes and the chain of restaurants he co—founded. let's have a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. in a moment, we'll get the latest from our political correspondent vicki young from westminster as we await news on priti patel‘s future, and we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the evening. at seven o'clock, beyond 100 days hears from former us nato ambassador nicholas burns as donald trump continues his tour of asia. and later on, at ten—forty, we'll be joined by broadcaster and author damejoan bakewell and camilla tominey, political editor at the express, for a look at tomorrow's papers. that's all ahead on bbc news. let's get more on our top story.
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priti patel‘s future as international development secretary is looking increasingly uncertain tonight. priti patel landed at heathrow today after being summoned back to london from an official trip to uganda. last friday, the bbc revealed that ms patel had held several unauthorised meetings with israeli politicians while on holiday in the country this summer. she apologised for that on monday, but there are now questions about other meetings she did not disclose. pin p in the last few minutes, priti patel has been filmed arriving at downing street. earlier, we were told priti patel has broken the rules and deserves to be sacked. it's in the public interests to respect the roles we have. we've all been elected by the public. the secretary of state needs to conduct herself or hisself in such a way
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that the public can trust us and know when we're out doing business for them on behalf of the country, we do it with them in mind. not with ourselves in mind. yes, we are now going through some serious negotiations, especially around brexit. we have international eyes on us, watching us, they expect the cabinet to conduct themselves in a way. at this point of time, the prime minister's been undermined. she's taking far too long to respond to this inappropriate unacceptable behave your. the sooner she gets rid of priti patel it will put her in good stand with the public. at the moment, she's showing she's too weak to do so. do you you have sympathy for pretty pattal. she was on holiday and went the extra mile working on holiday? it is not about sympathy. it is about making sure nobody can questions your motives. i'm the shadow secretary of state.
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if i'm travelling outside the uk i let the foreignoffice know. she should do exactly the same. i believe she's ignored those rules. the reason they are there is to protect her so this doesn't happen. it is not about sympathy. it is about her ignoring a code which has been there for many years and it is there to protect all of us so transparency always prevails. our chief political correspondent vicki young is in westminsterfor us. that meeting which everyone has been waiting for now timy underway? yeah, i think so. we're told theresa may, the prime minister, is also back in downing street. as you say, they are now having their second face—to—face meeting of the week. the question is, are there things that priti patel did not say on monday that have proved to be true and which will now lead to theresa may deciding she has to sack her? it is interesting listening to the labour
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party there talking really about the initial miscalculation from priti patel. she was given a big chance after that. there were many in westminster who felt what she done did contravene the ministerial code and it would have been easy for theresa may to sack her on the spot because of that. she didn't. she gave her a second chance. the problem now is anything that comes out which shows she didn't tell the truth on monday is going to be a problem. if it's true there was this meeting on 7th september she didn't tell downing street about, that will bea tell downing street about, that will be a problem. if reported in the israeli newspapers ms patel when to the go lands heights. an area not recognised by the british government. this is the problem here. the transparency, the idea she is giving access to people without any officials there. what are they talking about? is she discussing british foreign policy because she
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isa british foreign policy because she is a cabinet minister in this is all the reason she is in trouble. it does seem tonight as if priti patel‘s cabinet career could be coming to an end. certainly downing street don't seem to have done anything to dampen down the growing speculation she's going to be sacked. it is hard now to see how they could back away and keep her in they could back away and keep her in the post? unless she does have a very good reason has of as to why she didn't tell theresa may on monday about the details of at least one other meeting. it is possible, a lot of people pointing out priti patel‘s a very robust and forceful politician. if she does have a defence, she will be giving that to theresa may right now. i don't think many people think she will survive this. it is, of course, a huge distraction for the prime minister. if she does end up sacking priti patel this evening, she will have been forced into that position. two cabinet ministers in a week. have you to go back to the days of tony
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blair ini998 you to go back to the days of tony blair in 1998 for the last time that happened. tony blair was in a much more comfortable position. he had a huge parliamentary majority. he was riding high in the opinion polls. that, of course, is not the position theresa may is in. she has a lot on her plate. i'm sure she'd not want to be this evening, spending her time dealing with cabinet ministers who seem to have misbehaved. vicky, thank you. we'll keep a close on on develops. now it's time for sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. here's what's coming up on the programme: northern ireland boss michael 0'neill stresses the importance of a place in next year's world cup. and tells his players not to be afraid ahead of their world cup play—off. we're in australia on the eve of the ashes test match between england's women and australia where the rivalry is heating up. they've got the ashes, we want the
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ashes. there's an air of revenge. they've got what we want. and we'll hear the astonishing story of a refugee who escaped war—torn syria and ended up at 0lympics less than a year later. good evening. plenty in store for you this evening but we begin with some huge matches coming up and the chance of a place at next summer's world cup in russia. windsor park will be in full voice as northern ireland host switzerland in their play—off first leg tomorrow night. joe wilson looks ahead and is in belfast for us. the tactical subtleties will emerge tomorrow night here in belfast. we can expect the northern ireland game plan will revolve around defending their goal. after all, it is their ability not to concede, to keep
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clea n ability not to concede, to keep clean sheets, which really defined their qualifying campaign which got them to this play—off. their form results went off the boil in the last two qualifying games. both defeats. crucially, thaw manager knows his players and their own mind. these players have gone through a lot. experienced a lot of good and bad. the one thing i will say to them, not to fear the situation, to embrace the situation. make sure whatever happens, when you look back, we don't have any regrets regardless of whether it goes our way or not. we know the prize is massive. what it will mean to eve ryo ne massive. what it will mean to everyone here in northern ireland, the players, staff, everyone sorbiated with the ifa, media. but, our focus is primarily sorbiated with the ifa, media. but, ourfocus is primarily how sorbiated with the ifa, media. but, our focus is primarily how we get through the two games. that's where i see through the two games. that's where iseea through the two games. that's where i see a real through the two games. that's where i see a real assurance through the two games. that's where i see a real assurance in the players. a self—belief over a period of three to four years has grown and
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put them in this position. these swiss players may consider themselves to be the most unlucky group of footballers in the word. in their qualifying group they won nine games out of ten, 27 points but finished behind portugal. if logic had anything to do with it, switzerland would prevail. if football was decided by logic, it wouldn't be so much fun. the other home nations are playing friendlies this week. in england's match against germany on friday both sides will wear poppies on black armbands. fifa changed their rules last month to allow players to do so as an act of remembrance — provided the opposing team agree. the home nations were all fined for wearing poppies last year. in another change, video assistant refereeing will be used in the match at wembley for the first time at an official game in the uk. england manager gareth southgate has a young squad to pick from, after a number of withdrawals.
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strikerjamie vardy will be one of the more experienced players expected to feature. he says everyone appreciates the importance of the fixture. there's a lot of history behind it. it isa there's a lot of history behind it. it is a massive game. if you ask any england, germany fan, they say it is one of big ones. we need to make sure we're putting a performance in on the pitch that warrants a result we want. there's only six games for to us play coming up to the world cup. we want to make sure we get momentum going and take that into russia. wales are playing france in paris on thursday and scotland host the netherlands tomorrow. while chris coleman hasn't yet decided on his future, scotland are looking for a new manager — with malky mckay taking interim charge for the match at pittodrie. chris mclaughlin has more. early winter in aberdeen, the surf is up but there's a tranquil feel about the place. that tranquility will be shattered here tomorrow
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evening when scotland take to the field. there were concerns about ticket sales being slow. but around 16,000 supporters are expected. that's despite fans still being bruised by the recent blow of missing out on world cup qualifications. gordon strachan has gone. step forward his interim replacement. it is desment to the ta rta n replacement. it is desment to the tartan army, been there, seen it, doneinin tartan army, been there, seen it, done in in terms of watching them come abroad to watch me. the fact they'll be here tomorrow night is, i can only thank them for that. new manager, new beginnings and new faces in the squad. and suggestions the local inclusions are simply there to boost the attendance. they're all young. they're definitely all hungry. all of them are talented. that's why they're in the squad. why two or three will play, not to sell tickets. it is the manager who picks the team. it is his perking tiff. in training,
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everyone's ready to go. the quality's been great. a really good feeling. tomorrow night's opponents are also still smarting from missing out on russia and a familiar face has a warning. there are no friendly games anymore. most teams like to win. that's why after the game it will be the best one. a win won't ease the pain of missing out in the play—offs. but in sport, when you fall, getting back up can be the key. chelsea ladies play the first leg of their champions league last—16 tie this evening. they face german side rosengard at kingsmeadow. chelsea are bidding to reach their first european quarter—final and go into the tie as favourites having beaten bayern munich on away goals in the previous round. coming through the bayern test proves we have developed the experience that we've needed to
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progress in the competition. but we ta ke progress in the competition. but we take one step at a time. they're the third top ranked team in europe. we don't get ahead of ourselves. if we think about the next stage we'll stop doing what got us to this point. we need to concentrate on taking care of the details at home so we get a clean sheet. england say they will be "motivated by revenge" when they face australia in the test match element of their ashes series later on. the match begins in the early hours of thursday in sydney, and is the first ever day—night women's test. andy swiss reports. time to grin and win. for heather knight's england team, this is a test with no room for error. they came to australia as the newly—crowned world champions. the hosts though, have won two of the first three games and their confidence is very clear. beat england is their rallying cry. but
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that bullishness might just backfire. does that give you an extra fire in the belly when you see banners like that? of course it does. that's the 0zzie marketing campaign. it is interesting and funny for us, i guess as a team to see. it's all about us and how with he perform over the next four days. if we win this game it will stand us in good stead. the spotlight will be on england in more ways than one. this will be the first day/night tea m this will be the first day/night team in ashes history. for the players, a whole new ball game. 0r team in ashes history. for the players, a whole new ball game. or a ping ball game to be precise. easier to see under the lights never previously used in a women's international. but england and australia are no strangers to innovation. after all, they played the very first women's test more than 80 years ago. now they'll share another piece of sporting history. both teams are really looking forward to it. one, we don't play a lot of test cricket. you only have a
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chance tor part of history once. both teams will be extremely excited to play—day/night cricket. both teams will be extremely excited to play-day/night cricket. win here and australia retain the ashes. england must hope they don't live up to their billing. meanwhile, england's men have been playing one of their two warm—up games before their ashes series starts. mark stoneman, dawid malan and joe root scored half centuries against a cricket australia eleven. play has ended on day one with england 278 for 8. still to come in the programme: emerging markets or neglecting old friends? what next for samoan rugby after they were declared bankrupt today? and uk antidoping could be going the same way if a legal battle with heavyweight boxer tyson fury goes against them. let's take a quick look at some of the other stories around today. jonathan browning is standing down
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as chairman of british cycling after less than a year in the job. earlier this year he apologised for "failings" after a series of bullying and doping scandals. browning will now resume his previous role as a non—executive director. olympic champion alex danson will captain the england women's hockey team for the squad's next three major international competitions including the commonwealth games in april. danson had led the squad on a tournament—by—tournament basis since previous skipper kate richardson—walsh retired. and england wingerjermaine mcgillvary has been cleared of biting lebanon captain robbie farah during saturday's world cup group game in sydney. the huddersfield player was facing a ban of up to 12 weeks had he been found guilty, but he's now free to play in england's final group match against france in perth on sunday. now, time to discuss a concerning issue in rugby union. the prime minister of samoa has declared his country's rugby team bankrupt. the side is set to play test matches against scotland and england later this month. members of the public have been asked to donate money to keep the sport alive
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and the rfu has said it will contribute to samoa's costs while they're in england. 0ur reporter patrick gearey is here. patrick, if samoa did go under, it would be a major shock in world rugby? it would be. the current situation is causing a lot of alarm. it isa situation is causing a lot of alarm. it is a small nation but they are rugby—mad and have long punched above their weight in terms of the quality of players they produce. in the short—term, they're due to play scotla nd the short—term, they're due to play scotland and england. there's no threat to those matches. the costs have been covered and insurance is being taken care of by world rugby. beyond that, a lot of uncertainty. world rug by beyond that, a lot of uncertainty. world rugby fund samoan rugby but they don't get the chance to play top teams at home. that's how you make revenue in world rugby. it is due to change. but a lot of samoan by due to change. but a lot of samoan rugby players i've spoken to says
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there needs to be change in their home union. it needs to modernise and professionalise. dan leo who played for wasps look after interests of islanders in the game. we need a revenue share of the profits generated by the big stadiums around the world. rugby becomes more business orientated, there's been a slip off on islands. as professionalism has moved on we've gone further and further behind. that's one of the view points, patrick. what do samoa want to happen to sort the situation out? they just need cash to happen to sort the situation out? theyjust need cash in the short—term. beyond that, they want a bigger slice of the pie for them and other pacific island nations. that might come at the cost of england in terms of giving more gate receipts over. they want to host more games. that should be coming soon. also, they want a pathway for the players who come from the islands to be able
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to play profession alley in the islands rather than having to go to england,


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