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needs to modernise home union. it needs to modernise and professionalise. dan leo who played for wasps look after interests of islanders in the game. we need a revenue share of the profits generated by the big stadiums around the world. rugby becomes more business orientated, there's been a slip off on islands. as professionalism has moved on we've gone further and further behind. that's one of the view points, patrick. what do samoa want to happen to sort the situation out? they just need cash to happen to sort the situation out? theyjust need cash in the short—term. beyond that, they want a bigger slice of the pie for them and other pacific island nations. that might come at the cost of england in terms of giving more gate receipts over. they want to host more games. that should be coming soon. also, they want a pathway for the players who come from the islands to be able to play profession alley in the islands rather than having to go to england, australia or new zealand.
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they point it fiji's team as evidence of their talent. the problem at the moment is there simply isn't the money. thank you. the uk anti—doping agency fear they could be bankrupted by an ongoing case against former heavyweight champion tyson fury. there are concerns that if fury wins his legal battle, earlier i asked our sports news correspondenet, richard conway, tyson fury was crowned in november 2015 as world heavyweight champion. uk anti—doping charged him with a violation of their doping policy in june of 2016. that was for the use of nandrolone. tyson fury has a unique defence. having consumed uncastrated wild boar, that is the reason for the adverse reaction. adverse reading. the legal dispute between the two sides has rumbled on for quite some time, nearly a year—and—a—half. there are concerns,
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i understand, within uk anti—doping ata i understand, within uk anti—doping at a senior level this case could effectively bankrupt them or render them insol vent. that's due to the fa ct if them insol vent. that's due to the fact if tyson fury wins this case, it is heading to a tribunal next month, it could end up in the court of arbitration for sport in 2018. if tyson fury emerges victorious, ukad could be open to an earnings loss of damages claim. given tyson fury makes £5 million perfight, you could see they could easily have a significant problem on their hands. what steps are ukad taking to defed themselves? -- defend themselves? if ukad lose this case to tyson fewer u and a significant damages case is brought, they would be staring at effective insolvency. i'm led to
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believe the government is prepared to step in if that happens. it is not prepared to let the integrity of the anti—doping process be undermined by with drawing from the case at this stage. they want to see it through. they believe it would send the wrong message to clean athletes and those who perhaps have cheated that they would walk away if they were going to be outspent or outlasted in the process of finding a nswe i’s outlasted in the process of finding a nswers to outlasted in the process of finding answers to those questions about anti—doping violations. answers to those questions about anti-doping violations. our sports correspondent richard conway on problems ahead, possibly are for you can anti—doping. now, yusra mardini didn't win a medal at last year's olympics but she was one of the biggest stories in rio. she was part of the ioc's refugee team less than a year after making a hazardous journey from syria in search of a new life. she and her sister helped tow a boat full of migrants across the sea to the shore in greece. a movie about the ordeal is in production, but mardini's main objective is to speak up for refugees and to secure a place at the tokyo 2020 games.
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our sports correspondent alex capstick has been to meet her in berlin. you know that you might lose your life on the way. yusra mardini, olympian and refugee who saved lives, including her own. the teenage swimmer who fled war—ravaged syria to pursue her sporting dreams. a 25—day nightmare which featured a sinking boat full of migrants heading for greece. yusra and her sister jumped into the sea to help keep it afloat. i know that of course i was afraid, it was dark and i was just seeing the island but never reaching it. not that i was the hero pulling a rope, you know. ok, i helped the boat and so on but it was not only me or only my sister. they told you it was a 45 minutes
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trip and three—and—a—half hours. what did you have with you? nothing, myjeans what did you have with you? nothing, my jeans and t—shirt. what did you have with you? nothing, myjeans and t—shirt. my shoes was also gone. yusra mardini eventually arrived in berlin. already a promising swimmer, she joined this club at the city's olympic park. incredibly, just 11 months later, she was in rio on the biggest sporting stage of all, competing for the first ever refugee team. even after, before when they were telling me that i'm leaving to the olympics, it was a really big surprise after only one year. i'm a refuge in germany and i'm going and there is a refugee olympic team. it was incredible. yusra's remarkable back story means she is now a teenager in demand, with an expanding entourage befitting her growing stature on the world stage. there have been meetings with major globalfigures. she's addressed
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there have been meetings with major global figures. she's addressed the un and highlighted the plight of refugees. i'm just hoping to get the idea to people that they are normal people and they had a normal life and they were forced to flee their country because of violence. and you are making a movie, or a movie is being made about you. how exciting is that? stephen daldry is directing it. yeah. it's amazing. i'm really excited. who would you like to play you? who would you like to play you ?|j would who would you like to play you?” would like me to play me. but i cannot she wants a place at the 2020 olympics in tokyo and doesn't mind who she represents. my ambition is just to be an athlete. if i'm going to start for germany or for my country or for the refugee olympic team, i'm going to do the best i can and it would be my pleasure. in a life full of twists and turns, the way to tokyo may not be straightforward, but it's clear this determined 19—year—old will rise to whatever challenges lie ahead. alex capstick, bbc news, berlin.
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an incredible story. we wish her the best in future. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. it turned out to be a half decent day for many parts of the british isles. signs of a change already in hand with increasing amounts of cloud and rain piling into scotland and northern ireland. through the night, will push that belt ever further towards the south and east. before the cloud arrives, temperatures will dribble away across east anglia and the cist. later in the night, as the cloud clears from the north and west of
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scotland, perhaps a touch of frost. on thursday, thicker frontal cloud pushing further towards the south. brighter skies chasing in behind that banner of cloud. although the while, breezy to say the very least across the north of scotland with copious showers. similar prospect on to friday. not a bad day. the best of the brightness away towards the eastern side. away from the south—west. quite a bit of cloud here. an old frontal system linking back for rain into the weekend. the weekend bright and breezy. some showers around. it will certainly feel much colder than of late. you're watching beyond one hundred days. there's more scandal in westminster and another cabinet minister's future is in doubt. a source tells the bbc priti patel will resign rather than face the sack over her meetings with israeli politicians. she was thrown through the back door for showdown with theresa may. ——
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showing through. this is the view right now of the british prime minister's office — when we get word on ms patel‘s decision, we'll bring it straight to you. democrats sweep elections in the us. they win the governor's race in virginia — is it the beginning of a backlash against donald trump, orjust a blip? president trump campaigned on tough talk against china — today it's the latest stop on his asia tour. but it may be president xi who holds the cards. also on the programme. hollywood star kevin spacey faces a new allegation
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