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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 9, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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on bbc news, we are looking at the most popular stories, one of them is the self driving shuttle bus in a crash on day one. so this is a story by dave lee looking at the first test that took place in vegas. and of course this self driving shuttle bus came to a halt. it was involved ina bus came to a halt. it was involved in a crash on its first day. it had several passengers on board. it collided with a lorry driving at a very slow speed. we asked whether you would be getting on a self driving bus or in a self driving taxi. so many of you have been in touch and most of you are saying no. some of you are saying, like muhamed in nigeria, why not? and we've got charles as well who says keep the drivers at work otherwise how many morejobs will you lose drivers at work otherwise how many more jobs will you lose two robots? of course the other issue in this story. now it is time look at the stories that are making the headlines in media
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across the world. we begin with the china daily and this picture of us president donald trump and president xijinping standing in front of the forbidden palace with their wives in beijing. the paper says mrjinping gave his us counterpart a warm welcome at the beginning of his three—day state visit. meanwhile the ft says more important than trade deals the xi—trump summit will be dominated with difficult discussions over north korea and how the us and china can work together to solve the current crisis. on the front of the telegraph is british mp priti patel who has
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been forced to resign from the uk government over secret meetings with israeli politicians. meanwhile the independent looks at how the uk's 100 biggest publicly listed companies have doubled the proportion of positions occupied by women in the past six years. more women on boards in the uk. this photo on the hindustan times website shows how the current terrible pollution affecting delhi could in fact prove deadly after dense fog was blamed for causing a multi car pile up on the outskirts of the indian capital. and, finally, wired asks whether you would be prepared to upload nude or sensitive images in a bid to stem the flow of non—consensual pornography. with me is rolake akinkugbe, head of energy and natural resources at fbn capital. it is good to see you. rolake, we
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we re it is good to see you. rolake, we were talking about the driverless bus, but let's talk about the big stories in musa round—the—world, president xi and president trump addressed the press. —— in venues around the world. the china daily has a lot of positive news about this state visit. one of the things that that must be said looking at the pictures it is both president seem to be getting on quite well. obviously the tough issue really is north korea —— presidents. donald trump did not mince his words. the truth is china's role is instrumental into what happens going forward. ultimately the real challenge is how to go for deterrence as opposed to outright war. let's not forget the potential countries in the midst of this. japan, south korea, there is going to bea japan, south korea, there is going to be a need to look at the diplomatic angle rather than the
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grandstanding we have seen going on. both president xi and president trump talked about north korea and the fact that they discussed it and they have seen a lot of corporation and communication. that in itself is and communication. that in itself is a positive. we have moved forward in terms of a diplomatic outcome in terms of a diplomatic outcome in terms of a diplomatic outcome in terms of that crisis in the korean peninsular —— cooperation. terms of that crisis in the korean peninsular -- cooperation. and that is really necessary. if you look at the china case, china has a lot of fla k the china case, china has a lot of flak from north the china case, china has a lot of flakfrom north korea the china case, china has a lot of flak from north korea for supporting un sanctions against pyongyang over the last few years. so there is a need to pivot away from that position to find an amiable solution. the truth of the matter is that entire east asian region, asean countries, a lot of countries stand to suffer. in all of the other issues like climate and trade are lost in the broader debate about north korea. and that's what the financial times points out in its editorial comment on this trip. so looking at china daily, the state—sponsored, that will be one angle on it, but the international press really focused on this key
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issue. interesting, though, as well, in that press conference they talked about so many other things. they did. some things i didn't expect like tackling drug addiction, for example. it goes to show the potential synergy that exist to boost relations between both countries. china and the us, like it or not, still important partners with each other. if you just look at trade, in terms of both countries' positions in the global economy, and on the back, the sidelines of this, you mentioned in your previous report, the fe electric deal —— ge. what do you think that? there is scope for more private sector led deals between the country. there is a touchy issue, the whole issue of access for american companies, and theissue access for american companies, and the issue with donald trump, who has been pushing strongly on this. let's move on to this story, the uk press is focused on priti patel — and
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other day, another crisis, according to the daily telegraph. talking about the fact she has lost two cabinet ministers in a week, damian green as the other. give me your ta ke green as the other. give me your take on theresa may's challenges she is facing right now. sorry, michael fallon, i got that wrong. we have michael fallon and now in of a week we now have priti patel, and there is an investigation going on into damian green, and more recently was that boris johnson had damian green, and more recently was that borisjohnson had made some comments which are also being investigated around this iranian situation with the journalist. it is a major destabilising issue for the government. the brexiters saw her as an issue. what will priti patel‘s replacement look like? and the issues with the budget due in 13 days. she cannot afford this continued political distraction. they can't afford it. but it is
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happening. it is happening. there is a need to focus on the big issues of the day. she needs to nip this in the day. she needs to nip this in the bud quickly, appoint a replacement, because there is a lot of speculation going on, and of course we know these issues, the palestine issue, they are challenging global issues, so it's a very controversial matter. just quickly the proportion of women on the ftse 100 quickly the proportion of women on the ftse100 boards has more than doubled in six years. this follows a push by the government actually to try to make this happen and also not just the government — other organisations and groups within the city of london mainly represented by women to make this happen as well. encouraging to see this progress. we are seeing progress — encouraging to see. i don't want to be a sceptic. we need to look at the numbers. we saw 15% growth in representation. the key final for that representation is women in executive positions. —— funnel. if we don't see that then we won't see more
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women on the boards. and i think that there was a review done by the world economic forum that said that the gender pay gap is still a problem even in the uk. if you look at other g20 countries like germany and france the uk ranks behind in 15th position. so we are going in reverse in some areas. yes. a lot has to be said. we have to applaud the work that the review committee has done in this regard. hindustan times is looking at the dance fog in india —— dense fog in india, and it is getting quite critical. give us your take on this, as an energy a nalyst. your take on this, as an energy analyst. as an energy analyst, and on my way back from shanghai, one of the big cities in china affected, not as badly as beijing, but new delhi and india, 4000 schools have been closed, and we saw november last year over 1000 primary schools closed. i think the world health organization has said that the levels of pollution we have seen,
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from car exhausts, from crop burning on farms and other types of industrial pollution, 30 times higher than healthy levels. it is a pretty serious situation and i think one clearly which has health implications and also environmental. and road safety implications clearly. and it feeds into the broader climate change debate which highlights the need to tackle it head on, really. absolutely. climate change was not mentioned in that speech. many things were. on the pa rt speech. many things were. on the part of president xi and president trump, the climate didn't feature. thank you so much for coming in. it was so good to have the other programme, rolake. thank you too for your company. that is the briefing. lots more to come on the top of the hour on bbc news. stay with us. we will see you soon. goodbye. hello, again. there's some colder weather on the way for this weekend. but overnight, it's not going to be quite as cold, because this area of cloud is moving down from the north—west, bringing with it a bit of rain and drizzle.
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as the cloud clears away from northern scotland, it will turn chilly later. perhaps the lowest temperatures for a while, ahead of that cloud, more towards the south—east. but here, those numbers will be a bit higher by the morning, as we start the day with cloudy skies and some light rain or drizzle, and temperatures six or seven. for much of southern england, wales, the midlands, perhaps up into yorkshire and lincolnshire, it'll be a bit of a dull start on thursday. a lot of low cloud. a little rain or drizzle here and there, no great amounts at all. already beginning to brighten up, though, in the far north of england, and some sunshine to greet the day in northern ireland, and particularly scotland, where there'll be a chill in the air here. and we've got some sharp showers to run into northern scotland. they'll continue pretty much all day, and it will be quite windy here, too. much further south, some slow improvements through the day, as we see the brighter skies and sunshine filtering southwards, pushing away the dull and damp weather eventually into the english channel. it will take a while to get the sunshine out significantly across southern england in the afternoon, and further north, in the sunshine, temperatures about 10—12 degrees.
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those showers continue, though, for northern scotland. still quite windy here, as well. clear skies in the evening will see the temperatures dipping. but then we get another spell of rain and cloud, and some stronger winds this time, pushing that wetter weather down quickly across the uk on thursday night into friday morning. the skies clear to the north, again the temperatures will dip away, and it's cold enough in northern scotland for the showers to be wintry in the hills. quickly, we'll see some sunshine developing further south, one or two showers, perhaps, but then later in the day we'll see the cloud increasing again. and we've got some rain on the way. that's going to be particularly evident in northern ireland. ahead of that, quite a cold day for scotland, seven or eight degrees. that rain that's coming in is coming from what's left of tropical storm rina, and that will move its way quickly to bring some rain mainly for england and wales. some stronger winds through the english channel, but it doesn't last long. and, by the time we get into the weekend, the wind direction is changing. we're going to draw down more of a northerly wind as the weekend goes on, and it will be turning colder, day and night. so this is saturday —
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some spells of sunshine. some showers, though, for northern ireland, running through the irish sea, into wales, some wintry showers for northern scotland, some showers down those north sea coasts, and it'll be feeling cold in the wind. strongest winds again around coastal areas, both in the west, the north and the east, and that's where we'll see the showers. for many inland, yes, it's going to be a cold day, but it should be dry and quite sunny. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. pressure on the prime minister as she loses another cabinet minister — the second in a week. priti patel‘s resigned last night over unauthorised meetings with israeli officials — labour says the government is in chaos and theresa may is losing her authority. good morning, it's thursday the ninth of november. also this morning — the first minister of wales will respond to criticism
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over his handling of harassment allegations against the former minister carl sergeant who apparently took his own life. some police control rooms are struggling to meet demand because of a surge in calls — the inspector of constabulary warns
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