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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 9, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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after his dismissal. i properly did all i could to make sure everything was being done by the book. i had no alternative but to ta ke the book. i had no alternative but to take the action i did, and i hope people will understand that. figures from the home office reveal children as young as nine are among the thousands being referred to the government's anti—radicalisation programme. the actor kevin spacey is being edited out of a completed film after a string of sexual harassment allegations against him. his scenes in "all the money in the world" will be re—shot with another actor. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... at seven o'clock, beyond 100 days has the latest from china as president trump discusses trade with president xijinping. a large—scale anti—corruption drive continues in saudi arabia — but what impact is it having in the region. we'll find out more. and then at quarter to eight,
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meet the author talks to edward st aubyn about his latest novel dunbar — a contemporary retelling of king lear. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me will perry, the headlines this evening kick off just over an hour away, we'll be live in belfast on a huge night for northern ireland. we'll have the action from the womens's ashes test in sydney where england's women failed to capitalise on a good start. the middle of a tax controversy, we'll hearfrom newly crowned fi world champion lewis hamilton ahead of sunday's brazilian grand prix. let's start with a look ahead to a huge match
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for northern ireland tonight, a 7.45 kick off in belfast. northern ireland haven't been to a world cup since 1986 and tonight they have the chance to get one foot into russia 2018. michael 0'neil‘s side face switzerland in the first leg of their play—off. 0ur sports correspondent joe wilson is there for us, joe windsor park will be absolutely rocking tonight. absolutely, it's the biggest football match in belfast the decades, as simple as that, the atmosphere here is optimistic and positive. what about the mentality of the players? it is intriguing, we've seen preparing here in the build—up to this game with michael o'neill build—up to this game with michael 0'neill who is very big on organisation and generally when northern ireland have got to the stage, it's because they are defensively so strong. they keep opponents out, but in a two legged play—off, might that just opponents out, but in a two legged play—off, might thatjust gamble and go to more this evening. back then,
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in1986, go to more this evening. back then, in 1986, the last time they qualify for the world cup, that was mostly because of the clean sheets kept by the legendary pat jones. because of the clean sheets kept by the legendary patjones. even though really he was trying to retire, i went to see pat in tottenham this week where he still heavily involved in the club. i asked whether this northern ireland team under michael o'neill northern ireland team under michael 0'neill really remind him of his error. they took the opportunities whenever big boys in the one available. everybody knows what they are going to do. a different mentality for switzerland. they have players playing the big leagues in europe, in europe, in their qualifying group they won nine times out of ten, 27 points, and still finished second on
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goal difference. they find themselves in a play—off may be feeling a bit agreed. they have talented players, shaqiri example from stoke city, one of the most talented attackers in the premier league. i spoke to him after their training session last night and certainly in terms of northern ireland, he is very respectful. i was not surprised it took second place, because i saw them before, many times, if you games against germany and other games. i saw the quality of the team, a very tough team to play, especially here, windsor park is tough to play in. i think they now, have a 50—50 chance for them. you really think so? yeah, it's only two games. 50-50 50—50 says shaqiri, it may be 18,000 here at windsor park but they have the ability to sound like 100,000. they have been many big players and
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big teams who found the atmosphere too much over the years. with the second leg in basel at the weekend, 0-0 second leg in basel at the weekend, 0—0 would not be a bad result tonight. should be great. there is full coverage of that match on bbc radio five live, colin murray presenting, as you can imagine, he is very excited about that one. it's been confirmed by the scottish fa that malky mackay is not in the running to become scotland manager on a full—time basis. mackay is in interim charge of the national side for tonight's friendly against the netherlands at pittodrie. chris mclaughlin is in aberdeen for us. the first game post gordon strachan, malky mackay takes interim charge this evening, some controversy about his squad selection, some saying he has picked some aberdeen players just simply to boost the attendance
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here, not so according to the interim boss. there is no one i would bring to this squad purely just there is no one i would bring to this squad purelyjust to there is no one i would bring to this squad purely just to fill a jersey. again, anybody that knows me will say i'm going to pick players just to sell tickets that are going to start the game, i'm sure about that. i've got a real hungry grip there just now, anyone that's playing is at a very good level.m terms of the dutch, the manager has already told me he believes there is no such thing as a friendly match in international football. we all know how strong the dutch can be despite their missing out on world cup qualification, also does scotland now, it's all about building ahead of the qualification for euro 2020. plenty going on during this international week. chelsea midfielder danny drinkwater has declined an england call—up but manager gareth southgate has dismissed any talk of a club—versus—country row. drinkwater is lacking fitness and news of his decision comes
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after six players pulled out of southgate's squad for friendlies with germany and brazil. 0ur senior football reporter ian dennis has been with the squad at st george's park. a frustrating week in terms of the amount of withdrawals for gareth southgate but nevertheless it's been an enjoyable one because the fresh faces and provided a certain amount of energy here at st georges park. as for those who are not here, gareth southgate says talk of club versus country is nonsense. the players are injured and cannot play. what i will never do is put the player, with some of the players, it is 100% clear there is a scam, a couple of the other lads have been m, couple of the other lads have been in, ongoing injury issues. —— there isa in, ongoing injury issues. —— there is a scan. i have had man—to—man discussions about where they are at, how much risk we want to take, having been a player, i'm not a manager of a monster where players out until they break. the england
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manager says he spoke to damaging water this week but the chelsea midfielder says he was not fit enough to play. as thejohn stones he's very much looking forward to the challenge of playing against germany and brazil. coming up against the best always brings you to your best and creates a challenge will. it's one that will be a great atmosphere for the fans, and to bring them to wembley, packed out again, we have got to go out there and show what we can do and put them on the back but. i think that the players we have got, the hunger everyone has in their bellies, it's a great occasion. as the talk of a lack of interest in the national side, over eight thousand tickets have been sold for the germany game and it's a sell—out against brazil. wales missed out on qualifying for the playoffs after losing their last group game at home to the republic of ireland —they have a tough friendly in paris against france. their captain ashley williams has decided not to follow
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defenderjames collins into international retirement. at the age of 33, williams will win his 76th cap for wales when he leads the team out tomorrow night. the everton defender says he's still enjoying playing for his country. some of these players i've never played against the form of a top—quality players, some of the best in the world. that's you wa nt to there's one british side in action in the women's champions league tonight. manchester city have a 100% record in the current campaign, they progressed to the last 16 with a 6—0 aggregate win over austrian side st polten last month tonight they're up against lillestrom based side lsk. it kicked off at 5.30 in norway. second half of that first leg is just under way and it's currently 2—0 to man city, demi stokes with the goal. chelsea striker eniola aluko says
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she's had no support from most of her england team—mates since her racial abuse case and has questioned whether racism is taken as seriously as homophobia. after three inquiries, former england manager mark sampson was found to have used discriminatory language to two players — aluko and drew spence. the football association has since apologised for its handling of the case, adding there was "much to learn from this episode". but there have been a different response if there had been homophobic comments made players? i think so. there needs to be a better understanding of what wisdom is, a lot of it is, it hasn't happened to me, i late. lot of it is, it hasn't happened to me, ilate. —— lot of it is, it hasn't happened to me, i late. —— what racism is. so, i'm not going to comment. that to me, that cannot be 18, i have to be able to put myself in your shoes and
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say even though i don't understand what it may feel like, i am going to try and understand. —— that cannot bea team. try and understand. —— that cannot be a team. i will support you regardless. that is a team. england's women closed on 235 for seven on the first day of their one—off test in the ashes series. it's a match england can't afford to lose if they're to have any chance of regaining them. from sydney here's our sports correspondent andy swiss. queueing for a glimpse of cricket history, the first—ever day night ashes test brought australia's fans brimming with confidence because if they win here, they will retain the women's ashes. for england, the pressure was on and it soon showed. lauren winfield brilliantly caught for just four. australia's bowlers on top but not for long, as tammy beaumont led the england fightback, casting off the early shackles as she shared a century stand with captain heather knight. in the sydney sunshine, england were blossoming and australia seemingly wilting. but as the shadows began to lengthen, so the fortunes began to turn.
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beaumont was finally out for 70 and with the pink ball under the floodlights, australia dazzled. ellyse perry might not have seen it but she still somehow caught it to remove sarah taylor, as england's middle order struggled. by the end, a day which they had controlled for so long was left delicately poised. tomorrow morning, maybe the first hour or two will be really important so hopefully if we can bat through the session, the lights will come on later and we will be able to get the ball nipping around and hopefully have a decent amount of runs on the board to put some pressure on australia. so an historic day for cricket and a slightly frustrating one for england. from such a promising position, they know australia are right back in this. andy swiss, bbc news, sydney. england's men are in adelaide, jake ball went over on his ankle during the second day of a four day tour match and is a doubt for the rest of it adding to england's injury list england have started their second
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innings and have a lead of 65. their ashes series begins two weeks today. also coming up in the programme... england head coach eddiejones tells us why lions duo 0wen farrell and maro itoje will be rested for the saturday's autuem international against argentina. and bouncing back — literally — we meet the british trampolining champion who's overcome injury to compete on the world stage... let's have a look at some of the other stories around today. fifa has been urged to make more effort to address risks to workers' rights on world cup stadium construction sites in russia and qatar — the hosts for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments. it's one of 33 recommendations in the first report of the governing body's new human rights advisory board. there's been criticism of conditions for migrant
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labour in both countries. britain's dimitri coutya has picked two gold medals at the wheelchair fencing world championships in rome.(ani) the 20—year—old world number one beat anton dat—sko of ukraine 15—9 in the men's category b foil final on day one and followed it up with gold in the epee. and gb surfer has broken his back after being crushed by a 60—foot wave off a beach in portugal. andrew cotton from devon, was at nazare — renowned for its wild conditions — when he was filmed being wiped—out by the atlantic wave. he was rushed to hospital in a neck brace and has a fractured spine but thankfully is expected to make a full recovery. the rugby union autumn internationals get under way on saturday. exeter‘s henry slade will start at inside centre for england against argentina with niether 0wen farrell and maro itoje featuring. 0ur reporter chrisjones has been at england's pennyhill park training camp.
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england head coach eddiejones has opted to rest two of his best players, maro itoje and owen farrell, who have both had very busy workloads the last few months, including with the british and irish lions in the summer. jones says neither are currently in their peak condition. physically we think there are areas we can really improve. we have a targeted period for them to do that, then once they've done that, they come back in contention and once they come back m, contention and once they come back in, they are obviously a great chance to get in the 23. the beneficiary of farrell's absences henry slade, whilst elsewhere in the backline elliot daly has made a rapid return from a knee problem to start on the wing. with the world cup start on the wing. with the world cu p two start on the wing. with the world cup two years away, eddiejones may use this autumn as a chance to experiment with one or two
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combinations, but his faith in his captain remains unbroken. ben hartley will again lead the side this saturday for the 21st consecutive match. he must think i'm improving. i don't know what he thinks, ask him. it's clear what he expects from me, i want to keep delivering for him. every session i have to try to get better. i have clear targets set, string rise, body composition, technique and things like that, tackled technique. i'm always working, i always has something to be doing. definitely not comfortable. while argentina are relentlessly competitive, they have had a fitful 2017. england side won twice that in the summer. but that in mind, england are expected to win on saturday, and win well. scotland kick off their autumn test series against samoa at murrayfield on saturday. head coach gregor townsend has named four uncapped players in his squad as they host a samoan side that have endured a turbulent week off from the field. here's andy burke. gregor townsend first home match in
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charge of scotland has been rather overshadowed by the situation surrounding saturday opponents samoa. this week the country's prime minister announces samoan rugby union had been declared bankrupt, leaving these pacific islanders in a bid disarray as they arrived in edinburgh. injuries have hit the scotla nd edinburgh. injuries have hit the scotland squad hard, not least in the front row, which has led to an unlikely test debut in edinburgh's darryl mako, who turns out was not on the radar at the start of the season. we did not know much about him. we watched edinburgh train and he played in the first pre—season game, we started to take more notice of him after that. the fact he has got his opportunity at edinburgh, and part of that is injuries but also he's played ahead of other players that we were looking at as well. he has shown consistency. we believe he's getting better and better. we have seen that in the two weeks that he spelt with us, we have seen that amusing games with
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edinburgh, we are very impressive how he played against leinster away against two british lions on that front row, that might. he's really fitted in well with everyone in the group, which is a bonus. there are three more uncapped players in scotla nd three more uncapped players in scotland bench, in george turner, stevie batty and chris harris, the old glasgow warriors share the likes of finn russell and stuart hogg. but fa ns of finn russell and stuart hogg. but fans will be coming here looking to see a performance on saturday that will give them hope going into next weekend ‘s match against world champions new zealand. andy burnham making my beard look schoolboy... wales will hope 13 is an unlucky number for australia when they play them on saturday. the wallabies are the first visitors to cardiff this autumn; they're followed by georgia, the all blacks, and south africa. but wales have lost their last 12 matches against the aussies. we have been very close, we have been with a number of those games is going to the last minute.
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u nfortu nately we have going to the last minute. unfortunately we have lost, some close games. look, we know the challenge of saturday. we have trained well last week. this week, and the players were very disappointed to lose that opening game against australia. last year they went on to win the other three. lewis hamilton won't be resting on his laurels despite clinching his fourth formula one world title a fortnight ago in mexico. he and his championship winning team mercedes are desperate to end the season on an even bigger high by winning the last two races of the season starting in brazil this weekend. it will also provide a distraction for hamilton whose tax affairs hit the headlines this week. it would not be the brazilian grand prix at lewis hamilton wasn't attracting the headlines. remember 2008 when he won his first world championship at the last corner of the last lap? two years ago, he turned up here in brazil, having crashed his supercar in monaco just
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a couple of days before in the early hours. but today, given everything that's been going on with the paradise papers, hamilton was in a very relaxed mood when he turned up at last. i'vejust very relaxed mood when he turned up at last. i've just come. very relaxed mood when he turned up at last. i'vejust come. from very relaxed mood when he turned up at last. i've just come. from this great period of time, nothing can be done that. with friends and family. i'm just carrying out on, solid focus on trying to win this race this weekend, i still have two races to go, don't really have anything to add to the whole scenario that happened. but hamilton, it's all about the on track action this weekend. we could be set for a battle royale between him, the red bulls and the ferraris. sebastian vettel, the runner—up in this world championship has not won a grand prix since the hungarian grand prix injuly, where as max verstappen and red bull have won two of the last four. it could be anyone of those quys four. it could be anyone of those guys sunday. britain's lizzy yarnold won a bronze medal in the opening race


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