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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 10, 2017 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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shot lead at the nedbank golf challenge. hello and welcome to the programme. we start with football and croatia have taken a big step to qualifying for next year's world cup finals with a 4—1win over greece in the first leg of their play—off in zagreb. real madrid's luka modric opened the scoring with a penalty after only 13 minutes and, six minutes later, nikola made it 2—nil to the home side, before the greeks pulled one back. croatia added two more goals either side of the break through perisic and kramaric, so they're on the brink of reaching a sixth successive world cup. in the night's other game, northern ireland were beaten 1—0 by switzerland in a game marred by a controversial penalty. it was awarded after corry evans was penalised for a handball. ricardo rodriguez converted the spot—kick in the 58th minute which gave the visitors an away goal advantage ahead of sunday's return leg in basel.
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i haven't seen it back. the ball clearly strikes cory on the back. he turned his back. the referee had a clear view of the incident. i thought he was given offside initially. i wasn't sure. having thought he was given offside initially. iwasn‘t sure. having hit cory, you would expect him to give a corner, a penalty, and took the player. i spent three hours in a conference the other week at fifa and certainly when you see what happens tonight you would be an advocate of having an assistant referee. the night's other games included a friendly between two teams who won't be going to the world cup finals. the netherlands beat scotland in aberdeen, where lyon's memphis depay scored the only goal of the game. both teams finished third in their qualifying groups and didn't even make the play—offs. cricket now and we're just a few hours away from the start of the second day's play in the one—off women's test between australia and england.
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it's part of the multi—format ashes series with england need to win, to keep the series alive. england recovered from the early loss of opener lauren whitfield forjust four, with tammy beaumont and heather knight sharing a second wicket stand of 104. but slumped from 145—2 and closed the day on 235—7. i think it's probably even at the end of the day. it's been a really good competition between bat and ball and heather and myself are going nicely. we probably could have kicked on a bit but australia fought well in that last session. golf and austria's bernd wiesberger leads after the first round of the nedbank international in sun city south africa.
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he's one shot clear of the field — but it wasn't a good day for england's tommy fleetwood, who leads the european tour's race to dubai. it was the frenchman who set the early pace. with a hat—trick of birdies after the turn he shot a first round 68 to finish on four under, but that wouldn't be enough for the overall lead. austria's bernd wiesberger hit eight birdies, is the best of them on the 16th, in a round of 67 to finish the day leading on five under. it didn't necessarily hit its super close, but i held a couple ten, 12, 15 figures and gota i held a couple ten, 12, 15 figures and got a good first round going. one shot back in tirades second with the biggest cheers of the day was home favourite branden grace. after dropping two shots from the opening for holes he hit out with three birdies and an eagle on the back nine. just a couple of mistakes on the green, but the ball striking was there and i gave myself some chances
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until the last hole and it was nice to turned around around. it was a day to forget in a south african sun for tommy fleetwood. the race to dubai leader could seal his place as european number one if he wins the tournament. but hits like this have taken him six shots off the lead. as the formula one circus heads to sao paolo this weekend, there's little to fight for on the track with both drivers‘ and constructors‘ titles wrapped up. but the newly—crowned world champion lewis hamilton has come under scrutiny this week for his tax affairs. our fi reporter tom clarkson is at interlagos. it wouldn't be the brazilian grand prix if lewis hamilton wasn't attracting the headlines. remember 2008 when he won his first world championship at the last corner of the last lap? than two years ago he turned up here in brazil having crashed his supercar in monaco just
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a couple of days before in the early hours. today, given everything that's been going on with the paradise papers, hamilton was in a relaxed mood and he turned up. paradise papers, hamilton was in a relaxed mood and he turned upm feels good walking into the paddock asa feels good walking into the paddock as a world champion. again. yeah. it feels like the first time. it really does. i don't know why, but it feels so does. i don't know why, but it feels so fresh and new and it feels great. so for hamilton it's all about the ontrack action this weekend and we could be set for a battle roy i'll done at —— royal between him, red bull and ferrari. sebastian vettel hasn't won a grand prix since the hungarian grand prix injuly, where as max verstappen has 12 of the last four and it could be any one of those three in the final. —— has won twoi. now to the tennis. medvedeva is
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through to the semifinals where he will face hyeon chung. that the next—generation atp finals off course. now on this programme, we've seen some epic wipeouts. what we're about to show you might be the worst. english surfer andrew cotton was thrown from his board by a 60 foot wave in portgual. he broke his back, but is expected to make a full recovery. jon kay picks up the story. it was all going so well. andrew cotton it was all going so well. andrew cotto n ha d it was all going so well. andrew cotton had been waiting for this moment and here it came. the perfect wave. all 60 feet of it and... wipe out. andrew was thrown off his board
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and crushed by the water. this footage captured by a documentary macro one to 38—year—old from devon was treated by portuguese rescue teams and found to have a broken spine. it was a storm from a long way away... this afternoon he spoke to us from his hospital bed and described what had happened. to us from his hospital bed and described what had happenedm to us from his hospital bed and described what had happened. it was a different sort of way you've. a lot heavier. —— sort of wave. i sort of fell a bit deep and miss timed it. just one of those things that could have been the best wave of my life or the worst wipeout and it was the worst wipeout. this latest wipeout comes three years after andrew was hit another massive wave off the coast of portugal. he says he hasn't been put off and wants to be back in the water as soon as possible. but will his wife and children back in devon let him? obviously they are concerned and the
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kids make a joke about it, that i've managed to make a career out of falling. they think it's hilarious. —— falling off. he might bow his life to a special vest he was wearing over his wetsuit to protect him from impact. as a former plumber he is used to being up to his neck in it, but he hopes he'll never get a soaking like this again. now let's get more from the tennis. south korea's chung hyeon kept up his impressive form at the atp‘s next generation event in milan, by making it three wins out of three in the group stage. the number six seed had already qualified for the semi—finals, but he made certain of finishing top of his group by beating the italian wildcard gianluigi ouinzi in his final match of the round robin phase. it went to five sets, with chung taking the decider 4—3. andrey rublev is through to the semi—finals after beating denis shapovalov in their showdown to decide second place in group a. the number one seed was taken to five sets by the canadian and the deciding set went all the way to a tie—break before
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rublev came through to seal his place in the last four. in group b, daniil medvedev beat jared donaldson, a result which ended the american‘s slim chances of reaching the semi—finals. medvedev won in four set and then had to wait to see if he'd done enough to make it through to the last four. which he did. there's plenty more on our website, including that video of the surfer in case you want to see it again. it's on the website. while you are there, you can also see all the reaction to thursday's world cup play—offs. from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye for now. hi there.
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our weather's turning a little bit colder, and if you're up over the mountains of scotland, it will be cold enough for a bit of snow later on today. the cold front is behind these weather fronts, loitering in the south of the country. the colder conditions there across scotland. there will be snow in the showers, above 300 metres elevation. it won't get down to low levels, it's just staying in the mountains. but a sign that the air‘s turned colder. across the south, we start with a cloudy note, and some patchy rain. nothing particularly heavy, mind you. behind the rain, which is the dregs of a weak weather front, most of us will start on a bright and sunny note. bright and sunny it may be, but there will also be showers affecting northern and western areas, driven in by some strong and blustery north—westerly winds that will add a certain windchill. through the rest of the day, those showers will continue to be driven in by those strong winds. but the early—morning cloud, clearing from southern england
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pretty quickly and then the sunshine comes out. temperatures will be a little down on what we had on thursday. a range of temperatures from about 12 degrees or so in the south to a cooler six or seven degrees. so a little bit below normal for the time of year across the northern half of the country. taking us through friday night, we'll see an area of rain working in for a time in northern ireland before spilling its way in across england and wales. the rain could be heavy at times. to the north of this, we've still got the cold air with us in scotland. probably some pockets of frost in sheltered areas and some icy surfaces to contend with as well, to take us into saturday morning. for the weekend, some rain in the south, but that will clear readily and then it will turn colder. a mixture of sunshine and showers were many areas. it clears from southern wales. probably reluctant to clear away from south—west england, where it could be dull and damp for most of the day. sunny spells further north. again, showers across
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north—western areas, still driven in by blustery winds. we still have a range of temperatures, relatively mild in the south, colder further north. heading into sunday, this band of rain will eventually pull away from southern counties of england and then we'll start to see colder air moving down from polar regions, getting in across a good part of the country. so temperatures will be dropping away for the second half of the weekend. weatherwise, on remembrance sunday, again we've got showers across northern and western areas, but many of us will see some sunshine. it will feel colder in the blustery winds. look at these temperatures — around six or seven degrees in the northern half of the uk. that's your weather. they a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. —— a very warm. my name is mike embley. our top stories: farewell to beijing — donald trump leaves china and heads to vietnam for the opening of the apec summit. yemen faces the worst famine the world has seen in decades.
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that's the warning from the united nations. power play in zimbabwe — a leading contender to replace robert mugabe is sacked and forced to flee the country. and who would take on a massive wave like this? incredibly, many surfers do. we talk to one who onlyjust survived to tell the tale.
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