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this is bbc news, the headlines at 10pm: the husband of a british woman jailed in iran has told the bbc he will speak to the foreign secretary tomorrow. a british woman held in egypt on drug smuggling charges has been referred to a criminal court for trial. formula one driver lewis hamilton calls for improved security after some of his team mates were robbed at gun point outside a circuit in brazil. also in the next hour we'll be taking a first look at tomorrow's front pages in the papers. the observer leads with a call from jeremy corbyn for the prime minister to sack borisjohnson as foreign secretary. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has agreed to meet the husband of a british woman who's in prison in iran accused of spying. the family of nazanin
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zaghari—ratcliffe fear her sentence could be extended following recent comments by borisjohnson that gave the impression she'd been teaching journalism in iran. her family insist she was there on holiday. here's our political correspondent eleanor garnier. injail in iran. separated from her daughter and husband. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe is british and iranian and facing a five—year sentence for allegedly plotting to topple the government in tehran. it's now understood the foreign secretary borisjohnson has agreed to meet her husband. i think it's important now that he tries to meet with us as soon as possible, next week, so that it's clear from a political point of view that the uk government is standing alongside nazanin and her family. this week, the foreign secretary had to apologise after he mistakenly told mps he thought mrs zaghari—ratcliffe had been in iran teaching journalists.
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mrjohnson later said his comments could have been clearer and the uk government has no doubt she was on holiday in iran. as her family have always insisted. but this week iran's state tv broadcast a report claiming the foreign secretary's comments about mrs zaghari—ratcliffe amounted to an unintended admission of her guilt. as eleanor explains, it's not yet clear when richard ratcliffe will meet mrjohnson. he says he is due to speak to the foreign secretary borisjohnson tomorrow and they will be discussing the fate of mrs zaghari—ratcliffe, how she can be brought out ofjail in iran. they will discuss the date of their upcoming meeting. boris johnson has also said he will be travelling to iran before the end of
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the year. one thing richard ratcliffe wants is to be allowed to go on that trip with the foreign secretary. it sounds like they might be some difficulties with that at that will be discussed as well. richard johnson insists that those incorrect remarks that he said she had been teaching journalism, he insists they made no difference to her situation injail. esther ratcliffe says he is focused on getting his wife home. the first minister of scotland has been giving her reaction to the plight of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. in a tweet, nicola sturgeon said that it was "beyond belief that boris johnson didn't meet with mr ratcliffe earlier this week to apologise profoundly and to explain how he will make amends." and we'll find out how this story and many others are covered in sunday mornings front pages. in just a few minutes time at 10:20 and again at 11:30pm this evening in the papers. a british woman charged with drug smuggling in egypt has been ordered
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to stand trial in a criminal court. laura plummer, who is 33 and from hull, was detained in the red sea resort of hughada last month. police claim she was carrying nearly 300 tablets of the painkiller, tramadol. the drug is illegal in egypt but available on prescription in the uk. speaking earlier, our middle east correspondent, orla guerin, said it could be years until her case actually comes to trial. laura plummer‘s family saved she lives for her holidays in the sun, she has been coming here since 2014, several times a year, in fact, and that this trip last month was supposed to be axing break by the beach like any other. instead of that, when she arrived at the airport, she was detained. police say she had 300 tramadol tablets with her. as you say, those tablets
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are perfectly legal in the uk with a prescription. different story here in egypt. they are banned and widely abused. in fact, tramadol is the drug of choice for most addicts in egypt where it is used as a heroine substitute. police investigating have stressed the problem is the quantity she was carrying. she says she didn't know the trouble is illegal here, she says she made no attempt to hide it, it was plainly visible at the top of her suitcase. she said the colleague gave her the tramadol because they said it would be good for her way friend, he a p pa re ntly be good for her way friend, he apparently has back problems. she said she was ringing it here innocently, she didn't know it was banned and she rediscovered djibouti was in trouble when chi was stopped at the airport. i should say that her legal team today have been guardedly optimistic that perhaps she might even get bail today. of which, things have moved in a very
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different direction, and her has been referred to a criminal court for trial, and a pre—trial detention here in egypt can be a very long business, defenders can be kept in custody for up to two years before they case comes to trial. what kind of help is the british government likely to be able to give? well, so far, the foreign and commonwealth office have simply said they are assisting the family of a british national who has been detained here in egypt and they tend to be quite tight lipped in these cases. we have been speaking to laura plummer‘s legal team throughout the day. there was certainly a says that this morning there was optimism, i had even an expectation, certainly hope, she might be freed on bail. her mother had travelled here from the uk, we saw here standing in the court hoping to get the games of her daughter, she told me the last time
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she saw her during a visit a few days ago that she was in very bad shape. the custody hearing that we we re shape. the custody hearing that we were expecting sibley didn't take case. we are not sure why and then the news emerged a few hours later that the public for security based in cairo had referred this case to a criminal trial. it was always a possible itchy after laura plummer was charged with drug smuggling, it isa was charged with drug smuggling, it is a very serious charge. it can be punished with the death sentence or a lengthy term injail. her legal tea m a lengthy term injail. her legal team will have to change gear and start wielding up to defend her in it in case in this court and no hearings have been set yet, no have been set yet, and we do expect this process could drag on, certainly for months, if not perhaps for a year or two. earlier, we heard from laura plummer‘s mp, labour's karl turner. he says he is disappointed with the latest developments in the case. we are hopeful that new information
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has come to light. laura's partner has come to light. laura's partner has admitted he has these problems with his back, he has had a call evidence to confirm that. i think that will go some way to show that laura's version of events are absolutely right. this is a woman of 33 years of age, the shop worker in hull, she goes to work in the morning, goes home in the evening and watches her favourite tv soaps. she is a woman of good character, no previous convictions, from a decent, hard—working family, and they are com pletely hard—working family, and they are completely shocked and terrified by what is unfolding in front of them. she has done something very silly, she has taken drugs to this place, clearly she was doing somebody favour and trying to relieve the back pain of her partner, but that isa
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back pain of her partner, but that is a grown—up offence, the drug tramadol is banned in egypt, it's a classy controlled d rug tramadol is banned in egypt, it's a classy controlled drug in this country which means it has to be described by a gp and dispensed by a pharmacist. so, the egyptian authorities take this very seriously indeed. and we have to be respectful to their laws and customs. but we hope that the court will listen carefully to the version of events which laura has said from the outset, it was innocent in that she was just trying to help somebody. that has now become termed, i am happy to say, by her partner who says he has a back problem and he can says he has a back problem and he ca n prove says he has a back problem and he can prove that. members of lewis hamilton's formula one team have been robbed at gunpoint in brazil. a minibus carrying the mercedes technical staff was stopped as they left the interlagos circuit in sao paulo. a spokesperson for the team says valuables were ta ken but no one was injured. hamilton tweeted about the incident, saying formula 1 needed to do more to keep teams safe. bbc radio 5 live commentator jack nicholls told us that formula 1 could only do so much to help,
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because of the sheer number of staff working in the city. it isa it is a particular set of traffic lights on the way out but the circuit where this kind of thing is prevalent. the problem last night was that the teams were leaving after dark. the brazilian authorities have put in a lot of release this year but when the teams are leaving at eight o'clock that is when things can get sketchy. we heard the stories in the build—up to the rio olympics about the security concerns last year. there are ten teams in sao paulo. 300 journalists. five or 600 people make up the formula 1 paddock that travel around the world. naturally, they are all going to be staged in different places around the city so formula 1 and the circuit itself can do all they can in the perimeter of the
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actual venue but if you have teams stayed ten miles in that direction and ten miles in that direction, there is only a certain amount that formula 1 can do. short of not going to brazil anymore. donald trump has said the russian president, vladimir putin, feels "insulted" by allegations that moscow interfered in last year's us election. speaking after a brief meeting with mr putin at a summit in vietnam, mr trump said he believed his denials, before warning that the allegation was costing lives in syria — because it was getting in the way of his relationship with moscow. our correspondent aleem maqbool has been travelling with mr trump. they appear to have been careful not to be seen together too much in front of the eyes of the us media, but donald trump says he and vladimir putin did have two or three short conversations here. when asked if he'd raised the issue of russian interference in the us elections, mr trump said he had. he said he didn't meddle, said mr trump. i asked him again. you can only ask so many times.
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every time he sees me, he said "i didn't do it", and i really believe when he tells me that he means it. i think he's very insulted by it. mr trump said he also felt the story that russia tried to interfere in the election in his favour was concocted by the democratic party. as it happens, that was almost the same line mr putin told reporters as he left the summit here. but if either of them think they will later rest the matter, they are, of course, mistaken. the usjustice department is investigating the claims russia did meddle, as well as alleged collusion between moscow and mrtrump‘s team. several key former aides have already been named in connection with the inquiry. donald trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, is currently under house arrest because of information discovered during the investigation. donald trump now says all this focus on russian interference in the us election is costing lives in conflicts like the one in syria, because it's getting in the way of his relationship
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with vladimir putin, and so his ability to resolve such issues. that is not going to stop investigators back in the state determining exactly what did happen with moscow, the trump campaign and the election of 2016. aleem maqbool, bbc news, vietnam. the american goalkeeper hope solo has accused sepp blatter of sexual harassment. she said he groped her in 23rd team. a spokesman for mr blatter has described the accusation as absurd. police are searching for a man who drove a stolen car which crashed into another vehicle, killing its 70—year—old driver. they're appealing for help in finding the driver of a black mercedes car involved in the crash near horsham in west sussex. our reporter simonjones has visited the scene. the woman who was killed was driving a ford fiesta along this stretch of
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road when she was hit by the stolen car. she was declared dead at the scene. also in the car, a passenger, a friend of hers, age 70, she suffered minor injuries. the driver of the stolen car fled. police believe he tried to flag down passing motorists. there was a huge search for the driver but he couldn't be found. the police first became aware of the stolen mercedes 11 minutes before the crash here, along with another mercedes that had been stolen from burglary in goring on sea. officers tried to stop the cars, neither stopped, the driver of the second car ended up ploughing into a hedge and an 18—year—old has been arrested on suspicion of burglary. officers describe this as a tragedy and are appealing forward misses. police in catalonia say around 750,000 people have taken to the streets in barcelona this evening calling for the release of separatist leaders.
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eight of those in custody are sacked former ministers from the regional government who are being investigated for alleged rebellion and sedition. the march was organised by groups backing independence from spain. a wildlife park in mid wales says it's devastated and outraged after a lynx which escaped was shot dead on the orders of the local council. the eurasian lynx, called lilleth, escaped from borth wild animal kingdom last month. keri—dig—ion council said on friday that it had tried to recapture her, but that she had been humanely destroyed after it was advised there was a severe risk to the public. the headlines on bbc news: the husband of a british woman jailed in iran has told the bbc he is due to speak to the foreign secretary borisjohnson tomorrow. a british woman charged with drug smuggling in egypt has been ordered to stand trial in a criminal court. members of lewis hamilton's formula one team have been robbed at gunpoint in brazil. sport now, let's get a full roundup
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from the bbc sport centre. good evening. a goalless draw for the republic of ireland in denmark means there what cup play—off will be finally balanced for the return leg in dublin. darren ran delph parry this shop. missing from the rebound. a big miss. then ran delph called into action again. later in the match. this was in the closing moments. no wait old. still happy with the draw. rugby union, the autumn international scott and weighed today. onto rugby union and the autumn internationals got under way today. wales' torrid run against australia continues. the wallabies were 29 points to 21 winners,
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clocking up a 13th consecutive victory over their hosts in cardiff. it had looked promising for warren gatland's side early on. steff evans going over in the corner to help push wales in front after an early australia try. but the tourists fired back with three more of their own, the pick of them from kurtley beale. the perfect tackle from the full—back and he snuck out of it with the ball! a hint of a knock—on from the fullback, but beale had a free run to the try line. a late wales try narrowed the gap but australia won by eight points. elsewhere italy beat fiji. there was an unimpressive performance by england, but a victory nonetheless against argentina. a big win for ireland against australia. france had a heavy defeat at home to the all blacks. the crowd at murrayfield were treated to 11 tries where scotland narrowly won against samoa. i think they all go down to the wire, to within seven points. similarto wire, to within seven points. similar to the world cup, that game. we had a commanding lead at one
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stage so we were disappointed to allow sa m oa stage so we were disappointed to allow samoa back into the game but incredible, samoa played really well and showed incredible energy. and credit to our place. a out in front. england's women cricketers are under big pressure as they try to keep the ashes series alive. the one—off ashes test produced a remarkable third day, with australian all—rounder ellyse perry becoming only the seventh woman to hit a double century in a test match. england closed the day on 40 without loss — still 88 runs behind. our sports correspondent andy swiss was watching in sydney. a potentially pivotal day at the ashes, ultimately one that would leave australian fans smiling thanks to one of the greatest innings the women's game has ever seen. resuming on 70 ellyse perry picked up where she left off, reaching her first test century but that was just the start. with alyssa healy peppering the sydney crowd england's hopes of a first innings lead since vanished. they eventually found the elusive breakthrough, alyssa healy caught by anya shrubsole 445. ellyse perry proved unstoppable and under the floodlights
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she doesn't weigh two double century, an extraordinary individual display before australia finally declared 168 ahead. that left a nervous final hour for the england openers who survived intact but will need all the grit to say this much. tammy and lauren did well. to get there am play well, babe did. with got a real fight on our hands tomorrow but to start in this fashion is pleasing. it has given us a lot of confidence into a big day. the very toughest of days
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for england and another tough one to come. a battle to avoid defeat and keep their ashes hopes alive. that's all the sport for now. time for the papers. james pearce, never look away. welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing tomorrow. when the music trickles away, i must point out that we not wearing poppies but benedict is
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wearing poppies but benedict is wearing the french symbol for armistice day. isn't it gorgeous. the cornflower. the front pages. these are an education. the observer leads onjeremy corbyn's calls for borisjohnson to quit after comments he made about a british mother in prison and in around. the sunday times says 40 tory mps have signed a letter of no confidence against theresa may. the telegraph, it leads on plans by the environment secretary for a stronger brexit. the sunday express says the economy is infora £3 sunday express says the economy is in for a £3 billion windfall after brexit. let's begin. lots of
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political stories, not the best time to bea political stories, not the best time to be a politician necessarily but a great time to be a political journalist. let's start with the sunday times. tory turmoil as 40 mps say theresa may must go. this article by caroline wheeler, it says she is really fighting on three fronts. at least three. everywhere she looks at the moment, theresa may has trouble, essentially. it looks as though a lot of tory mps, 40, according to the sunday times, are losing patience. the received wisdom up losing patience. the received wisdom up until relatively recently was that she would be in place at least until brexit happens in march 29 team, but brexit out of the way and then they would move against her and maybe look to have the new tory leader or prime minister by the autumn of 2019. i think that is still the most likely outcome but
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there is things have happened since you have been away. michael fallon has resigned. just in case you missed it. she resigned in the wake. there has been the sex scandal involving quite a lot of tory mps, allegedly. and obviously, brexit not going as according to plan. so it looks like a lot of tory mps... it is significant in terms of the numbers because they need 48 mps to submit letters to the chairman of the 1922 committee, a backbench committee of tory mps, the chairman of the man called graham brady, and that will trigger a leadership election. 40, not far short of 48, so election. 40, not far short of 48, so she is under a lot of pressure. whatever you think of her as a prime minister, a lot of stuff that she is
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having to deal with, it is not of her making, it is the conduct of her own mps and ministers. indeed, as we are about to see in the sunday mail. i are about to see in the sunday mail. , the mail on sunday even. what is interesting, of course, and is lost on no one in continental europe since the uk is in europe, is this sentence, a brexit adviser to the european prime minister —— uk prime minister said the talks were hostage to the conservative party ‘s internal psychodrama. this is being watched very carefully notjust in brussels but in all of the trees, not just by the brussels but in all of the trees, notjust by the populations, but by the governments, and contingency planning. and that is why it brussels on the 27 are becoming increasingly worried that theresa may will not see this process out. that sort of narrative has been with us that sort of narrative has been with us for quite some time. the fact
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that the referendum even took place at all was all to do with the machinations inside the conservative a rty machinations inside the conservative arty and their view of europe. yet, and it was the general election, the snap one, in erie to give herself a thumping mandate to take us to brussels, that was the whole purpose of the elections. obviously, it blew up of the elections. obviously, it blew up in herface, and ever of the elections. obviously, it blew up in her face, and ever since then, she has been living on borrowed time. continental europe mustjust think this government is teetering on the edge, losing cabinet ministers, two in a week, and the progress isn't there in the discussions either. and, yeah, it has a real critical moment for the prime minister. the mail on sunday will enlighten us as to how those who want to —— a hard brexit are at odds with those who want a softer one. boris and michael gove. to
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huack one. boris and michael gove. to hijack number ten. anything secret memo has urged. indeed. a letter, a p pa re ntly memo has urged. indeed. a letter, apparently written by the dixie borisjohnson, the apparently written by the dixie boris johnson, the romance apparently written by the dixie borisjohnson, the romance is back on, basically. boris johnson borisjohnson, the romance is back on, basically. borisjohnson and michael gove, after their spectacular falling out, michael gove, after their spectacularfalling out, mr gove dubbing mrjohnson in the front, in the back and just about everywhere. he bottled it and said he wasn't standing. extraordinary. they are back together, and it would seem that the accusation in the mail on sunday is sparing much that we have a prime minister who is a hostage, she is going out and going to meetings but she is almost being operated by mr gove, and mrjohnson. the mail on sunday says what has been conducted by the foreign secretary and by the environment secretary and by the environment secretary is quoted as soft coup.
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mrs may is their downing street hostage. and this is all as there is this continued speculation, these problems, the fact that michael fallon has gone for alleged sexual impropriety, that pretty patel has gone for and authorised meetings in israel during what allegedly was a holiday. amongst which, it is extraordinary having met binyamin netanyahu, and extraordinary having met binyamin neta nyahu, and use extraordinary having met binyamin netanyahu, and use yet is one thing, but having unauthorised freelance meetings is another. archie has got great supporters, amongst mrjohnson and mrgove, and great supporters, amongst mrjohnson and mr gove, and it seems that in this missive, there are instructions for the prime minister, she is to talk about a hard brexit, nobody is allowed even in private, allegedly she is being instructed, says the mail on sunday, to have doubters, she is to accuse chancellor philip
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hammond, who was a soft brexit, of not showing sufficient energy and refusing to plan for the possibility that britain walks away with no deal, in other words not having enough money allocated to it. these are very serious accusations. she is being told, apparently, in this missive, in this letter, which came interested me just after her disastrous speech, unfortunately for her she lost her voice, was given a q°ph her she lost her voice, was given a qoph sweet but didn't work immediately, had prankster hand her a people to five, —— p 45. this was terribly unfortunate. they are selling her things like she is too article eight the following, and actually, we just had a date, article eight the following, and
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actually, wejust had a date, now she is to say that the transition period, according to mrjohnson and according to the mail on sunday, is to be fixed forjune the 30th 2021. imean, to be fixed forjune the 30th 2021. i mean, these are very serious accusations. an mp will be on andrew marr tomorrow morning and that will bea marr tomorrow morning and that will be a heck of an interview. it has been her week. the ambitious hard brexiters are keen to push her out, put some steel on her spine, make sure she doesn't give into remainers. this was written as benedict says, just after the tory co nfe re nce benedict says, just after the tory conference but since then, boris johnson's stock has fallen quite considerably. the british citizen in the iranian jail, he considerably. the british citizen in the iranianjail, he told people
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that she was training journalists when she wasn't. this incredible friendship through journalism having been met at university. rekindled by their shared ambition. boris johnson and michael gove, says the mail on sunday, are actually running this ha rd sunday, are actually running this hard brexit cell. this letter has leaked. for your and gavin 's i only, it says. it is very controversial. they don't want this getting out. it has bilic to the mail on sunday. you very kindly both flagged up what is coming next without rushing on.


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