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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11: the husband of a british womanjailed in iran tells the bbc he will speak to the foreign secretary tomorrow. president trump says his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, was very insulted by allegations that moscow interfered in last year's us election. a british woman charged with drug smuggling in egypt has been referred to a criminal court for trial. lewis hamilton urges formula 1 to improve security after several of his team—mates are held up at gun point in brazil. also in the next hour, we'll be taking a first look at tomorrow's front pages. the mail on sunday says a secret memo seen by the paper has exposed a plot by micheal gove and borisjohnson to hijack number10. good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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the foreign secretary borisjohnson has agreed to a meeting with the husband of a british woman who's in prison in iran accused of spying. the family of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe fear her sentence could be extended following recent comments by borisjohnson that she'd been teaching journalism in iran rather than there on holiday, as she maintains. here's our political correspondent eleanor garnier. injail in iran. separated from her daughter and husband. nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe is british and iranian and facing a five—year sentence for allegedly plotting to topple the government in tehran. it's now understood the foreign secretary borisjohnson has agreed to meet her husband. i think it's important now that he tries to meet with us as soon as possible, next week, so that it's clear from a political point of view that the uk government is standing alongside
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nazanin and her family. this week, the foreign secretary had to apologise after he mistakenly told mps he thought mrs zaghari—ratcliffe had been in iran teaching journalists. mrjohnson later said his comments could have been clearer and the uk government has no doubt she was on holiday in iran. as her family have always insisted. but this week, iran's state tv broadcast a report claiming the foreign secretary's comments about mrs zaghari—ratcliffe amounted to an unintended admission of her guilt. as eleanor explains, it's not yet clear when richard ratcliffe will meet mrjohnson. he says he is due to speak to the foreign secretary borisjohnson tomorrow and they will be discussing the fate of mrs zaghari—ratcliffe, how she can be brought out ofjail in iran.
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they'll also be discussing the date of their upcoming meeting. that's still very much up in the air. borisjohnson has also said he will be travelling to iran before the end of the year. one thing richard ratcliffe wants is to be allowed to go on that trip with the foreign secretary. it sounds like there might be some difficulties with that but that will be discussed as well. borisjohnson insists that those incorrect remarks that he said she had been teaching journalism, he insists they made no difference to her situation injail. mr ratcliffe just says he is focused on getting his wife home. the first minister of scotland has been giving her reaction to the plight of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. in a tweet, nicola sturgeon said: earlier i spoke to doctor homa hoodfar, who was inside the same prison as nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. she explained to me the reasons behind her imprisonment.
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i was arrested and put in jail i was arrested and put injail in june and a few days after i was in my solitary cell, they moved me to a different cell where nazaneen was, that's the first time i met her, and she was very unhappy and crying and talking about her daughter a lot and could not believe why she has been held in prison in iran. after having spent months in another prison in tehran. how were you both treated? we were in a locked cell and then we we re we were in a locked cell and then we were brought for interrogation.
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normally there's a 15 minute rate of fresh air but they didn't let that happen. we were given two blankets to sleep, one to put on the floor to sleep on and one under the head. occasionally we would have the right to have a shower. how did you manage to have a shower. how did you manage to keep a level head under those circumstances, as you said, she sounded very upset to you? she was spurred on by herfamily situation and her daughter. in my case i had no idea because i was accused of dabbling in security matters, working with mi6 and the cia. i decided to turn the situation into a
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research project for me too intellectually keep myself involved. but they were preoccupied by her trip. i was in a very difficult situation. what effect do you think boris johnson's comments about situation. what effect do you think borisjohnson's comments about her purpose in iran will have had for her case? i think it was a colossal mistake. i think played, it played right into the hands of the conservatives who made up these made up conservatives who made up these made up charges. they also use it to embarrass the elected body, the government, who at them and that is reformists. i'm not sure that kind of mistake can be corrected. that's
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exactly the kind of thing that plays into their hands. president trump has said that his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, was very insulted by allegations that moscow interfered in last year's us election. the two men met and held brief talks at an international summit in vietnam. afterwards, mr trump said he believed mr putin's assurances that russia did not meddle in last year's campaign. us intelligence agencies have concluded that moscow did try to influence the election and members of mr trump's campaign team are under investigation over their links to russia. from vietnam, aleem maqbool reports. all eyes at this summit were on these two men and what they might give away about the ties between them. for his entire time in office, donald trump has been plagued with questions he just doesn't want to hear over what vladimir putin might have done to get him elected. they met only briefly here but president trump said he did
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raise the issue of russian interference in the us elections. "he said he didn't meddle", said mr trump. "i asked again, you can only ask so many times. "every time he sees me", trump said of putin, he says "i didn't do that". "and i really believe that when he tells me that, he means it. "i think he's very insulted by it". but those words have led to an angry reaction from some back in the states, where the intelligence community has determined that russia did meddle in the election. "donald trump believes an ex—kgb agent over 17 us intelligence agencies — that's outrageous", tweeted senate democrat ben carden. "the president's denial of facts is troubling". but that type of denial is nothing new. for months, at rallies, he has been saying this to his supporters. the russia story is a totalfabrication. it's just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. that's all it is. president putin says it is all made
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up by donald trump's opponents too. but if either of them think that will lay to rest the matter, they are, of course, mistaken. the usjustice department is investigating the extent to which russia did interfere and donald trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort, is currently under house arrest because of information discovered during the investigation. well, donald trump now says all this focus on russian interference in the us election is costing lives in conflicts like the one in syria because it is getting in the way of his relationship with vladimir putin and so his ability to resolve such issues. but that is not going to stop investigators back in the states determining exactly what did happen with moscow, the trump campaign and the election of 2016. aleem maqbool, bbc news, in vietnam. a british woman charged with drug smuggling in egypt has now been
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referred to a criminal court for trial. laura plummer, who's 33, was arrested for bringing hundreds of painkillers into egypt which she said were for her boyfriend who suffers from a bad back. the drugs are illegal there but available on prescription in the uk. earlier we heard from laura plummer‘s mp, labour's karl turner. he says he is disappointed with the latest developments in the case. we're hopeful now that new information has come to light, omar, her partner, has admitted he's got these problems with his back, he's come up with medical evidence to confirm that and i think that will go some way to show that laura's version of events are absolutely right. this is a woman of 33 years of age, she's a shop worker in the princes keyed in hull, she goes to work in the morning, finishes in the evening, sits on the sofa and watches her favourite tv soaps.
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she's a woman of good character, no previous convictions from a decent, hard—working previous convictions from a decent, ha rd—working family previous convictions from a decent, hard—working family and they're com pletely hard—working family and they're completely shocked and terrified by what is unfolding in front of them. she's done something very silly, she's taken drugs to agarda, clearly she's taken drugs to agarda, clearly she's doing someone a favour to try and relieve the back pain of her partner. it is a criminal offence, the drug is banned in egypt, it's a class c drug in this country, which means it has to be prescribed by a gp and dispensed by a pharmacist so the egyptian authorities take this very seriously indeed and we have to be respectful to their laws and customs, but we hope the court listened really carefully to the version of events which laura said from the outset was innocent in that she was just trying to help somebody. that's now been confirmed, i'm happy to say, by macro omar, who
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says he's got a back problem and he can says he's got a back problem and he ca n prove says he's got a back problem and he can prove that. members of lewis hamilton's formula i team have been robbed at gunpoint in brazil. a minibus carrying the mercedes technical staff was stopped as they left the interlagos circuit in sao paulo. a spokesperson for the team says valuables were ta ken but no—one was injured. hamilton tweeted about the incident, saying formula i needed to do more to keep teams safe. bbc radio 5 live commentator jack nicholls told us that formula i could only do so much to help because of the sheer number of staff working in the city. there's a particular set of traffic lights on the way out off the circuit where this kind of thing is prevalent. the problem last night was that the teams were leaving after dark. the brazilian authorities have put in a lot of police this year but when the teams are leaving at eight o'clock, nine o'clock, that is when things can get sketchy. we heard the stories in the build—up to the rio olympics last year about the security concerns last year. there are ten teams in sao paulo.
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300 journalists. 500 or 600 people make up the formula i paddock that travel around the world. naturally, they're all going to be staged in different places around the city so formula i and the circuit itself can do all they can in the perimeter of the actual venue but if you have teams staying ten miles in that direction and ten miles in that direction, there is only a certain amount that formula i can do. short of not going to brazil any more. police are searching for a man who drove a stolen car which crashed into another vehicle, killing its 70—year—old driver. they're appealing for help in finding the driver of a black mercedes car involved in the crash near horsham in west sussex. our reporter simonjones has visited the scene. the woman who was killed was driving a ford fiesta along this stretch of road when she was hit by the stolen car.
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she was declared dead at the scene. also in the car, a passenger, a friend of hers, age 70, she suffered minor injuries. the driver of the stolen car fled. police believe he tried to flag down passing motorists. there was a huge search for the driver but he couldn't be found. the police first became aware of the stolen mercedes 11 minutes before the crash here, along with another mercedes that had been stolen from a burglary in goring on sea. officers tried to stop the cars, neither stopped, the driver of the second car ended up ploughing into a hedge and an 18—year—old has been arrested on suspicion of burglary. officers describe this as a tragedy and are appealing forward misses. police in catalonia say around 750,000 people took
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to the streets in barcelona this evening calling for the release of separatist leaders. eight of those in custody are sacked former ministers from the regional government who are being investigated for alleged rebellion and sedition. the march was organised by groups backing independence from spain. the headlines on bbc news: the husband of a british woman jailed in iran tells the bbc he will speak to the foreign secretary tomorrow. president trump says his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, was "very insulted" by allegations that moscow interfered, in last year's us election. a british woman charged with drug smuggling in egypt has been referred to a criminal court for trial. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's james. a goalless draw for the republic of ireland in denmark means that their world cup play off will be finely balanced for next week's return leg in dublin.
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the best chances on the night fell to the home side. darren randolph parried christian erriksen's shot and denmark couldn't score from the rebound. and randolph was called into action again late tipping over yussuf poulsen's header in stoppage time. no away goal for the irish, but they will still be happy with a draw. rugby union's autumn internationals which got underway today and wales' torrid run against australia continues. the wallabies were 29 points to 21 winners, clocking up a 13th consecutive victory over their hosts in cardiff. it had looked promising for warren gatland's side early on. steff evans going over in the corner to help push wales in front after an early australia try. but the tourists fired back with three more of their own, the pick of them from kurtley beale. a hint of a knock—on from the fullback, but he didn't hang around. the welsh team reacted too late,
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giving beale a free run to the try line. a late wales try narrowed the gap but australia won by eight points an outstanding performance by the irish. a big home win. elsewhere italy beat fiji. there was an unimpressive performance by england, but a victory nonetheless against argentina. france had a heavy defeat at home to the all blacks. the crowd at murrayfield were treated to ii tries where scotland narrowly beat samoa in gregor townsend's first home match in charge. they all go down to the wire, seven points. i suppose we had a
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commanding lead at one stage and we re commanding lead at one stage and were disappointed to let them back into the game. credit to them, they showed a good energy in the second half and credit to our players for staying out in front. britain have won two gold medals at the track cycling world cup in manchester. ed clancy's return to the track for the first time since the rio olympics had a familiar result. a victory in the final against denmark in the men's team pursuit alongside steven burke, kian emadi and ollie wood. and the gold rush continued, with britain's kate archibald and elinor barker winning the women's maddison. it was close. the britons finished just two points ahead of world champions belgium. the former british cycling coach shane sutton is back in manchester as head coach of china. the australian left his british technical director role in april 2016. an internal investigation cleared him of 8 charges, but found him guilty of using sexist language towards cyclistjess varnish. varnish is now suing british cycling and uk sport. sutton insists he is still loved by his former colleagues in britain. at the end of the day, i can sleep
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ofa at the end of the day, i can sleep of a night. i have no problem with it at all. they criticise me from a distance but when you get down to the nitty—gritty, i am pretty much loved by the staff. i treat them well and that is shown here by the reception i have had. lewis hamilton says his crash in qualifying for the brazilian grand prix shows he's human and he's determined to have "fun" from the back of the grid tomorrow. he lost control of his mercedes at 160 miles an hour on turn six of the interlagos circuit, before thudding into the tyre barrier. he stayed in his cockpit for a few moments before letting his team know he was uninjured — but there was significant damage to the car. hamilton has already won his fourth formula one title and it's his team—mate va ltteri bottas who'll be on pole tomorrow. that's all the sport for now. let's have a quick look
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at some of the front pages: the observer leads on jeremy corbyn's calls for boris johnson to quit, after comments he made about a british mother imprisoned in iran. the sunday times says a0 tory mps have agreed to sign a letter of no—confidence in theresa may. the telegraph leads on plans by the environment secretary, michael gove, for stronger environmental policy following brexit. meanwhile the mail on sunday says mr gove and boris johnson are holding theresa may to ransom in order to secure a hard—brexit. the sunday express says the economy is in for a three billion pound windfall after brexit. millions of people have observed two minutes' silence for armistice day, marking the moment in 1918 when the fighting came to an end in the first world war. ceremonies have taken place across the uk, including at the national memorial arboretum in staffordshire,
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and at the cenotaph on whitehall in london, from where our correspondent adina campbell reports. preparing for remembrance. to the sounds of pipes, veterans from the second world war and those from later wars on parade in whitehall. in the drizzle, before them, the cenotaph. britain's stark memorial to its war dead. keeping faith with countless lives lost in conflict. at 11, big ben — silent for three months because of repair work — marked the hour. big ben chimes. last post plays.
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shortly after the two—minute silence, thousands of people watched on as pipes and drums from the london scottish regiment marched through whitehall in a captivating display. i thought it was really emotional, because, like, so many people died, so i think it's a really good way to pay respect. i think it makes your memories more real. there's the opportunity to really reflect on what was given during those times. and this afternoon, at the residence of the french ambassador in london, british veterans who took part in the d—day landings were presented with the legion d'honneur.
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victor ernest stirling, who is now 91, was in the royal army service corps when he landed on the beaches of normandy. his job was to bring vehicles, ammunition and petrol to support the advancing army. as they say, it was all a bit of adventure, i suppose. but i'm very proud that they have recognised it and it is a great honour. today's services have been a chance for many people to remember those who fought and what they fought for. adina campbell, bbc news. the owner of a small zoo near aberystwyth have said they are devastated after an escaped lynx was shot dead yesterday. the animal disappeared at the end of last month, prompting a huge search. the local council says that despite exhaustive efforts to recapture her, she'd become a risk to the public, as bernard wilson reports. the eurasian lynx, named lilith,
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is thought to have lept over an electric fence at borth wild animal kingdom. zoo staff began a hunt for her along with police and officials from ceredigion council. there were a number of sightings at one point it was thought she was hiding in bushes near the zoo, but she evaded capture. last night the council released a statement, saying the lynx had strayed into a populated area and it had been necessary to act decisively. it added the animal had been destroyed humanely and the safety of the public was paramount. the zoo has been closed since the animal's escape. speaking to the bbc, the owner of borth animal kingdom, dean tweedy, said that he took full responsibility for the death of the lynx. we are absolutely devastated. i'm both physically and emotionally broken. we have not the last three weeks day and night following her movements. putting out traps and cameras
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and things like that so that we could follow her. and we thought we were closing in on her. but i don't know. we know she had some success hunting birds, the rabbit and things like that. she was becoming a little bit more self—sufficient, i think. less likely to go into one of our traps. but we are all deeply, deeply saddened by what happened. i would have loved to have seen her shot with a dart, but apparently that was not an option. we're told that the terrain was not suitable. there was also issues with licenses for dart guns and things like that. absolutely heartbroken. we are absolutely responsible.
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we only took over six months ago, and the zoo was in a real state of disrepair. we've been working all summer long building new enclosures for animals, we've built a new enclosures for several species here, and ironically the next project on the list was building a new links enclosure. because there are just too many in that small enclosure. that's probably the reason why she escaped, because they were fighting and things like that. she could have been just chasing a bird. it's hard to say. now it's time for the weather with louise lear. outbreaks of rain to the south and cloudy. wintry showers to the far
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north. temperatures only a couple of degrees above freezing. called it steadily south across england and wales on sunday. if you are up enough early, you could see at a few showers through the midlands and maybe into the south—east but hopefully they will ease away in time for the remembrance day sunday service. that could be an isolated rogue shower floating around. elsewhere, most likely chances of showers in 11 o'clock —— at 11 o'clock england and wales. called but nevertheless there should be some good spells of sunshine. a few isolated showers across the east coast of northern ireland and one of two filtering in the far north of scotla nd two filtering in the far north of scotland with the wintry flavour mixed in theirand scotland with the wintry flavour mixed in their and a brisk north
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north—westerly wind with the potential of showers on the north sea coast and wales and south—west england. sandwiched between the two, dry and sunny but crisp with top temperatures of around six — ten. into monday, it will turn colder still with winds and high pressure quite mean things down and killing off the showers. another frost, a ha rd off the showers. another frost, a hard frost from monday morning. temperatures in rural parts of scotla nd temperatures in rural parts of scotland down to —5 and that it is important because more cloud rain pushing to the north—west and we could see some snow on the leading edge. may be significant. we will need to keep a night on that. in the south, clouding over and largely dried and not particularly warm. the weather front continuing south. milder weather but also the potential for a little bit of light
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rain. we start the new week cold and frosty but it will turn milder with some more rain to come. take care. hello, this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment, first the headlines: the husband of a british womanjailed in iran has told the bbc he is due to speak to the foreign secretary borisjohnson tomorrow. president trump says his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, was very insulted by allegations that moscow interfered in last year's us election. a british woman held in egypt on drug smuggling charges has been referred to a criminal court for trial. formula 1 driver lewis hamilton calls for improved security after some of his team—mates were robbed at gunpoint outside a circuit in brazil. donation's favourite marmalade sandwich eating their returns to the
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big screen. gashed the nation's. we'll get mark kermode's thoughts on paddington ii


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