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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 16, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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the be floods hitting several areas. the day has been declared a day of mourning as greece comes to terms with this latest deadly flood there. more details on the website. now it is time look at the stories that are making the headlines in media across the world. we begin with the guardian and zimbabwe where ousted leader robert mugabe is under house arrest while he negotiates his future with military officers in the capital harare. the independent looks at the growing humanitarian crisis, in yemen. save the children are warning more than 50,000 children are expected to die by the end of the year as a result of disease and starvation. the gulf news says world stocks have suffered their longest losing streak in more than six months as oil prices slipped and energy and mining stocks suffered losses across asia and europe. the ft online has an article
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on africa's richest woman, isabel dos santos, who has been removed as head of the angola state oil group. the move comes as angola's new president takes power back from herfather, former leader jose eduardo dos santos. and finally on the artnet website the last known painting by leonardo da vinci, the salvator mundi has just sold for $450 million. the 500—year—old painting is, by far, the most expensive work ever sold at auction. with me is amrita sen who is chief 0il analyst at energy aspects sheet has been drinking lots of strong coffee in the green room. the guardian talks about robert mugabe's power ebbing away after the military
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seizes control. that is not necessarily robert mugabe's interpretation of the events. i would imagine he is hoping to have control again. definitely, he is hoping he can negotiate something with the army because the background is very much about whether his wife ta kes is very much about whether his wife takes power all of the sacked flies president. i do not think he has given up quite yet. —— vice president. they are at pains to say this is not a coup but a measure to rectify some of the issues going on. talking about criminal activities and about those near mugabe. like you say, south africa appears to be backing the take over. they have been sending ministers that there is well. there seems to be some support but, at the same time, the army has
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that to come out saying this is not a coup but that they are trying to protect it from all the criminal act dignity. today is very important because either they have a say in how zimbabwe is run or the rat reports that grace mugabe is exiled in singapore or malaysia where they have a property. the president of south africa, jacob zuma, was on the phone to mugabe to check he was ok. he himself facing a political crisis within south africa and yet south africa is seen as instrumental. within south africa and yet south africa is seen as instrumentalm was interesting because initially zimbabwe sent the ministers back to south africa saying they can deal with their own problems but then they allowed them racking. looking at the story which is very alarming. allowed them back in. in many
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newspapers. more than 50,000 children could die at the end of the year from starvation and disease. it is absolutely horrific. this is syria all over again. the sad bit is that this is a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran but the people who get perfected art the common people and the big issue is saudi arabia has located all the ports because of geopolitical issues. you go to saudi arabia are not because of the oil industry is they are. what you think will happen as far as saudi arabia is concerned? will they alleviate? there is a lot of pressure from international bodies however i think the problems between
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them and iran are so entrenched and given the recent activities, do not see this happening very time soon which is why this is so sad because there are hundreds of thousands of children and women dying and suffering and aid has to get to them and that has been locked. a story in the gulf news. it talks about the movement in the oil price in the last couple of days. it was really, really high and that is partly to do with saudi arabia and all the purges. now it is coming down again. $60 has been justified. purges. now it is coming down again. $60 has beenjustified. whenever i have come here, prices should be getting higher because supplies are getting higher because supplies are getting low. the last $5 very much geopolitics with the middle east's tensions. a bit of a pullback was warranted but we will still hold
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around $60. we are ready mention isabel dos santos. the article here talks about her influence and, in terms of the state—run company in angola, what are the plans for each? will they liberalise the market? that is definitely the hope. i think the oil industry was pleased about it because it isabel dos santos was supposed to do all the reforms but she faced a lot of set backs. this is where the uncertainty is because sheep pushed back from the people because they were unpopular measures oi’ because they were unpopular measures or it was corruption. the international oil community has been more and more disillusioned with her. they really need foreign investment to come in and come in very quickly. let's get your take on
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this painting by it leonardo da vinci. it wasn't 80 minute bidding session —— i8. vinci. it wasn't 80 minute bidding session —— 18. a breaker, recordbreaker. .. the funniest story, is that originally they thought da vinci did not painted but it was by one of his students and it was sold for 60 quid or something. and it was not in great shape. you can think about it with all the subtext in the world, it could save lots of people this kind of money but it is a fine piece of art. we do not know who bought it for where it will and.”
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think it is a private collection. we have had a lot of response from our viewers. 0ne viewer from have had a lot of response from our viewers. 0ne viewerfrom india, she says art is a priceless but when the pricetag is obscene that one wonders about priorities in the world of starving millions. ithink about priorities in the world of starving millions. i think many would empathise with that point but it is also a reflection of what is going on in terms of investment. you are not getting much clear money elsewhere. this has 2 a elsewhere. because interest rates 59 you ~ similar. sectors are definitely certain sectors are definitely inflated and some of the money is finding its way into things like art. thank you very much for coming in. we really, really appreciate it. thank you for your comments on the briefing. just to mention a few more
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because we have had so many from you. carole from canada she simply says, as far as the da you. carole from canada she simply says, as far as the is. it he sa 5 i asked are ou richard, he says i asked are you amazed or appalled and he says appalled. leonardo da vinci should be in appalled. leonardo da vinci should beina appalled. leonardo da vinci should be in a museum for all to enjoy. willa new york gallery have that painting? perhaps that could be the mona lisa of new york. thank you for your company. i will see you very soon. hi there. for many of us it is going to be another pretty cloudy start to the day on thursday, but there will be some significant weather changes, southwards as we go on
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we're going to see the skies turning much brighter with much more in the way of sunshine. before we get there, though, for the early rises, we've got a few fog patches knocking around, across south—east england, this morning. a lot of cloud too. there's the band of rain affecting northern ireland and scotland first thing. this band of rain, remember, will clear southward and then it's going to brighten up with sunshine. so let's see how things progress through the morning. that band of rain will be moving away from northern ireland, but heading in across wales, where it will turn wet through thursday morning. there will be some brighter spells, perhaps across south—west england, maybe across the midlands as well. but for east anglia and south—east england, probably quite a grey start to the day, either with low cloud or with fog first thing in the morning. the rain across northern england could be quite heavy for a time during the morning. behind that, the skies brighten up significantly but it's not completely dry in scotland. here there will be
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a number of showers, particularly across north—western areas of the country, blustery winds setting in here as well. through the rest of thursday, our band of rain pushes southwards. now there could be a few breaks in the clouds ahead of that band of rain. and in any case, as the rain band works towards south—east england, probably arriving in the london area around four o'clock in the afternoon, you can see there's barely any rain left on it. to the north, as the sunshine comes out, down go the temperatures. 6—9 degree celsius in those sunnier moment in the north of the uk. during thursday evening, the band of rain finally clears away from south—east england. with clear skies, it's going to be a cold night. towns and cities temperatures getting down to three degrees or so, in london. 0ut into the countryside, the lowest temperatures could get down to —5, in the very coldest spots. i think there will be a fairly widespread frost in the country, perhaps not so in scotland because here there's going to be fairly brisk winds. and those winds will be with us on into friday as well. bringing plenty of blustery showers across northern and western areas. but for most of us, friday is a decent end to the week, really, with plenty
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of sunshine around. temperatures a little below par for the time of the year. we're looking at highs between 7—10 celsius. the weekend weather prospects not looking too bad. most of us will see some sunshine but, again, there will be some showers knocking around, particularly across northern and western areas and quite a chilly wind to boot on saturday and maybe some rain arriving late in the day on sunday in the west. saturday then a reasonable start to the weekend, temperatures 6—10 degrees celsius. sunny spells and just a few showers pushing southward during the day. that's your latest weather. bye for now. hello — this is breakfast, with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. doubt surrounds the future of zimbabwe's long time leader, robert mugabe, after he was placed under house arrest by the country's military. envoys from neighbouring south africa arrive in the country to clarify the situation amid international calls for calm and greater democracy. good morning.
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it's thursday 16 november. also this morning: scientists will warn world leaders that the effects of climate change are inevitable, even if major cuts are made to carbon dioxide emissions.
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