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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  November 17, 2017 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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the headlines. zimbabwe's president mugabe has been holding talks with south african envoys, and the country's army chief following the military takeover. mr mugabe, who's under house arrest, is said to be refusing to step down. the un secretary general, antonio guterres, has told bbc world that he hopes there would be no bloodshed in zimbabwe. he also said he considers myanmar‘s rohingya minority to be the most discriminated against people on earth. london's old vic theatre says that 20 people have claimed they were victims of inappropriate behaviour by kevin spacey. he was artistic director there for more than a decade. and russia has vetoed a un security council resolution to renew the push of an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in syria. it's the tenth time moscow has used its veto to support its ally. and the top story here in the uk: the metropolitan police has announced what it says is a final figure for the number
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of people killed in the fire at grenfell tower, in west london, injune. officers say 71 victims have been formally identified. now on bbc news, all the latest business news live from singapore. tesla is about to roll out the beast: an electric tractor trailer. this as china's appetite for green wheels gets bigger and bigger. and a global employee left his job to set up global employee left his job to set upa global employee left his job to set up a proper restaurant in his very own living room. —— mad hatter. welcome to asia business report, live from singapore, with me, mariko oi. ina live from singapore, with me, mariko oi. in a few hours, telstra will be running out its latest creation, the beast. it is a big rig truck that may be able to drive itself. ——.
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each -- may be able to drive itself. ——. each —— is the chief executive elon musk tweeted this... more on the story, let's bring in mat morrison. i want that, right now. it is uncool. it is uncool. the guy sounds cool uncool. it is uncool. the guy sounds cool. —— matt. he will be watching this latest version of the electronic truck that they are very excited about. their goal here is basically to get a cleaner and hopefully cheaper alternative to what is out there. they are saying batteries could be a big advantage in that regard. the batteries are expensive. the most expensive component of the tow vehicle. a lone, it would be about $100,000, and that is just the battery. you can getfar and that is just the battery. you can get far with just the battery. and you need infrastructure so that
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you can make stops, so you can make you can make stops, so you can make you fancy lightly, apparently. so who were paper that? the government? tesla ? who were paper that? the government? tesla? nobody who were paper that? the government? tesla ? nobody knows. who were paper that? the government? tesla? nobody knows. —— the beast. their model three is behind schedule. they are cutting back production. they are spending about $1 billion to keep things moving. 0ne analyst we spoke to says that tesla a re 0ne analyst we spoke to says that tesla are all about disruption. china has been active in electrics, and it would be a strong market moving forward, especially coming to buses and trucks. what you think? is ata buses and trucks. what you think? is at a wise move? as you say, they have not rolled out an affordable car? analysts are saying it is a big risk. a lot of it will come from how far these things can go on a single charge. analysts are putting it between 200 miles of charge to 400 miles of charge. that is still quite a bit less than your standard diesel which, on a single can go up to about 1000 miles. you need a human being to be doing that, though. and, later need the latte. thank you for
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that, matt morrison, and we will be at the launch as tesla releases the beast. chinese emissions are quite high. they are already the biggest market for a electric cars. the is more room for growth. beijing says that 80% of new cars need to be elected by next year. that is supposed to to 12% by 3020. that is prompted people to increase their investment in china. —— -- 2020. —— 2020. apparently they are not just interested in cars, but buses and trucks as well. they have the best business visibly possible. our study suggested the are about 100 cities where these buses are being tested. the customers tend to be the public services, where they do not really, they have a social mandate
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to more than a business mandate. that is where the ship does make sense. we have been talking about the man. how is china placed when it comes to manufacturing? —— that is where these buses to make sent to make sense. they have a reason to do it. the pollution problem is going out of control. the only way to solve the pollution challenge in major cities is to electric. so the reasoning competency, so this is the only right way to move forward. in other business news, singapore has suspended all trade relations with north korea after the un imposed tougher sanctions over its weapons programme. the southeast asian country is not‘s seventh—largest trading partner, and, year, singapore —based chinpo shipping company was fined for helping shift
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to make ship arms to north korea, is by the stations. the recent hike as it is season has held them up. building materials, grocery items, as well as stocks. they have improved their forecast for holiday shopping. it was the strong sterling since 2009, despite competition from online giant amazon on. their stock rose nearly 11% to an all—time high. as politicians in the house of representatives have voted to pass a sweeping tax reform bill. republicans, including donald trump, have claimed that the changes will boost the economy. a separate change change the tax code is expected to to the senate for december. for any change to come into effect, or size would have to agree. taxes. americans do not like paying them.
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and most agree that the tax system is broken, but fixing it, well, that is broken, but fixing it, well, that is not easy. the president says he wa nts a is not easy. the president says he wants a tax code that is so simple, you could file it on a postcard. the republican party has control of the us congress, and that means they could pass a new tax plan with just a simple majority. if there is anything that unifies republicans, it is tax reform. we've been looking forward the opportunity to do this we re years . forward the opportunity to do this were years. the problem? republicans cannot even agree on a tax plan amongst themselves. lawmakers in the house want to cut the number tax bracket as to four and right at the make out how much people can write for having a mortgage. the tax plan reduces tack if the buy health insurers. that could mean that 15 million americans could end up without coverage. and that also makes cuts to the corporate tax rate permanent. the tax relief are individuals, well, that is
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temporary. so what do they do now? republicans in the house and senate will just how to republicans in the house and senate willjust how to combine their two plans. but if the last two months are any indication, that will not be easy. now, one place that will be watching the fight really closely is the us stock market. it goes up when tax reform might actually happen and falls when those plans hit a roadblock. so if donald trump wants to keep bragging about the rising stock market... the stock market hit an all—time record high today, over 22,000... and keep his an all—time record high today, over 22,000. .. and keep his promise to reporters, then his party will have two come to agreement. before we go, what you think would compel somebody to give up a job google to sell surmises? for one man, it was the opportunity to sell his culture's delicacies from the cupboard of his own home. —— samosas.
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delicacies from the cupboard of his own home. “ samosas. | delicacies from the cupboard of his own home. -- samosas. iwanted delicacies from the cupboard of his own home. -- samosas. i wanted to prepare and cell samosas. i am taking food from my community. it is a community of within islam. it is a small subset and we have a defined food and dining culture. i want to ta ke food and dining culture. i want to take this food to people outside the community. hi guys and welcome. we would invite six people or eight people home every saturday or sunday, and take them to this idea from eating the food of my mum, to the entire concept behind it. that is the idea behind our kitchen. the entire concept behind it. that
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is the idea behind our kitchenlj always used to be at home doing those things. today, i like cooking just with the regular means of homes. now i am getting older, it is definitely, you know, it is a different side of me. definitely, you know, it is a different side of melj definitely, you know, it is a different side of me. i introduced something of a policy that basically you don't book a seat, you asked receipt. if you asked receipt, we do a background check, asked who you are, to out due diligence. so by doing all of these things, it became
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this hyper exclusive thing and demand became stronger and stronger. that pop actually the market before we go. the nikkei is higher despite the strong yet which is bad news for exporters. hong kong and australia are rising overnight. 0vernight, we told you about walmart shares being up told you about walmart shares being up by told you about walmart shares being up by 11%. tech shares did quite well. they are driving wall street high. investors have been monitoring the tax bill as well. that is it for this edition of asia business report. sport today is coming up next. and people watching. —— thank you for watching. the top stories this hour: the president of zimbabwe, robert mugabe, remains under house arrest, but holds talks with a military general and south african mediators. and the un secretary general has told the bbc he considers myanmar‘s
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range of minority to be the most is committed against people on earth. —— rohingya. police investigating the disappearance of a teenager from dorset, gaia pope, have arrested a 49—year—old man on suspicion of murder. 0ur correspondent duncan kennedy reports. it was on the cliffs above swanage that the woman's clothes were found. officers were called and spent hours searching the fields here. they say the pieces discovered were similar to clothing worn by gaia. the items of clothing were found by a member of the public at around 10:30 this morning and ever since then, this coastal path just outside swanage has been sealed off, as police have carried out further investigations. gaia, who's 19, went missing nine days ago. tonight, police said they had made an arrest. this afternoon we've arrested a 49—year—old male on suspicion of murder. he is believed to be known to gaia,
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and is from the swanage area. tonight it has been confirmed that the name of the 49—year—old man in custody is paul elsey. earlier, speaking before the police announcement, gaia's father, richard, said all her family are finding her disappearance extremely hard to deal with. the family knows she'll be found, until we don't know that... so we have every hope, every minute that goes by, that, you know, we still have hope. it's... you know, you can imagine. it's just about the toughest thing we can go through. it's tough, but, you know, we'll hang on in there. we'll hang on in there for gaia, for her sisters, for her mum, for everybody, we'll hang on in there.
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earlier this week police released these cctv images of gaia while she was running on a road in swanage. and at a petrol station in the town, buying an ice cream on the afternoon she disappeared. police divers and other search teams have been operating in a number of locations around the town, and officers say those will continue for as long as necessary. duncan kennedy, bbc news, in swanage. plenty more on that story, plus plenty more on our main story about zimbabwe, including a profile of rod mcgarvie. don't forget the news app as well. time now for sport today. hello. this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: justin rose is one shot off the lead as he fights to win golf‘s race to dubai.
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still unbeaten — roger federer fights back to win against marin cilic at the atp finals in london. and they're having a party in peru as the "los incas" make the world cup for the first time since 1982. welcome to the programme. let's start with england's justin rose who has been showing his class at the european tour's season ending tour championship. he shot a 6—under—par round of 66 in thursday's opening round — to lie one shot behind leader patrick reed. now this event is really all about the race to dubai — and the olympic champion, rose, is well—placed to overhaul tommy fleetwood in his bid to win it. 0ur correspondent, iain carter reports.


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