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good afternoon. tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of harare in zimbabwe calling for the resignation of president robert mugabe. he's been under house arrest — apart from one public appearance yesterday — since the army seized power on wednesday. our senior africa correspondent, anne soy, reports from harare. this is not the typical coup, it's more like a carnival. zimbabweans here are already celebrating the end of president robert mugabe's rule. this is an unprecedented show of defiance against the strong man. these soldiers are the new heroes in town. zimbabweans are ecstatic. they say the soldiers have granted them their second independence. a moment they've all been waiting for. years of emotion poured out on the streets. what does this mean for you?
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new zimbabwe, freedom has finally come! cheering what about you 7 i don't have to express it because i can't believe it, it's like i'm dreaming. cheering first lady grace mugabe hasn't been seen in public since the military took control of the country. neither has the former vice president, emmerson mnangagwa, the man tipped to succeed robert mugabe. these people fought for independence led by robert mugabe. now they are asking him to resign. this is all choreographed to put pressure on the president to leave and to give the transition some legitimacy. like many zimbabweans, rachel has only ever known robert mugabe has
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president. it means a new zimbabwe, a new era, and i'm fighting for my children so they can have a better future. i'm happy that she will grow up future. i'm happy that she will grow up knowing a different president from the one i grew up knowing. yes. thousands of zimbabweans are out to make a strong statement. they want change. for now, any change would do. live now to harare and our correspondent, shingai nyoka. is there any sense that that pressure and was talking about being brought to bear on president mugabe might force the president to leave office? it's difficult to see how he wouldn't be affected by the scenes he is no doubt watching from his home under house arrest. probably on tv. hundreds of thousands of people
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have been pouring through the streets with one message that president mugabe must go. moments ago we understand that some of those protesters not only marched to the official residence, but also his private house, that they were singing at his gate, telling him that his 37 years in office is up. we've not heard anything for more from him. but his nephew, also a cabinet minister, spoke to the voters agency earlier today. the latest we have is that he said president mugabe will not legitimise the coup and he won't break the constitution by stepping down. —— spoke the reuters news agency. thank you very much. richard leonard has been elected the new leader of scottish labour. mr leonard, who's backed by most trade unions, replaces kezia dugdale who resigned in august. in his victory speech, he called for "a vision for the future — and a vision for hope again." our scotland editor,
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sarah smith, reports. applause. electing richard leonard as their leader marks a left turn for the scottish labour party. he says his victory means they will now follow a more radical agenda. there is now a settled consensus established around a radical policy agenda for the scottish labour party of extending public ownership, tackling inequality and poverty, a more progressive taxation system. applause. hello, ben, it's richard leonard... richard leonard was only elected to the scottish parliament last year. he is a yorkshireman who has spent his adult life working in scotland as a trades union organiser and he is a committed corbyn loyalist. there are times in the past where it has appeared that the scottish labour party has looked to pick fights with jeremy corbyn. i certainly will not be doing that. we cannot afford the luxury of splits and divisions. we need to work together and i am determined that the scottish labour party, from whom today i have received
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a mandate, will be working closely and in step withjeremy corbyn and the entire labour party. anas sarwar, the defeated candidate in a fractious race, says the party must now unite around their new leader. the departing leader, kezia dugdale, has surprising news of her own today. she is to appear on "i'm a celebrity...get me out of here!", a decision that has been sharply criticised by members of the party. sarah smith, bbc news. air accident investigators are trying to find out what caused a light aircraft and a helicopter to collide over buckinghamshire yesterday afternoon. two pilots and two passengers died near the village of waddesdon. let's speak to our reporter danjohnson who's there now, dan what's the latest? is there any update at all on this investigation? not really. the police say it is too early to tell
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what caused this crash. they are piecing together what happened but it will take more time. it is difficult, complicated work and it isn't being helped by the conditions ona isn't being helped by the conditions on a wet, miserable day. air accident investigators have been going through the piece of wreckage this morning, which are spread through woodland down the road on the edge of a country estate. people who were here yesterday at midday described how they heard a loud bang and saw two objects spinning out of the sky to the ground before there was another loud crash and the wreckage is now spread through that woodland. work for investigators to do. police he said it would be releasing the identities of the four people who died in this crash until they have spoken to their families and until they have been officially identified. investigators expect to be here at the crash scene, probably over the weekend, and until monday. thanks very much indeed. hundreds of volunteers have are helping dorset police search for the missing teenager gaia pope, who disappeared 11 days ago. the search is focussing on three locations around swanage. miss pope's family confirmed that
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an item of clothing found earlier this week matched what she was believed to be wearing on the day she went missing. yesterday, detectives released a 49—year—old man who'd been arrested on suspicion of murder. tens of thousands of people on low incomes are facing the prospect of receiving no universal credit payments in december. the government has confirmed that claimants who work and are paid weekly could find their benefit stopped, as there are five paydays in the month — which could tip them over the threshold. now, with all the sport — here's katherine downes at the bbc sport centre. good afternoon. good afternoon. good afternoon, matthew. the north london derby is the big fixture in the premier league this lunchtime — arsenal hosting tottenham at the emirates. it is currently i—o it is currently 1—0 to arsenal approaching half—time. there's another full schedule of rugby union's autumn internationals.
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scotland face the toughest test of the day — they take on new zealand, while wales face georgia and ireland play fiji. for england, its australia at twickenham — our correspondent joe wilson is there for us: it isa it is a measure of how far eddie jones has raised the bar as england's coach. people don'tjust expect england to win these days but to win with style. last time out against argentina they did not need to be at their best for victory. today against australia i think they will need to be. farrell comes back into the team to maybe install fluency, but it is a grey and slippery day at fluency, but it is a grey and slippery day at twickenham, fluency, but it is a grey and slippery day at twickenham, not the occasion to be throwing the ball about. remember, eddie jones occasion to be throwing the ball about. remember, eddiejones has won all of his games as england coach at twickenham. and that proud record will be tested here this afternoon. thanks for now. england's women have thrashed canada 79—5 in the opening match of their three test series — harlequins wing jess breach scoring six of their 13 tries, on her debut. the sides play again next tuesday and saturday. english motorcyclist daniel hegarty has died after crashing at the macau grand prix.
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he was 31. the race was stopped and leader glenn irwin declared the winner but there were no anthems played or celebrations on the podium. the para badminton championships get underway in south korea this week. great britain is one of the leading nations in the sport, which will make its paralympic debut at tokyo 2020. krysten coombs is hoping for medals at both events — kate grey has been to meet him. game of thrones is one of the biggest tv shows in the world, watched and loved by millions. but i bet you didn't know it's also featured one of the world's best para—badminton players, krysten coombs, hot favourite to win a medal in tokyo when the sport makes its paralympic debut. there is a realfocus now. before, obviously you wanted to do well and still go to world championships and europeans, but to be able to go to the paralympics is the biggest and best thing, isn't it? for now, he's training towards the world championships
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and his coach is feeling pretty confident about his chances. he's dominated in the last 12 months, he has done really well, he's world number one in singles and doubles. moving forward, he's got to be looking to becoming double world champion. krysten moved to sheffield this time last year to play alongside many of his british team—mates. but it is challenging times for these players as para—badminton currently has no funding to support its elite programmes. it has been really tough, you know. it has meant i have had to have a job at the same time, which, you know, i have managed to balance it out. i have got a greatjob at ikea which is awesome and they are really supportive. as well as his dayjob, to help fund his badminton caree, krysten has become known for his acting abilities. i have done panto for the last five years at christmas. i've also done game of thrones. being on the set was amazing. we went out to croatia to film as well which was awesome. what are your future plans for acting? is that something you want to have alongside your para—badminton? maybe, i suppose.
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there is a lot of waiting around, i find, because there isn't hundreds of dwarf roles every year, it is very small, specific things. at the moment, i think i will put it on hold a bit and concentrate now on the badminton. but with winter coming, will it be enough to take that world title? that's all the sport for now but there's much more on the bbc sport website, including news of the rugby league world cup quarter—finals, and england's final ashes warm—up match — plus all the latest scores from today, of course. it is now 2—0 to arsenal in the north london derby, just approaching half—time. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. hello.
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you're watching the bbc news channel with matthew price. 90 mps — about a third of them conservatives — have signed a letter to the prime minister and chancellor to say that patients are being "failed" by the nhs and social care in england. the politicians who signed the letter — including nearly 30 former ministers — are calling for parties to work together to find a solution. our health editor hugh pym reports. the pressure on the nhs is growing. there are fears that hospitals will continue to struggle to find enough beds to admit new patients, partly because of difficulties discharging elderly patients, caused in turn by problems with social care. a group of mps now says that a long—term sustainable settlement is needed and that only a cross—party nhs and care convention can deliver that. in the letter written to the prime minister and the chancellor, the mps say... senior conservative,
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labour and liberal democrat backbenchers are among those who signed the letter. i think the nhs and social care are huge issues for our generation and we've got to get it right and i think it's bigger than just one party. the mps also call for action in next week's budget to address the short—term pressures on the system. a government spokesperson said it was recognised there was broad agreement across parliament, that social care reform was a priority, and there would be consultation ahead of a policy paper next year. the government is considering a tax on single—use plastics that are used in packaging and polystyrene takeaway boxes. the chancellor, philip hammond, is expected to use next week's budget to announce a consultation on the measure to cut waste and pollution. an estimated 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans each year,
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and residues are routinely found in fish, sea birds and marine mammals. i can now speak to sue kinsey, senior pollution policy officer at the marine conservation society. good afternoon. good afternoon. obviously these are only reports of an idea might be in the budget, but could this make a difference?” think it could make a really big difference. if you think about how big a difference a simple 5p charge ona big a difference a simple 5p charge on a carrier bag made them getting something like this could be a good idea. and yet there is so much plastic, in order to start getting it out the food system, in order to stop using it on a daily basis that is going to take a seismic societal change, isn't it? i think
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is going to take a seismic societal change, isn't it? ithink so is going to take a seismic societal change, isn't it? i think so but we can either stand back and think oh my goodness, what a huge problem, we can do anything, or we can chop it into little pieces that are doable and think this is one of the things we can do to stop using, anything we really don't need. combined with that something may be like a deposit return system for all the bottles and cans of there it is going to make quite a big difference to the dimmock of that we are finding on oui’ dimmock of that we are finding on our beaches. you get a sense that manufacturers would like to start doing some sort of bottle return system ? doing some sort of bottle return system? it's a bit of a contentious issue of the moment but i think working at all the evidence it looks like it is a win—win situation for local authorities especially, they will save money, and the quality of recycling you get a deposit return system is so much better than what we get at kerb—side at the moment. we had a little sense in the introduction of what plastic can do to the environment and the website, thatis to the environment and the website, that is the focus of your efforts to try and stop animals getting harmed
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i would imagine. absolutely. the problem with plastic is it is a very useful thing obviously, but in a marine environment it is a complete menace. it takes a lot of time to break down and it is almost indigestible if animals eat it. because it breaks down into little bits, it increases the microbus to couudein bits, it increases the microbus to collude in our oceans and smaller plastic is the greater number of animals can he did so things like bank and up to our filter feeding wildlife control not ingest plastered and if it gets stuck in the gut or stomach then there is no room for real food so real animals —— dangers are animals are starving to death will stop thank you for joining us. the headlines on bbc news... tens of thousands of people are on the streets of the zimbabwean capital, harare, to call for the resignation of president robert mugabe. richard leonard is the newly elected
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scottish labour leader — replacing kezia dugdale who stepped down in august. police and air accident investigators search for clues as to why two aircraft collided over buckinghamshire — leaving four people dead. the msp richard leonard has been elected as the new leader of scottish labour. mr leonard beat the party's health spokesman anas sarwar by around 3000 votes — securing overwhelming support from trade unions. mr leonard said he intended to follow a radical agenda — pushing to extend public ownership and introduce a more progressive taxation system. elected leader to lead our party as a movement for real change, for
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democracy, and as a movement for socialism. applause asa applause as a movement for realising the people, it is a source source of immense pride, but it is also deeply humbling. soi immense pride, but it is also deeply humbling. so i want to thank all of those thousands of labour party members and supporters, including trade union members who over the last nine weeks... applause have participated in the democracy of the labour party. your participation is a sign of our great strength is a party and movement. and whoever you voted for, we are one party. we are one movement and we stand altogether. applause and that is why i particularly want
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to thank my friend, mike, read anas. for the way... applause with the way he has sought to move this debate about leadership on to the debate about ideas. so that there is now a settled consensus established around a radical policy agenda for the scottish labour party, of extending public ownership, of tackling inequality and poverty, for more progressive taxation system. cheering and applause and of a redistribution of power as well which will form the basis for oui’ well which will form the basis for our unity well which will form the basis for ourunity in going well which will form the basis for our unity in going forward, a forward direction in which anas will
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have a vital role to play. i also wa nt to have a vital role to play. i also want to thank... applause i also want to thank brian roy and all the labour party staff for the way in which they have conductors the selection, often working under great pressure, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. applause comrades, what this leadership election has shown is that a reinvigoration of our politics in scotla nd reinvigoration of our politics in scotland is both needed and yearned for by the people. we need a vision of a better future, a vision of hope again, so that 20 years on, since the devolution referendum we need to restate our scottish labour vision for the economic, social and environmental transformation we want to deliver for the people of scotland. and so reinvigorate the very reasons why the labour party campaigned for and, let's not forget, delivered the scottish
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parliament in the first place. applause that was the speech of the new leader of scottish labour, who was elected this morning. let's go back to our main story today. large crowds of people have been marching in the zimbabwean capital, harare, and in the second city, bulawayo, to call on president robert mugabe to step down. they have been cheering the military, who placed mr mugabe under house arrest on wednesday. let's get more on this story. alex magazisa was a former adviser to the former prime minister of zimbabwe. hejoins me in the studio now. thank yourforjoining thank your forjoining us. thank yourforjoining us. while thank your forjoining us. while you have been travelling in to see us we have been travelling in to see us we have had word from writers of a couple of developments. first of all some of those protesters seen marching directly towards the presidential palace in harare, and also quotes from president mugabe's
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nephew who says that robert mugabe and his wife grace are ready to die for what they believe is correct. how would you interpret where we are heading? there is obviously serious confrontation that is coming, but what we are hearing from the nephew of the president mugabe is a tone of defiance and that is not surprising. president mugabe is a very stubborn person, when he was until a view he onto wet for as long as he can. i think he has also been emboldened by the position of the regional groups, that they can defend the sovereignty and his presidency should be protected. that is why he is digging in. they think he will continue to dig in. it talked about we are heading towards confrontation. do you see this getting violent, because the pictures we are seeing at the moment, the mood that has been described to us from the streets of harare and other cities is of celebration. absolutely. there
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has never been in versions of this nature for the last 37 years, usually have people from the opposition, ruling parties, the war vetera ns, opposition, ruling parties, the war veterans, all manner of people, different races, different classes, people coming together in order to express their desire to see mr mcga rvey express their desire to see mr mcgarvey go. —— president mugabe. this is historic. it is possible that mr gentry will have people who support him but they will be minority. he talked about president mugabe feeling emboldened because of some of the statements coming out of the african union and others butts of herjacob zuma the president of south africa this morning saying the african region is committed to supporting, quote, the people of zimbabwe. the deadbeat interpreted asa zimbabwe. the deadbeat interpreted as a signal that people like president zuma in south africa, they
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are beginning to say we need to find are beginning to say we need to find a way to move on from robert mugabe's rule? very possible. the south african leader, very close to mugabe supporting him over the yea rs, mugabe supporting him over the years, and the former president especially, president zuma continue this, but they are also very tired of the fact that zimbabwe has been under this prolonged time and he seems willing to get into the interests of the people of zimbabwe. he has told him that the people are saying to them that we are not supporting him. with your former insiders have on, inside the zimbabwean political system as she once worked, i want whether you can guess at what is going on behind the scenes. there will clearly be an attempt and there has been an
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attempt and there has been an attempt to negotiate with president mugabe, do you imagine that such a negotiation could be successful?m is possible. they think they will be a lot of negotiations taking place, a lot of negotiations taking place, a lot of people who also have connections with either side who we have seen people very close to president mugabe over the year is involved in the negotiations, and i am sure many will come, perhaps heads of state from other african countries coming to assist. and will they be discussing with president zimbabwe, ok, fine, you perhaps don't want to step aside for emmerson mnangagwa to come to power but is there someone that you could support and the military could support? i believe that is the view because i think he wants his security guaranteed but also wants to have a say in who comes after him andi to have a say in who comes after him and i think that is an issue that has probably been discussed. let's assume these building blocks fall into place and assume there is some
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baseball way through this, that works. when we are left zanu pf still in charge of the country, where does that takes zimbabwe? is thejubilation seen where does that takes zimbabwe? is the jubilation seen on the streets from people who want the president gone, from people who want the president o . from people who want the president gone, is that going to be continued in the future if zanu pf continue to rule the country? there is a lot of expectation amongst the people of zimbabwe, they are happy that mr mugabe is leaving. a lot of people saying that they are not sure of them, but they are just happy to see him go at the moment. but the day after mr mugabe he goes is also important and after mr mugabe he goes is also importantandi after mr mugabe he goes is also important and i think people need to talk about it and engage as to what is coming afterwards will stop this whole issue needs to be done as soon as possible rather than wait until that day. there are huge problems for the country. we have had people out on the streets today protesting for robert mugabe to go while
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alongside them people queueing up at banks which is the daily routine to get money out because of hyperinflation. it is in a terrible economic state and socially things are very difficult, it has broken down, social systems have broken down, social systems have broken down to the need to be sorted. and that means the expectations that people have, they regard as clearly asa people have, they regard as clearly as a revolution and the overthrowing ofa as a revolution and the overthrowing of a tyrant, i don't know, 80% or 90% of the country, there are expectations that as you save the day after mugabe whenever that comes as it looks as though it will at some point, their expectations are like there's going to get better. that is the expectation, but things never follow the simple part. people need to appreciate these people who are leading this overthrow of mr mugabe are people who have worked with them for a very long time so they shouldn't be expecting miracles but at the moment in the moment of glory, if they can get mr mugabe
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out, they are saying we will deal with what comes afterwards, but i think the leaders of the opposition and business and others should be working hard to plan what happens after the departure of mr mugabe. and a very brief word, how do you feel at the moment? very mixed feelings. i am feel at the moment? very mixed feelings. iam happy feel at the moment? very mixed feelings. i am happy to see that is potential for mr feelings. i am happy to see that is potentialfor mr mugabe feelings. i am happy to see that is potential for mr mugabe to leave, but at the same time, the future, it needs to be sorted. thank you for coming in and pick giving us the explanation. we will have plenty more on the zimbabwe story throughout the afternoon here on the bbc news channel. for now let's get the weather. it is not so great buzz southern pa rt it is not so great buzz southern part of the uk. grey and chris wood. training across southern parts of wales, but the further north you are the better the weather. the kurds have broken up and across northern
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england and much of scotland's —— the clouds have broken up. clear weather in northern ireland. in between weather france. there is another one at west that will keep things a bit milder. maybe for celsius in that cornwall and devon but for many of us in the north and east it will be a chilly one in rural spots, down 2—5dc. that's the exception. tomorrow starts chris brunt gold. many of us in the east of the country will keep the sunshine all through the day but the weather is turning here and by the end of the afternoon we expect some thick cloud with a bit of drizzle. that damp weather will continue into monday so monday is not looking great but look at that in this south, temperatures up to 13 or 14 south, temperatures up to 13 or 14 so it is warming up a little bit.
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