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tv   The Papers  BBC News  November 18, 2017 11:30pm-11:46pm GMT

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hello. this is bbc news with nicholas owen. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. police looking for 19—year—old gaia pope say a body has been found on land near swanage. dorset police say they are "confident" it is the missing teenager, who disappeared 11 days ago. in zimbabwe, president robert mugabe is preparing to meet army leaders for talks on his future, according to state television. thousands have protested against him in harare. gerry adams announces he will stand down as the president of sinn fein next year, saying it was "time for change" after more than thirty years. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me the broadcaster and former fleet street editor, eve pollard and the journalist, yasmin alibhai brown. let's look at tomorrow's front pages then:
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the observer leads on the situation in zimbabwe, with a picture of one of the anti—mugabe demonstrators that have been out on the streets of harare. the mail on sunday reports on an apparent altercation between two labour mps in the commons chamber. the sunday express claims that in wednesday's budget, the chancellor will announce support for britain's tech industry, which could mean we'll have d riverless ca rs on our roads by 2021. the sunday telegraph also leads on a pre—budget announcement, reporting that nurses are in line for a pay rise. the sunday times has a dispatch from zimbabwe and also reports that the chancellor will use wednesday's budget to announce plans to build 300,000 homes every year so let's begin. zimbabwean. all the papers have something on this
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but let's start with the observer. gassman, could you start us? a fantastic image of a cheerful anti— mugabe demonstrated. but there... this is now building up to some sort of resolution of a crisis. he has held out. he has tried to get a catholic priest to be an intermediary and all sorts of things. it is time for him to go and the army has behaved with dignity. what is interesting here, the protests are what is interesting here, the protests a re not just what is interesting here, the protests are not just about what is interesting here, the protests are notjust about him. there is a quote here from the international crisis group that says we are not just international crisis group that says we are notjust out to support a ta keover we are notjust out to support a takeover by another leader, we want and they said, we want an alternative to decentralising controlling narrative. about sophisticated. it is not going to
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stop that they just sophisticated. it is not going to stop that theyjust replace the chosen one... with someone similar? but that is the point. the person who looks like he will take over is the person he pushed out the other day, a man associated with robert mugabe down the years. since they have actually shown such restraint, the army. we do know many other countries where robert mugabe would have now been thrown into jail, this is probably time to have an election. if the un is going to mean anything, it should actually send people over there and say this is what country wants, give them the chance to vote for who they want. and show the world, actually, that africa can handle these things. there are some wonderful female leaders in dubai were. absolutely astonishing women who have been waiting to get this opportunity to have a proper tomography. there are
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deep problems. they are not all of mugabe's making. we left the country and said... when britain left and when rhodesia was handed over, a promise was made that money would be made available to buy back the land snatched from black owners. that never happened. many things to be resolved but i have always been astonished by the level of sophistication of zimbabweans. political, economic and so on. so they let go, the future could be amazing. he is 93. he has had a good run. the one character in the background, grace. they do not want her. i am madge and she is out there flourishing her credit card. domestic matters now. many people
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speculating on what the chancellor will have on that budget box on wednesday. he is getting a lot of advice from all over the place are there will be a pay boost for nurses? what do we know about this? the interesting thing is that yesterday he got a letter from the noraid top tories telling him to look at the nhs and as we discussed earlier, it should not be a political football. it needs to be sorted out all the country. there will be a pay rise for nurses. the education for schools and they need help as well. he will also be political as every chancellor is. he will show the country that the conservative come at some of the austerity glowed. i don't know... you get more tax if you tax people ina fairway, you get more tax if you tax people in a fair way, almost in a flat we.
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what they should do is stop things like the paradise papers, the panama papers. they should stop people being able to park money abroad. i also think that you want to encourage the country to think that it needs to purchase british and it needs british goods to purchase. i have returned from new york and it is buzzing. that is what he needs to do in this budget. you both avoided a word that dominated from the start, brexit. that is in his calculations as well. in my view it is the worst and most damaging thing that the country, that has happened to the country and what is worst is that even the tory party does not seem to be able to unite and decide how to take this forward. they'll suspect philip hammond, because he is not a proper brexit. —— brexit supporter. domestic policy is simply
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not being made. i was speaking to a civil servant yesterday who says that brexit is sucking up all the attention. you are dealing with a europe that is behaving like a wronged partner. they want the house, they want the money and then they will tell you if you can ever see the children. why nobody thought that the europeans would feel this way, i do not understand. you use the word house. how appropriate. the sunday times has on the front page, printing the worst picture of the chancellor. scratching his head, poor fellow. he does chancellor. scratching his head, poorfellow. he does have chancellor. scratching his head, poor fellow. he does have a lot to think about. says he is planning to build 300,000 homes a year. this goes to the heart of so much criticism of politicians. we need more houses and they are not being billed. the word is missing here. affordable. houses and flats are being built everywhere. where i live... huge, huge buildings. but
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they are incredibly expensive. that's what we've got. we need affordable houses for people who work in public services, for young people, and that is the word that needs to be there. i am afraid that if your wonderful view may be spoiled i agree you should build a littlewoods or put theresa but people... there is great spaces in england with no houses in. returning to the story, what do you think? 300,000 homes a year, the equivalent of eight 80. quite ambitious. he made that promise and people will hold it against them. we are in a febrile political atmosphere and i think if he does not come through with it... and what saying is correct, there are builders hanging on to land. local councils hanging on to land. local councils hanging on to land and, actually, what we
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need to do is have citizen journalists and somebody should write in all the empty houses, or the lengthy —— emptied land.. only two to 3% of the land across britain is occupied. by buildings... that does sound low. a small proportion, i take your point. not a lot of time left. moving on to something else who front page of the sunday times, inspectors to quiz girls wearing hijab. what is this about? there is a new inspectorate, chief inspector of schools and she is for the first time they will ask girls as young as four, who are being dressed in hijab to go to school. this is all about women's position in place in society. i think it is good we are asking that because i think a young girl should not feel that hair is embarrassing, sexual... she is too
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young to be these things. this is their. iam young to be these things. this is their. i am a muslim and i have written a book arguing against this because there is nothing in the quran... when because there is nothing in the quran. .. when you say against, make clear, you mean against wearing hijab? there is nothing that says you cover your hen or your face. only the wives and the family of the profit were being harassed when they went into public space. five male authorities on religion last week pronounced that the hijab was not necessary. nobody is listening to them. it doesn't make women look... first of all, i want these girls to fly free and i want them to have a wonderful education. i want them to marry who they want to and be british. that is the other thing. if you live here i think there must be a certain amount of integration and ido a certain amount of integration and i do not want these girls... i do not want them to be second—class citizens. i often stop mothers of
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south asian origin and say you are sexualising your child. you are saying that your three—year—old is a sexual being. they get very frustrated. it is the same as a child of realfor going out in a boot tube. it is the same thing. you say that this girl is a sexual object. i think it is important for us object. i think it is important for us modernist muslims to do that. i think it is good. i think it is great that school authorities are asking girls why are you wearing it? i hope also asking the parents and, importantly, asking the fathers. sometimes it is the mothers who perpetuate this. there is a wonderful local councillor in birmingham who started a whole campaign against this. i think it has come from some very good modern muslim sources. the interesting word
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to mean this story is calling it a controversial move. so not everyone will say it is a good idea. can i say, in france, it is not allowed andl say, in france, it is not allowed and i think the french have taken on board the fact that if you come to france you will live like french people and you will give your girls every chance to fly. like i said, it was never in our faith every chance to fly. like i said, it was never in ourfaith i don't every chance to fly. like i said, it was never in our faith i don't know where it came from. it was controlling. and, finally, a picture on the front page of the sunday telegraph. 70 years and counting, the queen and prince philip. are you ina the queen and prince philip. are you in a celebrant tory mood? i think it isa in a celebrant tory mood? i think it is a sweet picture. i think they are having a low—level dinner with the family but not doing anything high—powered. i think it is sweet. anybody who can keep any relationship going for 70 years deserves a pat on the back. one thing, if you look online there is
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an amazing picture of the queen with robert mugabe when she visited cu ra re robert mugabe when she visited curare in1991. it robert mugabe when she visited curare in 1991. it is the most flirty i have ever seen her. he was very good—looking and it is an amazing photograph. schuster returned to prince philip. but how thatis returned to prince philip. but how that is what he was before he turned. i think getting the queen and to —— mr mugabe into the same conversation is remarkable. zfor the papers denied. headlines coming up. —— that is it for the papers tonight. headlines coming up at the top of the hour, and up next, it's the film review. allah and the warm welcome to the
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film review to take us through this week ‘s cinema releases is mark. good to see you. what have you been watching. we have film stars don't die in liverpool. justice league. batman and wonder woman are back. and mudbound, a drama set in 1940s mississippi. it is an interesting week. i'm dying to know what you think of oui’ i'm dying to know what you think of our first i'm dying to know what you think of ourfirst film. set in the ‘70s. yes. based on the memoir by peter turner. benning is superb as gloria grahame. jamie bell's character, a twentysomething actor becomes infatuated in the late ‘70s. he discovers they are sharing digs
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in this house and he is bewitched by her presence, as we all are. here is a clip. hey. you're the next—door guy, right? which makes you the girl next door. have you seen the movie saturday night fever? yeah, actually, three times. so, you like disco dancing? oh, god. i like drunk dancing. so, if i make you a drink, do you want to be my partner for my dance class? if you fetch me a drink, i will clean your bathroom.


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