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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  November 19, 2017 1:30am-2:00am GMT

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this is bbc news, the headlines. two crucial meetings to decide the future of zimbabwe's president — robert mugabe — are due to take place on sunday. army chiefs, who seized control of the country on wednesday, are expected to push for his resignation. the leaders of the governing zanu—pf party will also discuss his dismissal. the argentine navy says it has detected signals from the submarine that went missing on wednesday with forty—four crew on board. however, they said the source of the calls had yet to be found. ships and aircraft from argentina, brazil the us and the uk have been searching the area where it disappeared. police looking for 19—year—old gaia pope say a body has been found on land near swanage. dorset police say they are "confident" it is the missing teenager, who disappeared 11 days ago. let's take a brief look now at some of the front pages of the sunday papers. we start with the observer which leads on the situation in zimbabwe, with a picture of one
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of the anti—mugabe demonstrators that have been out on the streets of harare. the mail on sunday reports on an apparent altercation between two labour mps in the commons chamber. the sunday express claims that in wednesday's budget, the chancellor will announce support for britain's tech industry, which could mean we'll have d riverless ca rs on our roads by 2021. the sunday telegraph also leads on a pre—budget announcement, reporting that nurses are in line for a pay rise. the sunday times has a dispatch from zimbabwe and also reports that the chancellor will use wednesday's budget to announce plans to build 300,000 homes every year. now on bbc news, the travel show. this week, japan's prettiest railways... there is a push for the last carriage, maybe it has the best views. chomping your way through the big apple. we just eat crazy things
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for the sake of eating crazy things. the things we eat are actually really really delicious. and road testing apps for keeping you mobile. this service actually gives you a bit of a lie in. result! this is the tadami line in centraljapan. —— this is the tadami line in centraljapan. it's regarded as one of the country's most beautiful train routes, and hugs the tadami river as it makes its way from fukushima to niigata prefectures. and it's especially beautiful
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in japan's autumn colours. the train stations along the tadami line are so unassuming and quaint, this doesn't even look like a train station, it looks more like a post office to me. but it is really bustling inside. people come here for the view and it attracts a particular crowd. it's popular chiefly with older people, a handful of railway enthusiast and of course, at this time of year, leaf peepers. there is a bit of a push for the last carriage, maybe it has the best views. today is unusually busy. normally only around 35 people a day come here for the eight daily departures. it is a serene trip through some of the country's lesser—known backwaters. but there is a problem. this is tadami station, and everyone has to get off now, because the next six stations
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are the ones that have been damaged in the floods. this area escaped the twin tsunami and nuclear disasters that made fukushima's name globally infamous. butjust two months later mother nature struck again. heavy storms caused flooding which made a long stretch of the track here unusable. a handful of stations were shut and to this day remain abandoned. this is one of the six disused stations and this sign here says "beware of the bears." locals don't much use the service that is remaining. it's less useful now that you can't travel uninterrupted from one side to the other. but it does still occupy a special place in some people's hearts. wow, look at this view. the colours are amazing. for a start, it's a beautiful thing to photograph. and it is not one that kenko hoshi
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is alone in enjoying. in thailand we don't have any autumn. i come for the autumn, leaves change colour. i thought this train moving is a very perfect shot. how did you feel in 2011 when the floods destroyed part of the tadami line? the operator, jr east, plans to restore the entire line by 2021. but in the meantime, in an attempt to get more young japanese using the line, these comedians are hosting tours of it. you'll notice a very different crowd from the passengers i was with earlier. —— you'll notice a very different crowd from the passengers
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i was with earlier. this time, it's exclusively young women, most of whom would probably never have come here in the past. each comedian, including this palm reader, takes turn entertaining each group of passengers, so everyone gets their money's worth. money line. happy line! the tadami experience also takes in local temples, and the kaneyama well where you can drink the naturally occurring sparkling water. i expected to see a lot of old people on a bus tour like this, but i was really surprised to see
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