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hello and welcome to bbc news. tens of thousands of people have marched in the zimbabwean capital, harare, and the second city, bulawayo, calling on their president of four decades to stand down. robert mugabe's been under house arrest since the army took control four days ago. now, the country's ruling party, zanu—pf says it will dismiss mr mugabe as its leader on sunday and reinstate the ousted vice—president. our africa editor, fergal keane, reports from harare. something happened inside the people today. a shared energy that swept them along the streets. they were there on the big streets and small. a common purpose in
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a place so long divided. voices that would not have dared speak of robert mugabe a few days ago now sounding his political requiem. it is a historic moment. it is special and we have waited for it for 37 years. you have returned from england, you are happy to see this? indeed i am. this is a new beginning for the people of zimbabwe. what i am seeing here is the death of a dynasty. all of the faces of the nation came into harare. joy was unrestrained and exubera ntly expressed. we watched passing soldiers being enveloped by eager hands and arms. who knows what freedom the military coup will
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deliver. but an army that was once an instrument of oppression is now celebrated. this tell you everything. this is what the people feel about the army. they feel genuine liberation due to be soldiers. fear has been cast off and expectations awakened. watching the march, i met a paramedic with a young family. do you believe that the army will really allow you to be free now? yes. we do. and if they don't? it is difficult for them to stop us because we have been free, just unable to exercise freedoms. those who forced this moment include many who were once ardent supporters of robert mugabe. now they call for the departure of the president and his wife.
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the people of zimbabwe have spoken and the people of zimbabwe have said you and yours should go today and not tomorrow. robert mugabe is under intense pressure. yet this afternoon he was refusing to stand down. at one of his official residences, the army was pushing back demonstrators. but they would not leave the area. so people are very angry and they want to get through, past these army lines to this official residence, one of the president's official residences. our man told me that they want to get in there to tell the people what they think of them. the army will remain on the streets and tomorrow the generals will meet president mugabe to tell him that their guns and the sympathies of the people have turned against him. but there is no more time. everyone is now certain that the moment of robert mugabe's departure is growing close. let's take a look at some
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of the other stories making the news... fourteen civilians are reported to have been killed in a rebel—held neighbourhood besieged by syrian government forces on the outskirts of damascus. the british—based syrian observatory for human rights said the victims died in airstrikes and shelling in four towns in the eastern ghouta district. syrian state media blamed rebel shelling in damascus. the russian ambassador has dismissed criticism of his country's decision to veto a un security council resolution, which would have extended an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in syria. this is the 10th time moscow has used its veto powers at the united nations in support of its ally, since the start of the conflict. the french movie and designer azzedine alaia has died. he worked with many famous fashion houses in
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paris before making his reputation as the king of clinging. stay with us here on bbc news, still to come: after more than 30 years as an irish republican leader, gerry adams says he'll be stepping down as president of sinn fein. the family of gaia pope say they are absolutely devastated after police said they were confident a body they found, was the missing teenager. the discovery, in dorset, was made by search teams, close to a coastal path near swanage. adina campbell reports. the search for gaia pope has been going on for 11 days. but tonight that search has come to an end. she is — i will not say was and never will — she is the absolute light of my life. so beautiful, so emotionally wise and intelligent and, um, so passionate and artistic and creative and understanding. the teenager's body was found around three o'clock this afternoon
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near the coastal path and field where some of her clothes were discovered earlier this week. just hours before the body was found, hundreds of volunteers took part in mass searches in three areas around swanage. we want to thank each and every one of you for everything you have done. if there is one ray of light in this nightmare it is the compassion, humanity and community spirit you have shown over the last ten days. your dedication and selflessness for a girl most of you don't know has been staggering and one of the few things that kept us going. three people arrested on suspicion of murder earlier this week have all been released under investigation. police say for the time being, gaia's death is being treated as unexplained. gerry adams, the leader
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of the irish republican party, sinn fein, says he plans to stand down next year, after thirty—four years at the forefront of republican politics. throughout his leadership of sinn fein at the height of the conflict in northern ireland, gerry adams was seen as the political voice of the ira. he made the announcement at his party's conference in dublin. from there, chris buckler sent this report. tonight, sinn fein paid tribute to one of the men who built the party. martin mcguinness was a key figure in its divisive leadership. martin was a proud member of the ira. but that was a generation ago. and sinn fein‘s other figure, who has been party president for 3.5 decades, announced this evening he would stand down next year. i have complete confidence in the leaders
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we elected this weekend and the next generation of leaders and i want to thank everyone who has welcomed me into their homes and communities and made me part of countless campaigns. gerry adams was the leader of sinn fein. but the party was seen primarily as the political face of the ira. and he was a hit figure for unionists who saw him as an apologist for violence. i have not gone away, you know. but the ira has now gone away. and with a rise in electoral support in the republic, sinn fein‘s new ambition is to be part of government in dublin. if gerry adams is still leader, i don't think so. i think that makes a difference to a lot of people. he is tainted and people believe he was the leader of the ira. he has always denied that.
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but sinn fein‘s ira past still hangs over the party, both north and south of the irish border. sinn fein‘s new leader, michele o'neil, has been unable to agree a deal to return to power—sharing in stormont, in northern ireland. and there is a challenge for the next generation of leaders here in dublin. in order to go into coalition government they need to build relationships with parties that have been keen to distance themselves from sinn fein in the past. the new leader of scottish labour has promised to offer voters what he called "a message of real hope". richard leonard, a jeremy corbyn supporter was elected to holyrood 18 months ago and replaces kezia dugdale. her next role will be in a reality tv show. here's our scotland editor, sarah smith. electing richard leonard as their leader marks a left turn for the scottish labour party as he becomes the fourth leader
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injust three years. there is now a settled consensus established around a radical policy agenda for the scottish labour party. richard leonard was only elected to the scottish parliament last year. he's a yorkshireman, former trade union organiser at times in the past it has appeared with jeremy corbyn.
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they will need to win a lot more scottish seats ifjeremy corbyn is ever going to form a government in westminster. on her way out, the departing leader, kezia dugdale has sprung a surprise. she is to appear on i'm a celebrity, get me out of here, a decision sharply criticised by members of her own party. the argentine navy says it has detected signals which may be from the sanjuan, a submarine that went missing with forty—four crew on board. it last made contact on wednesday. international help from american planes and a british research vessel joined efforts to locate the submarine. argentina's defence ministry says experts are now working to trace the source of the calls. here's andrew plant.
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the san juan submarine, filmed earlier this year at its base near buenos aires. a 2000 ton, 65—metre vessel — a crucial part of the argentine navy since the 1980s. but on wednesday, it seemed to vanish somewhere in the waters of the south atlantic ocean. the submarine left ushuaia, near the southernmost tip of south america, on monday and was heading back to its base in mar del plata, just south of the capital buenos aires — a distance of around 2000km. the search has been concentrated about halfway, the sanjorge gulf, from where the sub last made contact on wednesday. it is a huge area and bad weather and high waves are now slowing the search. translation: we have to consider that it might be on the surface of the waters, the protocol says, because it would be easier for the submarine to get help that way. the sanjuan has a crew of 1m. it's more than 30 years
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old but was refitted in 2014. the newest of argentina's three submarines, it carries 22 torpedoes on board. so, what could have happened? the navy said a powerfailure may have caused communication problems. if that's happened, operational guidelines say the submarine should have surfaced. three ships and two aircraft have been searching, nowjoined by a nasa plane, the uk survey vessel hms protector, and a us navy aircraft. now the argentinian ministry of defence say failed satellite calls have been detected, which they believe are from the submarine. it is thought the signal was too week to maintain a connection. experts are now trying to train —— trace the origin to find the submarine and its 44 crew.
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the lebanese politician, saad hariri, is in france where he has confirmed that he will be going back home in the next few days. france has said it is "ready to organise a meeting of the international support group for lebanon". mr hariri announced he was standing down as prime minister while in saudi arabia a fortnight ago. lucy williamson reports having the president greet you at the palace sends a message. in this case, that saad hariri is still the prime minister of lebanon, not a political exile fleeing saudi arabian control. it was a show of support both political and personal. after the meeting, sources said france would continue direct contacts with the middle east key players. saad hariri said he was finally going home. translation: i will return to beirut in the coming days and will take part in our independence day celebrations. i will make my position known on all subjects after talking
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to our president. president macron wants france to have greater global influence. old colonial ties to lebanon no doubt played a role in his invitation to saad hariri but he is also stepping into a delicate situation between iran and saudi arabia, two regional powers with conflicting ties to lebanon. saad hariri had been in saudi arabia for two weeks since announcing his surprise resignation, accusing iran and its ally hezbollah of threatening stability in lebanon and saying he feared for his life. the invitation from mr macron to saad hariri and his family offered a way out of the impasse but not a solution. this was a important meeting but no solution because the solution is among the lebanese, not in france. france can play a role in the middle east between iran and saudi arabia and also, perhaps, between the lebanese but i think the main issue is going to happen in lebanon in the next few weeks. saad hariri left the palace with his family today having tasted
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french diplomatic power. he is about to test his own. a reminder of our main news. after a day of protests against his rule, the zimbabwean president, robert mugabe, will meet the military leaders controlling the country on sunday. staying with that story and the bbc‘s africa editor fergal keane is in zimbabwe. he's been giving his assessment of what is likely to happen next. basically you have three processes now running in parallel. the people have been on the streets and they have shown their anger to robert mugabe. you have the generals going in to a meeting in the morning telling them again that time is up, and critically his own party is preparing to vote on a motion that would see him expelled. robert mugabe always
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said down the years that if people wanted him to go then he would not stand in the way. today, and you can still hear car horns blaring in the background of people angry about the situation, today he got a loud message and that is what he is reflecting on in his official residence across the city tonight. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. bangladesh says china has offered to help defuse the ongoing crisis involving rohingya muslims. more than six 100 thousand people have fled myanmar since august to escape systematic violence by the burmese armed forces, and are living in overcrowded refugee camps. china's foreign minister, met his bangladeshi counterpart on saturday and called for bangladesh and myanmar to resolve the issue through bilateral negotiations instead of an international initiative. spain's attorney general, who had a leading role in moves by the spanish state against catalonian independence — has died suddenly in
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argentina at the age of 66. spanish prime minister, mariano rajoy, made the announcement of jose manuel maza's death via twitter. after the catalan government declared its independence from spain it was mr maza who announced his office would file charges of rebellion and sedition against the former catalan ministers. a robot in china is narrowing the gap between man and machine, by not only passing, but excelling in a medical exam against real students. the machine was developed by a university team and researchers say the results show the robot has mastered self—learning and problem—solving. georgina smyth has more. don't be fooled by its friendly appearance. this robot is giving chinese medical students a run for their money. the student robot named xiao yi exceeded all expectations when it
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sat china's national medical licensing examination against half a million chinese students. translation: it score is 96 points above the acceptance line. this shows it has mastered the medical and clinical knowledge and has the basic ability to employ the knowledge to solve some problems. like any good student, xiao yi spent months studying for the test with researchers from tsinghua university uploading knowledge from medical books into its brain. but scientists say it is notjust a case of memorising content. translation: quite a few questions are case and analysis so you are told the conditions of some patients and some of their symptoms and then you have to tell what disease it is, what treatment should be adopted. many questions are like this. such complicated questions cannot be answered only by searching. it's essentially a reasoning process based on intelligence. but don't expect dr yi to be
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treating people any time soon. the robot will be used to assist doctors in clinical diagnosis. one of the fiercest critics of the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has been speaking out against the country's government. antonio le—dezma has arrived in spain, a day after escaping from house arrest in caracas. pablo ochoa reports. it is an image of defiance that some in venezuela will feel emboldened by. antonio ledezma, a former mayor of caracas and a staunch critic of president nicolas maduro, now safely in spanish soil after crossing the border into neighbouring colombia. until last week, he was under house arrest, accused in 2015 of plotting a coup to overthrow the government. he spent more than 1000 days in detention and says he will now speak for venezuela's radical prisoners. translation: i will concentrate on travelling the world in exile. i will contribute and be an extension of the hope of the venezuelan people to get rid of this regime,
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of this dictatorship. venezuela is a victim of a regime that is colluding with drug traffickers. on saturday, mr ledezma was meeting the spanish prime minister who has welcomed venezuela ns critical of their government with open arms. but he says he his not reaching out to madrid to seek asylum, but political support. translation: i have asked the mr rajoy to continue to encourage the world to put pressure against the tyranny in venezuela. marudo isn't a simply president, he is a tyrant who uses force to control the institutions of the country and seeks to subdue people like me. in caracas, the president was sarcastic, commenting on his politicalfoe's escape. translation: the vampire
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is flying free in the world. he says he's going to spain to live the high life, drinking wine on the gran via. you can keep the vampire over there. but mr ledezma's saga could re—energise an opposition that has been criticised for not coming up with a plan for venezuela. four months of protest ended earlier this year with more than 130 people dead and no change of government. mr ledezma is now free to become the most high profile opposition leader, speaking against president maduro outside venezuela. the question remains, how much this will help his supporters inside the country to bring about political change. he was known as ‘a perfectionist' with ‘enormous dedication
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and commitment‘. malcolm young was the driving force behind one of the world's best selling rock bands, ac/dc. he co—wrote all the group's songs with his brother angus and became best known for album like ‘highway to hell‘ and ‘back in black.‘ now more than a0 years after bursting onto the rock scene, ac/dc‘s co—founder has died, aged 64. virginia langeberg looks back at the extraordinary life of malcolm young. their sound is unmistakable and so to those powerful guitar riffs. —— so, too, those powerful guitar
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riffs. it would shake fans to their core. # shook me all night long #. hits that would become rock anthems ingrained in australian rock culture and with ac/dc, legions of diehard fans across the globe. malcolm young was the driving force and visionary that catapulted the rock group formed in sydney to the world stage. with his brother angus, they cowrote every song of the band recorded between 1975 — 2014 and it would be a guess that would leave the tributes by the band‘s website. from ozzy osbourne...
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and from the rock ‘n‘ roll all —— hall of fame. malcolm was born in glasgow before his family emigrated to australia when he was ten. his family confirmed he was suffering from dementia in 2014. his brother george who was also a producer for the band died just last month. back in black remains the second highest selling album of all time with an estimated 50 million copies sold worldwide. he leaves behind a powerful legacy that will probably outlive us all. those songs still stands the test of
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time. malcolm young has died at the age of 64. you can tweet me and let me know your favourite ac/dc song. i‘m @ tom donkin bbc. hello there. part two of the weekend will be cold again. a colder start if you are stepping out first thing this morning and it is no surprise that we had a beautiful day across the north. we had clear skies and temperatures have plummeted. in the south, not so clear. we began with dank and grey weather but that gradually eased out of the way. the harshest frost will be in rural areas in northern and eastern parts of the uk but frost is likely elsewhere and it means that it will be a lovely sunny start to the day for most of us. however, where we have had the legacy of damp weather across southern england, parts of wales and those areas more prone to fog, again, if you travel this morning you will hang around at this time of year until the middle of the morning so it will be quite cold and grey.
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promising across scotland for sunshine. fewer showers and the gale force winds that have been for three days now should begin to ease. that is not to say that it‘s not a cold start. these towns and cities in the countryside will be below freezing and you will scrape the ice off the cars. fog issues across the southern half of the uk possibly northern ireland, and the weather front is never too far away from the south—west of wales and northern ireland. will tend to topple back into cloud through the afternoon turning skies a little grey that you will feel cold. the wind won‘t be quite so strong in the east, given such a cold start, the temperatures will be lower than they were yesterday. struggling to five or six degrees but not too bad in the sunshine and there should be some around in the late afternoon for watford and west hampshire. they willjust be cold although fine and dry and temperatures will fall
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away quickly as they will in scotland. cold if you are heading out to any sporting events through the course of the day ahead. through this evening and overnight, we could see snow across the hills of scotland, possibly even at lower levels as we start to see a change. we will watch that for the rush—hour and it may cause disruption. there will be heavy rain for a time before it gets blown away by the brisk westerly wind coming in off the atlantic. a real change of type and feel i think by the time we reach monday. not necessarily in the north. that cold air really does stagnate and holds on across the north and east of scotland. a question of how far that cold air comes back but at the moment it looks like the mild air will win through for much of the week and could bring with it further rain. severe gale force winds potentially late in the week. this is bbc news. the headlines: two crucial meetings to decide the future of zimbabwe‘s president — robert mugabe — are due to take place on sunday. army chiefs, who seized control of the country on wednesday, are expected to push for his resignation.
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the leaders of the governing zanu—pf party will also discuss his dismissal. the argentine navy says it may have detected signals from the submarine that went missing on wednesday with forty—four crew on board. however, the navy said the source of the calls had yet to be traced. ships and aircraft from argentina, brazil the us and the uk have been searching the area where it disappeared. police looking for 19—year—old gaia pope say a body has been found on land near swanage. dorset police say they are "confident" it is the missing teenager, who disappeared 11 days ago.
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